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Top Stories, May 31, 2023

A Fight And Previous Domestic Involving The Same Suspect 

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft says in the early morning hours on Tuesday, there was a fight involving several people on Pine Street.  Police say 24 year old Mathew Machuga of Bath was charged with 3rd degree assault, 4th degree criminal mischief and aggravated family offense.  Police Chief Taft also says, Machuga was also charged after an alleged domestic incident from May 2nd.  The alleged victim from both May 2nd and yesterday.is said to be a woman.


New Museum For The Village Of Bath

A baseball museum opened up recently in Bath, it’s called Baseball Greats at the Diamond, and it’s at 10 Pultney Square in Bath, Suite 103.  The purpose of the new museum is to honor some of Major League Baseballs best players of the past 120 years...and to celebrate the great game of baseball.


Solar Is Coming To Addison 

A solar project is in the works for Addison, officials there say, the Addison town board, is working on a local law to bring solar there.  The Town of Campbell is meeting on this issue on June the 12th.  They’ve had solar for several months over in Hornellsville.


Changes Are Coming To Another Criminal Justice Law

The state senate voted yesterday, to change the citizens arrest laws so that citizens arrests are no longer allowed in new York state, unless the good samaritian knows that someone is stopping someone from committing a felony.  The bill ended up passing in the state senate, 40 yes votes, 21 no votes.  It has yet to be voted on in the assembly.  Republican State Senator George Borrello was a no vote, he says, it’ll be hard for good Samaritans to know the complete list of felonies on the books. 


Schumer: The Debt Ceiling Is A Good Compromise

Democrat U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he supports the debt ceiling agreement between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  Schumer says, nobody is getting all that they wanted, but it takes default off the table and protects agreements they’ve made in congress. 

Top Stories, May 30, 2023

State Officials Toured The Damaged Grape Crop Vineyards

New York State Ag and Marketing officials say, the State Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball recently joined state and local leaders, representatives from the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, New York Farm Bureau, the USDA, and Cornell Cooperative Extension to tour several vineyards in the area, which were impacted by a recent freeze. The group visited with grape growers in Steuben, as well as Skyler, and Seneca Counties to assess the damage in the region and better understand the outlook and plan for recovery.


Bath Mayor Looking For Volunteers To Fill Out Application

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says he is looking to get four volunteers from Bath, to work with the Deputy Mayor to coordinate the New York Forward grant application.   The Forward New York program, was created to help small towns and villages, and is similar to the downtown revitalization initiative program, in that the state’s regional economic development councils award state money, to a village or town. 


Accidents Without Injuries, And Teenage Burglar Charges

State Police report, that there were no injuries in accidents which happened yesterday, in Bath and Avoca.  Troopers also report , that an unnamed male teenager in Addison, has been charged with 2nd degree unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Top Stories, May 29, 2023

Schumer And Gillibrand: USDA Needs To Help Farmers With Crop Damage From Last Week's Severe Cold

Senators Kirsten Gililbrand and Chuck Schumer are calling on the USDA to help out farmers that own vineyards, farms and orchards in the region.  There was major crop damage from the extremely cold weather last week.  Gillbrand and Schumer say, there were thousands of acres of grapes and apples destroyed, and they say, the USDA should approve a crop disaster declaration to provide emergency relief.


Gillibrand Has An Opponent In The June 27 Primary

The New York Post reports, that Senator Gillibrand, will be primaried by a 35 year old Army Veteran, a Democrat named illiam named Schweitzer, who is from Rochester.  The primary is coming up on June 27.  


Hornell Make Drug Arrest, The Suspect Is From Wayland

Over in Hornell, police there say, there was a six-month investigation into illicit drug sales in Hornell, that resulted in the arrest of 40 year old Brian Hess, of South Main Street in Wayland.  Hess was arrested on a Steuben County Superior Court Warrant at approximately 9:45am Saturday morning and was charged with three counts of 3rd Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance and three counts of 3rd Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance.  The investigation was led by Sgt. Tom Aini with assistance from the Steuben County District Attorney's Office and the Sheriff's Office.


Rabies Clinics Which Are Coming Up Soon

Steuben County officials say that several Rabies clinics are coming up.  Thursday, there’ll be one at the Pultney Town Barn, 5pm-7pm, in Cohocton there’s a Rabies Clinic Friday 9am-11am at the Lawrence Recreational Park. There will be a Rabies Clinic as well in Bath, Saturday June 17, 9am to 11am, at the Bath Bus Garage.

Top Stories, May 26, 2023

May 26, 2023


Extra Troopers Out, Looking For Problem Drivers

There will be extra State Police patrols out this Memorial Day Holiday weekend, and that’s through Tuesday.


Here's A List Of Memorial Day Events, This Weekend 

There are a lot of Memorial Day Events this weekend. Saturday, there is a parade in the town of Bradford, that’s at 10am, and there’s other festivities after that, and until 3pm, in the Town of Bradford. 


Also Saturday, there’s a Kiwannis Chicken Barbeque, 11am till it’s gone, that’ll be at 309 West Washington Street in Bath.


There are a number of parades on Monday, there’s one at 9am, starting at the Campbell-Savona high school.


Also Monday, Avoca’s having a parade at 10am, and a commemorative event afterwards, at the Avoca Gazeobo Park.


Then, on Monday at 2pm, the Steuben County VFW’s having a Memorial Service at 2:00pm followed by a chicken barbecue.


Top Stories, May 25, 2023

Statement From Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet

"I have been Mayor since 2020 and served on our Village Board of Trustees for six years before serving as mayor. Over the course of that time, our Village has repeatedly been left little other option other than to create policies designed to protect our community from the easterly policy storms originating from New York City, Albany as the seat of state government, and Washington, D.C.

"Many of the policy decisions that create hardships for our community stem from a blatant disregard for the rule of law and lack of adherence to the Constitutional guarantee under Article IV, section 2 to a republican form of government requiring that the law promulgated by an elected legislature to be enforced by executive officials so authorized. Small communities like ours know too well how peoples’ lives, families, relationships, wealth, and properties are devasted by institutional failure—failure that once seemed a result of negligence, incompetence, apathy, or error—but which we now see weaved into the fabric of our governance.

