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Top Stories, March 29, 2024

Popular Annual Local Event To Take Place Once Again 

If it is not the biggest event in this part of Steuben County, it comes very, very close.  Smoke On The Water.  There have been some questions posed to the Hammondpsort Fire Department on social media regarding Smoke on The Water, and the Hammondsport Fire Dept. says that Smoke On The Water this year will be August 24th

Contract  Deal Worked Out For Prison Guards State Union

Governor Kathy Hochul says a two year agreement’s been ratified between the state government, and the state law enforcement union NYSCOPBA.  That union is for, among others, prison guards.  The agreement calls for raises, bonuses and 12 weeks of paid parental leave.  The governor also says, veterans and gold star parents and spouses and children can get a lifetime pass into state parks.   


Flags To Be At Half-Staff - Sunup To Sundown - Saturday

Governor Kathy Hochul wants flags at half staff from tomorrow morning until tomorrow night in honor of slain New York City Police Officer Jonathan Diller.  The officer was shot in the line of duty on Monday during a traffic stop in Queens.


O'Mara: So What Is The $8 Billion Dollars For Anyways?

Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara says the deal worked out to delay the vote on the budget from April 1 to April 4, includes a provision to set aside $8 billion dollars for something – but he says - he does not know what that something is.  "There is eight billion dollars in padding, in debt, and we don't have any idea what it's for," O"Mara said last night on the State Senate floor.  

Top Stories, March 28, 2024

State Comptroller Says The State Needs To Get Involved

An issue that’s been at the forefront here in Steuben County is the lack of volunteer firefighters and EMTs these days.  State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli (D) issued a report today that says New York State government needs to get more involved in helping provide more emergency medical services across the state.  The State Comptroller says the two top issues at the local level are lack of staff and lack of funds.  Dinapoli also says the state needs to get involved at the county level to help New York State residents get more access to emergency medical care.

In a somewhat related story, Steuben County Legislative Chair Kelly Fitzpatrick says the county has approved a reimbursement program for those who get their EMT certifications.   

Click here to read full report from the Comptroller. 


Corning Community College And Mechatronics 

Mechatronics.  That’s advanced automated manufacturing.  And Corning Community College recently unveiled their Mechatronics Lab.  College officials say the lab is a place where students can learn laser engraving, 3D printing and other manufacturing skills. 


Hochul: Need More Time To Help New York In These Talks

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul says she’s extending the budget deadline to April 4th – Hochul says she is trying to get more in the budge t for taxpayers and needs more time in the negotiations.  


Congresswoman Tenney Gets Props From Trump

Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney Tenney has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Tenney is slated to represent several parts of Steuben County after the November elections, including Avoca, Prattsburgh and Wayland.  “Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is doing a great job for the fantastic people of New York's 24th Congressional District! Claudia is fighting hard to Secure our Border, Support our Brave Law Enforcement and Veterans, Defend our always under siege Second Amendment, Keep Men out of Women’s Sports, Cut Taxes, and Hold Joe Biden and the Radical Left Accountable for their Corruption. As Chairwoman of the House Election Integrity Caucus, Claudia is working tirelessly to Eliminate Fraud in our Elections. Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is a Strong Conservative, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” said President Donald J. Trump.


Steuben County Legislature Recognizes Two Employees

Two Steuben County employees were recognized by the county Legislature for their service to county residents:  Both Vicki Presler and Janice Schuck were recognized for more than 25 years of service.



Top Stories, March 27, 2024

Local Schools Which Are Slated to Lose Funding _ Might Get It Back, Thanks To State Lawmakers Who Opposed Cuts
Jamestown Republican Senator George Borrello tells us that both the State Senate and the Assembly have, in their proposed budgets, put back more state aid for schools.  It was announced three months ago that there were numerous major cuts to some local schools, most notably, Hammondsport Central.  State Senator George Borrello says he and Senator O’Mara have been meeting with school superintendents on this issue and they hope that the state aid will be in Governor Kathy Hochul’s finalized budget, when it’s signed.    "We've met with school officials, across the region, and the two biggest topics are electric school buses and the cuts in state aid to schools," Borrello said this morning.  "So with that being said, there is good news - the good news is, even though the governor drafted cuts in her budget, both the Senate One House budget and the Assembly one house budget proposals did restore that funding," Borrello stated. 


Early Voting Continues Here In Steuben County 

Early voting continutes through Saturday for the Democrat and Republican primaries.  Early voting here for this area is at the Steuben County Annex building at 20 East Morris Street.  The official primary day for both parties, is Tuesday April 2. 


Palmesano Questions "Squatters Rights" Legsislation

Corning Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano is part of a press conference today.  That will be about how the downstate legislators are trying to pass laws to protect squatters.  


Allard: Corrections Officers Classes Just Finished Up 

Sheriff Jim Allard says that the classes for Corrections Officers ended recently.  Allard says those who took the classes studied crime scene prevention, courtroom testimony, hostage survival, physical training and other criminal justice related subjects. 

Top Stories, March 26, 2024

 Man Allegedly Fires Gunshots At State Police In Allegany County - Suspect Facing Serious Charges

State Police report that a 40 year old male in Allegany County is facing three charges of attempted murder of a police officer, as well as assault, robbery and burglary charges, after allegedly firing gunshots at State Police Officers in the Town of Wirt on Sunday.  The suspect’s name is Jonathan Russell.  No address given.  No troopers were injured.  Russell is in Allegany County Jail without bail.


Public Health No Fatal Overdoses In Steuben Co In Feb

The Steuben County Public Health Department and partners are sharing updated overdose data for February 2024: 19 overdoses were reported, 0 fatalities were reported, and 5 instances of Narcan administration were cited.  “We are pleased to have seen zero reported fatalities in the beginning of 2024.” said Public Health Director, Darlene Smith. “We continue to encourage anyone that is utilizing substances or supporting loved ones to access the resources at their disposal. Confidential substance use and addiction support is available 24/7 by calling 1-877-8-HOPENY (467369) or text HOPENY (467369).”


