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Top Stories, May 19, 2023

Sweet: Suspects Were Uncuffed, Because Of Albany 

Recently, we reported that the suspects being brought into Steuben County Centralized Arraignment Court, had to be handcuffed.  The latest there is, Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet is saying Albany created the no handcuffing policy that led to an Assistant DA getting hurt in C.A.P. Court.  The Bath Mayor says he applauds Brooks Baker for changing this policy to protect those who are part of the legal process.


Need A Ride To The Bath VA?  Check This Story Out

Starting next Thursday, May 25th, Veterans will be able to participate in VA Uber Health Connect — this is a program that gives rides to eligible Veterans needing get to and from medical care at the VA.  A recent survey shows that 83 percent of veterans say, they would not be able to get  to the VA, without a ride, from someone else, because of illness.  If you’re a veteran who needs a ride to the Bath VA, or you would like to be a driver for a veteran to get a vet to the VA, call 607-664-4899 to find out more about how this VA Uber program works.  That’s 664-4899.


Bath Residents Lost Their Dog - Permanently

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft reports that two 24 year old Bath residents, had their dogs, taken away from them.  Chief Taft says, the dog which was taken away, was malnourished and emaciated, and the dog’s bones were protruding because the dog was not getting enough to eat.  The dog owners were charged with an ag and markets violation: of not feeding an animal.


Campbell Fire Dept's Saturday Chicken B-B-Q, Etc

The Campbell Fire Department is having a chicken barbeque and Vendor fair, tomorrow, Saturday, 830am to 200pm, at 8766 Route 415 in Campbell. 

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