"The crisis that now looms before us results primarily from the failure of the governments of the United States of America, New York State, and New York City to enforce existing laws and hold people accountable for the violations of that law within their respective jurisdiction. The number of people who cross the border illegally every day exceeds the population of the largest city in our largely rural county, and far exceeds the population of our Village. The President and Federal Government have failed to uphold any semblance of a competent and orderly system of immigration enforcement—and such policies have only been exacerbated by express subterfuge by political subdivisions like New York City, which have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities, undercutting the orderly processes of immigration.

"New York City is in the midst of a crisis largely of its own making because they scorned the plight of distant border states when their governors petitioned Federal intervention for order and instead have recklessly harbored 30,000 illegal immigrants into their own city with impunity. Their self-inflicted crisis should not become ours. The City of New York has much greater capacity to come to terms with the serious ramifications of its own policies than the rest of the State.  Thirty thousand illegal immigrants are a lot of people, but it is only approximately 1/3 of 1 percent of New York City’s population (8.5 million). It is five to six times our population.

"Yet our Governor, by executive order, has recently indicated that the City’s problems could become our problem and that illegal immigrants may be relocated to small rural jurisdictions like ours. And so we now find ourselves on the brink of being inserted into an entirely predictable humanitarian crisis spawned from contempt for our Federal laws and system of government together with poor policy—all while we are already dealing with humanitarian crises of our own. We are reeling from deaths and overdoses from illegal drugs that are illegally streaming across our border. Our citizens are victims of repeated crimes against their person property from offenders who are arrested only to be put right back on the street due to “bail reform” reformed by Albany. And we daily witness other symptoms of a society that fosters anarchy and chaos rather than lawful order.

"Our local social services and police departments are already stretched thin and scarcely meeting needs for local public safety. We do not have the capacity to lodge illegal immigrants and/or unprocessed asylum seekers who entered this country outside of lawful ports of entry and who remain wards of the Federal government even though such individuals have been thoughtlessly released into the general population.

"Our policy in the Village of Bath will be to uphold the rule of law. To the fullest extent we are able to, we will meet buses illegally transporting unprocessed foreign individual in violation of Federal law with police escorts out of the Village with a final stop in Albany.  If illegal immigrants are trafficked to and released into our Village, we will--to the fullest extent we are able—secure and hold for referral to the authorized Federal agency every person associated with the human trafficking, regardless of their title or position, accountable, including but not limited to the crimes enumerated in 8 USC 1324. This may include, but is not limited to: (a) the bus drivers and employees of transporting entities; (b) bus lines; (c) and other municipalities, persons, and entities responsible for bringing to the Village of Bath and harboring illegal immigrants."


State Police Memorial Day Weekend Patrols

There will be extra State Police patrols to stop drunk, impaired, and reckless driving throughout this Memorial Day weekend.  This starts tomorrow and runs through Tuesday, May 30th.  Also, Governor Kathy Hochul today announced that temporary lane closures for road and bridge construction projects on New York State highways will be suspended from 6 a.m. on Friday, May 26, to 6 a.m. on Tuesday, May 30, to ease travel throughout the Memorial Day holiday weekend. 


Schumer Statement On Upcoming Dairy Farmer Issue 

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer says, the Dairy Margin Coverage Program ends in September.  The Dairy Margin Coverage Program is a federal program which gives monthly price support payments to dairy farmers. Schumer says, if the program is not renewed, it’ll cause severe supply chain disruptions and make the price of milk go up.  Schumer is trying to protect the Dairy Margin Coverage Program. 


End Of Covid Vax, For Health Care Worker Is In The Works

The State Health Department is working to repeal the COVID-19 Healthcare Worker Vaccine Requirement.  The health dept in Albany is waiting on approval on this, from the state’s public health and health planning council.  However, the state health dept says, that medical facilities across the state, can keep going with vaccine requirements if they want to.

Top Stories, May 24, 2023

Grievance Day Part II Is Today In Bath

In Bath yesterday, they had a grievance day to allow people there to dispute their assessments.  Officials say that because the ssessor did not get everyone in yesterday, the assessor is having another grievance day today.  It starts at 1:30pm.  Also, the village is waiving the two hour parking limit like they did for yesterday, for those Bath property owners, who want to speak about their assessments.


Solar For Campbell? That Possibility Continues 

At the next Campbell  Town Board meeting on June 12, the Campbell Town Board will set up and announce a time for a public hearing about zoning laws, with  the possibility of a solar energy Project there in Campbell.  The zoning law is called Local Law #2 of 2023.  


More Security At Steuben Co C.A.P. Court

Here is an update on the recent case of the assistant Steuben County District Attorney that was assualted.  District Attorney Brooks Baker says, security rules have changes in the centralized arraignement court, so that, not only suspects are wearing handcuffs, but district attorneys can appear on video screens in the centralized arraignement court.


GOP Primary On June 27, In Some Steuben County Areas

Steuben County Board of Elections Officials say there is a Republican Primary on June 27.  GOP Election Commissioner Vicky Olin says that the early voting for this starts June 17 and runs through June 25.  In this year’s primary, there are town council races in Bath, Addison, Campbell, Caton, Rathbone and Wayland.  Also, Steuben County Voters should have received, from the county board of elections, a blue card in the mail, that’s for address verification.   On the blue card is your poll site info, as well as your party affilation.  County officials say, this comes in the form of a post card.  If you have not receieved one by June 2nd, please call the county board of elections.


Top Stories, May 23, 2023

Four Suspects Charged In Bath Home Invasion

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft reports that four suspects are accused of committing a home invasion in Bath, and stealing a vehicle, money, and some unnamed pieces of property too.  Police Chief Colin Taft says the one of the four suspects reportedly tried to hit the victim with a crowbar, during the home invasion.  The victim is said to have had multiple injuries. 

The chief also says, there is video evidence in this case, which has led to, suspects being identified.  Three of the suspects are: Adam Greenberg, Matthew Bailey, Jessie Acosta, all are Bath residents.  The chief says there is another suspect, who has not been named yet. 

Adam Greenberg, Matthew Bailey and Jessie Acosta are all charged with 2nd degree assault.  Jessie Acosta is also charged with 4th degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and 1st degree promoting prison contraband.  Greenberg was ticketed and released on Monday, as of this posting (11:02am) Bailey and Acosta, are still in Steuben County Jail.  The police chief in Bath also says, this was an isolated incident. 


