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Top Stories, July 29, 2022

Fatal Accident On I-86

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that there was a fatal accident in the noon hour today, on I-86 between Bath and Kanona.  No names or details are out yet.  


Covid News From Albany

New covid positive numbers from the governor:

Steuben county 28 new cases

Chemung county – 21 new cases

Allegany county 5 new cases


Road Work In Avoca Is Coming Up Next Month

County Route 70, in the Town of Avoca, will be closed to all traffic between Wessels Road and County Route 6, Monday August 15th through Tuesday August 23rd from 7:00am to 4:00pm.   The road will be closed in order to replace a culvert pipe.  There will be no onsite detour.

Opposite Reactions To Chips And Science Act 

Governor Kathy Hochul says, "The passage of the federal CHIPS and Science Act will create a stronger, brighter economic future for New York…But, Utica republican congresswoman Claudia tenney says, the chips and science act legislation that the democrats got passed in congress, will help china and not American small manufacturers...tenney says, senators marco rubio, tom cotton and portman, tried to get amendments in that would help American manufacturing but those republicans were voted down.


Nat'l Weather Service: A Tornado Hit Wyoming County 

A tornado going 115 miles an hour touched down in Wyoming County at approximately 10:40am Thursday in the town of java just south of the intersection of NY Route 78 and Chaffee rd. The tornado then moved along an east-northeast path near  route 78 for approximately 10 miles before dissipating near Gainesville just west of ny route 19 at about 10:55 am edt.  The tornado was on the ground for approximately 15 minutes.  The tornado did significant damage to a barn, with one portion of the barn being displaced 20 to 30 yards, and another portion sustaining significant damage. trees were blown down on several residences along the path, producing damage to homes. roof and shingle damage was noted on several other residences,


Big Event In Downtown Hornell This Weekend

The Gus Macker Basketball Tournament is happening this weekend in downtown Hornell.  Thousands are watching on the sidewalks of Main Street, thousands come in and out playing basketball out in the heat today.


Top Stories, July 28, 2022

Sen Gillibrand: What The Hell?  

Democrat US Senator Kirsten Gillbrand is more than slightly annoyed today about a big veterans issue.  Gillibrand says, Pennsylvania Republican US Senator Pat Toomey blocked a vote on the Pact Act, to help veterans suffering from sicknesses caused by exposure to burn pits.  Gillibrand says, last month the bill passed in the US Senate 84-14, and nothing in it has changed.  Gillibrand is perplexed.  Gillibrand said the following this morning in Washington DC: "This is the worst form of over-politicization I've ever seen.  We had the votes, we had strong bipartisan support for this bill, and at the 11th hour, Senator Toomey decides that he wants to re-write the bill, change the rules, and tank it.  What the hell?  How does this happen?  How do you change your mind right when you're about to pass a law that's going to save lives?"  


Steuben Co Man Accused Of Stealing In Chemung County

The Chemung County Sheriff's Dept reports that a Steuben County man was charged in Chemung County for stealing from the insides of unlocked cars in Elmira and Southport.  The suspect is 30 year old Frank Adams of Addison, Adams was ticketed and released.  


A Langworthy Campaign Event In Steuben County Today

Republican Congressional candidate Nick Langworthy will be in Steuben County from 5pm to 6pm.  Langworthy will be in Hornell, at 38 Cameron Avenue in Hornell, for an event that’s open to the public.  


Johnson: How The IDA Helped Bring LP Building Solutions 

Steuben County IDA Director Jamie Johnson says the LP project in Bath is a case study in the importance of the county IDA and their ability to react and manage multiple facets.  Johnson says that the LP Building Solutions project came together in an unprecedented amount of time, requiring the IDA to coordinate with multiple infrastructure partners, economic development programs, and community leaders to provide LP leadership with the confidence needed to choose the Bath site within three months of initial contact.  Johnson also says that  Goodrich Auto Works, T&R Environmental’s spin-off company Momentum, Finger Lakes Community Health, Alstom, and Riedman are all existing businesses in the Bath community that are investing in new buildings over the next 12 months. 

Top Stories, July 27, 2022

Palmesano: Stop HALT Act To Stop Prisoner Violence 

Corning Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano is speaking out about the recent prisoner assaults against prison guards at Elmira Correctional.  There were head injuries, back injuries, in at least one case a prisoner head butted one of the guards.  "They are serious injuries and that's the problem going on in our correctional facilities," Palmesano said.  "Over the past several years we've seen a trajectory of the rise and increase of inmate on staff assault, and inmate on inmate assault.  What happened that made this issue even worse and much more dangerous than even before, was that they don't segregate the more violent prisoners from the rest of the jail population.  Supporters of the Halt Act, say that the left is stopping solitary confinement, but they're not.  It's like a dangerous powder-keg environment inside these facilities."  


A Very Large Turnout In Hornell: Possible DOT Changes

Hornell High School’s auditorium was about three quarters filled last night, for the Department of Transportion’s public hearing regarding what the DOT described as possible changes to Route 36 from Hornell to Arkport.   Below are some of the questions that were asked: 

Hornell resident Angelo Scotti asked “will Alstom be able to transport transit cars through roundabouts?” Answer: DOT engineer Mike Griffin stated that there would be a meeting coming up soon, with officials from Alstom and the DOT.

