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Top Stories, March 31, 2023

Hornell School System Was ALMOST Swatted

There was an attempt yesterday to SWAT a Hornell School. Police Chief Ted Murray says that the Hornell Police Department quickly determined that it was a “swatting” or prank call, and the school was not evacuated.  Hornell Police got this call after news broke, that there had been swatting incidents in Olean, Jamestown and elsewhere.   There were, however, numerous swatting incidents yesterday in Olean, Jamestown, Brockport, Lockport and in Putnam County.  At the same that all this was hapening, the state assembly Republicans released a report about school safety.   The report was written by GOP Assembly members, and the panel headed up by Republican Joe Giglio.  “The increased acts of aggression and violence in our schools are senseless and gut-wrenching, and we must work diligently to prevent further tragedy<" said Giglio.  "Working together with parents, school personnel and law enforcement officials to craft meaningful and actionable steps was critical to provide solutions which best protect our students and secure our school grounds. This report is the result of invaluable insight and experience shared by these key stakeholders from across the state. Now, it is imperative that the conversation in Albany begins in earnest to achieve the necessary actionable steps to address violence in our schools.” 


Bath Fire Dept: Remember The Move Over Law

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department is reminding people to move over into the next lane, when you see an emergency vehicle stopped with lights flashing.  The fire department says quote, “we see this all the time, please be aware of your surroundings.”


Schumer: Treat Trump Like Anyone Else, Cuomo: I'm Against This Indictment, It Creates More Mistrust

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says, on the indictment of former President Trump, quote, “Mr. Trump is subject to the same laws as every American. There should be no outside political influence, intimidation or interference in the case.” However, Former Governor Democrat Andrew Cuomo disagrees.  "The Trump voter is reacting to the distrust of the system" Cuomo said.  "The system is run by both establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans.   Both (parties) are the problem, because the establishment is the problem."    

Top Stories, March 30, 2023

Convicted Killer Released From Elmira Correctional Today

Edward Kindt, was convicted of raping and killing a nurse/midwife in Chautauqua County in 1999.  In resposne to Kindt's release this morning, State Senator George Borrello issued a statement, saying that Governor Kathy Hochul should clean house at the parole board for letting Edward Kindt out of Elmira Correctional.  Borrello says that Edward Kindt is going to live in Dutchess County from now on. 


Need A Job?  Bath Police Might Need You

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says the police department in Bath is still hiring part-time police officers. The Bath Police Chief acknowledges that it’s a tough job, but also says, if you’re up for it, they need two part time police officers right now and that they’ll need two more part  time police officers by June 1st.   He also says that pay for this job is $23.75-$40.00 an hour, based on experience.


Compost Hours For The Month Of April, In Bath

Bath Village Hall says, the village and town compost site, will be opening up on April 8th and will be open in April, on Saturdays 9am to 3pm starting April 8th, through the April 29th, and then the hours will vary in the month of May. 


More Birth Control For New York State Residents

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul and Democrat lawmakers in Albany, say that they want to make more birth control available for the people of the state.  They say that the reason they’re doing this because of the Supreme Court ‘s decision to throw out Roe v Wade.  However, Assembly Republicans object , saying that Democrats’s legislation will make it so pharmacists are able to dispense birth control pills to any kid, of any age.  

Top Stories, March 29, 2023

Wind Turbine Fire In West Union Yesteday

Greenwood, Rexville and West Union fire departments worked on putting out a Wind turbine fire off of Cemetery Hill Road in West Union yesterday, near Greenwood.  We’re told by county Director of Public Safety Tim Marshall that after several hours yesterday, the fire fighters turned things over to the wind company which was Eight Point Wind.  Public Safety Director Marshall also says that the fire was at the top of the turbine, and that there is no danger to the public.


Today Is Vietnam Veterans Day

Today is March 29th, and Governor Kathy Hochul has announced that she has declared that from today on, March 29th will be Vietnam Veterans Day in New York State.  The governor says quote "Vietnam Veterans deserve the utmost respect and recognition for their immense service to our state and nation," and that  “In New York, we work each day to ensure that their duty and sacrifice is commended and remembered, and it is my honor to celebrate New York's 207,000 Vietnam Veterans on this Vietnam Veterans Day."   


Republicans Want 20 Yr Retirement For Prison Guards   

Republican Assembly members Joe Giglio, Marjorie Byrnes and Phil Palmesano are calling for an optional 20-year retirement plan for correction officers.   Under current law, the state lets corrections officers retire after 25 years.               Assemblyman Palmesano said, “The profession has seen thousands of dedicated employees leave because of the dangerous work environment requiring mandated overtime on a regular basis. At the budget hearing in February, the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision commissioner said there were 867 vacancies at the time and estimated there would be 1150 by the end of the year. This is an unsafe and unsustainable environment, and the state finally needs to provide the necessary tools and resources to change this dangerous trend," Palmesano said.


Sen Gillibrand Comes Through For The Military

Yesterday Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand held a press conference about how the Department of Defense needs to make sure soldiers and their families are getting fed.  Gillibrand says she’s met with soldiers that have had trouble making ends meet and get more money to what’s called the BNA, the Basic Needs Allowance, to get members of the military away from being near to the poverty line.  Gillibrand says, after her presser was over yesterday, the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced, that he’s going to expand eligibility for the Basic Needs Allowance.  