Statement On Migrants From Co Manager Jack Wheeler
With multiple New York counties issuing states of emergency in anticipation of an asylum seeker/migrant crisis, Steuben County officials want to offer an update on actions taken to
proactively address this situation.  To date, Steuben County has not issued a declaration of state of emergency for some very
important reasons. First, county officials are engaging with state agencies, such as the NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES) and the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA), the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC), and others stakeholders on nearly a daily basis. Under NYS OTDA regulations, for a county or the City of New York to place individuals in temporary housing outside of their jurisdiction, they
must notify the receiving county prior. Steuben County has received no indication that asylum seekers/migrants have been or will be placed in the county in the near future.  Further, NYS law requires specific thresholds for an emergency to be declared, including the presence of ‘an immediate danger’. As Steuben County has not received any indication that
there is a planned influx of asylum seekers/migrants, a state of emergency is improper at this time. In addition, local states of emergency and emergency orders have a maximum time limit
of 30 days. If Steuben were to declare an emergency too early, it could lose the ability to implement provisions for response if circumstances required this at a later time.  This issue is a top priority for Steuben County officials, and the situation monitored continuously. The county lacks the infrastructure to support a large influx of a temporary homeless population. Should a situation arise where such an influx was planned, the county will take the necessary steps, including issuance of a state of emergency.


Campbell Man Is Accused Of Violating A Protection Order

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on May 22, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Gage P. Heffner, age 29, of SR 415, Campbell, New York, following a report of a violation of an order of protection in the Town of Bath.  It is alleged that Mr. Heffner repeatedly contacted the protected person, a member of his family or household, listed in a stay away order of protection duly served on Mr. Heffner .  It is also alleged that Mr. Heffner had a prior conviction of Criminal Contempt in the past five years.  Mr. Heffner is charged with Criminal Contempt in the First Degree, and Aggravated Family Offense, both class E Felonies.  Mr. Heffner was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and remanded to the jail.

Top Stories, May 22, 2023

28 Year Old Urbana Man, Is Accused Of Stealing Property

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that 28 year old Stanley Sellard of Urbana, is charged with grand larceny in the 4th degree and criminal possession of stolen property in the 4th degree.   It’s alleged that Sellard is to have stolen property worth over $1,000.   


Inmate Assault Allegations, Inside The County Jail In Bath

The sheriff also reports that an inmate in the Steuben County Jail, Hiram Gross, 53, of Corning, is accused of striking another inmate causing injury.  Gross is charged with Assault in the Second Degree.


Do You Know Who These Thieves Are - In This Video?

There is video out today, of three suspects, stealing an ATV from a residence on Maple Avenue, Elmira recently.  If you know anything about the suspects in this video, please contact the City of Elmira Police.   Click here to see the video. 

NY's U.S. Senators Continue To Oppose China On This 

Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer was at Stony Brook University and University of Buffalo graduations, over the weekend.  Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand have been working recently, to hold China more accountable for the faulty lithium ion batteries that have killed and injured dozens of people in downstate New York. 


Congressman Langworthy Meets Ft Hood Hero 

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy recently met with Olean area native, Army Lt. Col Patrick Miller, who was wounded during the 2014 Fort Hood shooting incident.  "This week, I met with a true hero in Army Lt. Col.Patrick Miller," Langworthy said.  "Lt.Col Miller displayed tremendous valor during the 2014 Fort Hood shooting, sacrificing his own safety to help his fellow service members get out of harms way, and  was wounded as a result."   

Top Stories, May 19, 2023

Sweet: Suspects Were Uncuffed, Because Of Albany 

Recently, we reported that the suspects being brought into Steuben County Centralized Arraignment Court, had to be handcuffed.  The latest there is, Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet is saying Albany created the no handcuffing policy that led to an Assistant DA getting hurt in C.A.P. Court.  The Bath Mayor says he applauds Brooks Baker for changing this policy to protect those who are part of the legal process.


Need A Ride To The Bath VA?  Check This Story Out

Starting next Thursday, May 25th, Veterans will be able to participate in VA Uber Health Connect — this is a program that gives rides to eligible Veterans needing get to and from medical care at the VA.  A recent survey shows that 83 percent of veterans say, they would not be able to get  to the VA, without a ride, from someone else, because of illness.  If you’re a veteran who needs a ride to the Bath VA, or you would like to be a driver for a veteran to get a vet to the VA, call 607-664-4899 to find out more about how this VA Uber program works.  That’s 664-4899.


Bath Residents Lost Their Dog - Permanently

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft reports that two 24 year old Bath residents, had their dogs, taken away from them.  Chief Taft says, the dog which was taken away, was malnourished and emaciated, and the dog’s bones were protruding because the dog was not getting enough to eat.  The dog owners were charged with an ag and markets violation: of not feeding an animal.


Campbell Fire Dept's Saturday Chicken B-B-Q, Etc

The Campbell Fire Department is having a chicken barbeque and Vendor fair, tomorrow, Saturday, 830am to 200pm, at 8766 Route 415 in Campbell. 

Top Stories, May 18, 2023

Handcuffs Are The Rule Now, For C.A.P. Court Suspects

From now on, suspects that end up in Steuben County Centralized Arraignment Court have to wear handcuffs.  That’s because of a recent incident in which an assistant district attorney was just punched and pushed and ended up being badly injured by a suspect. So the county has come up with this new rule, to protect those that are present in the courtroom. 


Could Your Business Use This State Funding, Locally? 

Steuben County Industrial Development Agency Director Jamie Johnson says, the state has announced the latest round of regional economic development council funding.  Johnson says, businesses can get funding from this, in order to create or retain jobs and increase business activity.  Jamie Johnson says, if this sounds good to you, call him at 776-3316, the County I.D.A phone number. 


Senator O'Mara: Woman Of Distinction Award Announced

Every year the state senate has a big award which they give to a woman from the different regions around the state, and State Senator Tom O’Mara says the State’s Woman of Distinction Award, is going to, Nancy Kirby.  Nancy Kirby, who is from Elmira, is the former Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Incubator Works in Painted Post, and is currently the Town Supervisor in Caton. 

Stargazing Session Friday At Eileen Collins Observatory

Corning Community College is having a free stargazing session Friday night, 830 to 1030, at the Eileen Collins Observatory , the event will be featuring telescopes and guided tours.

