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Top Stories, February 29, 2024

There Are Many Outages In Steuben County This Morning From Heavy Winds From Wednesday And Today

From Steuben County Deputy Director Of Emergency Services Ken Forrenz:  "The wind event from late Wednesday afternoon through this morning kept Steuben County 911 Dispatchers, local Fire Departments and highway crews busy handling tree and wire emergencies.  Just over 50 calls for service were processed in addition to other emergencies. Hardest hit areas were Prattsburgh, Bath and Thurston.  Electric Utility companies are working to restore the remaining 400 customers without power."


Prattsburgh Man Has Been Charged With Arson In Howard

From The Sheriff's Dept:  Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on February 27, 2024, deputies and investigators of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested James R. Lisefski, age 43, of Snyder Road, Prattsburgh, New York, following an investigation of a reported suspicious fire in the Town of Howard in December 2023.  It is alleged that Mr. Lisefski intentionally damaged a building by starting a fire and recklessly created a substantial risk of injury to others.  Mr. Lisefski is charged with Arson in the Third Degree, a class C Felony and Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree.  Mr. Lisefski was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and held without bail.

Sheriff Allard thanks the Steuben County Fire Investigation Team and the City of Corning Police Department for their assistance in this investigation.


Some Steuben County  Towns Will Be Getting A New Congressional Member To Represent Them 

The new congressional maps have been approved.  Utica Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney will be representing Dansville, Wayland, Cohocton, Avoca, Prattsburgh, Wheeler, Pulteney.  Congressman Nick Langworthy will get all other towns, villages and cities in Steuben County on his legislative district map.


The latest development in this story is that the Assembly GOP says the assembly democrats want to pass legislation so that the Republicans, if they take any legal action over the new maps, have to file their lawsuit in one of four democrat cities where there are democrat judges.  From Corning Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano: "This bill is very similar to the law Albany Democrats passed last year requiring any election law jurisdiction cases to be  challenged only in these 4 Democrat area Judicial Districts of New York City, Albany, Erie or Westchester Counties and now they are doing the same thing,  again, on cases involving reapportionment /redistricting cases simply because they did not like the fact the intitial redistricting case in 2022 was filed in Steuben County where the  Supreme Court Judge (Judge Pat McAllister) invalidated the maps as unconstituional and gerrymandered.  A decision that was ultimately upheld, as the correct decision, by an appellate court and finally the state's highest court , the Court of Appeals."


The Mobile Mammogram Center To Stop By Bath 

The Steuben County Public Health Office says that Rochester Regional Health Mobile Mammography Center is coming to The Dormann Library.  That will be Tuesday, March 12, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. The mobile unit will be parked in the lot across from the Book Barn.  To schedule ahead, call 585-922-7465 or (toll free) 833-922-7465. You may also register at https://pink.rochesterregional.org/. But please note that drop-ins are welcome.  All are welcome - No appointment, No insurance, No problem.

Top Stories, February 28, 2024

Huge Fire In The Hornell Area Last Night

There were no injuries, as a result of a big house fire just outside of Hornell City Limits last night.  North Hornell Fire Chief Mike Robbins says that the fire was on North Main Street Extension, and that it was called in Tuesday night shortly after 6:00pm. Fire departments from North Hornell, Hornell, Arkport, South Hornell, Canisteo, Almond and Fremont were there.  South Dansville’s Fire Department was on stand by.  Fire Chief Robbins also says the North Hornell Fire Dept. did end up going back in the midnight hour, at about 12:30am early this morning, not long after they had gotten back into service, because of rekindling issues.  On social media last night there were some mentions of the phrase 9th Alarm.  North Hornell Fire Chief Robbins explains, what the 9th Alarm means.  "The 9th Alarm is a tanker task force, so that fire chiefs don't have to call one fire department's tanker at a time.  If a bunch of tankers are needed, the 9th Alarm will get all the tankers in the Hornell area, to the scene of the fire," Robbins explained. 


House Fire Tuesday Night In South Corning

Steuben County Emergency Services says that the Corning Joint Fire District was dispatched to a reported house fire on Orchard Drive in Village of South Corning shortly before 7:30PM Tuesday evening.  Corning Joint Fire District was assisted by the City of Corning Fire Department and the Steuben County Fire Investigation Team.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.  There were no reported injuries.


Numerous Law Enforcement Agencies Attend A Police Supervision Course Given By Sheriffs Dept And Alfred U

The Steuben County Sheriff's Office and the Alfred University Police Academy hosted a course in Police.  Present for this were members of the Livingston County Sheriff's Office, SUNY Alfred Police, Elmira Police, Bath Village Police, and police officers from Canisteo, Wellsville,  Watkins Glen, Elmira Heights, Hornell City, the Town of Independence Police, Alfred Village Police, State Troopers and Belmont Village Police.


Gabe Smalt Appointed To Run Office Of The Aging

Steuben County officials say that Gabe Smalt, the former Steuben Senior Services Fund Full Circle America Coordinator, is taking over for Patty Baroody as the head of the Steuben County Office of the Aging.


Steuben County: Get Ready For Congresswoman Tenney 

Albany Democrats came up with a new map which was released to the media at noon today.  On this map, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney will get the Steuben County towns of: 








Top Stories, February 27, 2024

Sweet: Working On The Budget For  The Village Of Bath

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says the village board is working on the budget.  Sweet says the Bath Village Trustees have wish lists of things the village needs to buy, like a new Bath Village Police vehicle and some street department equipment.  Among these items on the Bath Village Trustee's wish list are a new vehicle for the Bath Police Department and some equipment for the Bath Village Street crews.  "We will try to buy these things in the current budget, because we don't know how next year will go," Sweet told Dave Taylor Smith on this morning's Community Focus, on WVIN Radio.   


The New York State Independent Redistricting Commish Is Throwing A Monkey Wrench Into Congessional Plans 

Collecting political petitions for collecting signatures for local, county, state and congressional races, that process started today here in Steuben County.  The Board of Elections officials in Bath said today that the deadline for filing petitions with the Steuben County Board of Elections is between April 1 and April 4.  Unfortunately for those running for the House of Representatives, yesterday, the State’s Independent Redistricting Commission rejected the latest congressional maps.  "There is limited time for candidates to get signatures and yet the Independent Redistricting Commission is going to be debating another plan for maps, well beyond the deadline for submitting signatures," said Alfred University History Professor Emeritus Dr. Gary Ostrower this morning.  "So, there is going to be a lot of complications."  

