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Top Stories, November 30, 2022

Rumsey: Capital Project Vote Is On January 10th 

Appearing recently on WVIN’s Community Focus with David Taylor Smith, Bath Central School Superintendent Joe Rumsey talked about the capital project vote that’s coming up January 10.  "We originally said it would be on December 6th," Rumsey said.  "We did postpone it (the capital project vote) to January 10th, for a couple of reasons.  One: because Bath had to make sure we were meeting all the legal state guidlines.  Two: It just felt rushed.  We felt that the community needed to get more information on this, and because of that, we moved the voting day to January 10."    Superintendent Joe Rumsey also says, in the proposed capital project, there’ll be improved security at the school doors, renovations to the auditorium to the high school cafeteria and many other improvements .


Schumer Congratulates New Democrat House Leader 

In Washington, US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he’s pleased that down state New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, is taking the place of California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as head of the Democrats in the House


It Starts Tomorrow At The County Landfill In Bath

The Steuben County Legislature approved a proposal to accept television and computer monitors at no cost beginning tomorrow Thursday Dec 1). The county had been forced to charge the fee to anyone dropping off CRT and non-CRT TVs and monitors at the county Landfill due to state Department of Environmental Conservation regulations, which were recently updated.  Legislators also approved: • A Fire Mobilization and Mutual Aid Plan providing mutual assistance with firefighting units in Tioga County, PA.  

Top Stories, November 29, 2022

Smith: Warning About Vaping Among The Teens 

Steuben County Public Health Director Darlene Smith issued a statement about vaping among teenagers.  According to Smith, this newer fad is an addictive and dangerous habit, that can lead to serious health problems.  


Borrello: It's Wrong To Go Public With That Stuff 
State Senator George Borrello says, a law that was taken off the books, which protected law enforcement from having their personnel files from being made public, has opened to the doors to unnecessary media scrutiny.  A media outlet has published some police disciplinary files, going back about a dozen years.  Borrello maintains that this will cause two problems: one, the intrusion/invasion of the officer's work file privacy, and two, officers will be less likely to admit guilt/punish other officers, because they know this info can be made public and used against them. 


Recall Of Bottles And Cups In The Works

A series of cups and bottles are being recalled: The Green Sprouts Stainless Steel Straw Bottles, Sippy Cups and Sip & Straw Cups are being recalled, due to the bottom base breaking off and exposing lead poisoning. 

Top Stories, November 28, 2022

County Budget Passes In Bath Today

From Steuben Co Spokesperson Mary Perham: 

Most Steuben County property taxpayers will see a significant drop in their taxes in 2023, with county legislators approving the county’s spending plan of $227.1 million Monday in special session.  The 2023 budget carries a tax levy of $52.3 million and a drop in the average tax rate of more than 5.5 percent or
43 cents per $1,000.

Actual tax rates depend on each municipality’s valuation which is determined by a complicated state formula.   While the county’s operating costs continue to rise, driven by state mandates, costs were offset by a $2 million boost in sales tax revenues, the tax levy and the county fund balance.  Key increases in next year’s budget are public safety costs which have steadily increased a total of 35 percent during the past five years, with the proposed 2023 increase up 10 percent compared to the current year. Salaries and benefits also are higher, due to wage increases and benefits.


Is Minimum Wage Going To Go Up Twice In 2023?  

Corning Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says the state might raise minimum wage again in 2023, in addition to the already scheduled minimum wage increase that is slated for early in the new year, he notes there is talk of going up to $20.00 an hour, starting this year and moving the amount up to $20.00 an hour over a period of several years.  Supporters of the minimum wage increases, helps those that are below the poverty line. 


$100.00 Reward - Over The Graveyard Theft In Bath

Bath Village Police are continuing to offer that $100 reward for anyone who can give them info that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever stole a bunch of equipment from the graveyard.  Bath Police say there were all kinds of tools taken – two chain saws, a hedge trimmer, a back pack blower, and a tool box.  If you know anything about this, please call 607 776-2175.

Top Stories, November 25, 2022

New Lawmaker To Be Appointed In Bath Monday

Coming up on Monday, Steuben County lawmakers will appoint a legislator to fill the term of county Legislator Guy Hammond of Bath, who died October 7th.  A local animal doctor, Guy Hammond was elected to his first four-year term in 2021.  Whoever is going to take Hammond’s place in the county legislature, has to be a resident of the Town of Bath, approved by Bath Republicans and nominated by the Steuben County Republican Committee.