Top Stories, May 17, 2023

School Budget/School Board Voting Results 

In Bath, Campbell-Savona, Hammondsport, and Avoca, school budgets and all propositions were passed last night.  The school budget passed in Prattsburgh, but the library prop there, did not.  The budget did not pass in Addison, in Addison there were 200 no votes, 187 yes votes.  However, the Addison Public Library Prop did pass.  Also, Derek Burrell was the school  board seat winner, in yesterday’s school vote, in the Addison School District.

Bath School Budget Numbers:  289 yes – 62 no

Bath Bus purchase proposition 273 yes – 69 no

Capital Reserve approved  278 yes – 69 no

Brad Laverty was elected to the Board of Education with 310 votes, there were 9 write in votes for other candidates.

Campbell savona: School budget  326 yes votes 218 no votes n Campbell Savona's Dale Seeley wins school board seat, receiving 297 votes.

Hammondsport School budget 169 yes 16 no  

Bus purchase 164 yes 20 no 

Carrie Doyle re-elected to Hammondsport School Board.

Prattsburgh's budget: 158 yes 37 no 

Joe Castrechino wins school board seat, 162 votes. 

Prattsburgh, the Library Prop: 110 no  85 yes 

Avoca Central Budget : 112 yes 25 no 

Avoca Transportation Proposition: 111 yes 26 no  

Avoca Bus Proposition: 111 yes 26 no


Bath's Quality Of Life Police Crackdown

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft:  Last Friday, the Bath Police Department had a crackdown event that centered on quality-of-life issues for patrons and residents alike in primarily the downtown business district. Eight additional officers and the Chief of Police participated in this event.  Six tickets were issued for riding bicycles on the sidewalks in the business district (two warnings were issued to juveniles), one open container of alcohol in public ticket was issued, 19 traffic tickets were issued, and one unreasonable noise on public street ticket was issued to a person that was screaming on the street. 


Gillibrand: A New Idea For Social Security Program

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is working to pass a law, to get social security credits, to caregivers.  Gillibrand’s legislation would make sure that their retirement is not threatened as a result. 


Bridge In Corning Is Now Closed For The Time Being

The Hamilton Road Bridge in the Town of Corning is closed to all traffic for 14 weeks, according to Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose. The bridge crosses Cutler
Creek, between Kimble Road and Reynolds Avenue.
The bridge will be removed and completely replaced with a new bridge.  There will not be a posted detour.

Top Stories, May 16, 2023

Brett Heffner Was Sentenced Today In Steuben County 

Brett Heffner, 28, of Corning, was sentenced this morning in Steuben County Court, to 25 years to life.  It was on March 20th, that Brett Heffner pleaded guilty to Murder in the Second Degree, for the killing of Keli Collins, in her Corning apartment, last August.  Steuben County D.A. Brooks Baker stated afterwards, that it was an emotional day in Steuben County Court.  "'All I want is my daughter back, and I cannot have that,' was what was said numerous time by the Collins family," Baker tells WVIN News.  "Keli's mother, father, sister and brother all spoke, as did her aunt, and I think for the first time in my recollection, at the end of their statements, Judge Roche said he really had no words for the defendant's conduct, and sentenced Heffner, to 25 years to life."  


It Is Tuesday, May 16, 2023, School Budget Voting Day

Starting out with Bath, here is Bath Central School budget numbers: a proposed budget of $43,301,542.  Bath School Superintendent Joe Rumsey says, because there is no increase to the tax levy there is a decrease to the tax rate…voting for Bath, goes on now and until 8pm, inside the Bath School District Office.  

In Hammondsport, the school's proposed school budget is $15,741, 650. Estimated tax rate per $1000 would be $9.03…voting is going on now for Hammondsport, inside the high school gym, until 8:00 tonight. 

For Prattsburgh Central, they've got a proposed budget of $11,426,850, there is a 0% tax levy increase, estimated tax rate of $11.58/$1000 of assessed value for Prattsburgh.  Voting for Prattsburgh is now going on until 8:00 tonight, in the Prattsburgh Cafeteriom.  

Campbell Savona’s budget is for 24.7 million dollars, there is a tax levy increase of 1.0 percent.  Voting is going on now until 8:00 tonight inside the high school gym lobby at Campbell Savona.  


What Will The Canisteo-Greenwood Teams, Be Called?

Canisteo Greenwood School Superintendent says, the new team name for canisteo greenwood, will be announced on June 5.  As you know, the state is making CG drop the name, Redskins.   This is something that is happening to any and all schools statewide, which have Native-American related names.   

Top Stories, May 15, 2023

Drowning On Friday, In Keuka Lake 

From the Sheriff:   Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on May 12, 2023, at about 1:42pm, deputies and investigators responded to a report of 19 year old male drowning in Keuka Lake.  The investigation revealed that a family visiting from Maryland, on a Keuka Lake vacation, were on a pontoon boat in Keuka Lake in the Town of Urbana, when the 19 year old son jumped into the lake to swim.  The person was unable to swim back to the boat, and went underwater.  The person was not wearing a personal flotation device.

The Steuben County Mobile Crisis Team responded to the scene to provide treatment and counseling to the family and witnesses.  The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office Navigation Unit, working in partnership with the Navigation Units of the New York State Police; Livingston, Monroe and Yates County Sheriff’s Offices;  Hammondsport, Pulteney, and Wayne Volunteer Fire Departments and Steuben County Emergency Management worked to locate the person for recovery.  After searching the lake for approximately ten hours, searchers located the victim with sonar and successfully recovered him utilizing the Hammondsport Fire Department underwater drone.  The deceased person is Ahmed Ayaz, age 19 of Old Frederick Road, Catonsville, Maryland.  Sheriff Allard thanks all the responding agencies for their cooperation and outstanding service.  Our hearts go out to the Ayaz family and our thoughts and prayers are for their recovery from this tragedy.


Bath Man Is Accused Of Attacking Assistant D.A. In Court

From The Sheriff:   Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on May 12, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s office arrested James B. Elward, age 57 of William Street, Bath, New York following a report of an attack in the Centralized Arraignment Court.  It is alleged that Mr. Elward pushed and struck the Assistant District Attorney present in the Centralized Court, causing injury to that person.  It is also alleged that Mr. Elward acted disorderly in court and obstructed the ability of court to continue.  Mr. Elward is charged with Assault in the Second Degree, a class D Felony, Criminal Contempt in the Second Degree and Obstructing Governmental Administration in the Second Degree.  Mr. Elward was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and returned to the custody of the Sheriff.


