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Top Stories, June 30, 2022

Covid Calming Down In Steuben Co

Steuben County Public Health Director Darlene Smith says the covid numbers (82 cases this past Monday) are much lower than it wa.  Smith also says, there are only three covid hospitalizations right now in the county.  The county public health director says the reasons for this are: vaccines and the weather.  Darlene Smith also notes that covid vaccine clinics are still being put on, by the county. 


Need Covid Tax Credits At Your Biz?

The Steuben County Industrial Development Agency is posing this question to businesses in the county: does your business have extra expenses because of covid?  The IDA says if so, your business might qualify for tax credits for up to $25,000, from the state’s new capital costs tax credit covid program.  For more info, check out the state’s empire development website.


Job Opening At The Bath Village Hall

Need a job or know someone who does?  There’s an opening for clerk/treasurer at bath village hall… duties include, entering accounts payable, payroll, human resources duties and various clerk job duties.  The job is full time, with benefits.


The 4th Is Almost Here 

July 4th is coming up on Monday, and the Bath Volunteer Fire Dept says, the Firehouse Subs food truck will be at the Bath Fire Station from July 4th through July 9th, 11am to 7pm each day/ 



Governor Kathy Hochul, had the state lawmakers come back today to Albany to pass new gun laws.  From what we understand from Spectrum News, the governor has worked out a tentative agreement with the state legislative leaders, to pass laws to prevent concealed carry in schools and any other places where children gather.  Also, conceal carry is not allowed at voting locations or on public transit.  



The governor’s GOP opponent, Congressman Lee Zeldin, put out a statement about a shooting in new York city last night.  Zeldin says, we need to make the streets safer for the public, not protect criminals.   In a somewhat related story, Andrew Giuliani is now asking his supporters to support Lee Zeldin.  Giuliani says, he’s honored and humbled at the amount of support  he got, but now Giuliani says, it’s time to end petty differences and support Zeldin.

Top Stories, June 29, 2022

Steuben County Primary Results 

Here are the results of last night’s local primary races in Steuben County, in the town of Campbell, Kathy Darcangelo won the town justice race, and in Fremont, Seth Hilton won the town board race. 


Rob Astorino 1,012
Write-In 13
Andrew Giuliani 1,048
Harry Wilson 1,425
Lee Zeldin 1,924
Total Votes Cast 5,422
Total Ballots Cast 5,440


Thomas R. Suozzi 215
Write-In 22
Kathy C. Hochul 1,300
Jumaane D. Williams 189
Total Votes Cast 1,726
Total Ballots Cast 1,741


Ana Maria Archila 403
Write-In 6
Diana Reyna 284
Antonio Delgado 842
Total Votes Cast 1,535
Total Ballots Cast 1,741


Music In The Park In Bath And Hammondsport

In July 6, the Zac Brown Tribute Band comes to Bath.  That will be from 5:30 to 7:30 on Wednesday July 6 at Pultney Park in Bath.  Over in Hammondsport, they’re doing music in the park too.  That will be on Thursday nights starting at 600pm to 800pm, at the Center Square in Hammondsport. 

Missing Person Case 

A missing person case out of Rochester… missing is an 82 year old Dansville man who has Alsheimers.  Donald R. Kinney, Kinney was last seen at the Rochester Airport yesterday, at 4:00 PM when the plane he was traveling on landed. Kinney was last seen wearing a white tee shirt, tan shorts, and black shoes. He may be driving a gray Hyundai Santa Fe, plate JMU6389… Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mr. Kinney is asked to call 911.


Arrest In The Case Of Nazi Graffiti Against Lee Zeldin

A police department’s hate crime unit in long island, arrested a 41 year old named Vincent McKie, whose accused of spraying a swastika and an anti semetic death threat on a Lee Zeldin sign recently in Long Island.  "Unfortunately, for so many New Yorkers - Asian-Americans, Sikh-Americans, Jewish Americans and many others - raw hate has become all too commonplace. We must continue to work together to crush this hate wherever it rears its ugly head,” Zeldin.

Top Stories, June 28, 2022

Two Reasons June 28th Is Important In Bath

#1 - It’s primary day in the governors race, polls are open until 9pm. 

#2 - Kentucky Fried Chicken opened today.


Ground Breaking Date Set, For LP Building Solutions

Officials say that on Tuesday, July 12, at 11:30 a.m. LP Building Solutions, a leading manufacturer of high-performance building products, is breaking ground on its new LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® prefinishing facility on 75 acres in the Town of Bath, New York.? 


Below are some local voting locations:

Bath District 1 – the Kanona Fire dept

Bath Districts 2, 3, 8 – Bath Baptist church

Bath Districts 4,6,7,9 – Centenary United Methodist Church

Bath District 5 – Savona Municipal Building

Hammondsport – Hammondsport Public Library

Campbell, districts 1, 3 – Campbell Town Hall

Campbell district 2 – The fire dept on Meads Creek Road

Prattsburgh district 1 The Prattsburgh Fire Dept

Prattsburgh district 2 The Ingleside Christian church


Who Are The Lt. Gov Candidates?