Fatal Accident In The Town Of Dix

State Police are continuing their investigation into the Thursday morning fatal accident in Schuyler County.  47 year old Jason Ellsworth of Corning is said to have been killed when he went off the road on State Route 414 in the Town of Dix, in the 7am hour yesterday morning.  Ellsworth was pronounced dead at Skyler Hospital. 


High Visibility Campaign Keeps Going Through The Weekend The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department is continuing their high visibility road campaign, where they’re on the lookout for impaired and distracted drivers.  That will be up until and including Sunday.


New Law Puts The Blocks To Medical Bill Collectors 

Spectrum News reports that Governor Kathy Hochul has signed a new law, that prevents medical bill collection agencies, from putting liens on people’s property. 

Top Stories, November 24, 2022

Singing, Music, Crafts, And Santa - All In One Place In Bath!

The Dormann Library in Bath has fun slate of December events planned for all ages.   Families are invited our Holiday Party and Open House on Saturday, December 10th.  Join them from 2-5:00pm on the 10th, for music by the Haverling Choir, Brad Ordway and JJ Horton, games, crafts, cookie decorating, door prizes, a family photo booth, snacks and a hot cocoa bar.  Take a tour of our new indoor book barns, Discovery Kids classroom and annex space.  The best part is - Santa will be available for pictures and everything is free to the public.


Gun Law Plans For January - From Albany
The Niagara Gazette reports that Buffalo Democrat State Senator Sean Ryan wants to, in January, make it so the National Rifle Association can no longer teach classes on gun safety.   The Niagara Gazette reports that there’s other gun bills coming up in January, and that Rochester Democrat Senator Jeremy Cooney wants to allow guns on camp grounds in case of rabid animals attacking people.


Will Washington DC Be Able To Block Left Winger in NYS?

On Tuesday November 8th, earlier this month, the New York  State Democrats were re-elected and retained their control of the state assembly, senate and the governor’s office.  However, Dr Robert A Heineman, Alfred University political science professor emeritus, says that the Republicans in the House, in Washington, might be able to turn things around on the Albany Democrats who have a super majority in Albany, and the Washington GOP could stop things from going further left in state government in Albany.  


Top Stories, November 23, 2022

County Budget Projections - Vote Is On Monday

A public hearing on the proposed 2023 Steuben County budget of $227.1 million with a tax levy of $52.3 million is set for 11:30 am, Monday in the county Legislature’s chambers on East Morris Street. followed by its anticipated adoption by county legislators.   Prudent local spending and a tight hold on costs means Steuben has weathered the tumultuous events of the past few years with tax levies remaining significantly under the state cap and below inflation increases for more than five years, county officials report.  Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which complicated county operations from 2020-21, a devastating flash flood in August 2021, and the more recent hits to the economy, the county has maintained a solid fund balance, promoted a sturdy economy and kept up important local services such as road maintenance and bridge repair
While the county’s operating costs continue to rise, driven by state mandates, most taxpayers can expect a drop in
their average tax rate of more than 5.5 percent or 43 cents per $1,000.  Actual tax rates depend on each municipality’s valuation which is determined by a complicated state formula.
Public safety costs have steadily increased a total of 35 percent during the past five years, with the proposed 2023
increase up 10 percent compared to the current year. Salaries and benefits also are higher, due to wage increases
and benefits.  The anticipated increases are offset by a $2 million boost in sales tax revenues, the tax levy and the county fund balance.
PROPOSED BUDGET : $227.1 million
PROPOSED TAX LEVY: $52.3 million


Extra Steuben County Patrols Are Out, Starting Today

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department high visibility road campaign started today, there are extra patrols out, looking for drunk, drugged and distracted drivers.  This campaign goes until and through Sunday.   “Unfortunately, drunk driving is a real threat to our community," Sheriff Allard stated.  "That threat increases during holidays like Thanksgiving. Driving drunk is deadly and illegal, and no one should ever take that risk.”