Another Hornell resident asked, quote – “you’re going to turn part of a four lane highway into a two lane highway and you’re going to add roundabouts?” Answer: DOT Engineer Griffin stated that that was being discussed as a possibility.

Then there was a question about the intersection at Routes 66 and 36 and a possible roundabout there and a right of way. Answer: the DOT is looking at every intersection as a possiblity for a roundabout.


Reports Of Confusion Over August 23rd Voting 

There is a special election coming up on August 23rd for the remainder of the old Tom Reed seat in the old 23rd congressional district.  That special election is between Republican Joe Sempolinski and Democrat Max Della Pia.  ON the same day, on August 23rd, there is a GOP primary for the new 23rd congressional district.  The new 23rd goes from Buffalo to here, and the two candidates for that race are both from Buffalo, that’s Carl Paladino and Nick Langworthy.  Allegany County Clerk Rob Christman says, because the two races are on the same day, it’s creating a lot of confusion.  "I hope that the candidates are out there educating the public," said Christman. "I hope the board of elections offices are educating the public, because I can tell you, confusion is rampant."


Top Stories, July 26, 2022

Anticipating Bad Moves By The State

The New York State Sheriff’s Association met last week, Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says, one thing that the sheriff’s discuss when they get together, is, what will Albany think up next?  "It's kind of a guessing game, having to anticipate what the courts will do next," said Allard.  Also, while many people know about the demands from Albany on nurses working so many hours on this and so many hours on that, many do not know that sheriff’s and deputies are under the same kind of pressure from state government.  "If you look at some of the most recent changes, they've (the state) increased the hours of staff which is the most needed, and there is a such a recruitment and retention crisis right now, that really inhibits the ability of the sheriff's offices to comply with these new laws," Allard said.  


Funeral For Slain Rochester Police Officer 

Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes says, the funeral for Rochester police officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz will be next Monday at the Rochester Blue Cross Arena, Mazurkiewicz, who was from the Livingston county town of Avon, was shot and killed last Thursday night in Rochester, the suspect is from Boston, Massachusetts.


Congressional Medal Of Honor For WWII Vet/Attorney

Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand want to give a congressional medal of honor to World War II veteran Benjamin Ferenz, who is the last living attorney to have prosecuted nazi’s at the post-war Nuremberg trials.  Ferrenz is a Harvard law graduate who fought in anti aircraft gunner work in France in World War II who helped prosecute nazi’s at the end of the war.

Top Stories, July 25, 2022

Home Invasion In Bath Sunday Night

Three Elmira residents are accused of doing a home break in, in Bath last night.  Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says the break-in was on West William Street, the three suspects are accused of demanding money and threatening violence against the victim’s child.   According to Chief Taft, the break-in quickly came to an end when Bath Police showed up.  The three suspects all made a run for it, two of them were caught on Cruger Street, the other was picked up 20 minutes later by Steuben County Sheriff’s Deputies on West Washington Street.  That suspect was 14 years old and from Elmira.  The other two suspects are 18 year old Kanye Rouse and 21 year old Aniston Wheeler.  Rouse and Wheeler are charged with 2nd degree burglary and endangering the welfare of a child, the 14 year old was charged with 2nd degree burglary.  Rouse and Wheeler are being held until arraignment, the 14 year old was released to their parent’s custody.  


NYSEG: What Towns Were Hit The Worst

New York State Electric and Gas have been reporting several hundred power outages in Steuben County today, because of the overnight storm and yesterday’s storm too.  The towns hit the worst, were Wayne, Corning, Pultney and Thurston.  


Jasper-Troupsburg Students To Keep Using Greenwood 

Because of the August 18th 2021 flood damage at JT Central, Jasper-Troupsburg students will be once again using the Greenwood School Building this fall.   That's according to Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard who also says, the Greenwood School which used to be used for law enforcement to do training for active school shooters, is no longer used for training.  So where do deputies, troopers and police officers go now for active school shooter training?  Sheriff Allard says the newly closed down Bryant School in Hornell, is the facility currently used for active shooter training. 


Covid Update In Steuben County

There are 160 new covid cases since last week, that’s according to Steuben County Public Health. 

Top Stories, July 22, 2022

Statement From The Zeldin Campaign For Governor  

Last night, a man climbed on stage and attempted to stab Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), the Republican Party and Conservative Party nominee for Governor, during a rally speech in front of campaign supporters. The attacker was saying to Congressman Zeldin, “you’re done.” Congressman Zeldin grabbed the attacker’s wrist to stop him until several others assisted in taking the attacker down to the ground. Law enforcement then took the suspect into custody and Congressman Zeldin went back on stage to finish his remarks and thank the law enforcement officers who responded to the scene.  After being charged with Attempted Assault in the Second Degree, a felony, the suspect, who has been identified by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office as David G. Jakubonis of Fairport, was immediately released under New York’s cashless bail law.

“It is terrible public policy that in the State of New York, you can try to stab a sitting Member of Congress, or anyone else for that matter, and be back out on the street not even 6 hours later,” said Katie Vincentz, spokesperson for Zeldin for New York. “This is one of many reasons why crime is on the rise, especially in certain parts of the state. There is not enough accountability for people when they commit crimes, and this is just one of the many examples we hear all about in New York every single day. Enough is enough!”


