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September 30, 2022

Bath Police Officer Injured During An Arrest 

Bath Police report that on Thursday morning, a Bath Village Police Officer was injured while taking Derrick Mack Vasquez into custody, on charges of an alleged domestic dispute.  Derrick Mack Vasquez is now facing charges of resisting arrest and 2nd degree assault.  The injured officer was treated at the hospital and released.


It's Wineglass Weekend! 

The Wineglass Health and Fitness Expo is going on until 7pm tonight and then again tomorrow, 9am to 6pm at the Corning Museum of Glass.  Then on Sunday, the Wegmans Wineglass Half Marathon starts at 7:45am in Campbell and the Guthrie Wineglass Marathon will start 8:15am Sunday in Bath. 


What About Helping Out The People Of Woodhull Too? 

Senator Tom O’Mara and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, were in Woodhull yesterday, holding a press conference about the governor and  Woodhull.  “Unfortunately, the bottom line is clear that Governor Hochul has turned her back on the communities and residents we represent," it said, in a joint statement.  "At a time when New York State government is distributing hundreds of millions of dollars of aid for everything under the sun, including no-strings-attached assistance for other hard-hit flood victims in other parts of the state, it’s hard to comprehend Governor Hochul’s refusal to help Steuben County."  Assemblyman Palmesano noted, that only three people have been helped out from state money, in Woodhull.  O'Mara complained that the governor is helping Florida, and has helped New York City, but has done little to nothing, for Woodhull.  


Gov Hochul: Electric Cars By 2035 In New York State

Governor Kathy Hochul wants cars that have zero emissions by the year 2035 all across the state.  That means we'll be driving electric cars, statewide, by 2035. 


The Maps Are Back In The News Again

Remember how Steuben County was in the national news for a while, because Steuben County Judge Pat McAllister was deciding how the state legislative maps would be drawn?  Well CityandState.com reports, that the state assembly maps that judge pat mcallister and the state court of appeals came up with, are now being cancelled.  State supreme court judge Lawrence Love has ordered that the maps that were approved this year for the state assembly have to be tossed, and that new maps have to be ready by April of 2023.  City and State also reports, that ruling from yesterday, might be appealed too.


Rabies Clinic In Bath - In Two Weeks

There will be a free drive up Rabies Clinic, put on by Steuben County Public Health, that’s coming up Saturday October 15th 9am to 11am at the Haverling Bath Garage on Route 415 in Bath. 

Top Stories, September 29, 2022

So How Are Things Coming Along With Amazon In Bath?

Paving starts next week (hopefully, if the rain lets up) at the Amazon parking lot.   Steuben County Industrial Development Agency Director Jamie Johnsonm who was on WVIN's Community Focus today, says that is the plan.


Scam Call Warning - There Is No Deputy Buchanan 

Sheriff Jim Allard says that the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office deputies investigated a report that a resident of Steuben County received a telephone call in which a person identified himself as “Deputy Buchanan” and stated that the person had twenty four hours to call back or turn himself in to the Sheriff’s Office, or pay a fine.  Well, two things there.  One, there is no Deputy Buchanan in Steuben or neighboring counties.  Two, the phone number (607) 794-4975, when called back, was disconnected, indicating that the phone number was probably computer generated.   Sheriff Allard says if you receive any call directing you to turn yourself in or pay a fine, please call (607) 622-3911 and report that call.  


Local GOP Says, Hochul Needs To Help More

This afternoon, Republicans will be holding a press conference, calling out the Hochul administration’s reported failure to fully address the flood recovery needs of Steuben County residents and businesses since the August 2021 flash flooding.  Present at that press conference will be: Senator Tom O’Mara, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, Steuben County Public Safety Head Tim Marshall, and several Woodhull town officials.


New And Conflicting Polls, In The Hochul vs Zeldin Race

Congressman Lee Zeldin says he’s got an internal poll that shows him five point eight points behind Governor Kathy Hochul.  Zeldin is calling on the governor, to skip turning Columbus Day into Indigenous People’s Day again this year.  Zeldin maintains, it’s an insult to Italian Americans.  At the same time, Governor Hochul says her polls have her 19 points ahead of Zeldin.  The governor spoke yesterday to the Albany Symposium of Police, and touched on criticisms about being soft on crime.  Hochul maintains that things are improving, and that work is being done legislatively, to crack down on suspects who skip out on court appearances. 


Monkey Pox Vax Reminder From Steuben Co Public Health
Steuben County Public Health officials say, that there's still time to register for tomorrow’s Monkeypox vaccine clinic. Call 607-664-2438. They say that the vaccine is free and helps prevent the Monkeypox virus infection.


Spaghetti Dinner This Weekend In Bath

The Bath Rotary Club is having a spaghetti dinner this Saturday, 4:30pm to 6:30pm, for $12.00 per person.  That’ll be at the St Thomas Episcopal Church Hall, Liberty Street in Bath.  It’s dine in or takeout. Tickets are available at the door or from any Rotarian.

Top Stories, September 28, 2022

A Capital Project Is Being Proposed For Bath Schools

There’s a proposed capital project for the Bath Central School District.  It’s a 39 million dollar capital project that will be up for a public referendum on December 6th, says School Superintendent Joe Rumsey.  If approved by voters, there will  be L.E.D. lighting, some work on the classrooms, parking lot improvements, softball dugout replacements, a new press box and a new storage building at the stadium.  There will also be security improvements to school entrances, more security cameras, a new stage floor in the auditorium, work on ventilation in the pool area, and the high school cafeteria will be completely renovated, and more air conditioning. 


Alleged-One-Man-Crime-Spree This Morning In Corning. 