Top Stories, March 28, 2023

High Speed Chase From Allegany Co Into Steuben Co

Bath State Troopers have released a report about a wild chase on Sunday.  According to State Police, a vehicle going at a high rate of speed in Allegany County was believed to be possibly heading towards Bath.  It was later seen speeding on I-86 in the town of Fremont.  Troopers say that there in Fremont they attempted a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle and the driver refused to comply.  Due to the circumstances, the pursuit was terminated.  According to troopers, the vehicle was later located in Bath.  Troopers subsequently arrested 20 year old Brandon S. Lopez, of Connecticut, he’s charged with 3rd degree Unlawfully Fleeing an Officer Reckless Driving, and multiple traffic violations.  Lopez ticketed and released.


Steuben Co Lawmakers: Please Block The NYSEG Plans

The Steuben County legislators met yesterday and sent a letter to state leaders, asking them to prevent New York State Electric and Gas, from putting utility increases from happening.  Steuben County Legislative Chair Scott Van Etten says that NYSEG wants to make a 34.9 percent increase in your electric bills and a 14.9 percent increase in your natural gas bills.  "We already have some of the highest utility costs in the country, we don't need that additional increase," Van Etten tells WVIN. 


Regarding The Assessment, Recently Done In Bath

Bath Town Board officials say, if you live in the Town of Bath and got your assessment, that if you have an issue with the way your assessment worked out, you’ll want to contact the assessor, Courtney Failing, at 607 776 6863.  That’s 607 776 6863.  Town board officials also say, don’t call the Bath town or Bath village board or mayor, or the town assessors office.  Officials say, to call instead, 607 776 6863.

Top Stories, March 27, 2023

Work Coming Up On Haverling Street In Bath

Bath Electric, Gas and Water announced that they’ll be replacing the natural gas and water mains and service lines on Haverling Street, starting Thursday, and they say that this will continue through the end of this year. Officials say that parking on Haverling Street may be restricted at times, starting on Thursday.


Bath Police Chief Colin Taft Undergoes Training Session 

Bath Police say, Village Police Chief Taft attended the state Association of Chiefs of Police Executive training for new law enforcement leaders last week.  The training sessions were on things like risk management, evidence based policing, crime analysis, recruiting police officers and media relations. 


From The "Where Are They Now?" Department 

In case you were wondering where he is these days, former Congressman Tom Reed has started up a new law firm up in Monroe County.  It’s called Reed, Rizzo and O’Brian.  They handle government law, insurance defense litigation, business services and litigation and personal injury law.   


Hornell High Might Have To Change Their Team Name

Will Hornell High School have to drop the team name The Red Raiders?  The Albany Times Union is reporting that a state education advisory board says schools that have the name, "Raiders" or "Warriors", should drop their team names.  It’s unclear from the Times Union article if Hornell is on the list of schools which would have to change their team name.  The state board of Regents will be voting on this, on April 17. 


Social Media Speaker To Visit Campbell-Savona On April 10

Coming up on April 10th at Campbell Savona, a digital health and safety expert, Katie Greer, will be speaking to students about social media issues.  That’ll be at 10am on April the 10th

Top Stories, March 24, 2023

Route 10 Will Be Closed In Bath, Next Month

Steuben County Public Works Commish, Eric Rose says that County Route 10 from Windfall Road to Turnpike Road in the Town of Bath will be closed from 8 am Apr. 4 through 3:30 am. Apr. 6.  Rose also says, the road will be closed in order to replace pipes and there will not be an off-site detour.


FEMA And HHS Reps, Meet With Local Officials

Recently, Steuben County Mobility Manager Eddie VanStine and Institute of Human Services Director Belinda Hoad, met with officials from Homeland Security and FEMA.  At this meeting, they talked about utilizing the Steuben County's 2-1-1 telephone line and also, how to deal with the kinds of blizzards that hit the state, just before Christmas.       


Friend Hopes To Change Raise The Age

Big Flats Republican Assemblyman Christopher Friend wants to make changes to the Raise the Age law.  The assemblyman says, highly-violent 16 and 17 year old criminal offenders need to go on trial in the Superior Court, not family court.  Friend says that in 2021, only about nine percent of 16 and 17 year old offenders arrested for a felony were charged with a felony, for committing homicides, sex offenses, robberies, burglaries, and other serious arrests.


Bath Fire Dept. 2023 Award Winners 

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department held their awards dinner Saturday night March 18th. This is the first one since before COVID-19 hit3 years ago in 2020. Many local dignitaries and guest from neighboring fire departments that have assisted Bath throughout 2022 were in attendance. After dinner the awards portion was started with a moment of silence for past chief James Orme who passed away in February with 50 years of service. The following is a list of the awards for 2022.


Firefighter of the Year – Mike Fiordo

Mike started in the department as a junior firefighter and moved up through the ranks as a firefighter, captain and now a chief officer. He has responded to over 3,000 calls through his career in the department to date. He has served as a junior advisor, member of the by-laws and scholarship committees. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the fundraisers, training, work details and time put into our great department.


Over the past year he has made 166 calls, served on the executive board (coming up with new ideas), helped write SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures), helping with our box alarm system and helping to make decisions on what is best for the future direction of our department. Mike has led the training committee making sure that every Tuesday night something is planned, keeping track of all the members OSHA training and physicals. He also leads the new truck committee reaching out to our vendors and putting together specifications to put it out to bid.


Mike has certainly done his job to make Chief Glashauser’s job easier. The chief said “I truly appreciate all the time and effort Mike has done as my and the department’s First Assistant Chief”.


Firefly of the Year – Mandy Fiordo

Each year the women’s auxiliary looks for a member that has gone above and beyond. This year’s Firefly of the Year has done that. She has been a huge help to the organization since she joined. She is detailed oriented and very organized which is something we needed help with. Mandy is at all their meetings and can be seen at all our events.


