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Top Stories, May 5, 2023

Today's Drugs Are So Dangerous

Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft says there were three drug overdoses the other night.  According to the chief, all of them thought they were just doing cocaine but the cocaine was laced with fentanyl.


A Bath Assessment Meeting Is Scheduled For Next Week

Another Bath town assessment meeting is coming up.  That will be next week at the Bath Town Hall at 8:00pm Monday night. 


Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Is Inviting City, Town And Village Leaders To Use The County Landfill 

The Steuben County Legislature has approved Roadside Cleanup Weeks for all cities, villages and towns in the county.  Officials say that there will be no charge at the Bath Landfill for up to 20 tons of garbage and 10 tons of tires.  Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose says, "This is for roadside cleanup, not house to house pick up."  Rose also says municipalities may choose any two weeks during the year and may schedule those weeks by notifying John Emo at Bath Landfill, (607) 346-5176.

Argument Over The National Debt/Debt Ceiling Continues

New York State Democrat Chair Jay Jacobs says, the Republicans debt ceiling plan could:  Strip Nutrition Food Assistance from Women and Children in New York State, Raise Housing Costs for 67,300 New Yorkers, Threaten Medical Care for 225,400 New York State Veterans, worsen Social Security and Medicare Assistance Wait Times for 4.1 million New York state Seniors and Jeopardize Food Assistance for 54,000 Older Adults in New York. 

Republican  Congresswoman Claudia Tenney was quoted by the Auburn Pub as defending the GOP Debt Ceiling plan.  Tenney says the Republican plan, "would repeal green energy tax credits, stop the president’s plan to pay off college student loans," and block other liberal agenda items.

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