Steuben Co Public Health: On April 8 - Don't Look Up In The Sky - Unless You Have The Proper Eye Protection 

The Solar Eclipse is coming up April 8.  Steuben County Public Health is reminding people that if you want to look up at the eclipse that day, to get yourself what they call safe eclipse glasses and keep your eyes protected.

Top Stories, February 26, 2024

Committee Assignments For Steuben Co Lawmakers 

The Steuben County Legislature are meeting this morning and at that meeting, County Legislative Chair, Bath Republican Kelly Fitzpatrick is appointing county lawmakers to legislative committees.


Congressional Maps Update For New York State

Albany officials are working on new legislative maps for House of Representatives members in New York State.  Steuben County GOP Chairman Joe Sempolinski says we should find out sometime today what the latest version of the congressional maps will be.  As of last week, it looked like the current congressional maps would split Steuben County Congressional control, so that Nick Langworthy would get one half of Steuben County, and Claudia Tenney, the other half of the county.  We’ll let you know what the latest version of those maps are going to be, as soon as we find out.


Update On The Case Of Stolen Hornell Vehicles

This morning Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard announced that the suspects who are accused of stealing several vehicles from Maple City Dodge in Hornell - are 18, 19 and 21 years old.  They are all said to be from Rochester, and one of the suspects, the 19 year old, is alleged to have given law enforcement, a fake name, so he is facing additional charges for that too.  


Police In Allegany Co Stopped A Scam In Progress

In Allegany County today, Alfred Village Police Chief Paul Griffith helped an Alfred resident who was being victimized this morning in a telephone and online scam.  "Fortunately, the victim figured out what was happening, in time, and the victim is not out of a lot of money," Griffith said.  "This is a way too common thing that we see anymore," the Alfred Police Chief stated. 


Bath Volunteer Fire Fighter Awards
Recently The Bath Volunteer Fire Department held their annual awards banquet. The BathFirefighter of The Year winner is Preston Skillman.  From Bath Fire Dept Spokesperson John Conrad:

“Preston was nominated for firefighter of the year due to the fact that he came to us with no connections, ties, or family in the department and no experience or exposure to the fire service. He has embraced the job, the culture and the brotherhood of the department and has seamlessly become a huge asset. He is consistently in the top 10 of calls responded to and the top 3 in internal and external training attended. He is always willing to lend a hand or help out other members. He manages to juggle a full-time job and even got married in 2023. Preston embodies everything that we look for in a firefighter. “

Firefly of the Year:  Tiffany Fiordo.  "Tiffany has served as President of the Fireflies for the past three years," Conrad said. "She always ensures meetings are entertaining, yet efficient. Tiffany has focused on ensuring the families of the Department and Fireflies have meaningful, engaging activities. She has placed an emphasis on assisting with Department fundraisers to ensure that the Department has funds for its needs. Tiffany is at fundraisers and helps in whatever ways she can. Tiffany pushes to see improvement for both the Department and Fireflies. Congratulations Tiffany on being the 2023 Firefly of the Year.”

Internal Training Junior Firefighters

3rd Dustin Snell – 44.67 Hours

2nd Alexander Snell – 55.67 Hours

1st Matthew Sabins – 74.67 Hours


Fire Police 3rd Jason Causer – 41.25 Hours

2nd Greg Glashauser – 42.75 Hours

1st Ron Delio – 43.75 Hours


Firefighters 3rd Preston Skillman – 38.25 Hours

2nd Harry E. Keen – 43.75 Hours 1st Coby Causer – 50.25



3rd Curtis Wininger – 32 Hours

2nd Daniel Fiordo – 45.75 Hours

1st – Josh Ames – 53.92 Hours


Chief Officers

3rd – Matthew Glashauser – 45.75 Hours

2nd – Michael Fiordo – 45.25 Hours

1st – David Dowdle – 50.25 Hours

Most Calls

Junior Firefighter 3rd – Dustin Snell - 10

2nd – Alexander Snell – 11

1st – Matthew Sabins - 72


Fire Police

3rd – Mark Phillipson - 90

2nd – Brent Hockaday - 110

1st – Robin Havens – 191 *192 last year


3rd – Harry E. Keen – 185

2nd – Kyle Prutsman - 207

1st – Austin Wheatcraft – 289


Top Responder


3rd – Joshua Ames – 138 2

2nd – Daniel Fiordo – 207

1st – Curtis Wininger – 243

Chief Officers

3rd – Matt Glashauser - 183

2nd – Michael Fiordo – 194

1st – David Dowdle – 215

Robert and Rita Award for Outside Training – Hours

3rd – Timothy Lamphier – 50 Hours

2nd – Austin Wheatcraft – 56 Hours

1st – Preston Skillman – 92 Hours

Robert Brown Award for Outside Training – Classes Attended 3rd – Tim Lamphier - 1

2nd – Austin Wheatcraft - 3

1st – Preston Skillman – 4


Years of Service Awards

5 Years Austin Wheatcraft
15 Years Jason Causer Anthony Barros
20 Years Brent Hockaday Kyle Lisefski Sean Walruth
25 Years Rod Fisher
35 Years Corey Zydanowicz
65 Years John Burdick

1000 Call Milestones 1,000 Calls – Curtis Wininger
Firefly Lifetime Achievement Award

Becky Washburn

Tami Dowdle

Top Stories, February 23, 2024

More Info Is Released About The Murder In Erwin 

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says the 54 year old murder victim who was died on Wednesday, was the sister of the murder suspect, 59 year old John Marvin Jr.


Update On 2019 Allegany County Double Homicide

Billy Larson Jr of the Allegany County Town of Clarksville, he was accused of killing his mother and father in 2019, and he pleaded guilty in October of 2022.  The Allegany County Court Clerk says that the court hearing that was going on last week was about sentencing, and the clerk says the hearing was adjourned until April 16.