Due to her commitment to our organization, we run much more smoothly. Mandy does this with a smile on her face no matter what her day consists of.
Years of Service Awards

60 Years – William Hawk

55 Years – Thomas Crossett

50 Years - Mark Murray

35 Years – Jeffery Baroody

30 Years – David Dowdle

25 Years -  Patricia Brewer

20 Years – Mike Fiordo, Casey Saltsman

15 Years – David R. DuBois, Justin Smith

10 Years – Kevin Mahnke

5 Years – Krystal Saltsman, Curtis Wininger

1 Year – Sally Brizzee, Levi Hough, Savannah Keen, James Stone II, Preston Skillman


Total Call Milestones

5,000 – Joseph Washburn

4,000 – Ronald Delio


Robert and Rita Award for Outside Training – Hours

1st – Preston Skillman – 83 Hours   

2nd – Harry J. Keen – 81 Hours

3rd – Joshua J. Ames – 58 Hours


Robert Brown Award for Outside Training – Classes Attended

1st – Harry J. Keen – 7

2nd – Joshua J. Ames – 4

3rd – Daniel F. Fiordo – 3


Internal Training Hours


1st Harry J. Keen – 90 Hours

2nd Harry E. Keen – 89.75 Hours

3rd John Walczak – 88.75 Hours


Fire Police

1st Jason Causer – 83.5 Hours

2nd Ronald Delio – 81.75 Hours

3rd Brent Hockaday – 75 Hours


Junior Firefighters

1st Matthew Sabins – 77.5 Hours

2nd Wyatt Johnson – 68 Hours

3rd Riley Hess – 39 hours



1st – Daniel Fiordo – 82.25 Hours

2nd Joshua Ames – 76 Hours

3rd Curtis Wininger – 74.75 Hours


Internal Training Hours (continued)

Chief Officers

3rd – Matthew Glashauser – 89 Hours

2nd – Michael Fiordo – 94.75 Hours

1st – David Dowdle – 103.75 Hours


Most Calls


1st – Kyle Prutsman – 190

2nd – Harry E. Keen – 189

3rd – Harry J. Keen – 170


Fire Police

1st – Robin Havens – 192

2nd – Ronald Delio – 120

3rd – Brent Hockaday – 89


Junior Firefighter

1st – Matthew Sabins

2nd – Austin Wheatcraft

3rd – Riley Hess



1st – Curtis Wininger – 211 (Most calls by any member)

2nd – Daniel Fiordo – 194

3rd – Joshua Ames – 162


Chief Officers

1st – Matthew Glashauster – 184

2nd – Michael Fiordo – 166

3rd – David Dowdle – 156

Top Stories, March 23, 2023

Hornell Man Is Accused Of Wild Driving Incident, In Urbana

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on March 21, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested 28 year old Nicholas Green, of Holly Terrace, Hornell, following a report of a person being kicked out of a car and then being injured.   It is alleged that Green was driving a car on Longwell Lane, he kicked a female passenger out of the car, and when Green drove away, when she was on her hands and knees on a dirt road, allegedly running over one of her hands.  Green and his vehicle were located a short time later by the Canisteo Police Department.  Green was charged with 2nd degree Assault in the Second Degree, a class D Felony, and 2nd degree Reckless Endangerment.  Green was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released.  Sheriff Allard thanks the Canisteo Police Department for their assistance in this arrest.


State Comptroller Revises Reports About Addison  

Recently, the New York State Comptroller’s Office reported that the Addison School District had not made most of the changes which the comptroller’s recommended, after a recent audit the school district in Addison.  This morning, the State Comptroller’s Office has a new report out, saying that auditors now find that Addison has made 10 changes that were ordered by the state.  So the state is now concluding that Addison had made progress, since the last audit.


Bath Volunteer Firefighter's Upcoming Breakfast Buffet

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department wants you to know, they’re having a breakfast buffet, this Sunday morning, 7am to 11am, kids age five and under get in free, ages six to 17 the cost is $10.00, for those 18 and up it’s $12.00 to get in.  That’ll be at the Bath Volunteer Fire Department at 50 East Morris Street.

Sen Gililbrand: Pregnancy Related Deaths On The Increase

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says that the deaths of both infants and their mothers during pregnancy, is on the rise.  "Pregnancy and the postpartum period can be exceptionally challenging, but help is available for moms who are struggling or just need support," said Senator Gillibrand. "I worked to establish the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline so that women experiencing a maternal mental health condition have somewhere to turn for free, confidential care any time of day or night. I urge anyone who needs help to take advantage of this resource, and I will continue to work to improve maternal care and fight the maternal mortality crisis."  The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline provides free, confidential, 24/7 support to pregnant and postpartum women facing mental health challenges. Counselors are available by text and phone in English and Spanish and have access to interpreter services that can support 60 other languages. They are licensed or certified and are trained to provide culturally appropriate and trauma-informed support. Counselors are also able to provide referrals to local medical providers. To date, the hotline has helped more than 10,000 women with an average response time of under 1 minute. 

Top Stories, March 22, 2023

Election Results From Tuesday Night March 21, 2023

In the Village of Hammondsport , Mayor Jean Jensen was re-elected, receiving 56 votes.  Also, Stella Pulver was re-elected as village trustee in Hammondsport, 52 votes for Stella Pulver, and Joshua Rosenbloom was elected to a village seat in Hammondsport, Rosenbloom getting 40 votes.  In the Village of Savona, Mayor Brian Scott has been re-elected, with Mayor Scott getting 74 votes.  Also, Mary Finch and Tina Carson won the Savona village trustee seats, with Mary Finch getting 127 votes and Tina Carson receiving 113 votes.  Newly elected officials will take office Monday, April 3, 2023. Questions regarding any village election matters will be answered by calling the Village Clerk-Treasurer at (607) 569-3700, between
the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday
through Friday.