On the Lt. Governor’s primary today, Governor Hochul’s running mate is Antonio Delagado, Tom Suozzi’s running mate is Diana Reyna, and Jumanne Williams’s running mate is  Ana Maria Archila.

Top Stories, June 27, 2022

Work On Water Mains Going On In Bath

Last summer, Bath Electric, Gas and Water started water main replacement work on Perkins Place between the Williamson Terrace and Fairview Drive Extension.  This week, they’re resuming work on the replacement of water mains on Perkins Place, from Fairview Drive Extension to Park Place. Once that’s done, they’ll start up work on Park Place from Vargason Place to Mountview Road East.  Officials say that the intersections of Fairview Drive Extension, Park Place, Vargason Place, and Mountview Road East will be closed at times – and that temporary disruption of water service will be minimized but should be expected. Work on this will continue through the remainder of summer and into the fall. 


The Primaries Are Tomorrow 

The Democrat and Republican primaries for governor are tomorrow.  The Democrat candidates are Governor Kathy Hochul, New York City Advocate Jumane Williams and Congressman Tom Suozzi.  The Republican candidates are Lee Zeldin, Andrew Giuliani, Rob Astorino and Harry Wilson.  Democrats also have a primary for Lt. Gov.   Also, there is a primary in Campbell for town justice.  Voting tomorrow in Steuben County is 6am to 9pm.


So How Did Early Voting Go Locally?

Steuben County Board Of Election officials say early voting was light for this June 28th primary: there was a total of 477 early voters in the county.

Top Stories, June 24, 2022

Roe V Wade Reaction

From Governor Kathy Hochul:  "Today, the Supreme Court took away the right of millions of Americans to make decisions about their own bodies. This decision is a grave injustice. I want everyone to know that abortion remains safe, accessible, and legal in New York. Just last month, in anticipation of this decision, I made an historic $35 million investment to support our state's network of abortion providers. Last week, thanks to the partnership of Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins and Speaker Heastie, I signed a landmark, nation-leading package of legislation that further protects the rights of patients and empowers reproductive healthcare providers.  The right to reproductive healthcare is a fundamental human right. History shows us that when abortion is banned, abortion becomes unsafe for women. Low-income individuals and people of color will be harmed the most.  New York has always been a beacon for those yearning to be free. Our state will always be a safe harbor for those seeking access to abortion care. To anyone who is working to deny abortion access, our message is clear: not here, not now, not ever."


From Andrew Guiliani:

“As a pro-life New Yorker,  I celebrate the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe vs Wade. It’s a  victory for states’ rights but more importantly, the sanctity of life. This protection for our most vulnerable New Yorkers is the enduring legacy of President Donald J. Trump.”


From Republican Rob Astorino: "For the governor to run down the street with her hair on fire, it is not going to really change things in New York State, they already put this (abortion) into law."  As for Republican Andrew Guliaini, he says: “As a pro-life New Yorker,  I celebrate the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe vs Wade. It’s a  victory for states’ rights but more importantly, the sanctity of life. This protection for our most vulnerable New Yorkers is the enduring legacy of President Donald J. Trump.”

From Harry Wilson: (On) Roe v Wade: I don't have a social agenda. I'm focused on turning around New York. Crime is out of control, families are fleeing because they can't afford to be in New York. I spent years turning around broken companies. I have a turnaround plan for New York. We'll cut taxes 20 percent, saving the average family, $3000. I have a crime plan to make us safer, support the police and keep criminals in jail. That's what I'm focused on.

From Lee Zeldin: Today is a victory for life, for family, for the constitution, and for federalism. When my daughters, Mikayla and Arianna, were born 14.5 weeks early, I had the opportunity to witness life in the second trimester and it was absolutely beautiful. In a state that has legalized late term partial birth abortion and non-doctors performing abortion, in a state that refuses to advance informed consent and parental consent, and where not enough is being done to promote adoption and support mothers, today is yet another reminder that New York clearly needs to do a much better job to promote, respect and defend life."


Accident In The News Today

State police report that there were no injuries or charges against a driver, after a car accident in Avoca, the driver was from Arkport.  

A First Case of Ghost Gun Making, In This County

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says, there’s been a county grand jury indictment against a Corning man named Kendrick Buchanan, who is accused of selling meth and making ghost guns.  "This is the first time we've had a ghost gun manufacturing case, in Steuben County."