County Plans To Work On The Following Roads In The Coming Months 


Steuben County Roads to be worked on this year– and some of this includes bridge work.  


The roads which will be worked on are:


Route 70A

McMaster Road

Route 333

Stowell Road 

Route 115

Bean Station Road

Learn Road


In other county news, the full Steuben County Legislature also approved buying new weapons for the sheriff’s department.


Prattsburgh Central To Take The Day Off - On April 8 

From Prattsburgh Superintendent Bay: 

As you all know, we have decided to NOT have school on Monday, April 8. That is the day of the total solar eclipse. This is a once in a lifetime event that certainly will be memorable for all of us. Teachers have and will be educating students on what is happening during this total eclipse, and the district has purchased approved viewing glasses to distribute to all students in grades PK-12. Prattsburgh is in the "path of totality", so we are a great location to view this awesome event.

Please be looking for a permission slip/release form that is being sent home with all students this week. This form needs to be filled out and returned in order for us to be able to provide your child with a pair of glasses. These forms are due back to your child's teacher by Wednesday, April 3 and we will distribute glasses to all students on Friday, April 5.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at 607-522-6211 or bayk@prattsburghcsd.org.

Fingers crossed we have a beautiful, clear day on April 8!

Kory Bay

Top Stories, March 25, 2024

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet Says That Work Has Begun On Haverling Street In Bath
"They're doing both water and natural gas," Mayor Michael Sweet said this morning.  "So that has started, and our goal is by June 1 it will be turned over the street department for milling and then it'll be paved and I know the people on that street, have sacrificed a lot over a year, because that's been a very long project.  However, they're going to have a brand new street here, by the end of summer," Sweet explained.   In other infrastructure related news, Hammondsport Police say that work started last week on Route 54A and Route 76 in the Urbana area.

The Central Steuben Chamber of Commerce had their awards dinner Saturday night.  Steuben County Deputy Brent Nadjadi, along with Derrick Nadjadi and Nathan Northrup, were each honored with Veteran of the year awards.  


New Staff Member At The County IDA 
The Steuben County Industrial Development Agency has  announced that Matthew Bull has joined the agency's staff this month, as the Director of Community and Infrastructure Development.  Officials say Matt will assist local governments to develop their infrastructure capacity and focus on community development project implementation. 

The IDA is proud to announce that Matthew Bull has joined the agency's staff in March 2024 as the Director of Community and Infrastructure Development. In this role, Matt will lead and support the IDA’s assistance to local governments to develop their infrastructure capacity and focus on community development project implementation.


Jamie Johnson, Executive Director, said “The Steuben County IDA is thrilled to partner with Steuben County to bring Matt’s experience to assist our local municipalities with their infrastructure and community development needs. His enthusiasm for results-oriented development will be a great addition to our team and help expand the IDA's efforts to develop our local economic development ecosystem."


There Was A Close Call In A Bad Accident In Yates County 

In Yates County, the sheriff’s department reports that a 54 year old Penn Yan man was driving past a semi, and tried to pass the semi in the right lane when the semi went into the right lane.   The Penn Yan man’s vehicle became pinned under the tractor trailer.  The driver of the semi was not injured, the Penn Yan man was taken to Strong for non life threatening injuries.


Job Fair Planned For Corning Community 
There will be a job fair at Corning Community College and that’ll be on April 24 from 11am-2pm.  

Top Stories, March 22, 2024

Message From BEGWS - Street Work Coming Up In Bath

Bath Electric, Gas and Water Systems will resume work on Haverling Street in support of its efforts to provide safe and reliable utility services to our customers in a cost-effective manner. Natural gas service line work will take place from Liberty Street / Geneva Street to beyond the Village line on County Route 113 / Mitchellsville Road, near Muck Circle, while water service line work will resume at Gratton Drive and head north.

Assisting with natural gas service line work will be The DDS Companies who will drive marked vehicles, operate marked equipment, and carry identification indicating they are employees of the company 

We ask all travelers – vehicular and pedestrian – to exercise extreme caution while on Haverling Street and County Route 113 / Mitchellsville Road. Our priority is the safety of our employees, our contractors, and the public. Traffic on Haverling Street and County Route 113 / Mitchellsville Road may be restricted at times as our crews perform the necessary work required to tie into existing natural gas and water mains.

Work is scheduled to begin the week of March 25, 2024, weather permitting, and will continue through June of this year, in anticipation of scheduled paving work. Restoration work is anticipated to be completed this fall.

For updates and progress please check us out on Facebook, Bath Electric, Gas and Water Systems - BEGWS.

Bath Electric, Gas and Water Systems sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve the safety and reliability of our infrastructure.

Any questions can be directed to (607) 776-2173.


Early Voting Starts Saturday In Steuben County

Early Voting starts tomorrow for both the Republican and Democrat Presidential Primaries.   Hours for early voting – 9am-6pm.  There will early voting locally at the Steuben County Annex Building in Bath.  The Primary day will be Tuesday April  2.


Bath State Police And Other Barracks Prepare For Apr 8

Press Release

The New York State Police, in close collaboration with other state, local, and federal law enforcement, emergency services, and transportation agencies, has meticulously developed an emergency operation plan. Our unwavering goal is to provide a comprehensive and uniform presence, ensuring the safety of both visitors and residents as they experience and travel home from the eclipse. Members of the State Police will implement security measures appropriate for large gatherings and take all necessary actions to maintain order and smooth traffic flow.

Building on past experiences, the planning process for this event has been proactive, aiming to address potential impacts within Troop E. Our goal is to minimize any adverse effects associated with the large influx of visitors to the local area. This approach is based on the lessons learned from the 2017 solar eclipse, where some regions experienced a 100 percent increase in their population in the days leading up to and during the eclipse.