VA Finger Lakes Healthcare System to host a career fair at the Bath VA on March 28th to attract new talent to help care for Veterans

The event will be open to the public from 3pm to 7pm in Building 92 on the campus of the Bath VA Medical Center. Representatives will be available for questions and real-time interviews and hiring decisions. There are openings for registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nursing assistants with sign-on bonuses available for select positions. Other positions available include police officers, social workers, domiciliary assistants, food service personnel, housekeeping staff, and medical administrative support.


Applicants should bring their resume and references plus clinical license if applicable. There will be staff to provide USAJobs.gov assistance if needed.


At VA Finger Lakes Healthcare System, the health and safety of America’s Veterans is our only priority. If you have a passion for helping Veterans, we have a career for you to discover your purpose. Join our team of dedicated professionals today. Applicants with questions can reach out to VAFingerLakesCareers@va.gov

Date: Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Time:  3:00pm-7:00pm

Place: Bath VA Medical Center, Building 92, 76 Veterans Drive, Bath, NY 14810


Women Of Distinction Reminders For Senate Award List

If you know a woman with notable accomplishments, you can nominate her, to the state senate’s women of distinction award.  Area names which are in the state senate’s women of distinction list are, Hornell’s Carol Berry who was named for work at the library in Bath, and Dawn Smith, named for her work at the Bath V.A..   To name someone to the women of distinction list in the state senate, you can go to this website: https://www.nysenate.gov/questionnaires/thomas-f-omara/women-distinction-nomination-form


EMT Refresher Course Coming Up In Hammondsport

There will be a refresher course on Emergency Medical Technician work.  That’ll be a week from tonight, on March 29th, from 7pm till around midnight on Wednesday the 29th, at the Hammondsport Volunteer Ambulance Department.  To register, call 607 776 7306, that’s 776-7306.


Rabies Clinic This Weekend In South Corning, NY

Steuben County Public Health says, there’ll be a rabies clinic this Saturday, 9am to 11am, at the corner of Elm Street and Clark Street in South Corning...

Top Stories, March 21, 2023

Brett Heffner Pleaded Guilty For Death Of Keli Collins

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker reports that Brett Heffner, 28, Corning, has pleaded guilty to Murder in the Second Degree, for causing the death of Keli Collins, 26, Corning, last summer at her apartment in Corning.  The D.A. also says, Collins was sexually assaulted by Heffner at the time of the incident.  Sentencing will be in Steuben County Court, on May 16, before Judge Phil Roche, who has been handling the case.  D.A. Brooks Baker says, Heffner decided not to go to trial, because Corning Police, assisted by State Police, the Steuben County Sheriff's Department and Hornell Police, built a case so clear and convincing, "that the defendant chose to plead guilty, rather than go to trial," Baker stated.  


Bath Man Is Accused Of Second Degree Attempted Arson

From Sheriff Jim Allard: Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on March 21, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Lee M. Baxter, age 48, of SR415, Bath, New York following a report of a person attempting to light another person’s room on fire at a multiple unit dwelling on SR415, Bath.  It is alleged that Mr. Baxter introduced an accelerant into an occupied room and attempted to light it.  Mr. Baxter was charged with Attempted Arson in the Second Degree, a class D Felony, and Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree, a Class D Felony.  Mr. Baxter was held for arraignment in the Centralized Arraignment Court.


Senator Schumer: Watch Out For Xylazine, It's Fatal

Senator Chuck Schumer was in Wayne County recently, talking about how there is a medicine used by animal doctors called Xylazine, which the senator says, gets laced in with Fentanyl and Heroin, and causes skin rotting all the way to the bone.  Has this drug made its way into Steuben County yet?  One police chief in the region says, it’s quite possible.  Over in Hornell, Police Chief Ted Murray says, because the drugs today are so dangerous, not just for those that use it, but for the arresting officers that take it off the streets.  As a result, Murray says, Hornell Police wear gloves around any drugs which look like it could be  Xylazine, and then send it off to a lab, instead of testing it locally.  


GOP: "Local Control, Not Hochul Control" 

Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano and others are pushing back against Democrat Governor Hochul’s housing plan.  The Republicans say that the governor’s plan, will add 800,000 housing units across the state over the next 10 years.  The GOP assemblyman also says the governor has pledged overridding any local elected officials and zoning board members who refuse to go along with her plan.

Plans For The Future Of Bath Sidewalks This Year

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says, upcoming plans for the street department in Bath will include: replacing 25 sidewalks, putting down new sidewalks at the library, installing two new pickle ball courts, and repaving several streets in Bath. 

Top Stories, March 20, 2023

Fatal Accident In Troupsburg Claims Life Of PA Resident

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on March 20, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office responded to SR36 in the Town of Troupsburg, New York, in response to a report of a one vehicle crash into a fixed object, a tree.  The vehicle contained a single occupant as the operator.  The driver was not responsive upon the deputies arrival, CPR was administered and the driver was transported to a medical facility by the Woodhull Ambulance where he was later pronounced deceased.  Steuben County Sheriff’s Office Crash Reconstruction Team investigated the collision and the Steuben County Coroner notified the next of kin.  The driver was identified as Charles R. Carl, Sr., age 71, of Westfield, Pennsylvania.   Sheriff Allard thanks the Woodhull Ambulance Corps for their assistance in this investigation and offers prayers and condolences to the family of Mr. Carl.