Top Stories, June 23, 2022

Hate Crime Case Proceeding Against A Bath Man

The case of the attempted murder in Bath, involving  a Bath resident who was struck in the head with a hammer, that case is going forward.  The suspect, Jose Velez, has been indicted with burglary 1st degree, assault 1st degree, and attempted murder.  The District Attorney's Office is alleging that Velez attacked the victim, because Velez believed that the victim was gay.  "This is the first time we have indicted a hate crime in Steuben County, since I've been here," District Attorney Brooks Baker tells WVIN News.  "We have had some instances where it's looked like a hate crime, that have come close to that, but this is the first indictment of a charge of attempted murder for a hate crime," Baker said.  


Accident In The Town of Urbana

State Police report that there was a two vehicle accident in the town of Urbana, there were no injuries reported and neither driver is being charged.


News from The Campaign Trail For New York Governor

Former Vice President Mike Pence is endorsing Republican Lee Zeldin in the governors race.  Republican Andrew Guiliani was campaigning in Binghamton, Syracuse and Albany yesterday,.  Republican Rob Astorino was on the campaign trail yesterday in Watertown.  Republican Harry Wilson tweeted out this morning, about his plans to clean up Albany government.

Early Voting In Bath 

Early voting continues today in Bath, voting at the Steuben County Annex Building is going on now and goes till 8pm tonight.  

Top Stories, June 22, 2022

50 Years Ago Today...

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Flood of 1972, there were numerous deaths as a result of the flooding and several deaths in a helicopter crash in Hornell, in the aftermath of the flood, while state officials were surveying the flood damage.


State Grant For Cornell Cooperative Extension Locally

Governor Kathy Hochul says Cornell Cooperative Extension in Steuben County is getting $36,000 in grant money for community-led gardens and not-for-profit farms that work to combat food insecurity in under-resourced areas.


Sad Serach Continues In Lake Ontario For Missing Man

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department reports that the search continues for the body of a jet skier, who disappeared on Saturday morning in Lake Ontario.


Schumer: On Fighting The Opiod Problem 

Senator Chuck Schumer says there were record overdose deaths from opiods, in 2020 and in 2021.  Schumer is trying to get the feds, to invest more time in fighting the opiod/heroin drug dealers in New York State.


Top Stories, June 21, 2022

Prison Violence Continues

A Rochester prisoner is accused of breaking a Monroe county sheriff’s deputy’s nose and another prisoner’s nose while in the Monroe county jail on a 2nd degree murder charge.  


Candidates Are On The Campaign Trail In New York State

Republican candidate for Governor Andrew Guiliani is in Rochester today, campaigning against bail reform, cashless bail, and the other criminal justice reforms.  Meanwhile, Governor Kathy Hochul was in Rockland county today, condemning nazi graffiti that was sprayed on Jewish buildings there recently.


Early Voting Update

Early voting for the June 28th primary continues, for both today and tomorrow, early voting hours are 10am to 8pm, and you can vote locally at the Steuben County Annex Building, 20 East Morris Street.


Graduation Time Warning

We’re coming up on Graduation Time, and Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard, is giving these words of both advice, and warning: "Don't drink and drive, and don't get inside a vehicle with someone who does." 

Top Stories, June 20, 2022

Weekly Report From Steuben Co Public Health: 

Things are looking even better than last week! There were 112 new COVID cases reported since last Monday, Steuben has dropped back down to the low COVID community level, and none of our COVID positive individuals are in the hospital due to their COVID status.  One of the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones is by staying up to date on your COVID vaccines. Our next clinic is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 28 from 2 - 5 pm. Call 607-664-2438 to schedule your shot today. We are currently offering vaccines for ages 5 and older.


Interested In A Job At The County Jail?

There are job openings for 10 corrections officers at the Steuben County Jail.   Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard tells us that pay starts in the low $40,000 a year range, and previous experience is a must.  To apply, you have to take a civil service exam from the county. 


The Feds Are In Town For Training

Today is the first day of the three week long, FBI training of Western New York law enforcement officials.  It’s called the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Training.  According to officials, that training began at 9am this morning in Bath.   


Recycling Electronics At The Local Level

There’s a study out, that says many Americans don’t recycle their electronics.  According to PCMag.com writer Eric Griffith, a study shows that 45% of Americans have never recycled electronics, and 37% of Americans have never even tried to.  It should be pointed out that here in Steuben County, you can recycle your electronics at the Steuben County Landfill and at the Erwin Transfer Station.  

Top Stories, June 17, 2022

Update On Thursday's Tornado Watch

Regarding yesterday’s Tornado Watch, Steuben County Emergency Services Deputy Director Ken Forrenz says, the damage in Steube County, was very minimal.  According to Forrenz, there was extensive damage though, in the Livingston County Town of Livonia. 


How Inflation/Gas Prices Affect Steuben Co Gov't

Wvin News asked Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler how the problems of inflation and high gas prices were affecting Steuben County Public Works, and other county offices.  "The price of fuel has the most immediate and major impact," Wheeler said.  However, according to Wheeler, the good news is, that the county is able to handle this situation.  "We budget very conservatively and we have contingency funds and and other funds, where we are able to transfer funds to cover it," Wheeler said.  