Hammondsport 's Ice Water Rescue Class Postponed

The Steuben County Office of Emergency Services says the Ice/Cold Water Rescue - Technician class scheduled to be given at the Hammondsport Fire Department next week has been canceled.  That’s because warmer weather is being forecasted and there won’t be a suitable location with ice to have this training session.


AntiWar Activists Protest Schumer, Gililbrandm Johnson 

Spectrum News reports that pro-Ukraine war activists protested Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson when Johnson was in Binghamton yesterday. Also The New York Times reports that more than a dozen people were arrested last night during a pro-Palestinian protest inside a Manhattan building where Democrat U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand have offices.  The Times says the protesters had black T-shirts on that said “Cease Fire Now” and had “stop funding genocide,” signs.  The protesters reportedly blocked the elevators in the lobby and ignored instructions to leave until police officers arrested them.


Langworthy Gets A Boost From The Erie County GOP

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy has been endorsed by the Erie County Republicans, who say Langworthy can stop the Biden agenda and Langworthy can get the country back on track.  The Erie County GOP gave Congressman Langworthy their unanimous support.

Top Stories, February 22, 2024

Palmesano, O'Mara And The Superintendent's Zoom Call

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R, Corning) has been strongly opposed to Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed budget cuts to schools, Palmesano says he and Senator Tom O’Mara recently had a zoom conference call with around two dozen school superintendents.  "They said that this would be devastating to their school districts," Palmesano stated.   "Also it would be devastating to the school district's property taxes and taxpayers would have to make up the difference.  There would be major cuts that would have to happen to school programs, if the budget cuts went through.  Plus, the superintendent's are trying to set their budgets," Palmesano explained.  


Who Broke In To Two Allegany County Restaurants?

The Wellsville Sun reports that there were two burglaries in Allegany County two nights ago.  One at the Birdsall Inn and one at the Old Mill Inn in Alfred Station.  State Police are handling the investigations.   


A Veterans Event Is Coming Up Monday In Hornell

There is a Haircut Social coming up at Garcia’s Barbershop at 21 Seneca Street in Hornell, on Monday February 26th at 10am.  This is for veterans only.  For more information please call Nichole at (716) 313- 2934.

Top Stories, February 21, 2024

Painted Post  Man Was Charged With 2nd Degree Murder

State Police reported on Wednesday afternoon, that on Tuesday, February 20, in the 5am hour, a 54 year old female assault victim was flown to Sayre Pennsylvania, where she was listed in critical condition.  Then on Wednesday evening, Troopers announced that the 54 year old woman succumbed to her injuries, at Robert Packer Hospital.  Troopers say that the suspect, 59 year old John Marvin Jr. was charged with Murder 2nd (A-1 Felony) and processed at SP Bath and was taken to Steuben County CAP Arraignment at 5:30 p.m. on February 21.  Troopers say that they were assisted at the scene on Tuesday morning, by the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office, Steuben County District Attorney’s Office, AMR Ambulance, Coopers Plains Fire Department, and Guthrie Air/LifeNet.


Bath Village Police Sgt. Cheresnowski, Honored By Village 

At last night’s Village Board meeting in Bath, Village Police Sgt. Cheresnowsky was named the 2023 Officer of the Year.  Bath Village Police Chief Taft says Sgt. Megan Cheresnowsky teaches training on investigating animal cruelty and emergency management as well.  "Her steadfast determination to do her best at everything is a great example for others to follow. Sergeant Cheresnowsky is working on her Bachelor’s degree in her free time as well"" said Police Chief Taft.  He also notes that Sgt. Cheresnowsky will also be teaching at the Police Academy later this year. 


Broadband Is On Kelly Fitzpatrick's Agenda 

According to Steuben County Legislative Chairperson Kelly Fitzpatrick, a major item of interest for her is, getting more internet access across smaller towns in Steuben County, and Fitzpatrick says, broadband internet is in the comprehensive plan.  "It is number one on my list and it part of the county's comprehensive plan," Fitzpatrick told Dave Taylor Smith on WVIN's Community Focus.  "There are many areas in the county, including the road that I live on, that do not have access to high speed internet.  Well, during Covid, we learned that it is of critical importance for everyone to have access to the internet," Fitzpatrick said.  


Interesting Presenation About The 1930's Is Coming Up

The Steuben County Historical Society notes that there is a dam in Arkport and they say that dam was built after the 1935 flood.  It helped keep the flood of 1972 from being even worse than it was.  The dam was part of a construction project built thanks to President Roosevelt’s New Deal program, as was the nearby Arkport Central School. At 4 PM on Friday, March 1st, Steuben County Historical Director Kirk House will present a program, “Our Great Depression, Our New Deal,” and that’ll be free and held at the Bath fire hall.

Top Stories, February 20, 2024

A Close Call In the Town of Bath On Monday Afternoon 

Bath Volunteer Fire Department spokesman John Conrad says the Bath Fire Department and the Savona Fire Department along with Goodrich Auto in Bath, all worked together to save a driver who was trapped inside a Kia Sorrento yesterday.  The vehicle was stuck at the top of an embankment.  Not only did firefighters get the driver extricated from the Sorrento, they were also able to prevent the vehicle from sliding down the embankment.  No injuries were reported. 


Corning Inc To Do Layoffs At The Erwin Plant

The Corning Leader reports that Corning Incorporated is laying off 107 workers at their plant in Erwin.  The Leader also says, Corning Incorporated won’t be closing that plant.  The Corning Leader also has a story about how Hickory Hill campgrounds in Bath is being run once again, by the Lehman family.  The Leader reports that Hickory Hill open up again on May 1st


Stolen WWII Medal Found By Sheriff's Dept In Orleans Co

Officials with the Finger Lakes VA say that the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department has recovered a stolen WWII Purple Heart medal.  The VA says, the Purple Heart Medal was stolen from the Stanford family.  Officials say that 1st Lt. Herbert Stanford was killed in World War II in 1944 in France.  Officials say Stanford’s plane was shot down by the Germans and that German soldiers stripped his body of any identifiers and dragged his body to the gates of a cemetery there in France.  Tomorrow in Rochester, the VA Finger Lakes Healthcare System will be having a ceremony where they’ll be returning the stolen Purple Heart Medal to Lt. Herbert Stanford’s family. 