Troop E Headquarters will operate as the command post for all State Police operations, with forward operating bases established at SP Zone Headquarters located in Rochester, Auburn, and Bath. Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) will also be located in every county, with State Police representatives there. The State Police plan to increase the number of available personnel during the event. Strike Teams will be strategically deployed to monitor traffic and respond rapidly to any issues that may interfere with the safe flow of traffic or affect the quick clearance of any incidents. The State Police will have additional aviation assets on hand to monitor traffic and perform rescue operations if needed. We will also have Marine, ATV/UTV, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Motorcycles, and UAS assets strategically located if needed.

Concerns for the area due to the influx of population:

- Potential for transportation system disruptions and/or impacts.

- Potential for delayed/disrupted emergency service responses and prolonged response times.

- Potential for stranded motorists.

- Out of the area visitors and potential weather/road concerns.

- Fuel infrastructure may not be able to support an increase in vehicular traffic.

- Gridlocked traffic may increase fuel, food, and water demand depending on duration.

- Cellular networks may be overloaded by high volume.

- Increase in 911 call volume.

- Do NOT park or stop in the roadway. If you wish to stop, find a safe location that does not interfere with traffic. 


The New York State Police make the following recommendations based on expectations:

- Plan on staying in the region the night of the event.

- If you can’t stay, fuel/charge up the day before the event.

- Have extra food and water in your vehicle for your trip; shop the day before.

- Local residents should avoid the roadways after the event.

- Have cellphones charged and bring chargers with you.

- Schools are recommended to have the day off or a half-day.

- Plan on being in traffic for an extended period.

- Plan on viewing the event from designated viewing sites.

- If you are going to view the eclipse, ensure you use the appropriate approved glasses.

- If from out of the area, don’t use vehicles that can’t travel for ten-plus hours without charging – stranded EVs in traffic will be towed.


Top Stories, March 21, 2024

The Search Is On For Two White Males 

On that attempted robbery of the ATM machine that happened in the 3am hour early Wednesday morning at the Kwik Fill gas station on Route 415 in Bath:  Bath State Troopers are looking for two white males who were seen running away from the scene yesterday.  "They were wearing masks and gloves," Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker said this morning.  "They do both appear to be white males, in their 20's or 30's - and that's a guestimate but we're not positive.  The New York State Police out of Bath are actively involved in this investigation and generating leads, so if anybody has any information please reach out to them, or any local law enforcement agency and they'll get the information to the State Police," Baker said.  


Xylazine Update - It's Now Here In This County

It was one year and 10 days ago that US Senator Chuck Schumer told CBS News last year about the dangers of animal medicine Xylazine, and how it was being used as a street drug.  "It can rot your skin, it can eat away at your bones, it can cause your legs to be amputated," Schumer said in March, 2023.  The latest now is that Steuben County officials say Xylazine has been spotted in this county, where it’s been mixed with cocaine, heroin and even marijuana.  DA Brooks Baker says the biggest danger with Xylazine is, you cannot use Narcan to reverse the effects of an overdose of Xylazine.   "What's really scary," Brooks Baker tells WVIN, "is that we've sort of gotten used to using Narcan to reverse overdoses from Fentynal and heroin - and people are readily carrying it, police officers have Narcan and so do first responders.  However 'tranq' this Xylazine substance, does not respond to Narcan.  So if you have somebody who has taken this Xylazine as it's being mixed with heroin, meth, and cocaine, if someone overdoses, you can't save them with Narcan," Baker said.  


RNG Is Being Produced Here In Bath

Steuben County officials and StreetInsider.com report that Renewable Natural Gas is being produced at the Steuben County Landfill. According to StreetInsider.com, the RNG is being delivered to the Corning Natural Gas Network for distribution. 


Thanks To The Girl Scouts In Woodhull

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office reports that Deputy Saltsman, while on Patrol in the Village of Addison the other day, ran into the Woodhull Girl Scouts who donated three boxes of cookies to Sheriff's Office as a way to show their appreciation.  "Thank you to these wonderful young ladies for their kindness, and he says the deputies have been enjoying the cookies," Sheriff Allard said. 

Top Stories, March 20, 2024

Numerous Trooper Cars Seen On Route 415 This Morning

Lots of State Police vehicles were at the Kwik Fill on Route 415 in Bath early this morning.  There is some damage to the front of the Kwik Fill.



On March 20, 2024, at approximately 3:13 a.m., troopers from SP Bath responded to the Kwik Fill, located at 6765 State Route 415 in the town of Bath, for a police alarm.

A preliminary investigation revealed a stolen 1998 white Ford F-150 was used to crash through the building to gain entry. The suspects attempted to take the ATM and were unsuccessful. The vehicle fled the scene and became disabled across the road from the Kwik Fill. The suspects have fled the scene.

The New York State Police were assisted by the Steuben County Sheriff's Office and the Village of Bath Police Department.

Anyone with information is asked to call the New York State Police at (585)398-4100

Village Election Results 



Mayor Michael Sweet -  62 votes.  Sweet won the seat for the Mayor position with a two year term.   Trustees: Karen Causer –  61 votes, Jeffrey Muller -  70 votes.   Karen Causer and Jeffrey Muller won the seat for the two Trustee Position with a 4 year term.   In the Ba th Village Justice race the winner was Robert Plaskov – 77 Votes.  Robert Plaskov won the seat for the Justice position with a four year term.



Hammondsport Village trustees Leah Butler and Deborah Lynch win relection. Leah Butler 73 votes, Deborah Lynch 71 votes.


In Savona, Mike Horton  won the Savona Judge race – getting 25 votes.    



The incumbents: Mayor Eric Tyner, Trustees Andrew Hubbard and Lannie Gay won in the Village of Avoca


CPP Students Go See Palmesano About Legislation

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano recently met with a group of student journalists from Corning Painted Post High School.  They were at the state capital to push for the state to pass the student journalist free speech act at educational facilities.  Palmesano says, "if the future is these students, the future is in good hands."