Steuben County D.A. Brooks Baker says, this is the first time this has ever happened in the Centralized Arraignment Court.  Baker also notes, that Elward will be prosecuted by Yates County District Attorney Todd Casella.   


School Board/School Budget Voting Day Is Tomorrow 

School Budget/School board candidate election day, is tomorrow, Tuesday May 16th.  Voting in most school districts is 12-Noon until 8:00pm.


Data About NYS Covid Deaths Between 2020-2023  

The New York Post reports that the latest data compiled by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows 80,485 people in New York state died during the COVID-19 emergency — about half of them in New York City.


Coming UP Friday Night, Fallen Law Enforcement Event

Steuben County officials are reminding county residents about the upcoming Friday evening ceremony, to honor law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty, that’ll be Friday at 6pm at the sheriff’s memorial park, 7007 Rumsey Street Extension.


DOT To Close Down Parts Of 86 And 390 In Bath Again

They are doing it again this week, Wednesday night going into Thursday morning, there will be sign replacement work on I-86 and 390 in Bath.  This will be from 8pm Wednesday night until 6am Thursday morning.  86 West  will be closed between Exits 35 and 37 and 390 North will be closed between exit 1 and the 86/390 interchange.   
D.O.T. crews did this last week, on 86 East and 390 South.

Top Stories, May 13, 2023

Email Sent To WVIN Radio, From Bath Town Assessor's Office

Wvin Radio received this email this weekend, from astassessor@townofbathny.org  

"Town of Bath Grievance Day is May 23, 2023, from noon-2pm and 6pm-8pm first come first serve basis. If applications can be in our office May 19, 2023, so we have amplified time to streamline the process as efficiently as possible for everyone. However, if you cannot get the RP-524 to our office by the 19th, you may still present your application on May 23, 2023, this may result in a delayed process for everyone else waiting present their grievance. Thank you".  

The email was unsigned.



Top Stories, May 12, 2023

Graduation Season Is Here

Tomorrow is graduation day for Alfred State College and Alfred University, Corning Community College’s graduation will be next weekend, on Saturday May 20.  


Lyon School Update From Mayor Michael Sweet
Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet is pleased that the old Lyon School is being turned into an apartment building, by a company called Providence Housing.  "They're mostly one bedroom apartments, there are a few double units on the top floor," said Sweet on WVIN's Community Focus recently.   "The company, Providence Housing, has a solid reputation, and they've been going through the process to aqcuire funding.  Construction should begin as early as this fall," Sweet told Dave Taylor Smith on WVIN.  

Street Work Today, Highway Work Next Week, In Bath

Work is going today, on Lyons Street and Whiting Street, in Bath.  That is being done by Bath Village Street Crews.   Also, the D.O.T. is working on road signs in Bath.  And coming up next week, Wednesday the 17th, 8pm to 6am the next morning, I-86 west will close between Exits 35 and 37 and 390 north will close between exit 1 and the I-86/I-390 interchange. There will be detours.


D.O.T. : Statement On Workzone Speeding  

In one month of our Automated Work Zone Speed Cameras going live, sixty drivers were caught in work zones going faster than 80 MPH, and one was going 99 MPH. Speed is the number one factor in work zone crashes, and with our road crews working only a few feet from these speeding vehicles, we all need to do our part to protect them.  In 2021, NYSDOT and the Thruway Authority reported 378 work zone intrusions, which means a vehicle entered the part of the road closed for construction. More than 50 of those times, the driver or a worker was injured.

Top Stories, May 11, 2023

Bath Mayor: Sidewalk Work Is Underway!
Appearing this morning on WVIN, Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet said the sidewalk project is underway.  "If you requested new sidewalks prior to last year, you will be getting them this year, at no cost to the property owner" Sweet said.  "Next year the village board will work with code and zoning to identify the worst sidewalks in the village and start replacing them." 


The Bath Village mayor also says, the village will be suspending two hour parking on May 23rd on Liberty Street, because May 23rd is Bath Town Assessment Grievance Day.   "The village is waiving the two hour parking requirements that day," Sweet told Dave Taylor Smith on WVIN this morning.  "If it goes to two days (grievance meetings) then we'll go to, two days," Sweet told Dave today on WVIN. 


Steuben County Covid Announcement 

The Federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) Declaration ends today. Some things may change, like free COVID services may now be charged to insurance or to the individual, and others remain the same, like COVID still being able to spread in the community and COVID vaccines remaining free of charge at this time.



Gillibrand: On Fighting Hunger In America

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is working on getting more funding for childhood age and college age students, that are dealing with hunger issues.  The senator says that was a problem before covid, and got worse because of the pandemic.

NYC Mayor Caves, After Officials Said No, To Migrants Plan

Pressure came in, from Rockland County and the southern tier, against the Mayor of New York City.  Yesterday, Chemung County Executive Chris Moss declared a local state of emergency, saying Chemung County was not capable of taking in ANY migrants from New York City, and he’s put out an order saying that no hotels or motels can take the migrants in, or they’d face, being fined up to $2,000 a day per migrant.  Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet announced that he was not going to allow any migrants coming in from New York City either.   Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano said, Mayor Adams was wrong, because the mayor of New York City was given a billion dollars of state funding recently as part of the state budget, to deal with migrants coming up from Texas.  

Top Stories, May 10, 2023

The Old Dana Lyon School, To Be Turned Into Apartments

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says, Providence Housing Development Corporation has been awarded financing assistance from the state, to develop the old Dana Lyon School and construction is scheduled to begin by the end of the year. The mayor says, Providence has a solid reputation building high quality, income based rental units and an even better reputation for maintaining them long after the initial construction has ended.   The mayor also says, he wants to thank Jamie Johnson from the IDA and the Save the Lyon Committee, for working together to make this project a reality.