Update On Threats Reportedly Made Against Hornell High

Our news dept. has learned more about last Friday’s alleged threat that caused some concern at Hornell High School. Police Chief Ted Murray says, it started with conversations on the Snapchat site.   The 14 year old boy, who is originally from the Hornell area and then moved to Seneca County, that 14 year old is accused of threatening another Hornell boy on Snapchat. But Police Chief Murray says, right now it’s a he-said-he-said situation, and it’s unclear as to whether any charges will be filed.



Top Stories, June 17, 2022

Update On Thursday's Tornado Watch

Regarding yesterday’s Tornado Watch, Steuben County Emergency Services Deputy Director Ken Forrenz says, the damage in our county, was very minimal.  According to Forrenz, there was extensive damage though, in the Livingston County Town of Livonia. 


How Inflation/Gas Prices Affect Steuben Co Gov't

Wvin News asked Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler how the problems of inflation and high gas prices were affecting Steuben County Public Works, and other county offices.  "The price of fuel has the most immediate and major impact," Wheeler said.  However, according to Wheeler, the good news is, that the county is able to handle this situation.  "We budget very conservatively and we have contingency funds and and other funds, where we are able to transfer funds to cover it," Wheeler said.  


Update On Threats Reportedly Made Against Hornell High

Our news dept. has learned more about last Friday’s alleged threat that caused some concern at Hornell High School. Police Chief Ted Murray says, it started with conversations on the Snapchat site.   The 14 year old boy, who is originally from the Hornell area and then moved to Seneca County, that 14 year old is accused of threatening another Hornell boy on Snapchat. But Police Chief Murray says, right now it’s a he-said-he-said situation, and it’s unclear as to whether any charges will be filed.



Top Stories, June 16, 2022

Early Voting Is Starts Saturday June 18 

Early Voting starts this Saturday at 9am, in Bath, Corning and Hornell.  The early voting location in Bath is at the County Annex Building, 20 East Morris Street. 

Bad Motorcycle/Deer Accident In Caton This Morning 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on June 16, Crash Reconstructionists of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office investigated a one vehicle crash on SR225 in the Town of Caton.  It is alleged that a motorcycle was being operated on SR225 when a deer entered the roadway, causing a collision between the motorcycle and the deer.   The operator of the motorcycle, a 52 year old male residing in Horseheads, New York, was seriously injured and taken to a trauma center for treatment via helicopter.  The roadway was closed for a period of time in order to collect evidence and document the scene.  No charges have been filed.  Sheriff Allard thanks the New York State Police for their assistance in this case.


New York State Union of Teachers Goes With Delagado 

State Teachers Union NYSUT today endorsed Democrat Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado for election. NYSUT has also endorsed Gov. Kathy Hochul.


Hornell Teen Charged By Bath State Police

State Police say, a Hornell teen is accused of petit larceny and 1st degree falsifying business records.  Offiicials say that this is alleged to have happened in Bath.


Message From Hammondsport Central 

Hammondsport school officials say that early dismissal for Glen Curtis students will continue through the last day of school - Thursday, June 23rd.  they say there’s a 1:15 dismissal time.  



Top Stories, June 15, 2022

Man Arrested In Bath After Alleged Threats 


From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft: The Village of Bath Police Department reports the arrest of Antonio J. Jackson of Bath, NY for being a Fugitive From Justice out of Louisiana for a Violation of his Parole. The arrest stems from a call for service at the Kwik Fill on W. Morris Street where Mr. Jackson is accused of threatening to shoot up the place. Officers were able to locate Mr. Jackson in the parking lot of Value Home Center. Mr. Jackson’s information was ran through dispatch where he was found to be wanted out of several states including charges for Armed Robbery and a Violation of his Parole. Mr. Jackson was also to be found to have shoplifted at Kwik Fill during this investigation. Mr. Jackson was charged with Petit Larceny along with being transported to Steuben County Jail due to him having the full extradition warrant out of Louisiana where he will be held until arrangements are made by Louisiana to come pick him up. 


No Injuries - No Charges - After Two Car Accidents In Erwin

State Police report that there were no injuries in either of the two car accidents that happened yesterday in the Town of Erwin.   Also, no one was charged in either incident. 


The County's Online Auction Has Begun

Steuben County Officials say that 106 parcels will be up for bid during the online-only-Delinquent Real Property Auction began at 9 am and is ending June 22.  They say there are 56 structures across the county, and 50 vacant lots up for auction.  This online auction is at: www.steubencountyauction.com


House Fire Over In Canisteo

There was a house fire at a family home in Canisteo.  That was last night.  The home, at 30 Taylor Street, was owned by the Howell family, Canisteo Fire Chief Don Lewis says, there were no injuries but the house was a total loss.  

