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Top Stories, May 31, 2023

A Fight And Previous Domestic Involving The Same Suspect 

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft says in the early morning hours on Tuesday, there was a fight involving several people on Pine Street.  Police say 24 year old Mathew Machuga of Bath was charged with 3rd degree assault, 4th degree criminal mischief and aggravated family offense.  Police Chief Taft also says, Machuga was also charged after an alleged domestic incident from May 2nd.  The alleged victim from both May 2nd and yesterday.is said to be a woman.


New Museum For The Village Of Bath

A baseball museum opened up recently in Bath, it’s called Baseball Greats at the Diamond, and it’s at 10 Pultney Square in Bath, Suite 103.  The purpose of the new museum is to honor some of Major League Baseballs best players of the past 120 years...and to celebrate the great game of baseball.


Solar Is Coming To Addison 

A solar project is in the works for Addison, officials there say, the Addison town board, is working on a local law to bring solar there.  The Town of Campbell is meeting on this issue on June the 12th.  They’ve had solar for several months over in Hornellsville.


Changes Are Coming To Another Criminal Justice Law

The state senate voted yesterday, to change the citizens arrest laws so that citizens arrests are no longer allowed in new York state, unless the good samaritian knows that someone is stopping someone from committing a felony.  The bill ended up passing in the state senate, 40 yes votes, 21 no votes.  It has yet to be voted on in the assembly.  Republican State Senator George Borrello was a no vote, he says, it’ll be hard for good Samaritans to know the complete list of felonies on the books. 


Schumer: The Debt Ceiling Is A Good Compromise

Democrat U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he supports the debt ceiling agreement between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  Schumer says, nobody is getting all that they wanted, but it takes default off the table and protects agreements they’ve made in congress. 

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