Two Police Officers Were Shot In Rochester Last Night

As has been reported on the national news, two Rochester police officers were shot last night.  We are sorry to report that one of them has died: his name was Anthony Mazerkowitz.  Rochester media outlets report that the other officer, Sino Seng, is at home recovering from a single gunshot wound. 


Canisteo Police Fundraiser Is This Weekend 

Canisteo police are having what they call Smoke In The Valley, this weekend.  That’s a fund raiser for the village police department there.  At the annual event, there are chicken barbeques, live bands and they’re sure to have large crowds for this. 

Reminder About Going Back To School And Vaccines 

Steuben County Public Health says now is a great time to make sure your child is up to date on routine vaccinations before school starts.  "Make an appointment with your child's doctor to discuss which vaccines they need," read the statement from the county public health office.   Officials if you don’t have a doctor, call the county, at 607-664-2438 .  The county's next clinic is on Tuesday, July 26. Both routine immunizations and COVID vaccines are offered.

Top Stories, July 21, 2022

Update On The Wayland Downtown Fire From February  

So how are things in Wayland since the downtown fire in February?  Wayland village hall officials say they have been having meetings with IDA and store owners and their working to come up with a plan for getting grant money to help the store owners.  


Elmira Sheriff: Man Drives Through Airport  Fence 

The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office announces the arrest of 34-year old, Craig Wang, of Murphy, Texas...officials say that yesterday, at about 6:30, a car drove through the fence at the Elmira Corning Regional Airport.  They say he was trying to get into an airplane that was locked and secured on the airport property. Officials say, Wang is not a licensed pilot, and has no privileges to be in unauthorized areas on airport property. Wang has been charged with 3rd degree Criminal Mischief and 3rd degree Criminal Trespass.


Out Of Staters Collide In Corning 

State Police report that there were no injuries in a two car accident that happened on I-86 in Corning yesterday in the noon hour.  The drivers were both from out of state: both were men, one was a 64 year old from Massachusetts and a 52 year old from Ohio.  


Need A Job?  The Bath P.D. Is Hiring!   

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says, the Bath Police Department is hiring a part-time confidential secretary for about 20 hours a week.  Duties would include assisting the Chief of Police and the Bath Police Department in billing, time sheets, monthly reports, scheduling, and other administrative duties.  They're looking for someone by August 1st, if interested, please drop off a resume at the police station.

Top Stories, July 20, 2022

July 20 2022

Covid News For Students Grades K-12 Statewide

Governor Kathy Hochul says, students this coming fall semester, don’t have to wear masks in school. 


Expiration Dates For Home Covid Test Kits 


Steuben County Public Health Director Darlene Smith says, the expiration date has been extended for home kit rapid tests.  According to Smith, the tests shelf life are now extended for another year.  


Investigate You...Investigate Me

The New York State Democrats want Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin investigated because Zeldin would not certify the 2020 election, and because they say he has ties to the groups that are responsible for January 6th.  But it doesn't end there.  Lee Zeldin wants Gov. Hochul investigated over the New York State Nursing Home deaths.  


The GOP Calls For Stopping Sales Tax Statewide 

State Senator Tom O'Mara says senate Republicans in Albany want the state legislature to put a stop to state sales tax for the next two years.  

Top Stories, July 19, 2022

Tonya Smith Was Sentenced Today

A Steuben County Court official tells Wvin News the following: Tonya Smith was given 4 to 12 years on the Manslaughter 2nd Degree Conviction, 2 and 1/3 to 7 years on the Vehicular Manslaughter 2nd degree Conviction, 1 year on the Reckless Endangerment Conviction, the sentences are to run concurrently.   There were 113 people in the court, for the sentencing, and the family made victim impact statements.


No Monkey Pox Cases Yet In This County

So WVIN News caught up with Steuben Co Public Health Director Darlene Smith, who says, so far there are no cases of monkey pox in Steuben County.   "We do not have any cases of Monkey Pox in Steuben County at this point, for which we are grateful," Smith said.  "This will not be like covid, meaning, highly transmissible through all populations."  Smith also says, there are cases in other areas, but not here in Steuben.  


Where The Wind Projects Are, Here In Steuben County 

Wind is a big thing in Steuben County these days. There are projects that exist, there are projects that are being built now, and there are projects that are being planned. 


List of wind projects that are up and running:

Cohocton, Howard and Jasper.


List of wind projects that are under construction:
Greenwood and West Union, Cohocton, Wayland and the Steuben County Town of Dansville.


Wind projects that are being planned now:

Fremont, Canisteo, Cameron, Jasper, West Union, Greenwood, Troupsburg, Prattsburgh, Avoca, Howard, Cohocton and Wheeler.


Lee Zeldin: The Manhattan District Attorney Drops Charges

After weeks of public pressure, Alvin Bragg finally came to the same conclusion we all did a long time ago- Jose Alba should’ve never been charged with murder. Jose Alba was an innocent man acting in self-defense, and he’s now finally a free man. Thankfully, video surveillance footage captured the incident or Jose Alba may have still been facing this murder charge. The reality that the video showed Alba’s innocence as clearly as it did made it all that much worse that Bragg charged Alba in the first place, sent him to Rikers Island with an open stab wound, demanded absurdly high bail, and refused to charge the person who attacked Alba. The streets of New York will be safer and our criminal Justice system will be stronger when I remove Alvin Bragg as DA this upcoming January.