Road Work In Bath Tonight - Overnight On 86 And 390

The New York State Department of Transportation is today advising motorists of upcoming nighttime closures along Interstates 86 and 390 in the town of Bath, Steuben County, to accommodate an overhead signage project. Beginning at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 10, I-86 eastbound will close between exits 35 and 37 and I-390 southbound will close between Exit 1 and the I-86/I-390 interchange. The roadway is anticipated to reopen by 6 a.m. Thursday morning.  Beginning at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17, I-86 westbound will close between Exits 35 and 37 and I-390 northbound will close between exit 1 and the I-86/I-390 interchange. The roadway is anticipated to reopen by 6 a.m. Thursday, May 18.  A signed detour will be in place for both closures. Motorists are advised to utilize the signed detour.


Steuben County Opiod Data, For April 2023

The Steuben County Public Health Department and partners are sharing updated opioid overdose data for April: 40 overdoses were reported, 3 fatalities were reported, and Narcan administration was reported nine times.    “Steuben County experienced a 38% increase in the number of overdoses reported in April compared to March, and April also accounts for 60% of opioid overdose fatalities reported this year,” said Public Health Director, Darlene Smith.  “It is more important than ever to become trained in Narcan administration and to have a Narcan kit within reach.” 

Narcan training is available at https://www.steubencountyny.gov/narcan or in person training can be scheduled by calling Steuben Public Health at 607-664-2438 or reaching out to the Steuben Prevention Coalition’s Opioid Committee.

Local support is available.  Steuben County Substance Abuse Services (SCASAS) offers outpatient services in Bath (607-664-2156), Corning (607-937-6201), and Hornell (607-324-2483) as well as after hour services (607-937-7800).  CASA Trinity in Hornell (607-282-5200) and Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital in Bath offer detox and inpatient services as well.  Residents are also encouraged to call 211 for other local supports. 


Gillibrand Working To Help Solve College Age Hunger

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand stood at Baruch College yesterday, to announce the Enhance Access to SNAP (EATS) Act, which would expand Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit eligibility to all college students attending 2- and 4-year universities part-time or more who meet traditional SNAP income and eligibility requirements. Gillibrand’s EATS Act is especially needed as the emergency COVID-19 provisions that expanded SNAP eligibility for college students expire 30 days after the end of the Public Health Emergency this Thursday, May 11, 2023.  Gillibrand says that even before the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the hunger crisis, students on college campuses in New York were experiencing high levels of food insecurity and hunger. the senator also noted that as many as 290,000 New York college students would become newly eligible for SNAP benefits under the EATS Act.


Palmesano's New Legislation About Prison Violence

Yesterday, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C-Corning) joined his colleagues on both sides of the aisle as well as correction officers and the executive team of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, Inc.  (NYSCOPBA) for a press conference on the importance of passing common-sense legislation to make the sexual assault of a correction officer a felony.  “We have a dangerous staffing, violence, security and safety crisis going on inside our state and city correctional facilities,” said Palmesano. “It is long overdue for the state Legislature to pass this common-sense legislation (A.1606/S.5506) that would make sexual assault against a correction officer a felony. Currently, it is only a misdemeanor to sexually assault a correction officer. This is abhorrent, completely unacceptable and must be corrected immediately. Sexual assault in the workplace should not be tolerated.

“We, as a Legislature, must act now and put the safety and interests of correction officers and law-abiding citizens over the interests of violent criminals. We must pass A.1606/S.5506 and repeal the HALT Act (A.03196/S.03035) now to show we are serious about protecting our correction officers," concluded Palmesano.


Top Stories, May 9, 2023

Milling On Two Bath Streets On Friday, May 12

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says, there will be milling, this Friday, on Lyons Street and Whiting Street in Bath.  The mayor says there will be no parking on Lyons or Whiting Streets on Friday and some driveways, the mayor says, will be blocked during this upcoming work.   Also, both streets will be closed during the milling on Friday.


Steuben County Troopers Charge PA Man  

From State Police: On Sunday, May 7, 2023, troopers from SP Painted Post responded to a report of a domestic dispute on Hendy Hollow Rd in the town of Caton. While on the scene, troopers learned that the suspect, Kyle J. Ellsworth, age 28, of Tioga, PA, had pushed the complainant during an argument while the complainant was holding a child. Ellsworth was subsequently arrested for Harassment 2nd (Violation) and Endangering the Welfare of a Child (A Misdemeanor). 

Ellsworth was transported to SP Painted Post for processing, then transported to the Steuben County Jail for CAP arraignment. 


Bath PD: Girl Steals Bike, Returns Bike, Video Proves Case

Bath Village Police report that Kiara Ackley, 22, of Bath,is accused of stealing an electric bicycle from the Presbyterian Church.  The Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says, officials showed the suspect, the Church’s video footage of her stealing the bike, and that after seeing the video, she returned the bike.  She’s been ordered to pay a $900 fine. 


Baker And County Official Work to Hire New ADA's 

Steuben County District Attorney wants to hire two new Assistant D.A.’s, Chris and Paul Barton from Elmira.  It looks like Paul Barton will be working the Hornell area as assistant district attorney, and Chris Barton will be working the Wayland area as assistant D.A.  That’s according to District Attorney Brooks Baker. Also, the Steuben County Legislature is in the process of creating another assistant public defenders position, a job that will pay between $71,642 - $112,048. 

Top Stories, May 8, 2023

Bath Town Hall Meeting This Evening 

There is Bath Town meeting scheduled for 7pm tonight at the High School.   (Note, it's not starting at 6:00pm as it was announced earlier, but at 7:00pm.  Doors open at 6:30 tonight)


Bath Man Charged With Violating A Protection Order, Resisting Arrest, During A Thursday Afternoon Incident

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft: On 5/4/23 around 3:48pm, the Bath Police Department was dispatched to a residence on W. Steuben St. for a violation of an order protection. Upon arrival, Officers were advised the suspect is inside of the house. Officers made entry into the house with the homeowners consent and found the suspect in the back room. Officers placed him into custody. While in custody, the suspect, a Joshua L. Jackson,29 of Bath, started to physically resist with Officers.  Jackson was arrested for Criminal Contempt 1st, a class E Felony and resisting arrest, a class A Misdemeanor. Bath Police Officers were assisted by the Steuben County Sheriff Office and the New York State Police.  Jackson was transported to the Steuben County Jail for arraignment where he was remanded.   Joshua Jackson was also arrested for Criminal Contempt 1st on 5/1/23 and was bailed out of jail prior to this incident.