State Teachers Union Helps Fight Cancer

The New York State Teachers Union is being congratulated for being the number one contributor to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer campaign.  The state teachers union has brought in over 17 million dollars to fight cancer, since 2002.

Top Stories, Febuary 19, 2024

Company Files A Lawsuit Against The Thurston Town Board And The Town Of Thurston 

The Thurston Town Board and the Town of Thurston is being sued by Casella Waste Systems.  Casella Waste Systems is trying to fight the town of Thurston’s Local Law #3 which reportedly bans putting sewage sludge, or biosolids on the land in Thurston.  In lawsuit filed by Casella it says that the biosolids act as farm fertilizer for some farms there in the Town of Thurston.  We reached out yesterday for a response from Thurston Town Supervisor Michael Volino.  Volino emailed us back saying he has no comment at this time but he did pass along our email to two attorneys involved in defending the Town Board and the Town of Thurston. 


The Reasons Behind The Increase In Auto Insurance In NYS

Car insurance.  It’s been going up at all insurance companies in New York State.  We asked Jeff Ryan, owner of the Ryan Agency in Hornell, if that had anything to do with the fact that car theft has been happening more and more across the state.  "The increase in auto and converter thefts has definitely impacted auto insurance rates," Ryan said. "However the cost of vehicles, parts and the time it takes to get those parts has had a greater effect.  Unfortunately right now it's a crazy time for all companies in the auto insurance marketplace.  It's a good time to partner with your agent and consider appropriate deductibles and other strategies to help keep the costs down," Ryan said. 


O'Mara Endorses Sempolinksi For Assembly Run

Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara is endorsing Joe Sempolinski for the Assemblyman Joe Giglio seat in the state assembly.  Giglio announced he’s not running on Friday morning.  Sempolinski announced he’s running for the Giglio seat on Friday afternoon.  O’Mara says, "that he can think of no one more qualified for the Giglio Assembly seat than Giglio’s current chief of staff, Joe Sempolinski."


Free Snowmobiling Weekend Statewide In March

The governor says there will be two free snowmobile weekends in New York State, for out of staters and Canadians.  That’ll be the weekend of March 1st through March 3rd and March 8th through the 10th

Top Stories, February 16, 2024

County Manager Slams Sheriff In New FB Video

This morning Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler posted a video on Facebook, about Sheriff Jim Allard and the sheriff's lawsuit against the county, over paying for his own liability insurance.  In the video, Wheeler stated the following: 


  • Only the sheriff has had his liability insurance removed.  No deputies have lost their liability insurance.  
  • 17 of the about three dozen lawsuits against the county, were lawsuits filed against the sheriff.
  • The insurance company representing the county says the deductible has gone from $500,000 to $750,000 for each potential claim. 
  • The sheriff paid a loan worth thousands of dollars, without county authorization. 
  • The sheriff violated county policy by investigating his own department's personel issues.
  • The sheriff made false claims about county executive sessions.
  • The sheriff wants lawmakers to talk about executive sessions which were confidential discussions. 

Click here to see Wheeler's Facebook Video.


If you don't have Facebook, please click here to listen to the audio of County Manager Wheeler.


UPDATE: 12:10PM Steuben County Legislative Chairperson Kelly Fitzpatrick says the following: “The video released by county Manager Jack Wheeler is within his authority as director of county operations. The video does not speak for the Steuben County Legislature and was not approved by the county legislature.”


UPDATE 2:46PM - STEUBEN COUNTY SHERIFF JIM ALLARD RESPONDS: "The manager's statement is confusing and misinformed.  It is unfortunate that as we try to move forward with a functional government that the manager still feels the need to issue a statement on something that could have been solved months ago.  I encourage our tax payers to look into the amount of money that the county administration has spent  mischaracterizing the issues to the public."


Republican Assemblyman For Jasper, Addison, Greenwood, Joe Giglio Is Not Seeking Re-Election 
The Olean Times Herald reports that Republican Assemblyman Joe Giglio is not going to seek re-election.  There has been speculation that Joe Sempolinski will run for that Assembly seat.  Sempolinski is a former congressman and current chief of staff for Giglio.


Sempolinski Announces He Is Running In The 3:00 Hour 

Former Congressman Joe Sempolinski has declared his candidacy for the State Assembly. Sempolinski is a candidate for the 148th Assembly District currently represented by Joseph Giglio, who has announced that he will not be seeking another term. Sempolinski currently serves as the Chief of Staff to Mr. Giglio.
“I can be the most effective voice possible for the people of this district” Sempolinski said. “And the people don’t have to take my word for it because I’ve done it already. I represented every piece of the 148th Assembly District during my time in Congress and I was able to be successful despite a shortened term and serving in the minority. This experience, plus my time as Chief of Staff for this very office, means I can deliver for this region in a way no one else could.” 
Sempolinski lives with his wife Angie and their two daughters Joselyn and Madelyn in the 148th Assembly District. Angie is a public school teacher in Hinsdale, NY. Earlier in his career, Sempolinski led the New York-based staff for the 23rd Congressional District. 
“This district is my home,” Sempolinski stated. “There is no one who can serve this area like I can. I have spent years working with people throughout this district on both the state and federal issues that impact their lives and livelihoods, as a Congressman, staff member and as a private citizen. I can hit the ground running in Albany as no other candidate can.”
Regarding the current political situation in Albany, Sempolinski said that “The ultra radical liberal wing of the Democrat Party runs Albany. Our district needs a true conservative to stand up against the madness that we have seen such as the so-called ‘bail reform’, out of control spending, insane energy policies and an extremist far left social agenda. You don’t have to ask how I will vote on these issues because you have seen how I voted in Congress.”
Learn more about Joe at JoeSempolinski.com 


The New  Maps: How It Could Affect Steuben

The newly proposed state legislative maps came out yesterday.  The proposed maps would have Congressman Nick Langworthy keeping most of Steuben County in his district map, and Congresswoman Claudia Tenney getting the Steuben County areas of Wayland, Cohocton, Prattsburgh and several other towns.