Dormann Library Has A Packed List Of Events In April

Lots of events are coming up at the Dormann Library in Bath this month.  Adult Art Classes April 1, Storytime for grownups April 2, Swing Dancing April 4, Basket Weaving April 6, the list goes on.  

Top Stories - March 19 - 2024

Today Is Village Election Day - March 19, 2024

It’s village election day, voting is going on from 12pm until 9pm.

In Bath you vote at the Bath Municipal Building, 110 Liberty Street Bath.  In Hammondsport voting is at the Fred and Harriett Taylor Library 21 William Street Hammondsport.  Voting in Savona is at the Savona Village Hall, 15 McCoy Street. In Avoca, you vote at the Avoca Village Hall, at 3 Chase Street.  



Bath Man Is Facing Stalking/Criminal Contempt Charges
Bath Village Police are reporting that a 42 year old male, William Balcer, no address given, is charged for alleged repeated stalking incidents at an ex-girlfriends place on Geneva Street in Bath.  William Balcer is charged with 4th degree stalking and 2nd degree criminal contempt. 


Allegations Of Attempted Rape In The Town of Pulteney

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says 33 year old Craig Ronquillo of Hornell has been charged with 1st degree attempted rape, forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a child.  The alleged victim is under age 18, the alleged incident said to have happened in Pulteney. 


Looking For Work?  Can You Do Deputy Duties?
The Sheriff’s Department is looking for seasonal employees to work deputy jobs.  If you’re interested, please contact Lt. Rich Lock or the personnel department at the Sheriff’s Office in Bath.


DOT Remembers Their Employee - the Late Matt Howe

The New York State Department of Transportation says, it was five years ago this week, that a D.O.T. employee named Matt Howe, was killed by a truck driver in a work zone.  Officials say that the driver was found guilty of disobeying the state’s move over law.

Reminder About The Solar Eclipse - From The Gov

Governor Kathy Hochul says it’s just three weeks until the solar eclipse on April 8th and to remember that if you’re going to look at the eclipse when the time comes, to have the proper eyewear.



Top Stories, March 18, 2024

Two Bath Residents Die In Tragic Accident In Yates Co

From The Yates County Sheriff's Department:

On March 16th at or about 6:12pm Yates County Deputies along with Branchport Keuka Park Fire, Penn Yan Ambulance and Yates County EMS responded to the intersection of Friend Road and West Sherman Hollow Road for the report of a one car motor vehicle accident. Initial investigation revealed Mr. Wolfe was traveling southeast on Friend Road when he failed to negotiate a curve, near Italy Friend Road, the vehicle then rolled several times before coming to rest in the ditch on the south side of Friend Road. Both occupants of the vehicle were pronounced deceased at the scene by the Yates County Coroner’s Office. The accident is under further investigation by the Yates County Accident Reconstruction Unit.


List Of Candidates In Local Village Elections Tomorrow


Michael Sweet        Mayor        
Jeffrey Muller         Trustee     

Karen Causer         Trustee       

Robert Plaskov    Justice      

Robert Miles Mayor 
Lorne Hults -  Village Trustee
Dennis Rattay - Village Trustee
Bocefus Graham - Village Trustee 
The candidates are:
Mayor-Eric Tyner (Incumbent)
Trustees- Andrew Hubbard (Incumbent)
               Lanny Gay (Incumbent)

Justice – Four Year Term, Robby Anger, Republican

Trustee – Two Year Term, Mathew McCarthy,  (R)                        Trustee - Two Year Term, Kathyrn Gray  (R)                                      

Justice Michael Horton (R) seeking re-election.


Elect any two Trustee positions for a term of two years each: 
Democratic Party:   Leah Butler, Deborah Lynch, 
Republican Party:    Deborah Lynch, Leah Butler


Sen Gillibrand:  My Law Protects SNAP Users 

Democrat US Senator Kirsten Gililbrand says those whose SNAP card info is stolen by skimmers, those residents can recover what they lost in their benefits, thanks to a law she got passed.  "Thanks to legislation I wrote and passed, families who were victims of SNAP skimming can get their stolen benefits replaced. And NYS extended the deadline to April 1st for certain beneficiaries."


O'Mara Slams The State Senate's Proposed Budget

GOP State Senator Tom O’Mara says the one-house budget is, "not the dose of fiscal common sense, discipline, and responsibility that’s called for to get this state back on track. It doesn’t respond to the issues of affordability for everyday New Yorkers.”

Top Stories, March 15, 2024


Monday night, March 11, 2024, around 9:02 PM, the Bath Community experienced one of their biggest fires in recent years. With one of the main staples in this beautiful town, the old Babcock Ladder Company building which Clark’s Specialty was currently being ran inside of, suffered major damage due to a fire. As units pulled up heavy fire load was already showing throughout most of the building however with great leadership, fire attack, and 500,000 gallons of water, crews were able to save the office and some buildings on the property.

This feat wasn’t able to be done with just Bath Fire. I would like to issue a huge thank you to the following departments: Bath VA, Kanona, Avoca, Hammondsport, Savona, Campbell, Cohocton, Wallace, Wayland, Canisteo, Prattsburgh, Coopers Plains, Wayne, Tyrone, Painted Post, Gang Mills, Corning Joint Fire District, Greenwood and Penn Yan. I would also like to thank the total of 201 volunteers that were on scene or standing by to cover the rest of Steuben County.

I want to say thank you to the Great Women’s Auxiliary and the workers who helped in the station that provided the food and drinks for the workers, scrambling to get to the stores before they closed to get food just so they have enough, and making sure the coffee never got cold. To the Bath Ambulance Corp, Bath Police Department, Bath Electric Gas and Water, NYSEG, the Sheriffs Dept, New York State Police, Steuben County Emergency Management team, the Steuben County Dispatchers, and Steuben County Fire Investigation team, Steuben County Highway and Fleet pride. I also want to say thank you for the assistance in the aspect of each of your services you provide and looking for the safety of the firefighters working that scene.