Top Stories, June 14, 2022

Prattsburgh Man Is Facing Serious Charges

State Troopers are reporting that Neil Shaw, 47, Prattsburgh, is charged with rape 2nd degree, resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental administration 2nd degree, and endangering the welfare of a child.   The alleged victim is said to be in their early teens.


Two Car Accidents In Horseheads

State Police say that there were two car accidents yesterday on Horseheads.  No one was charged in either incident and there were no injuries.  

Remember The Vietnam Wall Is Coming To Elmira

State Senator Tom O'Mara is very pleased, that the Moving Wall of Vietnam Veterans is coming to Elmira soon.  O'Mara says it's important to remember the service of those who died in the Vietnam War, and says that they are the inspiration for current and future generations.  The Wall, will be in Elmira, June 30 through July 4.  


Gillibrand's Gun Legislation 

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is working to pass a law that would make trafficking in firearms a federal crime and establish penalties for those who knowingly ship, transport or transfer firearms across state lines to an individual not legally allowed to possess a gun.  Gillibrand says, this bill would also go after individuals who act as organizers of gun trafficking operations and those who sell or deal trafficked firearms.


Top Stories, June 13, 2022

Campbell Man Facing Charges

State Police report that Richard Dewert, 57, Campbell, was charged Saturday, with 3rd degree assault with intent to cause injury and criminal mischief with intent to damage property.  Officials say that the incident is alleged to have happened in the Town of Thurston. 


DWI Accident In Canisteo - Building Smashed In Downtown 

There was a  major DWI accident over in Canisteo, when a truck drove into Annie’s Restaurant around midnight.  State Police are saying that the driver's name is Shane Kramer, 29, Hornell, who was charged with DWI and will be arraigned on his charges during centralized arraignment today.  Troopers say Kramer also struck a ultility pole.  


County Covid Update

Steuben County Public Health reports that there were 132 new cases, since last Monday.  County officials also say this is a downward trend and Steuben County is now in the medium covid community level.

Online Threat Against Hornell High School

in Hornell Friday, Hornell High School’s parking lot was filled with Hornell Police cars, State Police vehicles, and cars from the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office.  This is because of a threat made on social media against the high school in Hornell.  Hornell Police Captain Mike Sexsmith says the investigation is still ongoing, into the case of the 14 year old Seneca County boy, whose accused of making threats on social media, against the hornell school district.  


Andrew Guiliani Banned From Governor's Debate

Republican candidate for Governor, Andrew Guiliani, was banned from going in person, to tonight’s GOP governor’s debate on CBS 2 in New  York City.  Guiliani said Sunday morning, that if elected governor, he will get those who were fired because they were not vaccinated, their jobs back - and with backpay.  

Top Stories, June 10, 2022

New Biz Opens Tomorrow In Bath

Bath Village Mayor Mike Sweet says, the opening for the new Valu Home Center in Bath will be tomorrow, at 8:00am.


Bath Gas Electric And Water Is Open Once Again

Bath Gas Electric and Water Systems is open today.  Their office had been closed yesterday due to technical difficulties with their phones and internet, but they posted a message this morning, that they are open again today.


Another Maps Lawsuit Is In Court Today

Democrats have a lawsuit against the state assembly maps, and this one is in front of the Court of Appeals today.  This is a case that started in Steuben County Judge Pat McAllister’s court in Bath.  


Some Republicans Want Langworthy Out of State GOP Post

The New York Post reports, that the Rockland and Fulton County Republican Chairs, are calling for State GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy to resign, because Langworthy is now a congressional candidate.  Langworthy says, the reason he is running, is because Paladino is running and Langworthy wants to prevent Paladino from winning.


The Primary Is On For Aug 23rd

That there will definitely be a primary as Carl Paladino is going to file his paperwork today and Nick Langworthy has already filed his paperwork today.  Chautauqua County Republican Marc Cennadella is also running for congress in the new 23rd.  

Top Stories, June 9, 2022

Bath Electric Gas And Water Systems Office Is Closed TFN


Our internet, phones, and server are currently down, therefore we are unable to serve you, our valued customers, at this time.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience but we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please check back for more updates.


Joe Is The GOP's Man For The Old 23rd

Last night, the New York State GOP Chairs met in Wellsville.  That meeting was held at 7:00pm at the Country Club there.  The purpose of that get together, was to pick a candidate, to run on the Republican side, for the remainder of the unfinished Tom Reed seat in the new 23rd congressional district.  Sempolinski will have to face off Max Della Pia (D, Tioga County) on the August 23rd special election day.  