New State Hotline Number For The Sexually Harassed

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the launch of a statewide hotline, 1-800-HARASS-3 for issues of workplace sexual harassment. The confidential hotline will be operated by the New York State Division of Human Rights and will connect workers who have faced sexual harassment with experienced pro-bono attorneys to advise them…

July 18, 2022

Buffalo Mass Shooting Suspect Pleaded Not Guilty 

The U.S. Attorneys office out of Western New York reports that the Buffalo Shooting suspect, Payton Grendon has pleaded not guilty.  He did not go with an insanity plea either.  The Government has 45 days to turn over discovery to the defense.  Status hearing scheduled for December 9.  


Tonya Smith To Be Sentenced Tuesday

Painted Post resident Tonya Smith will be in Steuben County Court  tomorrow at 1:15 for sentencing.  Smith was convicted in May, of the fatal DWI that claimed the life of Donnie Masti of Bath in 2019.  Smith was convicted of manslaughter and reckless endangerment.


Over One Million Dollars Made, In County's Online Auction

Steuben County spokesperson Mary Perham says, the county brought in 1.5 million dollars, in the recent online property auction.  The week-long auction of 99 parcels brought in a total of $2.4 million and recovered slightly more than $847,000 in back taxes, with the remainder going into the county’s General Fund.


Police Routine Pullover Turns Into Three Drug Arrests

The Village of Bath Police Department did a routine traffic pullover that resulted in three people now facing drug charges.  57 year old Judith Rosekrans of Hammondsport, is charged with 3rd degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance; 31 year old Matthew Bailey, of Hammondsport, who was charged with 5th degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance and two counts of 2nd degree Criminally Using Drug Paraphernalia;  43 year old Diane Dziaba,  of Bath, is charged with 2nd degree Criminally Using Drug Paraphernalia.


Domestic Dispute Arrest In Bath

Bath Police report the arrest of 30 year old Taylor Parsons of Bath, whose accused of 2nd dgree assault, 3rd degree Criminal Mischief and 4th degree Criminal Mischief and Criminal Obstructions of Breathing or Blood Circulation.

Top Stories, July 16, 2022

Car Break In's In Chemung County Yesterday Early AM 

The West Elmira Police Department is investigating several larcenies from motor vehicles that occurred on Friday July 15th between the hours of 12:00 AM and 4:00 AM. The larcenies were concentrated on the side streets south of W. Water St. and near the City of Elmira border. The West Elmira Police Department asks the members of the public with security cameras to examine their footage and look for suspicious persons in their neighborhood. Anyone with information may contact the West Elmira Police Department at (607)735-8600.


Zeldin: Why Isn't New York State Fracking?

Congressman Lee Zeldin released the following statement on President Biden visiting Saudi Arabia and begging for their oil rather than ramping up domestic energy production: 

"President Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia begging for their oil is an important reminder that right here in New York we could and should instead be ramping up domestic production, becoming energy independent, creating jobs, lowering taxes, revitalizing communities, and driving down energy costs.”


Gov Hochul Meets With The New BATF Leader


"I spoke with new Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Steven Dettelbach following his Senate confirmation earlier this week. I am glad that we are getting a seasoned partner with Director Dettelbach's immense depth and breadth of experience in fighting the gun violence epidemic. I shared the significant and encouraging progress we've made since forming the Interstate Task Force on Illegal Guns, which I convened in January to streamline data sharing and collaboration between law enforcement agencies at all levels of government and with our neighboring states. New York State Police has since seized more than twice as many guns when compared to the same period last year — proof that these strategies do work. I am confident that with strong federal leadership from Director Dettelbach, we can continue to expand these crucial efforts to stem the flow of firearms that are endangering our communities and needlessly taking lives."


Top Stories, July 15, 2022

Bath Man Is Accused Of Attempted 1st Degree Rape 

Bath Village Police arrested Douglas Cook Jr, 29, of Bath, who charged with attempted 1st degree rape.  Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft says, Cook was charged after allegedly meeting with a girl who he believed was under the age of 13, for sex.  


Possibility Of Full Time Fire Depts For Jasper, Addison, Etc

What to do about the decreasing number of people going to work for volunteer ambulance and fire departments?  The question has been asked: what can Steuben County do to keep providing fire and ambulance services for Addison, Jasper, South Canisteo and other areas in the southern part of Steuben County, with the decline in enrollment of volunteers?  Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says, starting up paid fire dept's in these towns, is not definite yet, but it's a possibility and is being discussed.  "So it's yet to be determined, but there needs to be, more paid EMT's brought in to the system," Wheeler told WVIN.  "With volunteerism dropping, essentially, the only the option to improve coverage, is to have more paid EMTs and paramedics within the county."  


Will There Be A Roundabout In Hornell? 

There will be a public hearing on the evening of July 26, at Hornell High School. At this event, Tuesday July 26, 6pm-8pm, the Department of Transportation will be talking about proposed changes to Route 36 between Hornell and Arkport.  In February of this year, a source told Wlea that there was talk about plans for a possible roundabout in front of Simmons-Rockwell on Route 36.  