Hornell Suspect Apprehended In Alfred, Was In A Cabin 

Over in Hornell, the Hornell Police are thanking Alfred Police, State Police, Wellsville Police, Canisteo Police, the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department and numerous other law enforcement agencies, for helping them find James W.L. Burgess.  Officials say that Burgess had skipped out on a court date for sentencing on several charges, including allegedly breaking into two homes and videoing people in their sleep.  Burgess was found in a cabin on Green Road in Alfred yesterday. 

Top Stories, Novemer 22, 2022

Marijuna Licenses Are Granted To One Place In Steuben Co

Marijuana licenses have been granted to 36 stores in New York State.  Assemblyman Phil Palmesano thinks it’s a slippery slope towards heroin injection centers.  Congressman Joe Sempolinski says, he does not think the Republicans in congress should fight the state on this issue, due to the fact that the left tries to undo duly passed laws.  According to the NYS Cannabis Board, 36 stores in the state are being issued licenses, to sell marijuana – one of them is to Union Chill Cannabis LLC, which is owned by the same person that owns Next Level Wellness, in Hornell.


College Athletes Get A Break, On Photo Rules

Governor Kathy Hochul has signed a law so that college athletes can make money from their own sports photos/images, without losing their right to a scholarship or their ability to get into a basketball championship. 


Bath School District Capital Project Update

The Bath School District is having their first in a series of Capital Project public hearings, on Monday November 28th, at 6pm in the auditorium.  Bath School Superintendent Joe Rumsey tells us, that this capital project will not add additional taxes either.  The vote on the capital project will be Tuesday January 10th.  Again, the first public hearing on this, will be Monday the 28th at 6pm in the auditorium.

Top Stories, November 21, 2022

Campbell Man Charged With Arson - Second Degree

There was a fire in Campbell on Saturday night.  The boarding house on Route 415 in Campbell was burned to the ground.  Steuben County Emergency Management Director Tim Marshall says Campbell Fire Department and other fire departments showed up to extinguish the blaze.  "Upon the arrival they found a fire in the occupied structure," Marshall told WVIN News.  "There were 10 residents that were living there at the time, all occupants escaped the building."   There were no injuries reported.  There has been an arrest in the case too: Sheriff Jim Allard says that 30 year old Dustin Cole has been charged with Arson in the Second Degree.  Cole was ticketed and released.  


Fire Fighters From A Neighboring County Help Buffalo Area 

Allegany County fire officials say that crews from the Allegany County towns of Clarksville, Friendship and New Hudson were deployed Saturday afternoon to assist departments in need of relief in the South towns of Erie County.  Allegany County emergency responders went to Lake Shore where they provided some much needed relief to the emergency responders that had been going at it for over 50 hours straight. Allegany County volunteer firefighters were released after 24 hours of being on call.

FEMA $$$ For The 11 Counties Will Come To Western NY

Governor Kathy Hochul has already gotten FEMA grant approval from President Joe Biden, for the 11 counties hit by the severe weekend snow storm.


Top Stories, November 18, 2022

SNAP Benefits Funding Came In From Washington

Governor Kathy Hochul says, those who get SNAP benefits, will get the maximum amount of emergency assistance, through the winter months.


Borrello: Despite The Loss In The Governor's Race...

State Senator George Borrello says, in spite of the Lee Zeldin loss, there were 11 Republican House race wins, in New York State.  Borrello attributes this Red Wave in Congress, to the Lee Zeldin campaign for congress. 


Palmesano: Washington Money Could Have Been Used

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano is criticizing the governor, for not stopping the unemployment costs, from increasing on small businesses.  The Corning Republican maintains that there was funding that came in from the federal government which could have been used to help alleviate costs that were put on the small business owners, to pay for unemployment insurance. 


AG James: Watch Out For Price Gouging

State Attorney General Leticia James issued an alert reminding consumers and businesses in Western New York and the North Country against price gouging amid a forecasted snowstorm and declared state of emergency. The AG says New York’s price gouging statute prevents businesses from taking advantage of consumers by selling essential goods or services at an excessively higher price during market disruptions or a declared state of emergency.