Deadline For Steuben County Survey About Transportation

March 31st is the deadline for a joint county-wide transportation survey by Steuben County and the City of Corning.  Organizers say the survey will enable the City and County to obtain feedback across the entire county from current public transit users as well as non-users to understand how the system can beimproved. The Corning/Steuben County Transit Consolidation Study is also examining the potential
benefits of consolidation.  The survey is located at: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/4034f08e619a4ff5a32a09d38cf0e3f0


Fire This Morning In Bath - On West Steuben St 

There was a fire this morning at 18 West Steuben Street in Bath.  It was a mattress fire inside of an apartment.  The fire was called in at 800am, and was under control by 8:14am this morning. That’s according to the Bath Volunteer Fire Department, and they do not report any injuries.


Electric Buses Are Not Better, Says GOP Assemblyman

Republican members of the state legislature continue to say that switching over to all electric in New York State, is a mistake.  Take school buses for an example.  Fort Drum area Republican Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush tells our news department that while electric buses cost more, they cost around $450,000, they also, according to Blankenbush, are less safe.  "The electric buses have batteries on the roof of the bus, and if there is a fire, no one would be able to escape," Blankenbush said this morning.  However, Democrats that are in favor of the Climate Action Council plans say, electric buses will fight climate change by greatly reducing carbon emissions.


Conceal Carry Lawsuit, Might Go To Washington

The Niagara Gazette reports that two ministers, one in Niagara Falls and one in Buffalo, might be taking their case against Governor Kathy Hochul’s concealed carry law, to the Supreme Court.  The case is in Second Circuit Court today.   

March 17, 2023

NYC State Lawmakers Block Bail Reform Changes

They’re working on the state budget in Albany and Governor Kathy Hochul tried to undo some key parts of bail reform, but that was blocked by New York City democrats in the state legislature.  That’s according to Senator George Borrello and assembly woman Marjorie Burns.  Both Borrello and Burns praised the governor for making an attempt to correct bail reform.  Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says, the assembly democrats right now, want to spend six billion dollars more than the governor did, and Senator Tom O'Mara says, this will require higher taxes.


Cameron Man Is Facing Numerous Charges 

State Police report that a Cameron man is facing numerous weapons charges and other related charges, after allegedly holding someone against their will, threatening them and allegedly selling illegal guns.  The suspect is a 48 year old Michael Stewart of Cameron.


Bath Police Chief Congratulates One Of His Officers

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says, congratulations to Bath Police Investigator Jackson, for completing the instructor development course.  Police Chief Taft says, it’s a very hard course, and has high words of praise for Jackson.  

Top Stories, March 16, 2023

Police Charge Prattsburgh Woman, For Jan Fatal Accident 

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft: Update to the fatal SUV vs. motorcycle accident on Geneva Street. The investigation has been completed at this time and one traffic citation has been issued. The SUV driver, Julia Dyke, age 67, of Prattsburgh, was issued one ticket for following too closely. The Village of Bath Police Department would like to thank Bath Fire, Bath Ambulance, Steuben County Sheriff’s office and the Steuben County District Attorney’s office for their assistance.


Bath Baby's Death Is Ruled Accidental

From Police Chief Taft:   The Village of Bath Police Department has received a preliminary autopsy report on the death of the 6-month-old child on March 3rd on E. William St. in the Village of Bath.  The death appears to be accidental after the investigation and autopsy.  Child Protective Services was contacted and referred to the incident.  No charges will be pursued at this time. 


Hammondsport Man Facing A Serious Charge

From the Sheriff: Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on March 14, 2023, Investigators of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Devin J. Ollis, age 23, of Pulteney Street, Hammondsport, New York.  It is alleged that Mr. Ollis engaged in sexual conduct with a person less than 13 years old over a period of time greater than three months in the Town of Urbana.  Mr. Ollis was charged with Course of Sexual Conduct Against a Child in the First Degree, a class B Felony.  Mr. Ollis was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released.


Water Repairs Next Week In Bath In The Overnight Hours

Bath Electric Gas and Water reports that they’ll be doing repairs on West Morris Street In Bath from Sunday night the 19 th through Friday the 24th, from 10:30pm to 70am On those days and to avoid using hot water and doing laundry in those hours. 


Avoca Village Budget Update

The Avoca Village Clerk says, the Avoca Village Board is doing budget workshops these days, and the clerk says the Avoca Village Board is working to stay under the New York State’s 2% cap. 

Top Stories, March 15, 2323

Steuben County Comprehensive Plan Update

Steuben County is having a Zoom conference meeting this Thursday night, at 7:00, and on this online meeting, Steuben County officials will be talking about the County’s Comprehensive Plan.   The link below here, will be active, Thursday night at 7:00pm. 


Bath Man Charged After Alleged Incidet In Avoca

On Monday March 13th 2023, Troopers from SP Bath responded to a report of a male breaking things at a residence on Main Street in the village of Avoca. Troopers subsequently arrested John A. Hernandez, age 57, of Bath, for Criminal Mischief 4th Degree and Harassment 2nd Degree.  Hernandez was transported to SP Bath for processing and then taken to the Steuben County Jail for arraignment.

Three Vehicle Accident Over In North Hornell Yesterday

Officials say there were no serious injuries yesterday, in a three vehicle accident that happened on Route 21 yesterday afternoon in North Hornell.  Officials say that North Hornell Fire fighters and the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department were at the scene/

Top Stories, March 14, 2023

Troopers Are Looking For A 29 Year Old Lindley Man 

State Police say that 29 year old Gage P. Heffner, of Lindley, is wanted by the State Police in Painted Post for multiple felony warrants stemming from physical domestic disputes where he reportedly violated court orders of protection by allegedly causing harm to the victim.  Troopers say anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Gage P. Heffner are directed to contact the New York State Police Painted Post at (607) 962-6865 or (607) 962-3282.