Campbell Man Charged After Domestic Dispute Complaint

State Troopers report that Gage Heffner 28, Town of Campbell has been charged with 2nd degree menacing with a weapon, 1st degree criminal contempt and aggravated family offense.  That’s after an alleged domestic dispute in Campbell.


State Police Accident Report For July 14, 2022 

Bath State Police report there was a two vehicle accident on I-86 in Bath, yesterday afternoon in the 3:00 hour.  The drivers were from the Livington County Town of Dalton, and Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  No injuries were reported and there were no charges filed.


A Chase In Chemung County

Nicholas Ingersoll, 26, of Beaver Dams is charged with 2nd degree assault, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer, 1st degree reckless endangerment, 2nd degree criminal mischief, 4th degree criminal mischief.  Iingersoll is also accused of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and trying to escape a police officer.  This chase is said to have happened in the Chemung county town of Caitlin.

Top Stories, July 14, 2022

In Local Accidents

There were several two vehicle accidents yesterday.  According to Troopers, these happened in Elmira, Horseheads and Big Flats.  Two people were injured last night in the 9:00 hour in Elmira.  The drivers were from Elmira and Newfield, and there are no details available about the extent of the injuries. 


How Did Campbell, Prattsburgh And Bath Vote On June 28? 

The Steuben County Elections Board released the breakdown of how the candidates for governor, did across the county.  Here are some of the numbers.  In the Republican race for governor, Lee Zeldin came in first in the county, he got 1,989 votes.  Harry Wilson came in in second place in Steuben County, getting 1,485 votes.  Andrew Giuliani came in third, 1,105 votes for Giuliani, Rob Astorino came in 4th place, a total of 1,057 voted for Astorino countywide. 


For the Democrats, Governor Kathy Hochul came in first place, there were 1,337 votes for Hochul, Tom Suozzi had 222 votes, Jumane Williams 199 votes.  In Bath, Governor Hochul receieved 101 votes, and Lee Zeldin got 163 votes in Bath.  In Campbell, Lee Zeldin brought in 73 votes, in Campbell Hochul – 31 votes.  In Prattsburgh, Hochul got 21 votes, and Zeldin 41 votes.  


Attention Local Gun Owners

The new social media rules for New York State residents who want to get conceal carry permits, go into effect on September 1st.  Governor Kathy Hochul says, gun owners who want to get conceal carry permits, have to give character references and have their social media pages investigated.  However, Assemblyman Joe Giglio says, one big problem the Republicans have with this law is that it’s subjective: subjecting, meaning that the standards are not clear and objective, for the officials who will be deciding if someone gets a conceal carry permit or not. Giglio also says it’s unclear as to how the process of examining gun owner’s social media pages works.


Zeldin To Be In Fairport On July 21

There’s a Lee Zeldin Rally in the Monroe County town of Fairport that was announced today, the rally will be July 21st at the Fairport VFW at 7pm.  Zeldin will be there, along with his running mate Alison Espisito, and Zeldin’s former opponent Andrew Guiliani, who is now a Zeldin supporter.


Della Pia Picks Up A Union Endorsement

Democrat Max Della Pia, whose running for Congress in the special Election August 23rd has been endorsed by United Auto Workers Union Region 9.


Steuben County Public Health's Statement On Monkeypox

So far, there have not been any monkeypox cases in Steuben, but it's good to know some info about monkeypox.

Monkeypox spreads through close contact, including physical contact or contact with items used by someone who has monkeypox, like sharing sheets, towels, clothing, etc.

Symptoms of monkeypox include:

?? Rashes, bumps, or blisters on or around the genitals or other areas like your hands, feet, chest, or face.

?? Flu-like symptoms, such as fever, headache, muscle aches, chills, and fatigue. These symptoms may occur before or after the rash appears, or not at all.

Learn more: health.ny.gov/monkeypox

Top Stories, July 13, 2022

Public Hearing Coming Up In The Town Of Campbell

Campbell Town officials say there’s going to be a public hearing with Hunt Engineers. The public hearing will be the Campbell Town Hall, July 26 at 1:00, to talk about the Water District#1 Extension in Campbell.   Officials say the cost of Water District #1 Extension might possibly go up.  The exact numbers will discussed at the public hearing.   


Accident In Campbell

there were no injuries in a two vehicle accident in the Town of Campbell yesterday at 2:00.  State police report that the drivers were from Horseheads and Kansas: a 65 year old man from Horseheads and a 37 year old woman from Kansas.  the accident happened at the Campbell rest stop. 

Hornell Is On The Radar

Some major media outlets including Fox, the New York Times and Yahoo News are now reporting on the Hornell Neo-Nazi pamphlet story.  As you probably know by now, three Hornell residents are accused of passing around white supremecist pamphlets, dropping them off at numerous Hornell locations, including at a Synagogue and a church attended by African Americans in Hornell.  Hornell’s Mayor John Buckley is denouncing this, saying that there is no room for such hate. 


County Monthly Report From The Sheriff 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says that in June, there were six DWI’s, 38 car crashes, 29 property damage accidents, nine personal injury accidents and 53 arrests.