Top Stories, November 17, 2022

Two Bath Residents Are Accused Of Hitting Teens

Bath Village Police report the arrest of Lindsey Remchuck, 34, Bath, who is accused of hitting a child under the age of 17, causing multiple injuries to the teen.  Lindsey Remchuck is also accused of barricading herself inside to prevent Bath Police Officers from arresting her.  The charges against Remchuck, endangering the welfare of a child and obstructing governmental administration.   Bath Police also report that a 39 year old Nichole Miller, also of Bath, is accused of hitting a child under the age of 17 too. 


Gov Hochul: Truckers Need To Keep Off The Thruway 

Governor Kathy Hochul spoke about the upcoming storm, this morning.  The governor said, commercial traffic, truckers, etc, need to keep off the NYS Thruway, starting at 4:00pm.


Corning Man Is Accused Of Smashing Windows 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports deputies arrested Aaron J. Briggs, 32, of Corning.  That’s after an investigation of a person reportedly damaging a vehicle in the Town of Corning. It is alleged that Briggs broke several windows in a motor vehicle which did not belong to him during a domestic incident. Briggs was charged with Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree, a class E Felony. Briggs was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and held due to felony offenses.


Gillibrand: Working To Pass A Law To Prevent NDA's In Biz

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is working to get a bill passed in the US senate, to prevent employers from being able to get employees to sign sexual harassment non-disclosure agreements to settle lawsuits.  This has already passed in the House. 

Top Stories, November 16, 2022

Coffee With Law Enforcement - This Friday In Canisteo 

Sheriff Jim Allard wants people to know about an upcoming event where you can meet with sheriff’s department officials, state police and Canisteo Police too.  It’s called “Coffee with Law Enforcement” and it’s Friday in the 9am hour, at 20 Greenwood Street in Canisteo.


Numbers From The Proposed 2023 Steuben Co Budget

Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says, the presented budget shows a 1.5% increase in the property tax levy, well below the NYS tax cap.  With assessed values increasing, the average property tax rate will decrease by 5%. 


From State Senator George Borrello:

“The audit released by Comptroller DiNapoli exposes the incompetence that characterized the Department of Labor’s response to the pandemic-driven demand for benefits.  Borrello says his office staff took calls day and night from desperate New Yorkers who were frustrated with unending busy signals, system crashes, incorrect payments and ignored reports of fraud.  Borrello also says While the labor department’s front-line staff tried diligently to help us resolve claims, the failure of an outdated system and inept administration were constant obstacles.   

Top Stories, November 15, 2022

November 15 2022

Winter Weather Advisory Tonight And Wednesday

A winter weather advisory starts tonight.  Steuben County Director of Public Safety Tim Marshall says, the worst of it is predicted to strike southwestern Steuben County.


Property Owners - Will Want To Read This 

If you own property in the historic district  of Bath, Village Mayor Mike Sweet says there are four buildings in that area that are going to be helped out by the States Main Street Technical Assistance Grant.  "We have the ability to identify four businesses or structures in the business district, and it will be assessed, at no cost to the business owner.  This is available through November 28, and this is free of cost as well," Sweet tells Wvin.  A public hearing on this, was held Monday night.  


Political Odds And Ends Since Last Week's Election
The Albany Times Union reports that Congressman Nick Langworthy will step down from being the New York State Republican Chairman, after Langworthy is sworn in, in January.  Word is, that Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, wants to take over for him, as state Republican chair.  At the same time, left leaning Democrats are hoping to replace New York State Democrat Chairman, Jay Jacobs.  Also, there are some out there who want Congressman Lee Zeldin to be the next National Republican Chairman.

Top Stories, November 14, 2022

Upcoming County Budget Presentation

The Steuben County Legislature will present, the county budget tomorrow morning after an 1130am Tuesday morning public hearing.  The final vote on the budget will be in a couple of weeks.   


Welfare Fraud Accusations In The Area Today

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports:  on November 11, 2022, Investigators of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested John L. Landsborough, age 56, of Bath New York.