Top Stories, February 15, 2024



At 3:10 AM February 15th the Bath Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched for a structure fire at 6540 Davenport Hill Road just off Mossy Bank Park Road in the town of Bath at the Kevin Mahkne residence. The fire was called in by a neighbor. Assistant Chief David Dowdle arrived on scene to report a 20 by 40-foot garage fully involved. Bath VA for an engine and Kanona Fire for a tanker were called for mutual aid to the scene. The Bath Volunteer Ambulance Corps was also dispatched to the scene to standby.  Bath Chief Mike Fiordo later called for Savona Fire for manpower and for the Steuben County Fire Investigation Team to the scene. The fire was declared under control at 3:48 AM. The were no exposures to the fire and no injuries have been reported. The garage was reported to house a UTV, yard equipment and tools which were a total lost, but was reported to be insured.  The cause of the fire has not yet been determined and is under investigation by the Steuben County Fire Investigation Team. All fire units were back in quarters at 7:10 AM.



Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says today that several Rochester youths are being charged for allegedly stealing vehicles from Maple City Dodge in Hornell in the overnight hours earlier this month. 



Statement From Steuben County:  Both a recent survey and public input for Steuben County’s comprehensive plan point to an overwhelming need for an improved public transportation system the county. With only 13.6 percent of all county roads covered by public transportation, the need is critical, according to a report by Steuben County Coordinated Human Services Transportation Committee. The report was recently presented to the county Legislature’s Human Service, Health and Education Committee by county Mobility Manager Edward VanStine. According to the report, several transportation providers offer fixed-route services in the county. However, most county residents live outside those fixed, or allowable deviation, route lines. Volunteer driver programs and human service agencies work meet the needs outside those lines for residents who lack a car of their own or face other transportation barriers. The report notes the impact of public transportation on employment, with current transit schedules out of sync with common work shifts. The lack of coordination impacts employers and employees, as well as access to non-emergency medical appointments and other human service and social service programs.  Economically challenged families face serious difficulties in transportation, the report states.
Some 48 percent of the county’s active public assistance caseload live outside the three main transportation hubs while almost 10 percent of those people in public housing units have no access to private transport – above the national average of 7 percent.  

The goals of the committee are highly motivated, far-reaching and include:

To advocate for consistent and predictable funding levels that will sustain public transportation service long-term. Coordination among providers will help keep public transportation services cost effective and resilient.

To encourage and facilitate the most efficient use of all Federal, State and local funds used to provide passenger transportation in non-urbanized areas through the coordination of programs and services.

To improve the delivery of transportation services for the target populations.

To generate operational efficiencies that can lead to increased levels of service.

To encourage cooperation and coordination among transportation providers. “Transportation in Steuben County isn't just a convenience; it’s the very heartbeat of progress. With every bus route mapped and each road paved, we carve out paths of possibility, stitching together the varied corners of our community into a harmonious quilt that shelters every generation,” VanStine said. “Here, we don’t simply move people— we ignite journeys of purpose and possibility. This is my pledge: to elevate transportation into a symphony of community connection, a dynamic force propelling Steuben County toward an inclusive and thriving tomorrow where no one is left behind."

Top Stories, February 14, 2024

Update On The Case Against Terry Long Jr Of Avoca

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says there is a lot of evidence for both the prosecution and defense to go over, in the case against Avoca shooter suspect, Terry Long Jr.  Long is accused of shooting his girlfriend in the face in Avoca, in mid-December.  "It was one event that happened over a few hours, but we have bodycam videos from dozens of officers," Baker said, in discussing the evidence involved.  "There is also drone footage and hours and hours of interviews with neighbors, and hundreds of pages of reports.  The defense has asked for some additional time to review that, review the law and potentially file some motions.  We already had one set of motion arguments and the judge granted him a hearing on the admissibility of the statements Long made to law enforcement.  Also, counsel asked for some additional time to file additional motions and the judge gave him some time to work through that process.  So we are continuing to work through all of this discovery with the defense counsel, as is our requirement under the new state law," Baker said.   


A New Junior Firefighter Program Here In Steuben County

Over in Canisteo, the village board last night approved the request from the Canisteo Volunteer Fire Department to start up a junior firefighter program.  That’s something they’ve had running successfully for years in Bath.  They also have a junior firefighter program in Hammondsport and Corning. 

Campbell Residents Are Invited To A Fire Hall Meeting

There is a post circulating on local fire department Facebook pages, about the Campbell Fire Department’s fire chief stepping down.  In the post it says the Campbell Fire Department is having an upcoming meeting about this.  That will be on March 5 at 6pm at the new Campbell Fire Hall on Route 415.

Sempolinski: The Long Island GOP Candidate Was Micromanaged And Overprotected By Her Handlers

As heard on the national newscasts, Republican congressional candidate Mazi Pillip lost last night , to Democrat Tom Souzzi in the race for the Santos House seat in Long Island and Queens.  Steuben County GOP Chairman Joe Sempolinski says, the big problem with her campaign was, her handlers, would not let Mazi be herself.  "She was very protected," said Steuben County Republican Chair and former Republican Congressman Joe Sempolinski.  "They were holding press conferences where they had other members of congress standing next to her, also taking questions.  She didn't do a lot of interviews either.  It seems like whoever was making the stategic decisions, was very afraid of putting her out there and having her take definitive stances, and I was a little surprised by that," Sempolinski said. 

Top Stories, February 13, 2024

Hornby Gang Assault Case:  Steuben County D.A. Brooks Baker Says You'll Be Hearing More About This Soon

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says the investigation continues into the November gang assault case out of Hornby.  "The case is still pending and the investigation is still ongoing," Baker tells WVIN.  "Obviously in a case like this, there are a number of witnesses and gang assault is a very serious charge so we're taking our time in putting the case together.  The victim in this case did suffer significant injuries and facial fractures, and we're taking this case very seriously.  We have yet to indict the case but it is one that you'll probably be hearing Steuben County Court information about, in the relatively near future," Baker explained.  


Corning Resident Will Be On A Black History TV Special

Coming up on Big Fox on Friday night at 10:30, and rerun Sunday at 11am, Steuben County Hall of Fame Inductee and Corning resident Georgia Verdier, will be a guest, on Black History Month.   Georgia Verdier is in the Steuben County Hall of Fame for her civil rights work. 