Corning Police Chief Jeff Spaulding says, this morning there at about 7:45 am, a 28 year old man, is alleged to have gone into a store and stole some merchandise.  Spaulding says, the man then walked out and reportedly attacked a school bus filled with middle school children, doing $5,000 damage to the bus.  The suspect then allegedly threw a brick through a windshield of a passing vehicle, ran down the street, then ran into a store and allegedly did more damage.  Then, the suspect is accused of getting into a fight with Corning Police Officers, reportedly injuring one of them.  The suspect was a 28 year old homeless man, Emmet John Kane, orginally from Elmhurst, NY.  Kane is facing charges of petit larceny, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree criminal mischief, 2nd degree assault and resisting arrest.  


Sempolinski: The Feds Need To Look Into This Case

Congressman Joe Sempolinski signed onto a letter with the Republican Delegation of NY to demand that Attorney General Merrick Garland immediately investigate  Governor Hochul's use of tax dollars to purchase Covid-19 test kits from one of her biggest campaign donors. At the same time, state Democrat Chairman Jay Jacobs has been repeatedly saying that Lee Zeldin’s political consultant IS under invesetigation for copying 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot for an independent line, to for governor.


Wineglass Marathon Plans For 2022

The Wineglass plans are out!  On Sunday, October 2nd, the Guthrie Wineglass Marathon with 2,000 registrants will start 8:15am in Bath, and the Wegmans Wineglass Half Marathon starts at 7:45am in Campbell for 2,500 runners.

Top Stories, September 27, 2022

County Covid News, Tuesday, September 27, 2022 

299 more COVID cases have been reported since last week in Steuben County.   From Steuben Co Public Health: "Steuben remains in the medium community level. Those at high risk for severe illness are encouraged to take extra precautions, including masking in public.  All are recommended to stay up to date on their COVID vaccines. If you're due for a booster or interested in the primary series, call our office at 607-664-2438 to schedule your appointment for October. Other vaccine locations can be found by visiting vaccines.gov"


ID Theft Accusations In Erwin - Suspects From Rochester

From Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard:  "On September 25, 2022, Steuben County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Leona Allison, age 48, of Kingston Street, Rochester, New York,  Infinitee S. Beard, age 26, of Flower City Park, Rochester, New York,  Mone N. Wiggins, age 24, of Dana Street, Rochester, New York and Michael T. Pinckney, age 53, of River Street Corning following an investigation of a reported fraud in the Town of Erwin.  It is alleged that Ms. Allison, Ms. Beard, Ms. Wiggins and Mr. Pinckney attempted to steal property by use of an assumed identity and fraudulent credit cards at a retail establishment in the Town of Erwin.  All four were charged with Grand Larceny in the Third Degree and Identity Theft in the First Degree, both class D Felonies.  Ms. Beard, Ms. Wiggins and Mr. Pinckney were arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released.  Ms. Allison was arraigned and held due to previous felony convictions."


County Legislative Update 

The county's School Safety Initative was funded yesterday by the full county legislature.  The program provides more equipment to school resource officers.  The sheriff's department and the district attorneys office, are both involved in this program.  


Two Recent Fights At The Elmira Correctional Facility
More violence against corrections officers at the Elmira Correctional Facility.   A total of four corrections officers were treated at a hospital and three of them have not been able to return to work.  A spokesman for the state prison guards union says, the state legislature needs to get rid of the HALT Act, before a corrections officer gets killed.  The HALT Act got rid of a form of solitary confinement used to punish violent prisoners. 


The Latest On The 2022 Governor's Race 

Congressman Lee Zeldin is being endorsed by the Police Conference of New York State.  The conference says, if Zeldin is elected, law abiding New Yorkers will have someone looking out for them again.  Governor Kathy Hochul was in Long Island at a hospital there, talking about investments in science and medicine, that helps those in wheelchairs, be able to walk again.

Top Stories, September 26, 2022

Work To Be Done, On Three Steuben Co Highway Shops

The Steuben County Board awarded a General Construction contract for $5.7 million to Building Innovation Group,
Inc, and $449,000 for electrical work to Matco Electric Corporation for work at the Curtis, Mt. Washington and Prattsburgh highway shops.  Frey & Campbell won both the Plumbing bid $515,000 and the Mechanical bid $419,800 for work at the three shops.


A New Mission Statement For Steuben County

County lawmakers also adopted their mission statement which states their purpose is to improve the lives of our residents by providing exceptional services in a cost-effective and efficient manner.  The statement incorporated the core values·
• Ethical, Transparent, and Responsive Government
• Fiscal Integrity ·
• Advocating for the Rights and Liberties of our Citizens
• Creative and Adaptive Leadership
• Citizen and Stakeholder Engagement
• Promoting Economic Development and Environmental Stewardship
• Exceptional Service ·Supporting Public Safety Efforts
• Recognizing Our Employees Are Key Assets in Achieving our Mission


Railroad History Of Steuben County, To Be Discussed Soon

Interested in trains?  There’s going to be a talk about the first century of Steuben County Railroads, coming up on October 6th at 6pm, at the Finger Lakes Boating Museum in Hammondsport.  That’ll be part of the county’s local history awareness week.

Top Stories, September 23, 2022

Safe Schools Initative Will Be Discussed On Monday

The Safe School Initative – the sheriff’s department met with school superintendents recently about suggestions for improvements for safety.  Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says, the program will provide additional equipment for school safety.  The Safe School Initative is going to be discussed Monday morning, at the Steuben County Legislatures’s monthly meeting.  The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office by the way, is looking to hire full time Correction Officers.  Interested in the job?  Call 607 622 3901.


Attempts To Overturn New State Gun Laws Are In Court

A federal judge is Syracuse has a case before him, from an organization that’s asking him to overturn Governor Kathy Hochul’s new gun laws that went into effect this month.  The new laws make it so you have to be 21 years old to own a semiautomatic.  The new Hochul gun laws also bans concealed carry handguns in movie theaters, churches, and other public places.