It is alleged that from 08/29/2022 to 09/30/2022 Mr. Landsborough offered a false instrument for filing to the Steuben County Department of Social Services and received benefits from the Steuben County Department of Social Services in the amount of $500.00 that he was not eligible to receive.  It is further alleged that on 10/10/2022, Landsborough sold his benefit card issued by the Steuben County Department of Social Service for cash.  As a result, Mr. Landsborough obtained benefits which he was not entitled nor authorized to receive in the amount of $198.46.  Landsborough is charged with Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First Degree, a class E Felony, Criminal Use of a Public Benefit Card in the Second Degree and Petit Larceny.  Landsborough was released with an appearance ticket to appear in the Village of Bath Court at a later date.   Also, 50 year old Patricia Copus Penn of Bath, is accused of getting $150 in welfare benefits that she was allegedly not entitled too.  Copus Penn was ticketed and released.  Also, the sheriff says that a 33 year old Corning man is accused of using two EBT card which belonged to other people, one of whom is a suspect who is in Steuben County Jail.  The Corning man is said to have spent over $300 using the two EBT cards.  He was ticketed and released.


Peeping Tom Allegations Against A Homeless Man

From Bath Village Police: On 11/05/2022, the Village of Bath Police Department arrested Zachary D. Halvorson, 26, Homeless, of Bath, on one count of Trespass, a violation.  This stems from a report of Halvorson trespassing on the victim’s porch at approximately 4:30 am that morning. Halvorson was caught on the victim’s home cameras peeking in the windows for quite some time.  The victim requested an order of protection. Due to the request for an order of protection, Halvorson was transported to the jail to await CAP arraignment. The judge at CAP arraignment declined to issue an order of protection on the victim’s behalf and released Halvorson on his own  recognizance.


Child Abuse Allegations Over In Hornell

Hornell Police Sgt Tom Aini reports that Robert Taft, 26, of 38 Sherman Street Hornell, is in Steuben County Jail without bail, after being charged with: two counts of Assault in the First Degree, two counts of Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree, two counts of Reckless Assault of a Child, two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child.  Taft is alleged to have shaken a child who was under the age of five years old during two separate incidents, causing brain injury to that child.   The child ended up in the St James Emergency Room on October 23.

Top Stories, November 11, 2022

Another Fire In The Region, Update On Yesterday's Fire

There was a fire that started this morning in Naples.  Several Steuben County Fire departments were called in for mutual aid.  Here’s the latest on the big brush fire in Jasper.  That fire started yesterday morning in Jasper.  The Bath Volunteer Fire Department was there yesterday afternoon until 5:00pm.  As of now, Steuben County Emergency Services Director Tim Marshall says, you could still see smoke throughout the day, coming from Jasper, because it’s still an active fire.  Marshall says, most of the fire was in a forest area on a Jasper hill called Turkey Ridge State Forest, though some of the fire was on private property as well.  Forest Rangers are there right now. 


Veterans Day Mssg From Bath Police Chief Taft

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft noted today, on this veterans day 2022, that there are five veterans who work for the Bath Village Police Department and, one active Air Force Reservist.  Bath police also say Congratulations to Investigator Jackson and Officer Roberson on completing a 2.5 day Interview and Interrogation course in Erie, PA.  Chief Taft also just completed a 2 day Domestic Violence Instructor certification and will be giving the department an 8 hour in service training on recent changes and updates.


Youth Trafficking Seminar Coming Up At A.U.

Youth Trafficking survivor Jessica Levinson will be the keynote speaker at the Summit to Address Youth Trafficking set for 9 am to 12:45 pm Nov. 17 at Alfred University’s Roon Room and virtually via Zoom.  to register, send an email to: SafeHarbour@SteubenCountyNY dot gov

Top Stories, November 10, 2022

Tomorrow's Veterans Day Event In Bath

Tomorrow is Friday, November 11, 2022, Veterans Day.  A ceremony will be held in Bath at the American Legion Charles E Wescott Post 173 on West William Street Ceremony begins at 11:00am sharp.


Bridge In Cohocton Named After State Employee Who Died In An Accident There Back In 1961

New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez today announced that a plaque honoring fallen state highway worker Holmes Haight has been installed on the bridge carrying State Route 415 over the Cohocton River in the Village of Cohocton.  They say Holmes Haight was an employee of the New York State Department of Public Works, which eventually became the Department of Transportation.  Holmes Haight died in 1961 while delivering something for the state department of public works to Cohocton.  An obituary from a 1961 issue of the Democrat & Chronicle states that Mr. Haight was killed on September 28, 1961 following a work zone injury. Mr. Holmes, a native of the Town of Barrington, was a World War II veteran and previously an instructor at the Military Academy at West Point.  Construction on State Route 415 bridge over the Cohocton River began earlier this year and fully reopened to traffic this fall.


