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Top Stories, May 16, 2023

Brett Heffner Was Sentenced Today In Steuben County 

Brett Heffner, 28, of Corning, was sentenced this morning in Steuben County Court, to 25 years to life.  It was on March 20th, that Brett Heffner pleaded guilty to Murder in the Second Degree, for the killing of Keli Collins, in her Corning apartment, last August.  Steuben County D.A. Brooks Baker stated afterwards, that it was an emotional day in Steuben County Court.  "'All I want is my daughter back, and I cannot have that,' was what was said numerous time by the Collins family," Baker tells WVIN News.  "Keli's mother, father, sister and brother all spoke, as did her aunt, and I think for the first time in my recollection, at the end of their statements, Judge Roche said he really had no words for the defendant's conduct, and sentenced Heffner, to 25 years to life."  


It Is Tuesday, May 16, 2023, School Budget Voting Day

Starting out with Bath, here is Bath Central School budget numbers: a proposed budget of $43,301,542.  Bath School Superintendent Joe Rumsey says, because there is no increase to the tax levy there is a decrease to the tax rate…voting for Bath, goes on now and until 8pm, inside the Bath School District Office.  

In Hammondsport, the school's proposed school budget is $15,741, 650. Estimated tax rate per $1000 would be $9.03…voting is going on now for Hammondsport, inside the high school gym, until 8:00 tonight. 

For Prattsburgh Central, they've got a proposed budget of $11,426,850, there is a 0% tax levy increase, estimated tax rate of $11.58/$1000 of assessed value for Prattsburgh.  Voting for Prattsburgh is now going on until 8:00 tonight, in the Prattsburgh Cafeteriom.  

Campbell Savona’s budget is for 24.7 million dollars, there is a tax levy increase of 1.0 percent.  Voting is going on now until 8:00 tonight inside the high school gym lobby at Campbell Savona.  


What Will The Canisteo-Greenwood Teams, Be Called?

Canisteo Greenwood School Superintendent says, the new team name for canisteo greenwood, will be announced on June 5.  As you know, the state is making CG drop the name, Redskins.   This is something that is happening to any and all schools statewide, which have Native-American related names.   

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