New Congressman Is Already Making Headlines 

Canisteo Republican, Congressman Joe Sempolinski, is no stranger to speaking out.  Sempolinski is already doing that.  He made is clear in a recent media call with reporters, that he is not in favor of President Joe Biden’s college student loan forgiveness plan.  "It's not fair to people who paid off their loans on time, it's not fair to people without college degrees who are working fulltime jobs, and it's not within the president's authority to do this," Sempolinski said.  "The president should bring it to the legislature, if he wants to do this."   Supporters of the president’s plan say, forgiving college loans helps the disadvantaged.

Top Stories, September 22, 2022

Colin Taft Is Permanently Appointed Police Chief

On September 19th, 2022, the Village of Bath Mayor and Trustees approved Colin Taft as the Chief of Police for Bath.  Chief Taft was the acting Chief from February 2021 till June 2021 and has the been the provisional Chief of Police until this permanent appointment.

 Chief Taft started his career out in 2001 with the Village of Addison Police Department where he became the Officer in Charge.  Chief Taft also worked briefly for the City of Corning Police Department and the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office.  Chief Taft has worked for the Village of Bath for nearly 17 years and has held the rank of Sergeant for 6 ½ years and Criminal Investigator for 4 years. 

Chief Taft has completed the Instructor Development Course and taught at 7 police academies, Field Training Officer Course, Police Supervision course, Taser instructor for 4 years, Crime Scene and Evidence Specialist school, FBI Hostage negotiator school, NYSP Undercover Operations School, Col. Henry F. Williams Homicide Seminar, Advanced Interview and Interrogation, Active Shooter Instructor School, NYS Fire Investigator’s course, ChildFirst Forensic Interview Training Program, Highway Drug Interdiction, Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement, and Public Information Officer training.

Chief Taft has a bachelor’s degree from Keuka College in Criminal Justice and plans on finishing his master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Keuka College in the near future.  Chief Taft is a US Army veteran where he held the rank of Sergeant.

Chief Taft has led approximately 100 controlled narcotics operations and written and executed approximately 15 no knock narcotics search warrants in his 4 years as an investigator.  Chief Taft takes great pride in mentoring and leading his officers into the future and making the Village of Bath a better place to live, work, and visit.  Addressing quality of life issues will be his main priority. 

A formal ceremony will be held November 1st that will be open to the media and colleagues.  Chief Taft will turn over his Criminal Investigator’s badge and promote an officer from within the agency to the title of Criminal Investigator as well as be sworn in as Chief of Police.  A future press release containing details will be forthcoming. 


Safety Training Session, Coming Up A Week From Today

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says, Safety Training for Businesses, Houses of Worship and Civic Organizations, is coming up a week from today, on Thursday the 29th, 6pm to 9pm at Haverling High School.   It will be a three hour training session.  To register for this event, you can call 607 622 3930, that’s 607 622 3930.  Sheriff Jim Allard is thanking Superintendent Joe Rumsey for the use of the school for this safety training session.


County Clerk's Statement About DD214 DIRECT

Steuben County Clerk Judy Hunter says, a company out of Phoenix, Arizona, named DD214 DIRECT, is encouraging veterans to file their discharge papers with them and charges veterans $79 for a copy of their papers or $119 for an email and hard copy afterwards.  The Steuben County Clerk says, county clerks can do all that kind of work for you. 


Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic Is Tomorrow In Bath

Steuben County Public Health is reminding people that they’re holding a Monkeypox vaccine clinic on Friday, September 30 from 2 - 4 pm. Call their office at 607-664-2438 to schedule your appointment.


Update On The Governor's Race 

Congressman Lee Zeldin, has agreed to what Zeldin describes as a "last minute debate" on Spectrum TV in a month from now.  Zeldin maintains that with early voting, that a late October debate is too late in process. According to spectrum, Zeldin has not agreed to the debate, as of yet.  It’s scheduled for October 25th though.  Election Day will be Tuesday, November 8.  


Gillibrand Requests More LIHEAP Funding 

With residential energy costs expected to rise nationwide this winter, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is calling for emergency supplemental funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The senator says, additional funding is needed as rising natural gas, heating oil, and electricity prices will place a significant financial burden on New York families.

Top Stories, September 21, 2022

IDA's Video, About Their 50 Years Helping Steuben County

The Steuben County Industrial Development Agency has put out a new video about the county IDA, how it helps businesses and factories.  Among the topics explained was how the IDA got it's start in large part, to help the people of this county, because of the devastation of the Flood of 1972.  The video also demonstrates, what the IDA has done, in the last 50 years. and talks about how willing the local workers are. 


Bath Police Are Hiring 

Bath Police are hiring a lateral transfer Police Officer or Sergeant.  They say that pay is based on experience and ranges from $50,000-$82,000 per year plus Overtime and excellent benefits. This job starts within the next month.  Interested in this line of work?  Drop off a resume at Bath PD.


New Workers At The County Sheriff's Dept 
Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that there are three new deputies and one new correction officer.  They are: Deputy Cody Henry, Deputy Brent Nadjadi and Deputy Cameron Dye, as well as Correction Officer Cordell Galvan. Cody, a Canisteo resident, is a US Army Veteran and former correction officer in the Steuben County Jail. Cody is completing his Basic Course for Police and will soon enter field training. Brent, a Bath native and US Army Veteran, was sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff and is completing his field training and will soon begin solo duties.  Cameron is a Corning native and second generation law enforcement officer. Cameron is completing his Basic Course for Police and will then be assigned to Navigation (Boat) Patrol. Cordell begins his career in law enforcement helping to maintain safety and security in our jail.


Want To Visit A Farm In The Area?  Read This Story

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Steuben County invites the  public and families to visit five Steuben County farms on October 8 for a free look at agriculture in our county. Farm Trail Day will offer wagon rides, demonstrations, crafts, animals to pet, products for purchase and so much more. The farms will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The farms involved which are closest to us, are in Bath, Savona and Campbell.  We’ll be talking more about this, in the days to come.


Top Stories, September 20, 2022

Strong Kids/Safe Kids, Is Coming Up This Weekend In Bath

Coming up this Saturday from 12 Noon until 4:00pm, there will be a Strong Kids/Safe Kids event, at the Steuben County Fairgrounds in Bath.   