Bath Police Dog, Will Be More Safe, Thanks To A New Vest

Bath Village Police report, that their police dog, K9 Bud, is getting a bullet and stab proof vest.  Police Chief Colin Taft says, the vest for their police dog was donated by a Massachusetts based charity organization that makes bullet proof vests.


Three Fires In The News Today

There are three big fires that began late in the morning, this morning, in Canisteo, Jasper and the Allegany County Town of Andover.

Crews are currently at the scene, of all three fires, as of this posting (1:39pm)

Top Stories, November 9, 2022

Names Of The Two Men Killed In Horseheads Accident, Have Now Been Made Public By State Troopers 

The State Police released the names of the 2 occupants killed in a tractor trailer accident on Monday, November 8th on I-86 in Horseheads.  The operator, identified as Zegazhab Gerezgier, age 29, from Texas, and passenger, Idris Mustapha, age 40, also from Texas were killed when the tractor-trailer they were traveling in crashed on I-86 at exit 54 in the town of Horseheads.

Lee Zeldin Gives A Concession Statement 

I would like to congratulate New York Governor Kathy Hochul on her election to a full four year term. This race was a once in a generation campaign, with a very close margin in the bluest of blue states. The unrelenting passion and hard work of our grassroots volunteers and supporters made this incredibly close race possible and helped us win at least 49 of New York’s 62 counties. Republicans, Democrats and Independents united as New Yorkers, pouring their heart and soul into this campaign.  Those controlling Albany should take note. New Yorkers of all walks of life are sick of the attacks on their wallets, their safety, their freedoms and the quality of their kids’ education and are hitting their breaking point, as proven by these results. As they take office in January, Governor Kathy Hochul and those controlling Albany must address the grave concerns voiced by the voters. While this campaign has come to a close, the rescue mission to Save Our State continues.


How Did The Steuben County Propositions Do?

On the propositions on the back of the ballot for steuben county voters, the new York state prop about environmental issues, there were 17, 702 no votes, and 14,411 YES votes on the state prop.  That statewide prop about environmental issues has still not yet been fully counted, there are over 1,000 districts that still are not in yet.   On the countywide proposition for redistricting there were 19,363 NO votes,  there were 11, 919 YES votes on the redistricting prop.  So the county redistricting prop, has failed.    Regarding the town of Caton vote, on changing the highway superintendents job to becoming an appointed job, 596 no votes, 290 yes votes.  On the town of Pulteney’s library prop, 295 yes votes, 138 no votes, and in Jasper, the vote to be able to sell alcohol, 404 yes votes, 176 no votes.


Other Election News From Tuesday Night

In the congressional race for the new 23rd district, Democrat Max Della Pia conceded last night, to Nick Langworthy.  Della Pia said he wanted to thank all the voters who trusted him with their vote, and the volunteers and family who have been with me on this ride.  Della Pia says while he regrets not being able to serve you in Congress, he says the effort to run was worth it.

Senator George Borrello won last night, getting 79,821 votes, his Cattaraugus county democrat opponent Daniel Brown, got 29,052 votes.  Senator Tom O’Mara won unopposed, getting 88,702 votes.   Assemblyman Phil Palmesano won unopposed, receiving 39,211 votes.  Assemblywoman Majorie Byrnes won, getting 36,094 votes, her democrat opponent Sara Spezaano 17,230 votes.  Assemblyman Phil Palmesano won unopposed, receiving 39,211 votes.  In the Town of Bath, Robert  Plaskov wins the Bath Town Justice race, getting 3,337 votes.   In the Town of Bradford, Jo Miller won the Town Justice race, receiving 181 votes.  There were 5 write in’s. 

Top Stories, November 8, 2022

Fatal Accident On I-86 Last Night In Horseheads
Last night in the 5:00 hour, two people were killed in a fatal accident involving a semi, that was on I-86 in Horseheads.  State Police are handling the accident, and say that the investigation is continuing at this time, and more information will be released after notifications to family members have been made.