Zoom Conference This Thursday Evening March 16, At 7:00

Steuben County is having There zoom conference meeting this Thursday night, at 7:00, and on this Zoom meeting, Steuben County officials will be talking about the County’s Comprehensive Plan.  The public is welcome to join in.  


The Governor And Cigarettes And The Proposed Budget

Governor Kathy Hochul’s budget calls for introducing legislation that will end the sale of all flavored tobacco products, like menthol cigarettes, flavored cigars and cigarillos, and flavored smokeless tobacco. 


Bridge Closing Next Week In Campbell

There is a bridge closing coming up in Campbell.  Officials say the bridge on Dry Run Road, between Woodcock Road and Gulf Road in Campbell, will be closed to all through traffic on or about March 20th for approximately twelve weeks.  The bridge will be removed and completely replaced with a new one. There will be an off-site detour, using Woodcock Road and Dry Run Road.


Shoplifting Reports Out Of Bath And Erwin

State Police report two cases of petit larceny accusations, a 32 year old Bath man was charged for allegedly to shoplift from Dollar General, and a 42 year old Pine City woman is charged for allegedly shoplifting at Walmart in Erwin.  Both were issued appearance tickets.


Hochul/Schumer:  On That California Bank Situation

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul says, the FDIC has taken control of the bank situation out in California.  Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer says he’s grateful that President Biden, the Federal Reserve and the FDIC took action to safeguard depositors and maintain confidence in the banking system.  Schumer also says, Congress will be looking into the causes of the banking problems out in California. 


Cox Back In The Chairmanship Chair For The GOP

Former Republican chair Ed Cox, is back as State Republican chair once again.  Cox is taking over now for Congressman Nick Langworthy, who is now in Washington DC.

Top Stories, March 13, 2023

Lock Up Your Car Doors In Bath

Bath Village Police are saying to keep your vehicles locked up these days, that’s because numerous cars were broken into, as well as garages, on Friday night.    State Police say there was a report of a disturbance recently at Best Buy in Big Flats. 


Campbell Man Facing Drug Charges

From Troopers: 

On March 9, 2023, at approximately 5:43 p.m., the State Police in Horseheads responded to a disturbance at Best Buy, in the town of Big Flats. The individual involved, Tylor M. Cavllaro, age 25, from Campbell, attempted to the leave the scene in his vehicle. The trooper was able to stop Cavllaro from leaving, and while interviewing Cavllaro it was determined that he was under the influence. Cavllaro submitted to Standardized Field Sobriety Testing subsequently failing them.  During an inventory of Cavllaros’ vehicle, prior to being towed, a large amount of marijuana was discovered. 

Cavllaro was transported to SP Horseheads where he was charged with Obstructing Governmental Administration, Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs with a prior conviction within 10 years, and Criminal Possession of Cannabis in the 3rd Degree.  Cavllaro was given an appearance ticket for the Town of Big Flats Court for March 16, 2023. 

How Are The Kids Doing In School These Days In NYS?

State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli says the national scores show that New York State grade school students are not doing as well in Math as other students across the country but the same data also shows that New York State’s grades in reading, were twice as good as the national average.


Top Stories, March 10, 2023

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Is In Steuben County Today

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Corning Mayor Bill Boland, VA Finger Lakes Healthcare System Director Bruce Tucker, and Steuben County Veterans’ Service Agency Director Gary Smith are visiting the Corning American Legion to talk about  Gillibrand’s work at passing the Pact Act.  Gillibrand will help veterans that were exposed to burn pits learn how they can access and apply for these new benefits.  The senator says that It’s estimated that roughly 3.5 million military personnel could have been exposed to burn pits.


No After School Activities At Prattsburgh Central After 5pm

Prattsburgh Central School announced that after 5pm tonight, there are no after school activies. 


Tonight's School Musical In Bath, Postponed Due To WX

From School Superintendent Joe Rumsey: At this time, due to the impending snow storm, all afterschool and evening activities have been cancelled.  In regards to this evening’s senior musical::  Due to unfavorable weather conditions, Friday night’s performance of Cinderella is rescheduled for Saturday night at 7 pm.  Friday tickets are good for either the 2 pm or the 7 pm performance on Saturday.  If there are any further questions, please feel free to contact the school.   Please come out and enjoy the musical tomorrow at 2 or 7pm in the Haverling Auditorium.


Taxing Ammo In New York State?  Not Impossible...

New York City Democrat state legislators are reintroducing legislation to pass a tax on ammunition.  CBS6 in Albany, reports that Assemblywoman Pat Fahy said the tax will depend on the size of the bullet – anywhere from two to five cents a round.  Fahy says quote. “So, it’s not a huge tax, but another disincentive to arming up.”  State Senator George Borrello says three things about this.  

1 – He hopes it fails again and doesn’t get out of committee
2 – It’s a far left attempt to ban legal weapons in New York State. 

3 – It would only affect those that purchase ammo legally, not those that buy ammo on the streets.


Burn Ban Starts On Thurs Of Next Week

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department reports that the annual burn ban goes into effect on Thursday March 16th and lasts till May 14th


Congrats To Athletes Of The Month At Hammondsport

Hammondsport Central School is congratulating student athletes of the month: Samantha Pratt and Cody Cook. 