Corning Police: 38 Year Old Facing Assault Charges

From Corning Police Chief Jeff Spaulding: On September 18, 2022, at about 1:40AM uniformed members of the Corning Police Department responded to the area of City Municipal Parking Lot # 6 (the municipal parking lot west of the Transportation Center) for a report of a disturbance. Upon arrival at that location, Officers located a 23 year old female victim of an assault. The victim cooperated with police and provided information that led to the arrest of: 

EDWARD B TAYLOR, AKA: “Eddie Paganelli”, 38 years old, of Horseheads.  The assault charges allege that Taylor physically assaulted the 23 year old female victim by repeatedly striking her in the facial area without legal justification. The larceny charge alleges that Mr. Taylor took the victim’s keys and threw them on the roof of a nearby building. The police believe that the attack escalated from a verbal dispute over a thrown drink earlier in the night. 


Sempolinski Helping Out The Helen Keller National Center

In Washington, Congressman Joe Sempolinski (R, Canisteo) is managing legislation to continue government funding, for the Helen Keller National Center for disabled children, in Long Island.   “The Helen Keller National Center Reauthorization Act is close to home to me," Sempolinski said. "As a parent of a child with a disability, I was able to share my experience and highlight my overwhelming support for the bill. I will always fight for children with disabilities so that they have the resources they need to provide the very best for their education and growth."


Fighting Crime In NYS And Especially In NYC

Governor Kathy Hochul says, the man in the New York City fast food restaurant video who went around smashing the place up with an axe, should have been charged with something more than he was, as the axe man, is back on the streets already.  The governor also announced, and just this morning, that there are going to be more cameras on new York city subways.  The governor’s opponent, Republican Lee Zeldin says, the real answer is to fire the Manhattan D.A.

Top Stories, September 19, 2022

Driver Who Struck House In Bath, Saturday, Has Died

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft: 

On September 17th, 2022, the Village of Bath Police Department responded to a car into a house at 80 Geneva Street in the Village.  The Bath Volunteer Fire Department, Bath Volunteer Ambulance Corps and AMR also responded to the incident.  A single occupant was operating the motor vehicle, Arisa Mangini, age 48, of Bath.  The accident was the result of what officers believed to be Ms. Mangini having a medical problem.  Ms. Mangini was transported to Ira Davenport Hospital with minor injuries.  Ms. Mangini later that evening passed away unexpectedly.  An autopsy will be performed to better determine her cause of death.

Stabbing/Slashing Case, Might Be Drug-Related

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says, the recent stabbing/slashing incident that happened in Bath, happened because the 32 year old victim, may have owed drug money to 35 year old Herbert Wood.  "The Bath PD which has been very very thorough in this case, turned up that it was actually a hatchet that was used,"  District Attorney Brooks Baker tells WVIN News.  "We've determined that this is probably a drug-related crime.  Mr. Wood is another example of what the folks in Albany, deem a 'non-violent drug offender.'  (However) based upon the investigation that Colin Taft, the Bath Police Chief and his people have done, it looks very much like Wood was out collecting a drug debt." 

Caught, Released, And Caught Again

Two Steuben County suspects, Semiciah McDuffie and Rusty Lane, are in the news again.  McDuffie was the suspect who was in a police chase from Watkins Glen to Hammondsport in July, Rusty Lane was the Pine City man who was charged with a burglary in Lindley.  D.A. Brooks Baker says that the two have been charged numerous times since the original accusations that they faced from this summer, and they say, that’s because of Bail Reform.  


Two Events On Saturday, For Congressman Houghton 

Congressman Joe Sempolinski (R, Canisteo), attended a private funeral service for former Congressman Amory Houghton on Saturday.  Sempolinski described Houghton as "a wonderful man who was beloved by his constituents."  There was also a public ceremony on Saturday, for the late member of the House.   Houghton was a popular congressman, who was in Washington for 18 years.  He was also a very well liked CEO at Corning Glass.  


Mon, Sept 19, 2022, Steuben Covid Update

213 new COVID cases were reported since last Monday's update. Steuben has moved back up into the medium community level.

Those who are at high risk for severe illness should consider taking extra precautions, including wearing a mask in public.

Everyone is recommended to stay up to date with their COVID vaccines. Our next COVID vaccine clinic is next Tuesday, September 27. Give our office a call at 607-664-2438 to schedule your appointment.

Make sure to stay home and get tested if you feel sick


Updates On The Governor's Race 

Congressman Lee Zeldin says quote: “It’s September 19th and mail in ballots start going out in four days, but Kathy Hochul still has not accepted any debate requests.  Zeldin says, Hochul wants people to find out where she stands after the vote.   Also, the Albany Times Union reports that Zeldin used a political consultant group to collect political petition signatures, and according to the Times Union, that consultant group reportedly photocopied over 10,000 signatures.  The latest there is, the Albany County District Attorney is going to investigate the case.

Top Stories, September 18, 2022

Car Crashes Into House In Bath - From The Bath Fire Dept: 

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched this evening for a report of a car into a house at 80 Geneva Street by a passer by. Details of the incident are unknown at this time and will be handled by Bath PD.  The driver of the car had to be extricated and was treated by the Bath Volunteer Ambulance Corps. and AMR.


Zeller Working To Save Afghanistan Translators

Rochester native, former Congressional candidate and CIA analyst, Matt Zeller, has spent the last several years, working to Afghanistan translators who worked for the U.S. Military, out of Afghanistan.  Zeller is working to draw attention to a congressional bill that Zeller wants passed, to get Afghanistan translators into America.  The Bill, HR 6585, is called the Afghan adjustment act.  Republican Joe Sempolinski says, he’s going to read over the legislation.