SUNY Chancellor Might Take Job At Harvard Univ

Empire Report New York has a story up today about how SUNY Chancellor John King, might be the next president of Harvard University.  King previously served as the Education Secretary for President Barack Obama. 


Schumer: We Got The Ukraine Funding Bill Passed

Democrat US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the legislation passed early this morning will show Putin he will regret the day he questioned America’s resolve to help Ukraine.  "The Senate has just passed the national security bill for our security, our values, and our democracy.  With the passage of this national security bill, the Senate is telling Putin he will regret the day he questioned America’s resolve. With the passage of this national security bill, the Senate is sending a clear bipartisan message of resolve to our allies in NATO."


Palmesano: Repeal The Requirement That School Buses Must Be Zero-Emissioner By July 1 2035

“The consequences seem to get worse by the day while the Albany Democrats keep rushing to implement unreasonable and unworkable energy mandates on all of New York state’s citizens, businesses, communities, manufacturers, farmers, schools and others. This is especially true for local school districts, local economies and local property taxpayers if Gov. Hochul keeps pushing to meet the current timeline to transition to all-electric school bus fleets," Palmesano stated. "School districts are facing one of the most expensive mandates they have ever faced. This state is forcing school districts to move, at breakneck speed, to implement a misguided, politically driven climate policy that the state itself has no idea if it is affordable, feasible or reliable. If we do not revise this timeline and significantly delay the implementation of the current mandate until we have more information, the benefit of experience and more efficient and less expensive technology, we are putting our schools, students and their families at serious risk and we are breaking the backs of local property taxpayers across this state at the worst possible time. We need to put a stop to this madness and reassess and reexamine this policy with common sense, expertise and a full cost-benefit, feasibility and safety analysis.”   

Top Stories, February 12, 2024

The Video Evidence Against The Break-In Suspects

In September of 2023, the Steuben County District Attorney's Office announced that four suspects, from Bath, Avoca, Pulteney and Rochester, were charged for allegedly committing a series of break-in’s in Steuben, Yates, Seneca Counties and down in Pennsylvania too.  This morning, District Attorney Brooks Baker talked about some of the video evidence collected by New York State Police in the case.  "They stole a pretty distinctive truck at one point," Baker said.  "We were able to use Ring Doorbell video and other surveillance video from homes, and so many houses have them now.  Seeing that vehicle coming and going from a storage area, where a number of storage units where entered and broken into, just down the road from where some other homes, this tied them to over a dozen counts of the indictment," said Baker.


The Hornby Gang Assault Victim Injuries Described

WVIN News has learned more about that gang assault victim from the November birthday party in the Town of Hornby, officials say the alleged victim, 27 year old Angela Davis of Corning, was said to have suffered fractures to her face. 


Presser At 1:00pm Today In Albany

Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, Senator Tom O’Mara and Senator George Borrello are holding a press conference today at the state capital, to speak out against the state’s mandate to have all electric school buses in the year 2027. 


Why Langworthy Is Against The Senate's Border Bill 

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy says he was against the Senate’s border plan, because it would allow 5,000 illegal immigrants into America every day.  Langworthy also says he cannot vote for anything that will lead to amnesty or help illegal immigration.

Top Stories, February 9, 2024

Governor Hochul Proposes Cuts To Community Colleges

Over the years, Community Colleges have gotten 1/3 funding from the state, 1/3 from the county where the community college is located, and 1/3 from the student.   In the state budget hearings Thursday, GOP State Senator Tom O’Mara talked with SUNY Chancellor John King about the governor’s proposed budget cuts to community colleges.  O’Mara said that the way the governor has things worked out, the state would be paying $100 million dollars less than the counties.  SUNY Chancellor King says, that’s why the community college presidents are asking for $97 million dollars, to cover operating costs.


Does Your Town, Village, Or Business, Need A Grant?

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C-Corning) is sending his “February Grant Action News Update” to residents, organizations and local governments regarding a series of grants available from the state, federal government and private entities. Each month, the Assembly provides an updated list of grants for a variety of categories.

“During a time of economic recovery, grants can play an integral part in helping our local communities complete needed infrastructure repairs or support underfunded projects,” said Palmesano. “Many people don’t realize the scope of available opportunities because they aren’t sure where to look. The ‘Grants Action News’ bulletin makes finding these grants much easier by consolidating the information and making it available to everyone. I hope residents, organizations and local governments throughout the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions will be able to use this resource to find much-needed support to strengthen communities in our rural area.” The update can be accessed here:



Gillibrand Wants To Expand The Child Tax Credit

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand held a video press conference to call for the passage of the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act and revealed how the expanded child tax credit included in it would help New York families. The expansion would make it easier for low-income families to qualify for the Child Tax Credit (CTC), adjust the credit for inflation, and help lift an estimated 400,000 children out of poverty.   The Child Tax Credit is a lifeline for working families and one of the best tools we have for fighting child poverty,” said Senator Gillibrand. “The Child Tax Credit expansion expired at the end of 2021, and since then, child poverty has more than doubled nationwide. That’s unacceptable. This credit would benefit nearly 900,000 New York kids and save the average family nearly 700 dollars per year. I am calling on my colleagues to pass the expanded CTC to provide additional support to kids most in need.” 


The expanded Child Tax Credit would: 

  1. Provide a larger CTC for low-income families with more than 2 children: The original CTC is calculated by multiplying a family’s income above $2,500 by 15%. The expanded CTC multiplies the family’s income above $2,500 by 15% and also by the family’s number of children. 
  2. Allow taxpayers to use their income from either the current or prior year in calculations. Since the original CTC requires a parent to have at least $2,500 in annual income to qualify, this change would ensure that families whose income suddenly drops can still qualify.
  3. Adjust the CTC annually for inflation in 2024 and 2025.
  4. Modify the Overall Limit on Refundable Child Tax Credit: Under current law, the maximum refundable child tax credit is limited to $1,600 per child for 2023, even if the earned income limitation described above is in excess of this amount. This provision increases the maximum refundable amount per child to $1,800 in tax year 2023, $1,900 in tax year 2024, and $2,000 in tax year 2025.

More information about the Child Tax Credit is available here. Families can calculate how much they would gain from the expanded child tax credit here. 