Hogan Slams Zeldin

Steuben County Democrat Chairman Shawn Hogan issued a statement saying that Republican candidate for governor, Lee Zeldin is bad for New York State.  Hogan's big issue with Zeldin is that the Long Island congressman voted against certifying Joe Biden in the 2020 election.  The statement concludes with the county Democrat chairman saying that Zeldin is "Bad for women, businesses and public health."  


Zeldin Slams Biden

With the inflation report out, Lee Zeldin is saying that with inflation at nine point one percent, this is the biggest increase since 1981.  


Top Stories, July 12, 2022

Corning Man Is Accused Of Committing A Crime In Bath

State Police report that 38 year old Yosef Simon-Page of Corning, is accused of committing 3rd degree grand larceny in Bath.  Also, Troopers say that a 17 year old unnamed Bath teen, is facing charges of criminal mischief in Bath.


This Year's Tyrtle Beach Success

The Tyrtle Beach numbers for this year, are in.  A total of $34,012 was raised to support youth programs in Central Steuben County.  A big thanks to Neil Bryson for being this year’s jumper.


Neo-Nazi Incident In Hornell

In Hornell, Police Chief Ted Murray says, there are 115 counts of 1st degree harassment against three Hornell residents.  The three are accused of sending neo nazi pamphlets to area residents to individuals around Hornell, including the Hornell Synagogue and a Hornell Church where African American attend.  The Hornell Police Chief also says, that the three might be charged with hate crimes.  Both the police chief and Hornell Mayor John Buckley say, there is no room for this kind of hate.  "The Hornell Police Department responded quickly and appropriately to identify and arrest the individuals in question," said Mayor Buckley.  "There is absolutely no room for this type of hate or any other in our community".

Tonya Smith Will Be Sentenced In One Week From Now

Tuesday July 19, will be the day that Tonya Smith of Painted Post gets sentenced in Steuben County Court, Smith was recently convicted in the fatal dwi case, that caused the death of Donnie Masti of Bath.


Upcoming Local Events

In Hammondsport, the 39th annual classic boat show is coming up this Saturday and Sunday.  Then, the Steuben County Fair will be held August 15th to 21 this year in Bath.


Top Stories, July 11, 2022

Tonya Smith's Sentencing Is Tomorrow 

Tonya Smith will be sentenced tomorrow in Steuben County Court, Tonya Smith was recently convicted on manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges, for running over Donnie Masti of Bath in a fatal DWI that happened in 2019.


O'Mara: Support Finger Lakes Wineries In This Contest

State Senator Tom O’Mara says that USA Today is doing an online poll to find out what America’s top 10 wineries are.   O’Mara says, to vote on this, go to https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-new-winery/

Some Local Accidents In The News 

Troopers report that there were several accidents in the area on Sunday.  A 25 year old Dundee man was in an accident Sunday afternoon in Bath.  A 72 year old man from Millport was in an accident in the last night in Bath.  There was also a two vehicle accident in Riverside Sunday night, the drivers were from Campbell and Corning.  There were no injuries reported.  


Barn Fire In Bath

The bath fire department responded to a barn fire in Bath on Saturday afternoon.  There is no word about any injuries, to humans or animals. 


Covid Report From Steuben County Public Health

243 COVID positives have been reported over the last two weeks (no update was posted last week due to the holiday). As always, if you do not feel well or have been exposed, it is recommended that you get tested and follow appropriate quarantine protocols. Find more info at https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/isolation-quarantine



Top Stories, July 9, 2022

Steuben County IDA Director Updates WVIN On Amazon, Phillips Lighting And LP Building Solutions 

Steuben County Industrial Development Agency Director Jamie Johnson says the former Phillips building is in the process of being demolished.  Johnson also says about half of the building has been knocked down, and the remainder of the building will be down in the next few weeks.  Afterwards, there will be environmental cleanup.  As for Amazon coming to Bath, that project  is under construction, they are currently working on prep on the exterior of the property and preparing to do work on the parking lot and the trucking access points.  Work is also going on inside the new Amazon building.  It's all expected to be finished in November.  On the topic of the LP Building Solutions, their ground breaking will be held on Tuesday in Bath at 11:30am.  


There Are Many Veterans In Steuben County

Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says that there is a new study out from Stacker, that shows that Steuben County is the number two in the state, in terms of percent of it's veterans population.  "It really is remarkable and we thank our veterans every day," says Wheeler.  From Stacker.com: 

- Percent of Steuben County residents that are veterans: 10.0% (7,522 veterans)
- Veterans by war:
--- World War II: 159
--- Korean War: 548
--- Vietnam War: 2,597
--- Gulf War (08/1990 to 08/2001): 1,353
--- Gulf War (09/2002 or later): 1,168


Job Opening With The County Public Works Department

The Steuben County Department of Public Works is looking to hire a new engineer, if you’re interested, contact the Steuben County Department of Public Works by August 5th.


Corning Inc Is Going To Have Facilities In Monroe County

Governor Kathy Hochul says that Corning Incorporated is going to grow its operations, to help out the semiconductor market and as a result, help the country's supply chain situation.   Hochul says that Corning's expansion efforts will create over 270 new jobs at its Village of Fairport location, which is scheduled to be completed in 2024.  Additionally, the company will equip a new Laser Optics production facility at Jetview Drive in the Town of Gates, which is targeted for completion in 2023.  