Speakerfest 2022 In Bath
The annual Speakerfest in Bath, a part of  National Recovery Month, was sponsored by Addiction Awareness of Steuben County and the Steuben Prevention Coalition Opioid Committee (SPCOC) and featured the experience, strength and hope of those who have successfully battled addiction -- one day at a time.  Those speakers and the agencies present at the festival are examples of the strong, almost unparalleled services available in Steuben County, SPCOC CoChair and AIM Peer Counselor Brandon Beuter told the crowd.   "The support network here in the county is one of the finest anywhere," he said. "The help is there."

For more information on recovery services, go to http://www.steubenpreventioncoalition.org/


Top Stories, September 16, 2022

Public Hearing In Bath, On Monday, September 19

Bath Village Hall is having a public hearing about the New York Forward grants, which Bath is going to apply for.  New York Forward is giving away grants of 2.5 million dollars and 4.5 million dollars to downtowns, in small towns, across the state.  The public hearing will be at Bath Village Hall, Monday at 5:30pm, local business owners are invited to attend. 


Public Memorial For Former Congressman Houghton

The Corning Leader reports that a public memorial honoring the life of Amory Houghton Jr., will be held Saturday at the Corning Museum of Glass.  Houghton was a WWII veteran and longtime fixture who led Corning Glass Works for nearly 20 years and later served nine terms as a member of Congress.


Mark Murray's 50 Years With Bath Fire Dept

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department is congratulating firefighter Mark Murray on receiving his award 50 years of service with them.  The Bath Fire Department says, Murray has been protecting Bath and the surrounding area communities for five decades as a firefighter.


Latest On The New York State Governor's Race

From Governor Kathy Hochul, "On the same night of the January 6 insurrection, Republican nominee for Governor Lee Zeldin voted to overturn the 2020 election. Even now, he’s still more concerned with putting the MAGA agenda first than looking out for New Yorkers."   Also,  Congressman Zeldin and his running mate Allison Espisito are holding a press conference today, calling for an state run investigation into an Albany Times Union story, about Hochul reportedly giving $600 million dollars to her biggest political donor, a donor who owned a company that makes covid at home test kits. 

Top Stories, September 15, 2022

Urbana Is Going For A Big Win For Their Downtown

The Urbana Town Board held a public hearing last night, about how Urbana is working to win, a New York Forward Grant from the New York State Economic Development Council.  The economic development councils are awarding $2.5 million dollars and $4.5 million dollar grants, to help the state’s smaller downtowns.


Upcoming School Board Meeting In Hammondsport

The Hammondsport School Board will meet next Wednesday, the 21st, at 630 pm, in the School Library.


Two Accidents, No Injuries, No Charges

State Police say there were no injuries in any of the two car collisions, that happened yesterday in Erwin, Campbell or Horseheads.  


Student Loan Debt Forgiveness In New York State

This morning, Governor Kathy Hochul talked about student loan forgiveness from Washington, and how it’ll affect new York state residents.  The governor says the amount of debt that has been forgiven for New York State residents, is in the billions of dollars.  Critics of the college loan forgiveness say, millions of Americans paid their own college debt, and now they’re paying off other people’s college loans.  


Zeldin Keeps Asking, Hochul Keeps Ignoring Him

Congressman Lee Zeldin says there are eight days to go until early voting starts, and the governor has not accepted one debate request.  Zeldin’s focus in running, is the increase of crime in New York State under Democrats.  Supporters of the governor say, the problems of high crime are a nationwide issue, not specific to New York State.

Top Stories, September 14, 2022

The Chemung County Sheriff’s Department reports a woman who was at a hotel in Big Flats, called 9-1-1, saying that her boyfriend, Michael J Petix, cut her in the head.  Officials say that Petix, took off before deputies got there, then when deputies found him, the boyfriend allegedly pulled a knife.  According to officials, Petix ran across the highway, causing several accidents because drivers swerved to miss him.  Then, Petix is said to have gotten into several cars and jumped on to the back of a pickup truck, so then the driver of the pickup truck refused to drive any farther.  Then, Petix pulled out a knife and started to cut his own throat, so deputies tased him to stop him from killing himself.  Petix is in serious condition.  They say if you witnessed this or if he tried to get into your vehicle, please contact the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division at 607-737-2933.


Bath Man Charged With 4th Degree Grand Larceny

Canisteo Police Chief Colin Taft reports that Michael Moore, 45, South Fowler Street in Bath, is charged with 4th degree grand larceny.  The amount in question was said to be $3,000.


Reminder: Speakerfest Is This Saturday In Bath

Steuben County Spokesperson Mary Perham says, people from across Steuben County will share their personal experiences, raise awareness and show support for people who are struggling with a substance use disorder at the second annual Speakerfest from Noon-3 pm Saturday in Bath.  Speakerfest will take place in Pulteney Square as a part of National Recovery Month, again that’s Saturday, noon to three in Pultney Square in Bath.

Routine Vaccines Are  Back, Starting Tomorrow 

Beginning Thursday, September 14 the Steuben County Public Health Department will offer routine immunizations Monday through Friday at their office in the Steuben County Office Building in Bath.  Immunizations such as Tdap, meningitis, HPV, polio and others required for school can be obtained by calling 607-664-2438 to schedule an appointment.

“Immunizations are the greatest public health achievement and offer much needed protection against deadly diseases,” said Public Health Director, Darlene Smith.  “COVID has disrupted a lot of our routines, including getting regular immunizations.  Now is the time to get back on track, and we aim to make that as easy as possible for our residents by offering them every day of the work week.”  COVID vaccines and tuberculin skin tests will continue to be offered twice a month on the second Wednesday and fourth Tuesday from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Interested participants must schedule an appointment by calling the Public Health office.   Attendees must wear appropriate face coverings and are expected to wait 15-30 minutes after COVID vaccination for observation but will not need to wait after routine immunizations.  Attendees should wear short sleeves or appropriate clothing for vaccination and bring their COVID vaccination card or proof of vaccination dates if applicable.   Those currently under isolation at the time of the clinic due to a positive COVID-19 test result are not eligible to attend. 