Top Stories, March 9, 2023

There Was A Fatal Accident In Wayland Yesterday 

State Police report that a 27 year old Kalie Mosesm, 27, of Wayland was killed in a two vehicle collision on Route 21 in Wayland on Tuesday, just before 12 Noon.  Troopers say the other driver, a Fed ex driver and Kalie’s 5 year old son both survived.  


Gillibrand To Visit Corning To Meet With VA Officials 

Democrat  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is in Corning at 11am, to meet with VA leaders there to talk about her new law, that’s helping military burn pit victims.  


Hornell Mayor: More Concerned About Train Safety 

Mayor John Buckley is in talks with Norfolk Southern about how to schedule a training session in Hornell, in the case, of a train accident in Hornlell.  That was discussed on Thursday morning at Hornell City Hall at the regular public safety meeting.  


Taxing Ammo?  It Could Happen Here

State senate Democrats are talking about passing a tax on ammunition, GOP senator George Borrello says, this will penalize legal gun owners, not the criminals.  "This will allow criminals to be allowed to be ticketed and released, while punishing the legal gun owners," Borrello tells WVIN.  "It's irresponsible."  

Top Stories, March 8, 2023

Corning Man Facing Weapons/Forgery Charges And More

From The Sheriff: 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on March 7, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Shawn R. Mosko, age 38, of Park Avenue, Corning, New York.  It is alleged that Mr. Mosko possessed a loaded firearm with the intent to use it unlawfully against another in the City of Corning and that he intended to cause serious physical injury with it.  It is further alleged that Mr. Mosko was wanted on an arrest warrant for falsifying a vehicle identification number.  Mr. Mosko was charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree, a class C Felony, Attempted Assault in the First Degree, a class C Felony and Altering a Vehicle Identification Number.   Mr. Mosko was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and held in lieu of $5,000 cash bail.  Sheriff Allard thanks the City of Corning Police Department for their assistance in this investigation.


Sheriff Allard: A New Dog Has Arrived In Bath

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department has a new K9, a ten month old German Sheppard named K9 Ronnie, named after Ronnie Bates, a longtime member of the sheriff’s office.  Sheriff Jim Allard says, the new dog was donated largely thanks to a donation from Becky Goodrich.  The new K9 has been assigned to Sgt. Shutt. 


What People In NYS, Did Not Like, About Last Year

State Attorney General Leticia James says, the biggest complaints her office got in 2022, were about things like price gouging, defective online purchases, landlord tenant issues, credit problems, covid scams, and high gas prices. 



Top Stories, March 7, 2023

Bridge Work Starts Next Week In Jasper 

The Five Corners Road bridge in the Town of Jasper will be closed to all traffic for 10 weeks beginning around March 13, according to Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose.


Electric Car Update

Electric cars, no getting away from them, they are going to be all over the state, within the next few years.  At this point, there are at least two places to charge electric cars in the area: at Simmons Rockwell in Bath and the Best Western in Hammondsport.  That’s just two of the locations where they charge electric cars these days. 


It's Not Just Upstate - It's a Downstate Problem Too

We hear a lot about bad prison conditions in our region - but it’s not just here that it’s a problem, and that's according to Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano.  Palmesano and other state lawmakers are protesting and holding a press conference outside of the Rikers Island New York City Prison today.  Palmesano says the reason for this is, 40 female Rikers guards have been sexually assaulted by prisoners that face only misdemeanor charges.  Palmesano, who has protested outside of Elmira Correctional as well, he says the state needs to repeal the HALT Act, so that inmates stop getting away with serious violence with only a slap on the wrist.


Senator Schumer Wins Award For His Public Service

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer was given an award by the state association of counties, for his public service record.  Schumer is sometimes referred to as “senator pothole,” for getting funding to towns, cities and villages in New York State.   The senator also visits each part of the state twice, in the six year terms which he serves. 

Top Stories, March 6, 2023

Today Is Black Balloon Day

It’s Monday March 6th, Black Balloon Day.  In Steuben County, officials are recalling that 12 fatal overdose victims died here.  Black helium balloons are being released in the air today across the county, in memory of those individuals.


Upcoming Village Election Day - Is March 21, 2023

Village Election Day in New York State is on March 21st this year.  In Steuben County's Village of Hammondsport - They’re having elections that day and heres the candidates: 

Joshua Rosenbloom, (R)       

 Stella Pulver (D)

Also, Mayor Jean D. Jensen is running as both a Democrat and a Republican and at this point, is unopposed 

Elect one (1) Mayor position for a term of two (2) years:
Democratic Party:        Jean D. Jensen, 75 Shethar Street
Republican Party:        Jean D. Jensen, 75 Shethar Street

Other odds and ends: there are also village elections this year in Addison, Avoca, Savona, Hammondsport, Arkport, North Hornell, Cohocton, South Corning, Wayland, Riverside and Canisteo.  They are not having village elections this year in Bath, Bath held their village elections last, in 2022. 


Palmesano Visits Bath For Steuben Co Legislative B-fast

Corning Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano was in Bath yesterday for the county legislative breakfast.  Palmesano spoke about the lack of funding from the state, for youth centers and said that the youth in Corning got a lot of attention with a social media page asking the state leaders to drop the sports ban during covid.  Palmesano says, that campaign worked out well and the state pulled back on the regulations against student athletes playing during the height of the covid.


And there was a house fire over the weekend on Bennett Street in Hornell.  The two residents inside the apartment escaped but their pets died in that fire and the couple lost all of their belongings. 