Top Stories, February 8, 2024

Did You Lose TV, Phone, Internet Last Night?

Officials say that Spectrum had an outage last night, and from the 7pm hour until the 11pm hour last night, some Steuben County Spectrum customers were without tv, land lines and internet service.


Why Wind Turbine Blades Were On The Side Of The Road

A number of people have asked our news department why wind companies had a lot of wind turbine blades, stacked up, on the side of the road, in Bath.  Steuben County Industrial Development Agency Director Jamie Johnson spoke on that topic, to members of the Steuben County Agriculture, Industry and Planning meeting.  "That was just a test  run," Johnson explained.  "When they had the wind turbine blades out on the side of I-86, everybody said it was ugly, everybody said it was horrible.  However, what the company was doing there was simply testing the technology, to make sure it would work.  The reason the wind turbines piled up last year, was because, in order to grind them up, the wind company needed to water as part of the process, and they couldn't keep the water from freezing up.  So, they had to shut down their process, in the January/February timeline." 


Senator O'Mara Grills NYSERDA And DEC Leaders

During the state budget hearings on Environmental Conservation and Energy, State Senator Tom O’Mara questioned the president of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Doreen Harris.  "Manufacturers, who are permitted emitters," O'Mara said.  "Either the fee or the taxes you're going to put on them, is going to raise those costs of goods for everybody," O'Mara warned the NYSERDA president.  When speaking to the Department of Environmental Conservation Director Basil Seggos, O'Mara talked about the Climate Action Council changes which are in the works.  "Costs are going to be extraordinary," O'Mara stated.  A big problem with the discussion is whenever we ask questions about reliability and affordability, all of the sudden, you say we are climate deniers or that we don't care about the environment."   In the video posted of the hearing, D.E.C. Director Basil Seggos did not respond to what O'Mara said.  Click here to see the video of that part of the hearing.

Top Stories, February 7, 2024

State Police Charge Two Steuben County Residents With Second Degree Gang Assault, After A Birthday Party Fight 

FROM NYSP: On November 26, 2023, the New York State Police responded to a fight in progress alongside State Route 414 in the town of Hornby.  An investigation revealed that the parties involved had been celebrating a birthday by partaking in the consumption of alcohol and drugs. At approximately 10:00 a.m., a fight broke out between the partygoers. Angela M. Travis, age 27, of Corning, NY, struck Nicole L. Zazynski, age 33, of Elmira, NY, causing minor injuries. Then Zazynski, Wesley L. Jones II, age 42, Horseheads, NY, and Dausen Seymour, age 24, of Corning, NY, retaliated and physically assaulted Travis causing serious physical injuries. Travis was hospitalized and treated for these injuries.   Travis was arrested for Assault 3rd and issued an appearance ticket to the Town of Hornby Court on March 6, 2024. Zazynski, Jones, and Seymour were arrested for Gang Assault 2nd (C Felony) and arraigned in Steuben County Centralized Arraignment Part Court.


Steuben County Might Be Getting More Into Clean Tech

This morning, Steuben County Industrial Development Agency Director Jamie Johnson announced, that the County IDA has been working with a company that specialized in clean tech, to come in as consultants and identify what towns in Steuben County can develop clean tech projects here.  "The southern tier is already a leader in the green energy economy," Johnson said.  "We've got nationally recognized research universities, including Alfred University, Cornell and Binghamton Universities.  The southern tier also generates the most renewable power in New York State, because of our wind and solar assets.  I'm including Barron Wind Phase II, Canisteo Wind, Prattsburgh Wind and a number of solar projects."   Johnson says that the Steuben County IDA has been in contact  with numerous clean tech busineses.  The company which the Steuben County IDA is talking about the most, is a company called Newmark.  


More Info On The New Steuben County EMS Program

Work on planning for the Steuben County Supplemental Emergency Medical Services continues.  Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler explains that the county wants to get their own ambulance, to use for ambulance runs across the entire county.  The county manager also says that officials are working out agreements with fire stations across the county to be able to use their ambulances and emergency medical equipment, which some fire stations are making available to the county.  According to Wheeler, the plans are to have the new ambulances out on the road within the next few months.


3 Bath Residents Charged For Allegedly Not Feeding Pets

The Bath Village Police Department reports the charging of three Bath residents with animal neglect.  Ticketed were Joshua Fenstermacher, 36, Ashley O’Donnell, 36, and 24 year old Eva Rose Brush. 


Trumps Fight To Get On The NYS Ballot Isn't Over Yet 

CityandState.com reports that the New York State Board of Elections decided last night, that Donald Trump can be on the ballot in New York State.  Steuben County GOP Chair Joe Sempolinski predicts that Democrats will sue to keep Trump off the ballot.  Alfred University Political Science Professor Dr Bob Heineman predicts the Supreme Court will side with Trump and get Trump on the ballot in New York. 


Palmesano Announces Scholarship Opportunities 

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says, the New York Conference of Italian-American State Legislators is accepting applications for four scholarships: each worth $3,000 each, two of them are academic scholarships and two are athletic scholarships.  Palmesano says that scholarships are available to residents of the 132nd Assembly District who are current college students or high school seniors entering college. Students can access and complete the application: https://www.nyiacsl.org/apply-for-scholarship-form.   The application deadline is Friday, March 15.  

Governor Kathy Hochul's New Credit Card Law 

The governor says, a new law went into effect this past Sunday, which makes it so businesses have to tell you if there is a higher price for paying with a credit card.  https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-hochul-announces-new-law-clarify-disclosure-credit-card-surcharges-goes-effect-sunday

Top Stories, February 6, 2024

More Details On Steuben County's Plans For More EMS 

Steuben County Public Safety Director Tim Marshall is working with County Manager Jack Wheeler, on getting things ready, for the supplemental emergency services team, the county wants to put together this year.  Marshall  recently discussed with other county officials, plans on how the supplemental emergency services team will handle medical charts and medical billing.  "Would this require two different agencies (one for billing, one for providing medical charts) or could one agency handle both?"  That was a question posed to Marshall, during the Public Safety And Corrections Meeting this week.  "Most of them are separate," Marshall answered.  "However, they do work in paralell with each other.  So typically the charting agency provides the services to the medical billing agency, and the medical billing agency then bills the medical charting agency, for those services," Marshall explained.  