Lastly a huge thank you to the people of Bath. All the donations of water, the understanding of the dirty water that was caused due to us using the hydrants, and the support and donations we receive from you that allow us to do our job. Thank you All, Car 5.


Bath Police Dept's Lists Of Those Wanted On Warrants 

Bath Village Hall To Stay Under The NYS 2% Tax Cap

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says the Bath Village budget will have a slight tax increase in it.  "The tax increase is going to be less than two percent," Sweet tells WVIN.  "Which means over the last four years we've had less than four percent tax increases, so I'm very happy with that.  It  also calls for some improvements to the village park, we're going to do some work down at the Pulteney Park, and the dog park - we're going to see some improvements there too.  Such as, the Bachi Ball is being put in, the bathroom being installed, and some large trees on Liberty ST., they'll actually be cut down and replaced next Arbor Day, with some smaller trees.  Also, we've had some issues with sidewalks, so that should alleviate that," Sweet said.

Top Stories, March 14, 2024

Allard: An Elkland PA Man Was Arrested In Addison 

From The Sheriff's Dept:  Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on March 13, 2024, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Dakota J. Woodard, age 30, of East River Street, Elkland, Pennsylvania following an investigation of a reported wanted person in the Town of Addison.  It is alleged that Ms. Woodard is wanted in the State of Pennsylvania due to an active Parole Violation Warrant based on a previous conviction of a felony.   Ms. Woodard was charged as a Fugitive From Justice, a class E Felony.  Ms. Woodard was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and held for extradition.


The State's Burn Ban Goes Into Effect This Weekend

The New York State burn ban will be in effect from Saturday the 16 through May 14.   


From The D.E.C.: 

Open burning is prohibited in NYS, with several exceptions:

  • Camp fires or any other outdoor fires less than 3 feet in height and 4 feet in length, width or diameter are allowed.
  • Small cooking fires are allowed.
  • Ceremonial or celebratory bonfires are allowed. Disposal of flags or religious items in a small-sized fire is allowed, if it is not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation.
  • Only charcoal or dry, clean, untreated or unpainted wood can be burned.
  • Fires cannot be left unattended and must be fully extinguished.

Langworthy's Maple Syrup Law 

Congressman Nick Langworthy is trying to get a law passed so that farmers who produce maple syrup can get their maple syrup to the seniors farmers market nutrition program.  Langworthy’s legislation is called the Maple Syrup Act.  Langworthy says we're not only boosting our regional economy but also ensuring that our seniors have access to nutritious, locally sourced products. 


Update On The Cuts At Hammondsport Central School

The cuts being made to Hammondsport’s School District have been in the news a lot, because the cuts are so big.  The latest there is that Hammondsport School Superintendent Kyle Bower says so far, there have been no changes yet to the amount of funding the state is going to give Hammondsport Central School.   Also, in the Village of Avoca, officials continue to work on the budget.  The Avoca Village Clerk says the budget will be finished at the end of this month. 

Top Stories, March 13, 2024

Update On The Babcock Ladder Factory Fire Cleanup

We caught up with Bath Volunteer Fire Department spokesperson John Conrad, and asked him about the fire at the Babcock Ladder Factory.  Conrad says that Tuesday morning the county had some equipment at the scene of the fire.  "Steuben County had some heavy equipment in there yesterday," Conrad tells WVIN.  "The Steuben County Fire Invesigation Team was working with them, to try to work on finding out the cause of the fire and also to get in and help with the overhaul."  

Bath Village Hall Continues To Work On Their Budget

Bath Village Hall is working on the village budget.  Officials say budgets for villages are due to be approved no later than April 15.  Also, Bath Village Hall has set the public hearing for their budget, which will be April 1 at 5:00 p.m.  The county government has some involvement in putting village budgets together.  "The county does share approximately 50 percent of the sales tax that we collect with our municipalities," said  Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler.  "We have agreements with our two cities, which is allowable under New York State law.  We also share with the towns and villages.  Certainly that sales tax helps offset some of the costs that municipalities have and lowers the property tax burden across the board for towns, villages and cities in Steuben County."


Community Meeting In Hammondsport At 6pm Thursday

There will be a community meeting tomorrow at 6pm at the Hammondsport Central School cafeteria about the possibility of making improvements to Depot Park.


Senator Gillibrand Warns Of Potential For Technology To Be Stolen Again From The United States

At a hearing about cyber security, Democrat U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke about China.  "Today's annual threat assessment shows that China currently lacks behind the U.S. in the development of advanced chips, giving China the cause to steal our technology, which we've seen them do over and over.  I've introduced legislation requiring the Department of Defense to establish a pilot program to enable colloboration between the NSA's Cyber Security Collaboration Centera and the U.S. Semi Conductor Manufacturers, to improve cyber security in the semi conductor manufacturing process."

Top Stories, March 12, 2024

Car Accident This Morning In Bath

The Bath Village Police Dept responded to an accident on West Morris Street this morning.  A source tells WVIN that the accident was near Washington Blvd.  One official said the accident happened around 11am. 


BEGWS: Fire Affects Bath Water Supply

Officials from Bath Electric Gas and Water say there is discolored water because of last night’s fire.  Officials say the fire fighting actitivites pulled a significant amount of water from the Bath Gas Elecric and water’s distribution system, causing discoloration. So please run cold water until your water is cleared.  

Full BEGWS statement is below:


Valued BEGWS Water Customers,

Fire fighting activities for last night’s structure fire on Delaware Avenue pulled a significant amount of water from our distribution system causing discolored water throughout our system. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but we greatly appreciate patience and understanding.

With that said, this morning we find ourselves extremely grateful. We are incredibly grateful for the first responders and their efforts to contain and control this structure fire and prevent damage to the surrounding areas.

We are also incredibly grateful for our employees.

