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Top Stories, May 1, 2023

Putting Out Fires When It Comes To New Energy

At this morning's Public Safety meeting, Steuben County Public Safety Director Tim Marshall talked about modern energy projects and fires.  Three of the topics were: dealing with fires on wind turbines, at solar projects, and in electric cars.   Marshall spoke of how firefighters handled the wind turbine fire in West Union.  He noted that this was the first time in Steuben County that a wind turbine caught on fire, but noted that the fire was so high up, that no fire dept's ladder could reach it.  "They can't to it, it's too tall, you can't get a ladder truck or anything like that in there," Marshall said. "So the fire department stood back.  You have to let it burn, there's nothing the fire department can do."  Marshall made that statement at this morning's Steuben County Public Safety Committee.  He also addressed the potential problem of electric car fires on a road or street in the county.  "Luckily, we have not seen any major issues with the Lithium Ions yet," Marshall explained.  "If we get any type of electrical vehicle fire on the Interstate 86, it takes tens of thousands of gallons of water to at least, even sustain putting the fire out, and then after that, trying to keep it from rekindling.  So the ability for us to put a fire out on the Interstate is going to be very, very difficult.  Right now the recommendation is for us to let it burn, because once you put the water on it, you have to continually put the water on it, and maintain a flow to be able to get the fire out.  Even then, there's the potential for the batteries to reignite and start a fire again."  One unnamed official at the meetings noted, that solar energy fires, could be problematic as well.  "These solar farms, the stuff that's in those solar panels is much more toxic than what's in these wind turbines," the official said.  Marshall responded by saying that this is a very new situation.  "We're in uncharted territory," Marshall said.  "It's all new to us, I know that the new solar project in South Hornell, they're supposed to be getting with the local fire departments before that (solar) system goes online, to give the fire dept's guidance.  Basically, our guidance for our local first responders is, if you have a fire inside of one of these compounds: stay outside, don't touch it, don't go in, don't do anything until the agency gets there."  

Assessments Meeting On May 3, At Haverling High 

Coming up Wednesday night at Haverling High School, there will be another meeting about the assessments issue in Bath.


It's Legal In Some Ways, But Not Inside Elmira Correctional

A 38 year old Rochester woman was charged for allegedly having marijuana on her, when coming in to visit someone at Elmira Correctional.  The 38 year old was issued an appearance ticket.


The GOP: We Haven't Seen The State Budget Details Yet

State Senator Tom O'Mara put out a statement saying, he still has not seen the state budget which Governor Kathy Hochul said had been agreed upon.  The governors aid that last Friday morning.  O'Mara says, we just have to take the governor’s word for what is in the state budget.  

AOC Might Not Run Against Senator Gillibrand In A Primary

Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ostacio Cortez told numerous media outlets on Sunday morning, that she was "not planning on running against fellow Democrat, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in a primary" for the 2024 race for the Gillibrand seat.  While AOC did not completely rule out a possible run, she indicated that 2024 will not be the year she goes in for a U.S. Senate run.    

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