Election Day Is Here - You Can Vote Until 9:00 Tonight

It’s Tuesday November 8th, and you can vote until 9:00 tonight.  The big races today, the governors race between Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul and Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin.  The other major race is between Republican Nick Langworthy and Democrat Max Della Pia.  There is a statewide prop about environmental issues, and a county wide prop about changing the county district maps.  Steuben County Election Commissioner Vicky Olin explains it this way: 

The number of county legislators does not change, the number of county lawmakers remains at 17 legislators.  Bath has been one individual district, and the prop, proposes, that Bath will be combined with Bradford on the county map (this is not a town merger, but it affects what county lawmakers will be representing the people of Bath and Bradford).  Also, if the prop is passed, Wayne goes from District 8 into District 5, and Campbell and Erwin are combined into the same district, with Campbell goes from District 8, into District 7 (with Erwin).

Other props onthe Steuben County Ballot, are specific to certian towns.  There is a proposition about allowing alcohol sales in Jasper.  In Caton, there’s a prop about making the town highway superintendents job an appointed job instead of an elected position.  In Pulteney, there is a library prop, the library is asking for an increase in funding for their budget.  Again, voting goes until 9:00 tonight.

Bath Firefighter Recieves An Award For 50 Years Of Service

In other news, the Bath Village Fire Department reports David Orme, has received an award for his 50 years of service with the Bath Volunteer Firefighters.  Officials, David Orm was both the chief and assistant chief, and was the driving force in creating the fire department’s technical rescue team.

Top Stories, November 7, 2022

2022 Early Voting Results - For Steuben County 

Here are the totals for all 9 days of Early Voting in Steuben County, for all three early voting locations, Bath, Corning and Hornell.  Board of Election officials say that there were  607 unaffiliated voters, 60 conservative voters, 1,487 Democrat voters, 1,769 republican early voters and 10 voted in the Working Families Party.  There was a total of 4,022 early voters in Steuben County. 


Resisting Arrest, And Another Charge, For A Bath Man

The Village of Bath Police Department reports the arrest of 28 year old Deven L. Miller, of 18 West Steuben Street, Bath.   Bath Police say that Miller was arrested on an arrest warrant for Forcible Touching, and that while the Officers on scene were attempting to take Miller into custody, Miller was alleged to have resisted arrest.  He’s now charged with Resisting Arrest. Miller was arraigned then released.   


Bath Police Chief Issues Statement About Homelessness

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft also reports that a 22 year old homeless woman whom the chief says, is a repeat offender, is now facing charges of criminal mischief and trespass for allegedly breaking into a home on Pine Street.  Bath Police say they have to deal with this suspect, “continuously”.  Police Chief Taft also issued a statement over the weekend, saying that the state’s decision from years ago, to release more mentally ill patients on to the streets, causes more crime, drug addiction and overdoses and homelessness.

Top Stories, November 4, 2022

Bath Man Is Accused Of Stealing 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on November 3, 2022, Steuben County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Zachary D. Halvorson, age 26, of Meadow Circle, Semter, South Carolina, following an investigation of reported stolen items from a retail establishment in the Town of Bath, New York.  It is alleged that  Halvorson, after have been informed that he did not have license or privilege to enter or remain in the establishment and ordered to leave, returned and stole items from the establishment.  Mr. Halvorson was charged with Burglary in the Third Degree, a class D Felony, and Petit Larceny.  Mr. Halvorson was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released.


Bath Police: The Number Of Cases Is Going Way Up

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says, in 2018, the Bath Police Department handled 8,040 calls, and so far this year in 2022, there have been 10,380 calls already.  Police Chief Coin Taft says this is happening, because of Bail Reform. 


Hammondsport: An Announcement Coming Next Month
The Hammondsport Chamber Of Commerce says, they have an announcement that they’ll be making in December, about an event they’re putting on in February.  The Hammondsport Chamber says, the details will be released next month.

Hire A Veteran Tax Credit - Available For NYS Veterans

The governor says there is a Hire-a-Veteran Tax Credit Now Worth Up to $20,000 for Eligible New Yorkers, and Property Tax Exemptions of Up To 50 Percent Also Available to New York Veterans.


O'Mara: Is The Fox Handling The Chicken Coop Investigation?
State Senator Tom O’Mara says, the governor is paying a Virginia based company, called the Olson Group, 4.3 million dollars, to investigate the New York State covid policies since March of 2020.  O’Mara says the report will be very questionable because the governor’s top aides will be able to influence how the report is written.