Our employees responded last night to disconnect electric and natural gas utility services to minimize the potential for additional risks and damage, and monitor our water system and storage tanks.

Our employees also operate, maintain, and improve our Village’s water utility on a daily basis. These efforts efforts allowed our wells and storage tanks to supply the needed water to battle and control this fire.

While we sincerely, sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of discolored water, we are extremely grateful for all those involved in battling and controlling the fire and minimizing the damage to the extent possible. THANK YOU!!!!!!

For those who are experiencing discolored water, we ask that you run cold water, ideally from an outside spigot or fixture closest to their incoming water service line, until your water has cleared.

Thank you!


Fire In Bath Last Night 

From The Bath Volunteer Fire Department:  At 9:02 PM on Monday March 11th the Bath Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched for a possible structure fire at the former Babcock Ladder Factory currently owned by Clark’s Specialty Company reported from a passerby located at 36 Delaware Ave, in the Village of Bath. The Bath Volunteer Ambulance Corps and Bath Village Police were first on scene and confirmed flames were through the roof. Bath Assistant Fire Chief David Dowdle arrived immediately afterwards and called for a full second alarm assignment and minutes later calling for a third alarm assignment with heavy fire and smoke conditions.
Fire Departments from all over Steuben County were called in to help fight this large fire. Bath VA, Hammondsport, Avoca, Kanona, Savona, Campbell Painted Post were called initially. About an hour later additional units from Wayland, Corning Joint Fire District, Prattsburgh and Forest View Gang Mills for additional manpower to relieve the firefighters that had been fighting the fire from the beginning. The New York State Police had to send units onto I-86 to keep traffic moving that was stopping along the highway to watch the fire, so an accident did not also hamper things and cause injury.
The fire was called under control at about 12:45 AM with many units still on scene at the time of this release to try to knock down some smaller fires. With the metal roof there will be many places that will remain smoldering through the night and for some time. No injuries have been reported. Currently the cause of the fire is unknown and is under investigation by the Steuben County Fire Investigation Team.


One Week From Today Is Village Election Day

Today is Tuesday March 12, we are one week away from the March 19 Village Elections.  


Below is the list of candidates running: 



Mike Sweet - Mayor
Karen Causer - Village Trustee 
Jeff Muller - Village Trustee 


Eric Tyner- Mayor
Andrew Hubbard - Village Trustee 

Lanny Gay - Village Trustee 

Robby Anger - Justice 
Mathew McCarthy - Trustee                                                          
Kathyrn Gray - Truste                                                                                       
Michael Horton  - Justice 


There is no early voting for the Village Elections, but the Steuben County Board of Elections says there will be early voting for the Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries.  Early voting for the primaries starts March 23. and goes through March 30.


Bath School Board Meets Wednesday Night 

The Bath School Board meets at 6:00pm Wednesday night at the high school library.   On the agenda, discussion on the school district  budget and a vote on the Dormann Library budget.  



Top Stories, March 11, 2024

Bath Man Facing Charges After Alleged Break-In

From The Sheriff:

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on March 8, 2024, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Michael J. Sestak, age 60, of East Washington Street, Bath, New York, following a report of a domestic incident in Bath.  It is alleged that Mr. Sestak entered or remained in a dwelling without license or privilege, with the intent to commit a crime therein.  It is also alleged that Mr. Sestak stole property, forcibly touched the intimate parts of another person and placed that person in fear of harm.  Mr. Sestak was charged with Burglary in the Second Degree, a class C Felony, Forcible Touching, Petit Larceny and Stalking in the Fourth Degree.  Mr. Sestak was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released to appear in the Town of Bath Court at a later date.



The Next Step In What To Do With $4.5 Million Dollars For Hammondsport/Urbana From The NY Forward Money

We reported last week that the Hammondsport and Urbana areas won $4.5 million dollars in the New York Forward contest.  The Hammondsport Village Clerk says it has not been decided yet what to do with the money they won, but there is a whole process with the planning committee to go through first. 


Bath Police To Do A High Visibility DWI Campaign 

Bath Village Police are doing a high visibility DWI campaign from March 15th through the 17th.  This is part of a statewide campaign.


A Mossy Bank Park Invitation From The Mayor 

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says the gate at Mossy Bank Park is open daily, and he says to feel free to go out and enjoy the park.


The Skills USA Region I Competition At Alfred State 

Alfred State College officials say over 750 high school students the region took part in the 35th annual Skills USA Region I competition held at Alfred State College. Students competed in fifty different competitions held both on the Alfred and Wellsville campuses.  Students involved were from Painted Post, Elmira, Olean and elsewhere around the region.


Troopers Report A Dangerous Situation In Allegany Co

State Police in Allegany County report the arrest of a 32 year old male from the Town of Friendship.  The charges are 2nd degree menacing, 4th degree criminal possession of a weapon and 2nd degree obstruction of governmental administration.  It’s alleged that the 32 year old pointed a 9 millimeter carbine at a 31 year old and threatened to shoot.  The suspect was arraigned and released. The incident is alleged to have happened in Clarksville. 

Top Stories, March 8, 2024

More Information Is Out About Arkport Situation

A 13 year old charged is after yesterday’s lockdown at a Steuben County School.  State Police have issued a statement about Thursdays lockdown at Arkport Central.  They say at 2:33pm the New York State Police from SP Wayland, the Canisteo Police Department, and the Steuben County Sheriff's Office responded to Arkport Central School District for a report of a threat on social media.   Troopers say after an investigation, a 13-year-old male suspect was taken into custody without incident.  He was charged with Making a Terrorist Threat (D Felony). The 13-year-old was processed and released on a Family Court Appearance Ticket to appear at Steuben County Probation, on March 14, at 10:00 a.m.


A Bath Man Is Facing Arson Charge And Related Charges

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft reports the arrest of 26 year old Jordan Jones, of  Bath.  Jones is suspected of causing the structure fire at 3 East William Street in Bath in June of last year.  The charges against Jordan Jones are Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree, Arson in the Second Degree and Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree.  


