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Top Stories, May 17, 2023

School Budget/School Board Voting Results 

In Bath, Campbell-Savona, Hammondsport, and Avoca, school budgets and all propositions were passed last night.  The school budget passed in Prattsburgh, but the library prop there, did not.  The budget did not pass in Addison, in Addison there were 200 no votes, 187 yes votes.  However, the Addison Public Library Prop did pass.  Also, Derek Burrell was the school  board seat winner, in yesterday’s school vote, in the Addison School District.

Bath School Budget Numbers:  289 yes – 62 no

Bath Bus purchase proposition 273 yes – 69 no

Capital Reserve approved  278 yes – 69 no

Brad Laverty was elected to the Board of Education with 310 votes, there were 9 write in votes for other candidates.

Campbell savona: School budget  326 yes votes 218 no votes n Campbell Savona's Dale Seeley wins school board seat, receiving 297 votes.

Hammondsport School budget 169 yes 16 no  

Bus purchase 164 yes 20 no 

Carrie Doyle re-elected to Hammondsport School Board.

Prattsburgh's budget: 158 yes 37 no 

Joe Castrechino wins school board seat, 162 votes. 

Prattsburgh, the Library Prop: 110 no  85 yes 

Avoca Central Budget : 112 yes 25 no 

Avoca Transportation Proposition: 111 yes 26 no  

Avoca Bus Proposition: 111 yes 26 no


Bath's Quality Of Life Police Crackdown

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft:  Last Friday, the Bath Police Department had a crackdown event that centered on quality-of-life issues for patrons and residents alike in primarily the downtown business district. Eight additional officers and the Chief of Police participated in this event.  Six tickets were issued for riding bicycles on the sidewalks in the business district (two warnings were issued to juveniles), one open container of alcohol in public ticket was issued, 19 traffic tickets were issued, and one unreasonable noise on public street ticket was issued to a person that was screaming on the street. 


Gillibrand: A New Idea For Social Security Program

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is working to pass a law, to get social security credits, to caregivers.  Gillibrand’s legislation would make sure that their retirement is not threatened as a result. 


Bridge In Corning Is Now Closed For The Time Being

The Hamilton Road Bridge in the Town of Corning is closed to all traffic for 14 weeks, according to Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose. The bridge crosses Cutler
Creek, between Kimble Road and Reynolds Avenue.
The bridge will be removed and completely replaced with a new bridge.  There will not be a posted detour.

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