Top Stories, July 8, 2022

Fire In Thurston

There was a house fire in the town of Thurston on Thursday morning.  Officials say that residents and pets were able to get out of the house, and that the family is being assisted by the Red Cross.  The fire was put out by fire departments from Thurston, Campbell, Savona, East Campbell, Addison, Bath, and Painted Post , with assistance from Car 97, AMR and Car 90. 


Fatal Accident In Addison

State Police say that 51 year Susan Elston who was killed in that accident, state police say that Elston moved across the center lane and struck another car.  Officials say that a 40 year old Corning man, was not injured.  the State Police were assisted by NYS DOT, the Addison Fire Department, and AMR Ambulance.

Watkins Glen Mayor Resigns

Watkins Glen Mayor Luke Lessyk, has stepped down from office.  This comes after months of sexual harassment allegations were made against the mayor there.  In a statement to the Oddessafile.com, he says that the harassment he’s had to deal with because of the false accusations against him have become too much for his family to bear.  

Top Stories, July 7, 2022

Fatal Accident In Addison

There was a fatal three vehicle accident in Addison.  State Police say, it happened on the Beeman Hollow Road/Route 417 Wednesday afternoon in the 2:00pm hour.  Troopers are still investigating.   The name of the person who was killed, and where the driver is from, that information has not been released as of yet.   


Steuben County Has A Lot Of Military Veterans 

Steuben County just put out a statement today, that says that the county  has a lot of military veterans: the second highest percentage of vets, for counties across the state.  Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says, right now, there are over 7,000 veterans in this county.  

Amazon Update 

Steuben County Industrial Development Agency Director Jamie Johnson tells Wvin News, that construction continues to build an all new facility for Amazon, here in Bath.  "I went by there and they're doing a lot of prep to the exterior of the property: primarily things like parking lots and access points for trucking," said Johnson.  "They've also been doing a significant amount of work on the inside of the building, and the expectation is that some time by November, they'll be operational."


Water Main Break In The City Of Elmira 

Elmira police are reporting a water main break today, and say to please avoid the Clemens Center Parkway from E Washington Ave to E Second St.   police in Elmira also say, please avoid E Fifth St from Hatch St to Baldwin Street.


He Slams/She Slams 

GOP candidate for Governor, Congressman Lee Zeldin, is criticizing Governor Kathy Hochul.  Zeldin maintains that the governor is getting too cozy, with the Working Families Party.  Zeldin says, the Working Families Party supports defunding the police, wants higher taxes and single payer healthcare.   Also, state Democrat Chair Jay Jacobs says, Governor Kathy Hochul is much better than Lee Zeldin, on the issue of climate change.  The Democrats say, Zeldin is always allying himself with climate change deniers and that Zeldin’s voting record on climate change is very bad.

Top Stories, July 6, 2022

Bath's Music In The Park Rules

We would remind everyone again that Music In The Park is a family friendly event . No alcohol or smoking will be allowed in the Park. We want to make sure everyone from our children to our seniors and all of us in between can enjoy a nice night . Hope to see you there. We are going to have a blast with the Zac Brown Tribute Band.

Bath Rotary Club's Citizen Of The Year

Steuben Prevention Coalition Opioid Committee co-chair Brandon Beuter was named the Bath Rotary Club’s Citizen of the Year.  

The Same Man Was Arrested Twice In Bath

The Village of Bath Police Department reports two arrests of 36 year old Eric Lent.  Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft says, the first arrest was the result of Lent allegedly being found in to be in violation of an order of protection and in the company of a protected party.  The second case was the result of an investigation in which let is alleged to have broken into two sheds located on School grounds of Bath Central School District and stole property from them.  Lent was charged with two counts of Burglary in the 3rd degree both class D Felonies, two counts of Criminal Mischief 4th degree and one count of Petit Larceny all class A misdemeanors. 

New Energy Laws Were Signed, But What Do They Do? 

Governor Kathy Hochul signed three laws yesterday.  The laws are about New York state getting more into green energy.  The governor’s goal is to get the state to an 85 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  Now from reading the legislation that was signed yesterday, it’s difficult to know exactly what changes business and home owners would have to make.  That’s because the wording of the text of the bills that were signed yesterday, is vague.  State Senator Tom O’Mara says, when the State’s Climate Action Council comes out with their new rules and regulations, we’ll know exactly what the changes we have to make are, to homes and businesess, in terms of codes rules, heating and cooling. One thing we do know is, geothermal will be a part of it. 


Downstate Congresswoman Fights For VA Hospitals 

 Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (R, Staten Island) yesterday sent a letter to President Biden urging him to publicly denounce the Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) recommendations to the Asset and Infrastructure Review (AIR) Commission to close VA hospitals across the country as a bipartisan group of Senators has committed to blocking the AIR Commission from proceeding. Biden's VA has promised to continue with the work of the AIR Commission despite the Senate's announcement.  "Despite a bipartisan group of Senator's recent statement promising to block the AIR Commission from proceeding, I, and the veterans I represent would like a commitment from you to ensure our local VA medical facilities will continue to operate as normal," Malliotakis wrote.  "Stripping VA medical services from population centers that need them most is simply reprehensible, which is why I request that your Administration publicly denounce these recommendations and halt the AIR Commission process once and for all. Our veterans have given so much to our nation and they deserve the highest standard of care during and following their service."