Dormann Library News 

Coming up Saturday, March 9th, 7-9:00pm.  A night of music and fun just for the girls!  Ladies ages 19 to 119 are invited to dance the night away with DJ Ash Cullen.  This will be at The Dormann Library in Bath.  BT W, their project, Discovery Kids "Preschool Classes", has won a 2024 New York State Round 1 Community Arts Grant in the amount of $1,725.00.  With this funding they are offering free monthly preschool classes (for children ages 3-6 years-old) in the areas of Art and Creative Movement (dance). The classes are taught by instructors from their partner, 171 Cedar Arts Center, in Corning, NY. This is part of a larger program that includes Music and Science classes as well. Their goal is to bring unique preschool educational opportunities to the children of our area, that have not necessarily been available before, or may not have been accessible, due to financial or transportation concerns.

Top Stories, March 7, 2024

Bath Police Arrest  An Arson Suspect 

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft reports the arrest of Jordan Jones, 26, Bath.  Jones is suspected of causing the structure fire at 3 East William Street in Bath in June of last year.  The charges against Jordan Jones are Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree, Arson in the Second Degree and Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree.  



Arkport Central has been under a lockdown today.  State Police are handling the case.  No other information has been released yet.  UPDATE 4:04pm – One Arkport parent tells WVIN News that the students are still inside the school, and have not been allowed to leave the Arkprt Central School yet.


Palmesano: Fighting To Keep Funding Going 

Corning Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano met with highway superintendents from Steuben and other counties yesterday, and spoke with them about his efforts to get more funding for roads in this area.  “As I have always said, local roads matter and are essential," Palmesano said.  "The CHIPS program is vital to maintaining our local roads, bridges and culverts. It was great to meet with our local highway superintendents who traveled up to Albany from the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes Region to show their support for the CHIPS program and fight back against the governor’s proposed cuts that would be devastating to local municipalities across New York state,” said Palmesano.


Van Stine: Transportation Can Be A Life Or Death Situation 

Steuben County Mobility Director Eddie Van Stine appeared on Big Fox TV recently with Frank Acomb.  The two discussed how vital the county mobilty program is for many in this county.  "We had a couple back in September, call the office and said they needed to get to cancer treatment in Pennsylvania," Van Stine said.   "They couldn't afford to make it back and forth any more because of the rise in gas prices.  So they reached out to the Institute of Human Services, and we were able to provide them with a gas card to be able to get to their cancer treatment. If they did not have that resource, more than likely, we've seen that people will give up, and they'll live off the remaining days of their lives," Van Stine explained.   




Top Stories, March 6, 2024

Black Balloon Day Is Today, Wednesday March 6, 2024

Today is Black Balloon Day in Steuben County and across the nation.  Black Balloon Day is when black helium balloons are released in the air, to honor someone who died from an overdose.


Bath Police Chief Commends A Bath Police Sgt. 

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft is congratulating to Sergeant Megan Cheresnowsky on completing the 40 hour Basic Investigative Photography course last week. The Bath Police Chief says, the sergeant will complete the next phase of her Evidence technician certification next year. Police Chief Taft  says “We are on pace to soon have 2 certified evidence techs for the first time by the state criminal justice standards in a long time.”

A Bridge Closing Is Coming Up This Month

Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose says the bridge on Smith Hill Road, Coopers Plains and Erwin area, will be closed from March 18th until November.  This is a bridge replacement project.


Tenney Invites A Livingston County Family To Washington
Republican House Member Claudia Tenney invited the family of Ryan Corbett of Dansville to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union.  Ryan has been held hostage for 19 months now in Afghanistan by the Taliban.


Top Stories, March 5, 2024

Baker Says Grand Jury Is Likely For Erwin Gang Assault 

Steuben County District Atttorney Brooks Baker tells our news department that the Gang Assault case out of Erwin will likely go before a grand jury before the month is over.  State Police have charged several suspects with gang assault after an investigation into a party which got out of control in the Town of Erwin, in November.


New Deputy Receives A Commendation For Saving Lives

Deputy Jeffrey Robinson is a former Corning Fire Department EMT who has joined the sheriff’s office.  Robinson was honored Monday, for saving two lives at the same time, in January, in Bath. 

From Sheriff Jim Allard: 

A Steuben County deputy was commended Monday before the county Legislature Public Safety and Corrections Committee for his life-saving action in late January.  A recent department enlistee from the Corning Fire Department, county Deputy Jeffrey Robinson responded to a residence in the Town of Bath that reportedly contained two persons who had both attempted to commit suicide, Allard told the committee.
Upon his arrival in the evening of Jan. 25, Robinson observed two persons with lacerations to their left arms and retrieved his EMT supplies and began treatment to the female who had lacerated her brachial artery and was bleeding profusely, Allard said.   Robinson applied a tourniquet and packed the wound, while directing another unit on scene to apply pressure to the wound on the injured male, Allard reported.   Both patients were transported to a local medical center by ambulance and survived.  


Langworthy Praises Supreme Court For Yesterdays Call

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy says the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday to rule the Colorado ban against Donald Trump running on the ballot in that state unconstituational, Langworthy says that "was a big victory for the American people."  Langworthy also says it’s "a clear message to activist judges that partisan attacks on the right to vote, don’t work."


Chautauqua Co Dem Is Not A Free Trader

Langworthy’s apparent Democrat opponent is Chautauqua County Democrat candidate Tom Carle.  He has been getting political petition signatures recently in Steuben County and Allegany County recently.  Tom Carle says, he supports the idea of fair trade, not free trade.  ,"I think fair trade is more where I would be," said Chautauqua County Democrat Tom Carle.   