Two Meetings At Campbell Tonight Hall This Evening

At the Campbell Town Hall at 6pm, they’ll be having a question and answer session about Water District #4.  That Question and Answer session will be at 6pm this evening at the Campbell Town Hall.   The regular Campbell Town Board monthly meeting will follow, at 7pm after the Q and A on the water district. 


GOP Primaries On Tuesday, June 27, In Steuben County

On June 27, Steuben County Republicans will be primarying each other in local races in Troupsburg, Wayland, Bath, Addison, Campbell and Rathbone.  These are mostly town supervisor town board primaries, though there is a town clerk primary in Rathbone and a town highway superintendent primary in Addison.  Notably, there is a Republican Primary coming up in Bath on June 27th.  Josh Buck is a Town Supervisor candidate, who is running against current Bath Town Supervisor Ron Smith.  There are four candidates running for two town board seats in Bath: Dustin Buck,  Michael Walden, David Wagger and Incumbent William Glosick. 

O'Mara: County Taxes Going Up Because Of NYS Budget

Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara says county officials across the state are likely going to raise taxes at the county level, because of the new state budget.  O’Mara says, statewide, counties will have to come up with a total of 2.5 billion from taxes.


Schumer Warns Of Social Security Check Issue
Democrat U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says, a debt default, could result in Americans not getting their social security checks.  Democrat U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says, if there is a default, it’ll prevent veterans from getting the health care they earned. 


Campbell Savona Central's Budget Hearing Is Tonight

Campbell Savona School is having a budget Hearing: tonight, at 7:00 pm in the Junior/Senior High School Multi-Purpose Room.

Top Stories, May 5, 2023

Today's Drugs Are So Dangerous

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft says there were three drug overdoses the other night.  According to the chief, all of them thought they were just doing cocaine but the cocaine was laced with fentanyl.


A Bath Assessment Meeting Is Scheduled For Next Week

Another Bath town assessment meeting is coming up.  That will be next week at the Bath Town Hall at 8:00pm Monday night. 


Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Is Inviting City, Town And Village Leaders To Use The County Landfill 

The Steuben County Legislature has approved Roadside Cleanup Weeks for all cities, villages and towns in the county.  Officials say that there will be no charge at the Bath Landfill for up to 20 tons of garbage and 10 tons of tires.  Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose says, "This is for roadside cleanup, not house to house pick up."  Rose also says municipalities may choose any two weeks during the year and may schedule those weeks by notifying John Emo at Bath Landfill, (607) 346-5176.

Argument Over The National Debt/Debt Ceiling Continues

New York State Democrat Chair Jay Jacobs says, the Republicans debt ceiling plan could:  Strip Nutrition Food Assistance from Women and Children in New York State, Raise Housing Costs for 67,300 New Yorkers, Threaten Medical Care for 225,400 New York State Veterans, worsen Social Security and Medicare Assistance Wait Times for 4.1 million New York state Seniors and Jeopardize Food Assistance for 54,000 Older Adults in New York. 

Republican  Congresswoman Claudia Tenney was quoted by the Auburn Pub as defending the GOP Debt Ceiling plan.  Tenney says the Republican plan, "would repeal green energy tax credits, stop the president’s plan to pay off college student loans," and block other liberal agenda items.

Top Stories, May 4, 2023

On Last Night's Meeting At The High School.... 

There was a large turnout last night for the Bath Town assessment meeting.  Summed up, those present were told to download an online form from a New York State Tax website, and to schedule an appointment here locally if you’re still not in agreement with how your assessment turned out. 

Dr. Hank Chapman Is Stepping Down 

Officials say that Dr. Hank Chapman is retiring after 29 years of working for Steuben County Mental Health.  Chapman was the head of the department, since 2011.  "During his tenure as department head," a county official said, "Chapman oversaw numerous programs designed to help those with emotional issues, as well as coordinating assistance to other agencies such as the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.
The office also had a lead role in Steuben in helping those suffering from substance abuse disorder.  Under his guidance, the office also worked to recoup payments lost in a complicated state system, building a stronger base for services."

Debt Ceiling Update - Schumer Says, Langworth Says...

Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer says, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is giving Americans two options: Default on the debt, or default on the country with cuts to seniors, vets, first responders, cancer research That's the future the House GOP has made more likely by passing the Default On America (DOA) Act.   Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy says, he does not care what the senate majority leader says.  "We've spent $4B dollars in the past four years," Langworthy stated.  "I don't care what Schumer has said or what the President has said, let's get to the table, and lets figure out how they (the Democrats) can join us (the Republicans) to help save this country."  Langworthy was in both downtown Alfred and downtown Hornell yesterday.

Top Stories, May 3, 2023

Bath Man Has Pleaded Guilty In Federal Court

From The U.S. Attorneys Office:  U.S. Attorney Trini E. Ross announced today that Gerald Barclay, 25, of Bath, NY, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute five grams or more of methamphetamine before U.S. District Judge Frank P. Geraci, Jr. The charge carries a minimum penalty of five years in prison, a maximum of 40 years, and a $5,000,000 fine.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Cassie Kocher, who is handling the case, stated that on August 22, 2022, the New York State Police executed a search warrant at Barclay’s residence in Bath, seizing drug packaging materials, digital scales, and approximately $1,866 in United States currency inside the residence. Outside the residence, near a stack of tires next to the garage, investigators found approximately 195 grams of pure methamphetamine.  

The plea is the result of an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration, under the direction of Special Agent-in-Charge Frank A. Tarentino III, New York Field Division and the New York State Police, under the direction of Major Brian Ratajczak.  Sentencing is scheduled for July 27, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. before Judge Geraci.


An Assessment Meeting Tonight At Haverling High

Another meeting on the Bath Town assessment situation: this meeting will be tonight at 7:00 in the High School Auditorium.


Bath Central School Budget Update

The Bath Board of Education has a proposed school budget of $43.3 million dollars, for the upcoming school year.  Superintendent Joe Rumsey says, due to an increase in state Foundation Aid and proper planning, the school board is presenting a proposed budget with no increase to the tax levy.  Rumsey also says, it is anticipated that this will result in a decrease in the tax rate for the upcoming school year based on historical trends in property assessments.  Voting will be May 16th noon to eight, at the Bath School District Office.