Top Stories, July 5, 2022

Local Accidents That Happened On July 4th

A 42 year old Penn Yan woman was in a single vehicle accident in the town of Pultney yesterday.  That's according to State Police who also say that a 30 year old Painted Post man was in an accident in the Town of Campbell on the 4th.  


Fire House Subs Update

The Bath Volunteer Fire Dept began selling their fire house subs yesterday.  Officials say that the fundraiser is going very well.  Bath Volunteer Fire Public Information Officer  John Conrad says, people were lining up to buy subs, at 1030 am yesterday morning. 


July 4th Violence In Rochester

WHEC reports that there was a mass shooting at a July 4th get together in Rochester.  It happened on North Clinton Avenue last night at a gathering of 200-300 people.  A 24 year old man is dead and several people were injured.  Sadly, there were two other shootings in Rochester last night as well, both gunshot victims were men.  Both of them survived and both of those shootings happened on Joseph Avenue in Rochester.


The Moving Wall Has Left Elmira

On the Moving Vietnam Wall that was in Elmira for the past few days: Elmira police say, they were honored to have been invited to be a part of the event at Eldridge Park. Elmira police described it as, very powerful and they say, it was moving, to have read the last 200 names of brave heroes who died in the Vietnam war.


The Special Election And The Primary Are On The Same Day

The special election for the remainder of the Tom Reed seat, and the primary for the new 23rd Congressional district are both on the same day: Tuesday August 23rd.  

Top Stories, July 4, 2022

A Bath Man Is Facing Charges

Bath State Police report that Joshua Jackson, 28, Bath, is charged with Assault in the second degree, Crimlnal Mischief, Criminal Possesion of a weapon and preventing an emergency call. 


Fire House Subs, Are Being Sold All Week This Week 

Fire house subs, are being sold at the Bath Volunteer Fire Department.  Officials with the fire department say, the guys from fire house subs, arrived in to Bath yesterday.  This, as you know, is a fun fundraiser for the Bath Volunteer Fire Department.


The Governor, The Assemblyman, Guns and Abortion

Governor Kathy Hochul issued a statement about the gun and abortion laws that were passed late last week by the state legislature, at the urging of the governor.   "In New York, we will never stop fighting to protect abortion access and keep our communities safe from gun violence," said Gov. Hochul.  "No Supreme Court decision will change that."  Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says the new gun laws "won’t make anything safer" for New York State residents.  Palmesano maintains that since 2019, gun related fatalities have gone way up, mostly because of bail reform.  He also blames the state's parole board for releasing violent felons.  As for abortion, 'that's completely protected in the New York State laws," says Palmesano.








July 4 2022

Governor Kathy hochul issued a statement about the gun and abortion laws that were passed late last week…the governor says, In New York, we will never stop fighting to pr

Top Stories, July 2, 2022

Statement From State Police Bath

Communications out of Troop E in Bath has received several calls from people stating they have gotten a call from New York State Police requesting funds to support law enforcement. This call is a scam. We do not solicit money and if you receive a call requesting you to do so, DO NOT provide any personal information.


It Was Four Years Ago Today

Today marks the anniversary of the death of New York State Trooper Nick Clark, who was shot and killed in the town of Erwin in 2018.  Clark was a graduate of both Canisteo-Greenwood and Alfred University.  At one point, he tried out for the Buffalo Bills. 


Extra Patrols Are Out

Law enforcement is out this 4th of July weekend looking for drunk, drugged and distracted drivers.  Also, state police say, they’re out in both marked and unmarked cars.


Governor Kathy Hochul's New Gun Control Laws

Here’s what the new laws call for: 

  • Creating a statewide license and ammunition database.

No conceal carry at

  • Airports
  • Bars and restaurants that serve alcohol
  • Courthouses
  • Daycare facilities, playgrounds and other locations where children gather
  • Educational Institutions
  • Emergency shelters, including domestic violence shelters and homeless shelters
  • Entertainment venues
  • Federal, state, and local government buildings
  • Health and medical facilities
  • Houses of worship
  • Libraries

Top Stories, July 1, 2022

Does Your Business Qualify For Covid Tax Credits? 

The Steuben County Industrial Development Agency is posing this question to businesses in the county: does your business have extra expenses because of covid?  The IDA says if the answer is "yes" then your business might qualify for tax credits for up to $25,000.  That money would come in from the New York State new capital costs tax credit covid program.  For more info, check out the state’s empire development website.


Fundraising For The Bath Vol. Fire Dept - All Next Week

Coming up Monday and going till Saturday, the Bath Volunteer Fire department is selling subs!  This is all part of a week long fundraiser for the Bath fire department.  


Just In Case You're In Allegany County Any Time Soon

Allegay County officials issued a statement on Thursday, warning people to avoid the County Route 26 Bridge just east of Belfast.  They say don't drive, bike, walk or run on that bridge, as it's extremely unstable.  Officials also say, don't boat, canoe, kayak, etc, underneath that bridge.  

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