Harry Wilson On The Campaign Trail 

With the June 28th primary coming up, Westchester County Republican candidate for governor, Harry Wilson, is on the campaign trail.  Wilson says, one of his big goals, if he’s elected, is to fight lobbyist against money, from being so powerful, in Albany.  "We have a corrupt system," Wilson said this morning.  "A system where insiders seek favors, and get rewarded.  So many state programs are not good for the average New Yorker, but are good for the lobbyists."  


June Is PTSD Month

State Senator Tom O’Mara says, this month is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness month.  O’Mara also says, it’s an opportunity to spread awareness to help those who suffer from PTSD, especially veterans. 


SUNY's New Pronoun Rules 

State University of New York colleges across the state, came up with a new rule this week: that professors have to call students by the pro-noun the student wants to go by, he, she, and x, are the three of the main choices.


Troopers Warn Of Frauds And Scams 

State Police say they handled 442 fraud cases in 2021, and 113 so far in 2022.  It is estimated that over $1,000,000 has been exchanged from the victims in State Police cases in 2021 and $500,000 so far in 2022.  Troopers also note that in most cases, victims will not get their money back, because the scam artists are out of the country.  

Top Stories, June 8, 2022

Upstate Cheese In Campbell, Is Being Purchased

Dairyfoods.com reports that Upstate Niagara Cooperative and Green Bay, Wis.-based BelGioioso Cheese Inc., are buying the Upstate Farms Cheese in Campbell.  The CEO of upstate Niagara cooperative was quoted as saying "they’re pleased to have a strong national branded company purchase this facility".  The Upstate Niagara Cooperative CEO also says, it’s a great deal for everyone. 


Dems Debate For Governor - Described As A Pile-On

The Democrats held their debate for the governor’s race last night.  Some media outlets are describing it as a pile on, with Governor Kathy Hochul, "on the defense". Democrats Congressman Tom Suozzy and New York City Advocate Jumane Williams had much to say about Hochul's record on everything from NYC parking issues, to gun violence and nursing home deaths.  However, Steuben  County Democrat Chairman Shawn Hogan, predicts a clear win, for Hochul, when the June 28 primary comes along.  "She'll win the primary hands down," Hogan said.  


Local School Sports Awards

State Senator Tom O’Mara and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano are at a sports awards ceremony at Corning Painted Post today.  


Meeting Tomorrow Night About Sewer District Talks  

Just  a reminder, that there is a publc informational meeting tomorrow night at the Haverling high school cafeteria, about the possibility of a new sewer district in Bath, that will be at  700pm Thursday June 9.


Car Seat Check Being Conducted By Sheriff's Office 

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department, is doing a car seat check event, this Saturday, 10am to 2pm, at Simmons-Rockwell in Hornell. 

Top Stories, June 7, 2022

A Possible Sewer District 

The Bath Town Board is considering forming a sewer district.  What we know about this is, an engineering report has been completed, and the district will be in the Lake Salubria  area.  There will be a public informational meeting about this, on Thursday, in the High School Cafeteria, at Haverling High School.  Officials say that facemasks are optional, and there will be a zoom video stream.


Water Main Work Overnight 

Beginning 11:00pm tonight, until 7:00am tomorrow, the block of East Morris Street in Bath, between Wilson Avenue/Davidson Way and Halsey Street will be closed. Officials say that that area will be closed so that we can safely locate and repair a water leak.


Elmira Man Will Do Over 10 Years In Prison 

The U.S. Attorney also says Lamar Thompkins, 35, of Elmira, who was convicted of possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine, was sentenced to serve 121 months in prison by Chief U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford.


Gillibrand: Working To Help Vets, With Burn Pit Issues

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is continuing to work to get a new law passed, to help military members who were near burn pits, in their military years.  Today, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke on the Senate floor to urge her colleagues to pass the bipartisan Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring Our PACT Act. The bill includes provisions from Senator Gillibrand’s bipartisan Presumptive Benefits for War Fighters Exposed to Burn Pits and Other Toxins Act, which would help millions of service members and veterans who have been exposed to the toxic fumes from burn pits.


Stefanik Backs Paladino 

Some behind the scenes politics is going on in the congressional race for the new 23rd.   Officials say that Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R, Syracuse) is throwing her support behind Buffalo billionaire Carl Paladino.  That means that elise Stefanik is going up against state GOP chairman Nick Langworthy, because Langworthy is circulating petitions to run in the new 23rd himself.  There will likely be a primary between Nick Langworthy and Carl Paladino.

Top Stories, June 6, 2022

June 6, 2022 Covid Update

Steuben County Public Health reports that an 86 year old Corning man who was covid positive has died.  Also, there are 167 new cases of the covid since last Monday. 


Police Contract Worked Out 

Bath Mayor Mike Sweet says that on Friday, he and the PBA President signed the new police department contract.  Sweet says that this is a good contract for both the Bath PD and Bath Village taxpayers.  "we appreciate our men and women in blue and thank you for all that you do for the village of Bath," Sweet stated. 