Schumer: Getting Raises For Fed FIrefighters

Democrat US Senator Chuck Schumer says the bipartisan package the senate is delivering includes a pay raise for federal firefighters.  From SChumer's Twitter page: "The bipartisan package we're delivering maintains the critical pay raise for brave federal firefighters and supports wildfire suppression as wildfire season grows longer and more severe."  


GOP State Senator Tom O'Mara on Bail Reform Suspects: They Just Keep Getting Nailed On More And More Charges

Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara says a new study out shows that 66 percent of suspects released on bail reform get arrested again and almost half of that 66 percent get rearrested on charges which are felonies.

News, March 4, 2024

Close Call In Avoca - A Semi, Was Hanging Off An Overpass 

From The Bath Volunteer Fire Department: 

Bath Fire responded to the mutual aid request of Avoca Fire and Ambulance at 4:03 AM for the tractor-trailer accident on the I86 flyover to 390. Bath responded with Rescue 1, Truck 5 and Chiefs 501 and 503. The driver of the truck was trapped in the cab of the tractor and the cab was hanging off the overpass above 390N. Stabilization of the vehicle was provided by Fleetpride. A two-pronged rescue was initiated by members of Baths Rope Rescue team from above and the crew of Truck 5 from below. Extrication was completed when the driver self-extricated onto the aerial platform of Truck 5. He was brought to the highway and care was transferred to the Bath VA ambulance. The truck was carrying bags of mulch.


Almost 400 Mayors Send A Letter To The Governor

The New York Conference of Mayors says 370 mayors have signed the NYCOM letter to the governor asking for more state AIM aid.  AIM stands for Aid Incentives for Municipalities. Local mayors who signed the letter are from Bath, Hornell, Alfred, Canisteo, Arkport, Canseraga, Cohocton, Dundee, Elmira Heights, Horseheads, North Hornell and Nunda.


Bridge Closing Is Coming Up In Lindley 

Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose says there will be a bridge closing March 18 in the Town of Lindley, on County Route 115, over Morgan Creek.  Rose says that this will be for about six weeks.  There will not be an onsite detour. 

Top Stories, March 2, 2024

Hammondsport/Urbana Win The NY Forward Contest 

Yesterday in Binghamton, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the Southern Tier Region winners of the seventh round of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative.  The governor says that Urbana/Hammondsport will receive $4.5 million each as this year’s Southern Tier region NY Forward winners. 


Troopers: Horse Loses Control On A Prattsburgh Road 

State Police say there was a horse and buggy accident in the Town of Prattsburgh on Friday.  State Police say that there were no vehicles involved and there were no serious injuries.  According to the NYSP, the cause of the accident was that the horse reportedly lost control.  


Feds Say A Suspect Is Charged For Allegedly Threatening To Commit Violence Against The VA Up In Buffalo

US Attorney Trini Ross says that a Buffalo man, 56 year old Demont Coston,has been charged for allegedly leaving a telephone answering machine message which said if he cannot get  any help from the Buffalo VA that he was going to blow it up.  Coston could get, if convicted, five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.  The US Attorneys office also says, this is the second time Coston has threatened to blow up a VA.  The other time it was the Washington VA.

Top Stories, March 1, 2024

It Was 18 Years Ago Today...

Today is the anniversary of the death of New York State Trooper Andrew Sperr.  Sperr was a 33 year old State Police Officer, killed in the line of duty on March 1, 2006, shot by two bank robbers in Big Flats.  Officials say that Trooper Sperr was fired upon as he approached the suspects' vehicle.  Trooper Sperr returned gunfire, hittng both suspects before they left in a second vehicle, which had been left there for a getaway. Trooper Sperr was shot multiple times and was on the ground when the fatal round struck him under his belt and vest.  At the time of his death, Trooper Sperr, a 10-year veteran of the State Police was assigned to SP Horseheads in Troop E.


Accident Yesterday On I-86 East In Bath

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department responded Thursday morning to a tractor trailer roll over on I-86 East.  That happened in the middle of a heavy snow squall. The driver was taken by the Bath Volunteer Ambulance Crew to Ira Davenport.


Democrats Are Working To Be Running A Chautauqua County Candidate Against House Rep. Nick Langworthy 

Steuben County Democrat Chair Shawn Hogan says Steuben County Democrats recieved petitions last evening in Corning at an event centered on Rural organizing.  The event was attended by 25 persons and 15 via zoom.  The congressional candidate Tom Carle delivered his petitions and addressed the gathering.  Also the Allegany County Democrats are circulating petitions to get Chautauqua County Congressional hopeful, Tom Carle, on the ballot to run against Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy.  Tom Carle says he went to Broome Community College, Geneseo and RIT, and that he’s a retired plant manager.  Allegany County Dems will be trying to get signatures for Tom Carle at their upcoming coffee with the Democrats on Saturday, March 9 in Canaseraga.  


Assemblywoman Who Represents Wayland Area Honored

The annual Hornell Lincoln Day Dinner was held last night Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes was the Republican of the year.  Republicans Paul Van Caeseele and Mike Palmesano presented award.  Paul Van Caeseele: "Every year we pick someone to honor with the title of Republican of the year.  This person usually has spent many years supporting the cause and proven dedication to republican values.  This year's recipient made their unlikely debut back in 2019.  It is no secret that this person was not very well received among the party at first.  Running against an incumbent in the Republican Party led them off to a rocky start. Let’s face it, it’s not easy to get Republicans to let their guard down. But this person's persistence, caring personality, willingness to work with others in the party on favored legislation and their diligent drive to show their dedication to Republican Values, in the end made that person a respected leader in the community and among the GOP.  In politics, you must see the long game. It’s a game of chess not checkers.  And although this person was met with adversity coming into the game, they stayed humble and used a genius combination of humility and cooperative aspiration to now have become widely respected in the NYS Assembly and among all those she has worked with. That determination deserves respect and recognition. I consider her a great friend and if you remember, we even wore matching blazers last year.  Please put your hands together for the 2024 Republican of the Year Assemblywoman Margorie Byrnes."

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