Hornell Summer Baseball Team Hires Coach

Over in Hornell, the summer baseball team, the Hornell Steamers have hired Curtis Shulz, to be this year’s coach.  Curtis Shulz comes to Hornell, after most recently being an assistant Coach for the Geneva Red Wings.


Update On The New York State Budget

State Budget Update: Democrat Governor Hochul has signed legislation to allow pharmacists to dispense contraception over the counter and ensures SUNY campuses offer students access to medication abortion.  Assembly Speaker Democrat Carl Heastie says, there won’t be any tuition increases at SUNY Colleges in the coming school year.  Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara says, because of the budget, starting in 2025, there will be no natural gas within newly constructed buildings; beginning in 2030 there will be no new gas service to existing buildings, and in 2035 two things will happen: no replacement natural gas appliances and no gasoline-automobile sales.

Top Stories, May 2, 2023

Protection Order Arrest In Bath Yesterday

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft:  On 05/01/2023, at approximately 10:23 am, officers were dispatched to a residence on W Morris Street for a domestic in progress. It was determined that there was an active full stay away order of protection against the suspect, Joshua L. Jackson, age 29, of Bath.  Jackson was taken into custody and charged with one count of Criminal Contempt in the first degree, a Class E Felony. Mr. Jackson was processed and transported to the Steuben County Jail for arraignment where he was held on bail, and was subsequently bailed out.


A Bath Woman Is Accused Of Public Lewdness

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft: On 04/27/2023 at approximately 5:45pm, officers responded to the area of Pulteney Square Park for a report of a female subject that had just exposed her private areas in the presence of children and adults.  After investigation, Stephanie L. Force, age 35, of Bath, was identified, located and taken into custody.  Force was charged with one count of Public Lewdness, a Class B Misdemeanor, and one count of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, a Class A Misdemeanor.  Miss Force was transported to Steuben County Jail to await CAP arraignment where she was released.


Langworthy: Thanks To The Military Veterans/Members

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy is thanking the U.S. Navy today, for presenting him with their official seal, so he can display it in his congressional office.  Congressman Langworthy notes that with it being military appreciation month, a big thank goes out to all veterans and those currently in military service.  

Hornell's Drum And Bugle Show Coming To An End

Maple City Sound Chair Shawn Hogan put out a statement saying that it is with a heavy heart and great sadness that, after 35 years the Maple City Sound Committee will be disbanding, and there will not be a Drum Corps Show this year.  Hogan says, the reasons are: a ack of volunteers, lack of sponsorships and the affordability of putting on a multi-thousands of dollar show.  The cost of advertising, housing some Corps, it all adds up.  "A thank you to the Hornell Chamber of Commerce for helping Maple City Sound over the last several years keep our shows going it was a good run and we are proud of what we accomplished and the entertainment that we provided of so many years," Hogan stated.

Top Stories, May 1, 2023

Putting Out Fires When It Comes To New Energy

At this morning's Public Safety meeting, Steuben County Public Safety Director Tim Marshall talked about modern energy projects and fires.  Three of the topics were: dealing with fires on wind turbines, at solar projects, and in electric cars.   Marshall spoke of how firefighters handled the wind turbine fire in West Union.  He noted that this was the first time in Steuben County that a wind turbine caught on fire, but noted that the fire was so high up, that no fire dept's ladder could reach it.  "They can't to it, it's too tall, you can't get a ladder truck or anything like that in there," Marshall said. "So the fire department stood back.  You have to let it burn, there's nothing the fire department can do."  Marshall made that statement at this morning's Steuben County Public Safety Committee.  He also addressed the potential problem of electric car fires on a road or street in the county.  "Luckily, we have not seen any major issues with the Lithium Ions yet," Marshall explained.  "If we get any type of electrical vehicle fire on the Interstate 86, it takes tens of thousands of gallons of water to at least, even sustain putting the fire out, and then after that, trying to keep it from rekindling.  So the ability for us to put a fire out on the Interstate is going to be very, very difficult.  Right now the recommendation is for us to let it burn, because once you put the water on it, you have to continually put the water on it, and maintain a flow to be able to get the fire out.  Even then, there's the potential for the batteries to reignite and start a fire again."  One unnamed official at the meetings noted, that solar energy fires, could be problematic as well.  "These solar farms, the stuff that's in those solar panels is much more toxic than what's in these wind turbines," the official said.  Marshall responded by saying that this is a very new situation.  "We're in uncharted territory," Marshall said.  "It's all new to us, I know that the new solar project in South Hornell, they're supposed to be getting with the local fire departments before that (solar) system goes online, to give the fire dept's guidance.  Basically, our guidance for our local first responders is, if you have a fire inside of one of these compounds: stay outside, don't touch it, don't go in, don't do anything until the agency gets there."  

Assessments Meeting On May 3, At Haverling High 

Coming up Wednesday night at Haverling High School, there will be another meeting about the assessments issue in Bath.


It's Legal In Some Ways, But Not Inside Elmira Correctional

A 38 year old Rochester woman was charged for allegedly having marijuana on her, when coming in to visit someone at Elmira Correctional.  The 38 year old was issued an appearance ticket.


The GOP: We Haven't Seen The State Budget Details Yet

State Senator Tom O'Mara put out a statement saying, he still has not seen the state budget which Governor Kathy Hochul said had been agreed upon.  The governors aid that last Friday morning.  O'Mara says, we just have to take the governor’s word for what is in the state budget.  

AOC Might Not Run Against Senator Gillibrand In A Primary

Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ostacio Cortez told numerous media outlets on Sunday morning, that she was "not planning on running against fellow Democrat, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in a primary" for the 2024 race for the Gillibrand seat.  While AOC did not completely rule out a possible run, she indicated that 2024 will not be the year she goes in for a U.S. Senate run.    

FCC File

On January 4, 2024 Tower Broadcasting, LLC, licensee of call signs: WABH, 1380.0, Bath, New York; W293CE, 106.5, Bath, New York; W262CX, 100.3, Bath, New York; and WVIN-FM, 98.3, Bath, New York, filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission to transfer control of its broadcast licenses to the Estate of Gordon Ichikawa.  Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments and petitions on the application can visit:  https://publicfiles.fcc.gov and search in the public files of the stations.

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