Another Successful Dairy Festival 

From Steuben County Legislative Spokesperson Mary Perham: Thousands lined Liberty Street in Bath to mark the importance of the dairy industry in Steuben County.  It was the 66th year of the Dairy Festival.  The Big Blue Band of Haverling High School led local six bands as the parade featured dozens of floats celebrating the theme, "Dairyland Reflections."   The day-long celebration also included flea, craft and food vendors, a display of tractor and agricultural implements, a photo contest, car show, K-9 demonstration, free cheese, milk and yougurt, a chicken barbecue, bicycle giveaway, Patriot Pulling and Outlaw Pulling shows. 


Local Accidents In The News 

State Police say, there were three late night accidents in Avoca recently.  One accident involved a 28 year old woman from Canisteo, one involved a 37 year old man from South Carolina, and the other was a collision between a Hornell resident and a Wellsville resident.  Also, there was a two vehicle collision in bath recently, involving a 68 year old Bath man and a 65 year old Avoca man.  There were no injuries reported.  


Hornell Native Helps His Son In This Weekend's Big Movie 

It’s being reported by entertainment news outlets, that both Tom Cruise and Hornell native/actor Bill Pullman, gave advice to Bill Pullman’s son Lewis Pullman, who played the role of Bob, in Top Gun 2, which came out over the weekend.  That info comes from Lewis Pullman, who says that his father Bill, and Tom Cruise were instrumental in helping him out in the  new summer blockbuster Top Gun 2. 


Top Stories, June 4, 2022

So Who Will The GOP Congressional Candidate Be For Bath?

Congressman Chris Jacobs (R, Buffalo) announced Friday afternoon  that he is not going to run again, that's because of the unpopularity of Jacobs' support of body armor bans and new rules about not owning semi-automatic rifles until age 21. 

So who will run in Jacobs place?  Buffalo Billionaire Carl Paladino announcedFriday that he is running, Fredonia Republican Marc Cennedella is also running, no word about Cathy Young circulating petitions yet.  Also, the State GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy is circulating petitions to run. 


Bath Man Dies From Injuries In An Accident In Erwin

Michael Hennessy, 20, Bath, was killed in a car accident on I-86 in Erwin on Wednesday.  Troopers say that while approaching the Interstate 99 access ramp, he lost control of the vehicle, which spun and struck a guiderail.  He was transported by ambulance to Guthrie-Corning Hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased.  The investigation is continuing at this time.  The New York State Police were assisted on scene by the Painted Post Village Police and Fire Departments, Forrest View Gang Mills Fire Department, AMR Ambulance, and Fleet Pride Towing.


The Steuben County Dairy Festival is going on today Bath, it started at 8am Saturday and goes until the evening.  There will be a tractor rally, a K9 Demonstration, a bike giveaway, a parade, food vendors and all kinds of fun events. 


54-A Closed From Monday Through Wednesday

Beginning Monday, June 6, State Route 54A will be closed 0.5 miles north of Gallagher Road to accommodate a culvert replacement project. The closure is anticipated to last until Wednesday, June 8. After that time, a single-lane flagging operation will be utilized to direct traffic until work is completed, which is anticipated by Friday, June 10.

During the closure, motorists are advised to use Detour A (County Road 76 to County Road 74). Variable messaging boards located along State Route 54A will also be utilized to indicate the closure to motorists. Local traffic and emergency vehicles will be able to access homes on either side of the culvert replacement projects.


What The Recent Cenus Does To The County Legislature

Some changes are in store for Steuben County residents, pending a public hearing, adoption by the county Legislature in June and a public referendum in November. Under recent New York State redistricting laws and driven by shifts in population centers during the past 10 years, County legislators recently gave their initial endorsement to the first notable change in nearly 40 years to Steuben’s legislative districts. The changes address: a declining population in the City of Hornell and notable rise of residents in the Town of Erwin.   Here are what the local changes will be: District 3 (Town of Bath) adds the Town of Bradford, with representation remaining at the current level with two legislators.  District 5 (Town of Urbana, Prattsburgh, Pulteney) adds the Town of Wayne, with representation remaining at the current level with one legislator.  District 7 (Town of Erwin) adds the Town of Campbell, and adds one legislator, bringing the total number of legislators representing the district up to two legislators. If approved by the voters in November, the change will be the most significant one since 1984, when voters approved the move from a 34-member Board of Supervisors to the current 17-member county Legislature.