Sempolinski Is Sworn In, To The House Of Representatives

Republican Congressman Joe Sempolinski, who was sworn in yesterday, has been named to two committees in the House, the Budget Committee, and the Education And Labor Committee.  "It is an honor to be the Representative of the people of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes," Sempolinski said.  "I am blessed to have my family with me. My parents are here, who have given me everything. My in-laws are here who have always treated me like family. I would not be standing here without the support of my wife, Angie, who is my soulmate and best friend. I am also joined by my daughters. My younger daughter Maddie is with us. She is my bright-eyed little sweetheart. And I am joined by my older daughter Jojo.  I think other Down Syndrome parents will understand what I mean when I say that in the person of Jojo I’m joined today in this chamber by my hero."

Gillibrand: The Military Needs To Let Them Join

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is pushing to get the military to allow those with H.I.V. and Hepatitis B, into the military.  The senator says, with the advancements in medicine to treat H.I.V. and Hepatitis B, it’s getting to the point where barring people with those medical conditions is a constitutional violation.

Top Stories, September 13, 2022

Former Bath Resident, Is Facing Serious Charges

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft, reports the arrest of 83 year old Gerald Tyler, currently of Bolivar, formerly of Bath.  Tyler’s charged with two counts of 1st degree sexual abuse.   The alleged abuse, is said to have happened in Bath.  Gerald Tyler is being arraigned today in Bath Village Court.


Woodhull Man Is Accused Of Attempted Murder Intention

28 year old Justin Zeh of Woodhull has been charged with Attempted Murder Intention (that's the name of the charge).   Zeh is being held now in Steuben County Jail.  Zeh was arrested on Monday in Addison. 


Need A Job?  Here's One That You Might Like 

The Steuben County Public Health Office is offering two fellowship positions, at their office in Bath.  Officials say it’s a minimum of one year and pays well.   


Fallout Continues From August 18th 2021 Flooding

Canisteo Town Supervisor Jason Woodworth says, he’s still hoping that FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will come through for Canisteo.  Some Canisteo roads were badly damaged in August 2021 by the flash flooding.


Elmira Area School Is Closed Today, Because Of A Small Fire

The Elmira School District announced this morning that the Ernie Davis Academy was closed today, but will reopen tomorrow.  That’s because late last night, there was a fire on the roof, at Ernie Davis Academy. Damage from the fire was contained to that area and there was no damage to any classrooms.


Minimum Wage - Is It Going Up Again?

There’s a push by Queens Democrat, State Senator Jessica Ramos to do another minimum wage increase.  The Democrat argues that Amazon and Starbucks workers are benefiting from minimum wage hikes, largely because of the desire for higher pay because of worker shortage issues.  Republicans like Jamestown State Senator George Borrello object.  Borrello says, this will cost high school and college age people their jobs.  


The End Of Covid State Of Emergency In New York State
Governor Kathy Hochul has ended the state of emergency over Covid, however, the state of emergencies for Polio, Gun Violence and Monkey Pox, are still in effect.

Top Stories, September 12, 2022

Accident/Blotter News From State Police 

State Police report that there was a two vehicle accident on Route 415 in Bath over the weekend, the drivers were from Elmira and Bath, one person was injured in that accident.  The name of the person injured was not released.  Troopers also report that a 29 year old East Rochester woman is charged for allegedly trying to bring contraband into an Elmira prison.  The East Rochester woman was issued an appearance ticket.


September 12, 2022, Covid Update For Steuben Co

From County Public Health:  179 new COVID cases have been reported since last Tuesday's update. The community level has dropped to low.  If you're ready for your bivalent booster (or if you want to start the COVID vaccine series), give us a call at 607-664-2438 to get scheduled. Our next clinic is this Wednesday, September 14.


Zeldin And Hochul Attend Yesterday's NYC 9/11 Events

Both Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul and her Republican opponent Congressman Lee Zeldin, were at Ground Zero in Manhattan yesterday morning for the 9/11 ceremonies.  Governor Hochul stated, "As we mark the twenty-first anniversary of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania, we remember the victims and the brave first responders who lost their lives”.  Congressman Zeldin says, “We remember witnessing ordinary Americans - first responders, everyday New Yorkers, National Guardsmen and others - become extraordinary heroes.”  There were also 9/11 ceremonies in Hornell and Elmira. 


New Poll Has Hochul Ahead Of Zeldin

A new Emerson Poll out, shows Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul 15 points ahead of Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin.


Sen Gillibrand: 9/11 Victims Still Need Medical $$$

From U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: "If we don't fix the World Trade Center Health Program's impending budget shortfall, responders and survivors may not get the health care they were promised.  We need to act now to ensure they get the care they need and deserve."


Unintended Consequences Of New Gun Laws

A civil war re-enactment event that had been scheduled for this month in the Allegany County Town of Angelica, has been cancelled.  Event organizers say that’s because of the possibility of participants getting arrested, because of new gun laws in New York State, that went into effect September 1st, a law that ban handguns on streets and parks.  Civil war organizers are complaining that there is no exemption for their events.  "It's a sad thing, it does nothing to prevent crime," said Civil War Re-enactor Dr. Spencer Annabel.  "It's virtually made civil war events illegal in New York State, except on private land." 


Schumer: Cornell To Lead Innovation Corps Hub

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the National Science Foundation has awarded $15 million to establish a new federal Innovation Corps Hub.  Schumer says, Cornell University, the University at Buffalo, Syracuse University, RIT, Binghamton University, and the U of R will be using this money to work on the Innovation Corps Hub. 

Top Stories, September 9, 2022

Update On The Stabbing/Slashing From Yesterday

35 year old Herbert Wood, no known address, is accused of stabbing and slashing a 32 year old male victim with a knife in Bath, on Thursday at around 5:30am.  An official with the Steuben County Jail says, Wood, who is charged with 2nd degree attempted murder, is now in the county jail and without bail.  Police Chief Colin Taft, says that Herbert Wood, already had a record before yesterday, and the police chief described Wood as a violent convicted felon.  The stabbing victim was treated at Ira Davenport in Bath.  Police Chief Colin Taft says there will likely be more charges after the grand jury is presented with the case.  