Some Firefighter News From Around Steuben County

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says, Investigator Don Lewis and K9 Jack, did a training session recently with Steuben County Emergency Services officials and that was at the Painted Post Fire Department.  Also, the Bath Volunteer Fire Department reports that 2023 was a busy year, and that they had 530 calls they responded to, last year.


Allegany County Man Dies After An Ice Related Incident

The Olean Times Herald reports that an Allegany County man died from falling through the ice at Cuba Lake.  According to the Olean Times Herald, two men fell through the ice, both were taken to Olean General Hospital, the man who died was identified by the Times Herald as Daniel Whitford, who reportedly died of a cardiac arrest.


Talks Continue Over New York Migrant Situation

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul said about the migrants this morning on Morning Joe, "If you break it, you own it. The Republicans are breaking this deal, now they'll own it."  Also, Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy says the Senate Democrats border legislation is "dead on arrival, in the House of Representatives."


Top Stories, February 5, 2024

News For Steuben County Residents: Help For Areas Across The County Where There Are Less Volunteer EMS Workers

What to do about the fact that there are less volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers?  Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler has been working on a solution for that problem. For the last several weeks, Steuben County officials have been working to get what they’re calling supplemental Emergency Medical Services going, for areas in the county that need more EMS assistance during medical emergencies.  During this morning’s Public Safety and Corrections meeting, County Manager Jack Wheeler discussed how they’re planning on getting a county EMS team going, and how it will focus first, on the towns that seem to need more EMS services.  Woodhull, Tuscarora, Prattsburgh, Avoca, Hammondsport and Urbanda, were the towns mentioned by Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler.  The county is also in the early stages of talking about how billing would work, for this new emergency medical service. 


FEMA Comes Through With Funding For Woodhull Wall

Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose says FEMA has come up with funding for the wall on the side of the road on County Route 129 in Woodhull, and the county is getting ready to go to bidding, to fix that wall.  "The outside engineers have collected enough data to start the project," Rose said today.  "In the coming months there will be construction, starting on this project.  FEMA allocated at this point, a little over $3.5 million dollars, for this particular project."  The wall along the side of the road on County Route 129, was badly damaged during the Hurricane Fred flooding, in the fall of 2021. 


One Mayor's Thoughts On Consolidated Highway Funding 

Mayor John Buckley is at a NYCOM meeting introduced a resolution to New York Conference Of Mayors to oppose the proposed cut to consolidated highway funding in the Governor’s budget.  Buckley says he’s urging each city, village, and town to consider passing a resolution to not only oppose any cut to road and highway funding, but to advocate for annual increases to offset inflationary costs.

Top Stories, February 2, 2024

Interesting Lecturer To Speak Today In Bath

At 4:00pm today, Allegany County Historian Craig Brock, will be giving a talk about women in the civil war, with a focus on women from the region.  That will be at the Centenary Methodist Church in Bath, on the Corner of Washington and Liberty Streets.


O'Mara: Somebody Is Fudging The School Numbers

Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara says, the governor’s claims are false, about some schools getting increases in aid.

O’Mara also says, the governor’s proposed budget plans will affect school district employee insurance costs.

Click to watch video of O'Mara speaking about this. 



Schumer Says DC Dems Agenda Is Working

Democrat US Senator Chuck Schumer says the Washington Democrats Agenda is working.  Schumer says, that's because manufacturing investment is double what it was, under the Trump Administration. 

Top Stories, January 1, 2024

Fatal Accident In Avoca, Hornell Man Has Been Charged

Steuben County D.A. Brooks Baker says State Troopers Tuesday arrested 26 year old Michael Eldridge of Hornell on charges of manslaughter, second-degree vehicular manslaughter, first-degree reckless endangerment, felony assault and misdemeanor assault.  There was a fatal accident in August in Avoca, which officials say, caused the death of a 51 year old Nunda man, Michael Hinrich.  Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker also says, Eldridge is being indicted with felony criminal mischief, for allegedly shooting a splatball gun at a home in Hornell, late last fall.


Another Local Welfare Fraud Accusation

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on January 31, 2024, Deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 54 year old Bath man.  It is alleged that from July 2023 through November 2023, the male suspect knowingly stole services in the amount of $1,091.00 from the Steuben County Department of Social Services.  He was charged with Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree, a class E Felony, Welfare Fraud in the Fourth Degree, a class E Felony, and Misuse of Food Stamps.  The suspect was released on an appearance ticket to appear in the Village of Bath Court at a later date.  The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Steuben County Department of Social Services Fraud and Legal Affairs Unit, and the District Attorney’s Office.


Palmesano Says No, To Closing Five State Prisons

Corning Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano is opposing Governor Kathy Hochul’s plans to shut down five prisons.            “A one-year closure notification is damaging enough to employees, their families and impacted local communities, but allowing a prison closure with just a 90-day notification is a tremendous insult to those dedicated correction officers and staff who work a very dangerous job to keep us safe. The Legislature has the ability to reject this ridiculous 90-day notification proposal and we absolutely should reject it,” said Palmesano. “I have met correction officers who first worked at Livingston Correctional facility, then Gowanda and then Southport and then were forced to move on again after all of these devastating closures. We should be treating these hard-working and dedicated employees and their families with respect. For a family to uproot themselves and find a new home and a new school for their kids takes some time and the state should recognize that and, at least, show some support and compassion to these dedicated employees working this dangerous job to keep us safe. The governor should follow the law of a one-year notification instead of pushing for a fast-tracked 90-day closure notification.”  The governor says she wants to shut down prisons and use those old prison buildings for business offices and economic development.


Gillibrand, Langworthy, Working To Keep The Buffalo Post Office Open, As There Are Plans By The USPS, To Possibly Shut Those Post Offices Down

Know anyone in Buffalo, maybe someone who you send mail to?  Democrat US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is opposed to closing down the Buffalo Post Office and having the Rochester Post Office handle Buffalo’s mail instead.  Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy agrees with the senator on this, Langworthy says he recently met with US Post Office officials to make his position clear: he is strongly opposed to the proposal to move the Buffalo Mail Processing Facility to Rochester if it means jobs are lost in Western New York.

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