Top Stories, November 3, 2022

Stolen Car Accusations Against A Bath Man

Sheriff Jim Allard reports that there was a stolen car incident in Bath.  The suspect, Terry LaMere, 48, Bath, is accused, of stealing a car, and then allegedly sending harassing texts to the owner of the car.  The sheriff says, LaMere is being held in Steuben County Jail and that there are numerous charges against him.


Langworthy Believes Republicans Will Win November 8th

Republican Congressional candidate, Nick Langworthy, has numerous posts online, talking about how, because of the current economy and other factors, that this will help get Republicans elected next Tuesday. 


Congressman Higgins Endorses Max Della Pia

Buffalo Democrat, Congressman Brian Higgins, is endorsing Langworthy’s opponent, Democrat Max Della  Pia in the local congressional race here.  Higgins says, Della Pia is "a proud veteran with a long record of public service."


So Who Was That Who Snuck Into Corning On Wednesday?

Rumor has it, that Hillary Clinton visited Corning yesterday, it’s being said that it was a private non-political visit with businessmen there.


And Guess Who Is Coming To Cornell University?

On Wednesday of next week, the day after the election, Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter, will be speaking at the Landis Auditorium at Cornell University.  Ann Coulter will be there Wednesday November 9th, at 5pm.

Top Stories, November 2, 2022

The New Park In Bath Has Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday, for the new community park on Haverling Street in Bath. 


Bath Mayor Says "Thank You" 

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says today, thanks to everybody who worked to make Pickleball 2023, a reality. 


Bath Central School System's Survey 

Bath Central’s School District has a new survey they’d like parents to fill out.  The school system in Bath is asking to have the survey turned in, by December 13th.  


Will Daylight Savings Time, Become Permanent Next Year?

This Saturday, it’s time to change the time on your clocks.  You know the old rule: Spring Forward, Fall Behind.  That's because Daylight Savings Time end this Saturday.  A bigger question: will Washington DC be making changes to Daylight Savings Time rules?  Congressman Joe Sempolinski today, discussed how that is being talked about in Congress.  "It went through the senate in an unusual way," said Sempolinski.  "My biggest concern is the safety of children.  I think that should be studied first, and if that works out, then I will support it."


So Who Is Ahead In The NYS Governor's Race?

There are two conflicting polls out, about the race for New York State Governor.  The new Emerson Poll, has Governor Kathy Hochul 8 points ahead.  The new Co Efficient Poll has Republican Lee Zeldin two points ahead.  We’ll find out how it all turns out, next week, as election day is Tuesday November 8th

Top Stories, November 1, 2022

Covid Update For Steuben County

Steuben County Public Health reports 158 covid cases, that have been diagnosed since early last week.  The county public health officials are encouraging people to take precautions to avoid catching the covid.


Zeldin Long Island Shooting Suspect Has Been Charged

The name of the suspect accused of firing gunshots at two teens is an 18 year old named Noah Green, is charged with possession of a weapon and criminal possession of stolen property. Green is being held on $1.5 million bond and $7.5 million secured bond.


Alfred State Police Academy Update

Alfred State College Spokesperson Paul Welker says, 14 of the recent graduates of the Alfred State Police Academy have great jobs at local law enforcement agencies.  Graduates include: 

  • Cameron Dye: Steuben County Sherriff’s Office
  • Cody Henry: Session Platoon Leader - Steuben County Sherriff’s Office
  • Alexandra Rosell: Village of Wayland Police Department
  • Dawson Smith: Session Platoon Leader - City of Corning Police Department

Monthly County Arrest News From Sheriff Jim Allard 

In addition to saying – watch out for deer on the roads, Sheriff Jim Allard says, in October, the deputies and other sheriff’s department officials, investigated  four deaths, four assaults, three burglaries, did two terroristic threat investigations, two reckless endangerment investigations, six grand larceny investigations, five larceny investigations, thirteen drug investigations, eight harassment investigations, five criminal mischief investigations, one criminal contempt investigation, two sex offense investigations and two scam investigations.  The sheriff also says, there were multiple domestic incident investigations along with crash investigations, and mental health detainments, including seven intoxicated or impaired driving arrests.

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