State Police Blotter News For Friday September 9

State Police report that an Elmira male teen, has been charged with 2nd degree criminal sex act, 3rd degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.   Troopers also say, one person was injured in an accident in Erwin, it was a two vehicle accident on I-86.  The drivers were from Lawrenceville Pennsylvania and Painted Post.  No other details are available at this point.


Palmesano: Who Pays For Clean Energy Projects? 

Corning Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says, green energy bills are paid for by rate payers who, in many cases, are not using green energy. Supporters of alternative energy say, big oil gets lots of subsidy money as well as other breaks from the government.

Top Stories, September 8, 2022

Statements From Officials, About Queen Elizabeth II

From U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:  "Queen Elizabeth II led with grace, conviction, and dedication to her people. My heart goes out to her family and to all who loved her."  

Attempted Murder In Bath Early This Morning

From Bath Police:

The Village of Bath Police Department responded to a stabbing off from Delaware Avenue in the Village of Bath on 9/8/22 at approx. 5:30 am.  A 32-year-old male was found stabbed and slashed with a knife.  The male was taken to Ira Davenport Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.  The male suspect had fled on foot.  The suspect, Herbert D. Wood, age 35, of no known address, was located in Tops Markets at approx. 6:30 pm the same day and taken into custody by Bath Police Department.  Mr. Wood, a violent convicted felon, was charged with Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, a class A-II felony.  Mr. Wood was taken to Steuben County Arraignment Court where he will be arraigned in the morning.  The investigation is ongoing, and more charges are expected after grand jury presentation. 


From Congressman-Elect  Joe Sempolinski:  "I am greatly saddened to learn of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.  Her life was dedicated to duty and service to her country."


NYSEG Is Proposing A Huge Rate Increase 

NYSEG is looking at a possible 31 percent rate increase.  There will be public hearings on this before it gets passed, and we’re told that NYSEG will likely not increase it by that much, when the time comes for the increase to go into effect.


Steuben Co Man, Facing Charges, From Alleged Domestic

Sheriff Jim Allard reports, that 32 year old Anthony DeVito of Painted Post, is charged with 2nd degree menacing, criminal obstruction of breathing and 2nd degree harassment, after an alleged domestic dispute.  DeVito is accused of choking, striking and threatening someone with a knife.  He was remanded to Steuben County Jail.


Stop For School Buses In Bath 

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department is reminding drivers to stop for stopped school buses, as students will cross the street at those stops. 

Top Stories, September 7, 2022

Two Bad Fights In Bath Last Night

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says, there were two fights last night in Bath.   One fight was in the 6:00 hour, on West Washington Street.  The suspect in that fight, who is accused of causing serious injury, is Jason Case, 33, Bath.  Case is charged with 2nd degree assault.  The victim of that fight, which is reported as having been a domestic dispute, the victim is said to be in stable condition at an unnamed hospital.  The other fight was in the 9:00 hour last night on East William Street.  Chief Taft says, the suspect, 35 year old Michael Cavallaro, also of Bath, is alleged to have struck the victim with a dangerous weapon causing serious physical injury.  The victim was transported to the hospital and is, like the other victim, said to be in stable condition.   The suspect, Michael Cavallaro, is charged with 2nd degree assault and 3rd degree criminal possession of a weapon. 


Moving Closer To Changing Farm Worker Overtime Rules

The state farm labor wage board has sent their recommendation to Governor Kathy hochul, to make farm workers overtime, anything over 40 hours a week, instead of 60 hours a week. from Assemblyman Phil Palmesano: "This decision, if approved by Gov. Hochul, which shows just how out of touch the Wage Board is, will have a negative ripple effect on our state…From State Senator George Borrello: these farm labor wage board members are ill equipped to render sound, informed decisions concerning this critically important industry."    

From Senator Tom O’Mara: “The Wage Board has been moving in this direction from the start and now Governor Hochul has the opportunity to finally reject it. The governor should listen to the thousands of farmers, farm workers, farm advocates, agricultural representatives, community leaders, and legislators, who are opposed to it."


Schumer: The CHIPS Act Is Helping The Region

Democrat US Senator Chuck Schumer is touting the CHIPS Act that was just signed, that will, get $39 billion to build, expand, or modernize domestic facilities and equipment for semiconductor fabrication, assembly, testing, advanced packaging, or research and development.  Schumer has noted that Corning Inc will benefit from the CHIPS Act, and that Alfred University will too. 

Top Stories, September 6, 2022

Back To School For Students Today And Things Are Well

Today is the first day back to school.  From Bath School Superintendent Joe Rumsey: "It's wonderful to have all of the students back, and today has been a great start for the new school year!" 


Assault And Robbery At A Bath Grocery Store

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft reports that there was an assault and robbery of a person, at a grocery store in Bath.  The police chief says the investigation showed that the suspect, Ashley Smith, 37, Bath, allegedly attempted to physically attack a victim at this store, and that Smith allegedly both damaged and stole property from the victim, in the presence of a child.  Ashley Smith, currently living in a Bath motel, was charged with 3rd degree Robbery, 3rd degree assault, 4th degree Criminal Mischief a class A misdemeanor, and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.  


Local Accidents In The News

State Police report that there were accidents yesterday in Bath, Urbana, Caton, Chemung and Hornellsville.  The only place where there were any injuries was Hornellsville.


Speakerfest 2022 In Bath On September 17th 

The Steuben Prevention Coalition is having their second annual Speakerfest on September 17th from 12 Noon  until 3pm in Pulteney Square in Bath.  At this event, members of the public will share their stories about struggles with addictions.  Opiod Committee Coordinator Connie Terry says, everyone can play a role, in the recovery, from addiction.  Again, the Speakerfest will be September 17th noon till three.