Top Stories, March 3, 2023

Investigation Going On, Into A Bath Baby's Death

The Village of Bath Police Department is investigating the death of a 6-month-old child that occurred this morning at approx. 7 am on E. William St. in the Village.  The child has been taken to Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton for an autopsy at this time.  When more information is available it will be released in a press release sometime next week.


Bath Police Charge A Man For Alleged Vehicle Incidents

The Village of Bath Police Department reports the arrest of Michael Trenchard on 02/26/2023 who is a state employee of the New York Department of Corrections. Trenchard was taken into custody regarding a disturbance that happened at a bar on West Steuben St. in the Village of Bath, which resulted in damages to a vehicle. It is alleged that Trenchard jumped on a patron’s vehicle and began punching the windshield resulting in the windshield being broken. Trenchard then fled the scene and was found hiding in bushes of a neighboring home. After being taken into custody Trenchard then resisted getting placed into a patrol car to be transported to Steuben county jail. During this altercation the patrol car did receive damages as well. Trenchard was taken to the Steuben County Jail for centralized arraignment court.   

Mr. Trenchard was charged with Obstructing Governmental Administration and Criminal Mischief Fourth the day of the incident.  Mr. Trenchard will be charged with felony Criminal Mischief to the Bath Police vehicle for causing damage in excess of $3,000 at his next court appearance.  An order of protection for the victim was issued. 


Drugs/Weapons Charges On West William Street Bath

The Village of Bath Police Department executed a “no knock” search warrant on March 2nd, 2023 at 20 W. William St., Apt. 202 in the Village of Bath.  The search warrant was the result of an investigation into the sales of crystal methamphetamine from the residence.  Joseph M. Robinson, street name “Bama”, age 50, residing at that residence, was charged with 2 counts of Felony Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Third Degree.  Mr. Robinson is on NYS parole for Attempted Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree with intent to sell.  Mr. Robinson was taken to Steuben County Centralized Arraignment Court where he will be arraigned.  It is unknown if NYS Parole will violate his parole and issue a warrant.

Also arrested from inside the residence was Grace L. Schoffner, age 26, also residing at that address, for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Seventh Degree and Tampering with Physical Evidence, a felony.  Ms. Schoffner was released on appearance tickets for those charges and relayed to Ithaca Police Department where she was wanted for Burglary in the Third Degree and Criminal Mischief.

The Village of Bath Police Department was assisted on the search warrant by a Corning Police Department Investigator. 


February 2023 Accident/Crime Statistics From The Sheriff

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that in the month of February, the following cases were handled by the sheriff’s department: 22 vehicle crashes, four DWI/ DWAI’s, and 37 EMT cases.  


More Cannabis Shops Will Be Opening Their Doors

Empire Report New York and Spectrum are reporting that the state’s cannabis board is going to double the number of cannabis shops, from 150, to 300. 

Top Stories, March 2, 2023

Chimney Fire  This AM In Bath

There was a chimney fire this morning in Bath in the 7am hour on County Route 10.  Officials say that crewst from Bath and the Bath V.A. Fire Department extinguished the fire that was contained to the chimney.


Langworthy: Lets End The Endless Inflation

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy voted for the REIN IN Act, which Langworthy says, will prevent presidents from signing executive orders that lead to inflationary problems.  Langworthy says President Joe Biden’s executive orders have cost Americans, trillions of dollars. 


Schumer: What Are You Thinking At Fox News?
Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer is pressuring Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch not to allow Tucker Carlson to show the January 6th video footage which Congress has not released yet to anyone else.  Schumer says, this sort of thing will be a lot of 2020 election propaganda which supports the false claim that Biden did not win that election.


Cornell Cooperative Extension Workshop In 12 Days

Cornell Cooperative Extension is having a workshop about how to, after the death of a parent or other relative, pass on that individuals personal possessions to descendants.  That Cornell Cooperative Extension workshop will be Tuesday March the 14th at 2pm at the Fred and Harriet Taylor Memorial Library in Hammondsport.  This workshop is free but registration is requested. Call 607-664-2300 today to register.

Top Stories, March 1, 2023

Black Balloon Day Is Next Week

Black Balloon Day is coming up on Tuesday March 6th.  It’s a day when fatal overdose victims are remembered, and black balloons are let go up in to the air, all over the country.  And they’re doing it next Tuesday across Steuben County as well.


Fraud Charges For 40 Year Old Bath Man

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that 40 year old Matthew K. Youngs, of Bath, is charged with 1st degree Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the first degree, he was arraigned in the Centralized Court and released.  The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Steuben County Department of Social Services Fraud and Legal Affairs Unit, and the District Attorney’s Office.   


Drug Arrest In Painted Post

From Sheriff Jim Allard: deputies and County Sheriff’s Investigators Office went into a home on Hornby Road in Painted Post with a search warrant, and turned up almost $1600 worth of suspected crystal methamphetamine, a shotgun and assorted paraphernalia.  The suspect, 41 year old Joseph Hetlan, is charged with 2nd degree Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance, 3rd degree Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance and 3rd degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.  Hetlan was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released.  Sheriff Allard thanks the Village of Bath Police Department, City of Corning Police Department and Village of Painted Post Police Department for their assistance in this investigation, search and arrest.


Troopers: Delivery Driver Gets Into Accident In Steuben 

State Troopers say that last Friday, a delivery truck driver drove over the sidewalk and into a tree in the Greenwood School parking lot.  State Police say troopers found that truck after that on Andover Street in Greenwood and ticketed the 38 year old Elmira Heights driver, Michael Morgan with Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs, having a Controlled Substance not in Original Container, and Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident.  Morgan was given an appearance ticket to appear in the Greenwood Town Court at a later date.

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