O'Mara And Palmesano And Farm Overtime Update

Empire Report New York and Spectrum are reporting that the state’s farm labor wage board will decide soon, possibly today, on what the new overtime rules will be.  Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano are opposed to making overtime, anything more than 40 hours a week.  Right now overtime for farmers is anything over 60 hours a week.  The upstate Republicans maintain, many of these farm workers are family farm employees and family members don’t want to charge their relatives for extensive overtime.


Update On The New Steuben County Comprehensive Plan 

The Steuben County Legislature is working on their new comprehensive plan.  Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says that this will take 18 months to complete.  The plan will update on how to deal with county infrastructure issues, broadband and other related issues. 


Study Shows Weak Economic Recovery, Dems Slam Zeldin For Loyalty To Former President Donald Trump 

Republican candidate for governor, Congressman Lee Zeldin, says, a new study out, from the Empire Center, shows that covid economic recovery in our state, is not happening much, outside of New York City and Long Island.   Zeldin blames single party rule for the malaise.  For the most part, Governor Kathy Hochul ignores Zeldin’s statements.  The New York State Democratic Party does not ignore Zeldin.  Democrat Chairman Jay Jacobs says, Zeldin is blindly loyal to Donald Trump.

Top Stories, September 5, 2022

It's Labor Day 2022 

Today is Monday September 5th, Labor Day, day off today for most, and schools are back tomorrow.  


Phillips Lighting Update/Real Property Online Auctions

Work continues on demolishing the old Phillips Lighting location.  That's according to Steuben County Industrial Development Agency Director Jamie Johnson.   In other county news, Steuben County Legislator Kelly Fitzpatrick notes, that two Real Property Tax Auctions, and these are going to be online auctions, are coming up next month.

New York State Political Odds And Ends 

Empire Report New York Dot Com has a story up, about how Buffalo Republican  Carl Paladino is still hoping to go through some of the votes, to see if he can still win.  

Congressman Lee Zeldin says, it’s now a four point race.  Zeldin says, a new Trafalgar Poll has Hochul at 47 percent and his campaign is at 43 percent.

Governor Hochul says the right wing is working to undo her new New York State gun laws.  The governor did not specify,  who exactly on the right, is doing this.  

Top Stories, September 2, 2022

School Starts September 6th, So Remember This 

With school starting up on Tuesday, the New York State DOT is reminding drivers, not to pass stopped school buses.  


Retirement For Two Chemung County Officials 

Two members of the Chemung County Sheriff’s Department are retiring.  Lt. Nicholas DeMuth is retiring after 27 years, and Deputy Mike Wheeler is retiring after over two decades with the Chemung County Sheriff’s Department.


Not Just Steuben And Allegany Counties With This Issue 

The Wellsville Sun reports, that Pennsylvania State Representative Martin Causer says, there is a lack of emergency responders in Pennsylvania these days. Causer says, residents of PA must come together to support the emergency responders.


National Guard And Others Continue To Help Ulster Co
Governor Kathy Hochul gave an update on the massive fire at the state park in Ulster County.  The governor says, State Police have had two helicopters each day, dropping more than 500 buckets of water since Sunday.  Also,  two Army National Guard Black Hawk helicopters have dumped 12 buckets of water every hour, a total of 24,600 gallon buckets, since Tuesday…also, the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services have sent the State's Incident Management Team and several emergency communications experts too.  


State Dept Of Labor Pleads Guilty To Fraud/ID Theft 

The US Attorneys Office says, a 52 year old former State Department of Labor employee in Albany, has pleaded guilty to mail fraud.  The US Attorneys Office says, in 2020, that state labor department employee had a scheme going, where he got friends and family to submit fake unemployment insurance claims, and then, the 52 year old state employee pocketed the money.  How much?  $826,000.  Federal officials say he’s agreed to pay the money back.  The department of labor inspector generals office and the FBI helped out in the case.

September 1 2022

Top Stories, September 1, 2022

Section V Ticket Prices Are Going Up This Fall 

Section V officials announced yesterday that starting this fall, tickets that were previously $5.00 will now be $6.00 in the early rounds, and then $6.00 + surcharge for a digital ticket or $8.00 cash for the Sectional semi-finals and finals. For any Regional events Section V hosts the cost will be $7.00 + surcharge for a digital ticket or a $10.00 cash option.


Zeldin: Stop The HALT Act 

When Congressman Lee Zeldin was in Elmira yesterday with Assemblyman Phil Palmesano and State Senator Tom O’Mara, Zeldin called for an end to the HALT Act.  The HALT Act, stopped prison guards from being able to put inmates into solitary confinement, as a punishment for getting into fights with guards, and/or other inmates.  Supporters of the HALT Act maintain that solitary confinement is a cruel punishment.


Steuben Co Issues Statement About Weather Emergencies

While flash floods and snowstorms may be somewhat regular events in Steuben, that doesn’t mean preparation should be taken for granted, he said.  Marshall urged county residents to participate, with their children, in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Preparedness Month with its theme of “Lasting Legacy.”  “Children are the future and an important part of building a countywide culture of preparedness,” he said.  “Prepare your kids for disasters and emergencies. Take time to make a plan and have conversations about preparedness. Help them know how to stay safe and navigate potentially scary situations.”  FEMA offers several “Lasting Legacy” online resources for talking with children and teens such as Ready.gov/September and Ready.gov. A website for Spanish speakers, Listo.gov, was a popular part
of FEMA’s 2021 campaign to reach Spanish speakers and remains as an important online resource.
Local alerts and warnings from the National Weather Service for up to five locations nationwide are on FEMA’s
app, located on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
Steuben’s early warning app, Ready Steuben, also is available through the Google Play and the Apple App stores.
Steuben residents also may sign up for CodeRED notifications at https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-
More information on “Lasting Legacy” will be posted each Sunday throughout September
at https://www.facebook.com/SteubenCountyOES and https://www.facebook.com/1.SteubenCountyNY


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