Big Arrest In Elmira

The Troop E Violent Gangs and Narcotics Enforcement Team along with the Elmira Police Deparmtent Drug Enforcement Unit, State Police Uniform members, K9, and Special Operations Response Team executed a search warrant on a home at 17 Evergreen Drive in the town of Corning as part of an investigation into illegal narcotics.  Police recovered the following items at his home and during the arrest: a 9mm “ghost” handgun, a 45 caliber  handgun, numerous boxes and loose ammunition in various calibers, a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun, a Mossberg 22 caliber rifle, numerous firearm parts and ammunitions, numerous various caliber magazines, metal knuckles and appproximately 1.5 ounces of methamphetamine, a loaded 9mm “ghost gun” with magazine, approximately 3 ounces of methamphetamine, morphine pills, narcotics packaging materials, $470.00 in cash

The suspect, Kendrick S. Buchanan, 27, of  Corning, was located in the city of Corning and placed under arrest without incident.  

Top Stories, June 3, 2022

The County Dairy Festival Is All Set For Saturday

The Steuben County Dairy Festival is coming up tomorrow in Bath, it starts at 8am Saturday and goes until the evening.  There will be a tractor rally, a K9 Demonstration, a bike giveaway, a parade, food vendors and all kinds of fun events. 


June 28 And August 23 Primary Times Set, In Steuben Co

Primary Election dates in 2022 have finally been set, according to the Steuben County Board of Elections. Board of Elections Commissioners Veronica Olin ( R) and Colleen Hauryski (D) said there are two primaries scheduled this year. They also reported important information regarding Early Voting this year. The first primary for both Democrats and Republicans is set for June 28, with early voting scheduled for June 18-26. The June primary ballot includes statewide races for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, with local races in some towns. The second primary set for Aug. 23 includes a Special Election for the now-vacant 23rd Congressional seat, left open by the resignation of former U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, (R-Corning) on May 11. The primary was delayed because a lawsuit delayed the implementation of new districts for Congress and the New York State Senate, the commissioners said. Early voting for the Aug. 23 primary will be available from Aug. 13 – 21


GOP & DEMS Thoughts On This Albany Legislative Session

The New York state legislative session has come to an end…Governor Kathy Hochul put out two statements, one saying that the Democrats have gotten laws passed so you cannot own a semi automatic rifle until age 21 and you cannot buy body armor unless you’re in law enforcement.  Gov. Hochul also says Democrats have gotten more funding for abortion in New York State.  Upstate Republican lawmakers are saying the Democrats agenda is irrelevant to the average New York State resident.   

Charges Of Aggravated Animal Cruelty In Corning

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says, a 23 year old Big Flats man, has been indicted, for allegedly killing three pets belonging to a Corning woman.  According to the D.A., Michael Crouse, was being allowed to stay at a family friend's home in Corning, until he got on his feet.  Now Crouse is accused of killing three pets which belonged to the Corning woman.  Crouse is facing numerous charges.  


Dangerous Situation At A Rochester Area Restaurant 

There was a shooting at a restaurant in Henrietta last night.  According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, a suspect pulled out a gun and fired a shot at deputies, missing completely.  Then, the deputy fired back and missed the suspect.   The Monroe county sheriff’s department says they eventually got the suspect under control and arrested.  Sheriff todd baxter says, it was amazing that the bystanders were not injured in last night’s shooting situation. 

Top Stories, June 2, 2022

Tonya Smith Sentencing Date 

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says, Tonya Smith of Painted Post, who was recently convicted in that fatal DWI case from 2019 that claimed the life of Donnie Masti in Bath, Smith will be sentenced in about six weeks.   


May 2022 Steuben Co Deputy Statistics 
Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says, in May, investigators and deputies handled five death investigations, four assaults, five burglaries, two animal abuse cases, five stolen vehicle investigations, five larcenies, six drug cases, three fires,  four sex offense investigations, six criminal mischief cases, five criminal contempt cases and one attempted escape.  The Steuben County Sheriff’s Offices Patrol Division responded to multiple domestic incidents, and car crashes and completed ten DWI/DWAI investigations and arrests.


Upcoming Boater Safety Classes In Chemung County 

The Chemung County Sheriff’s Department is offering boater safety classes for the next three Saturdays, anyone interested can contact the Chemung County Sheriff’s Dept.


Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says, the county has a little extra money that’ll be used to help seniors get better meals.  The Office of the Aging in Bath, is looking to get going with what are called "Veggie Vans", that will deliver fresh produce to senior citizens, who are on low income and/or welfare programs.  


Whose Seat Will It Be Anyway? 

Well it appeared that after the congressional maps came out, that this area was all set to have Buffalo Congressman Republican Chris Jacobs run for the new 23rd congressional district.  But there’s been a major development: State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy has turned against Jacobs.  That’s because Jacobs supports a ban on AR-15’s and Jacobs wants no guns for anyone till they’re 21 years old.   Among the list of interested Republicans who might run against Chris Jacobs in a primary is former State Senator Cathy Young.  Young was a powerful member of the state senate and there, was in charge of the state senate’s finance committee.  Young was also in charge of running Republican state senate campaigns.  Cathy Young some weeks ago had bowed out of the race for congress, but according to the Olean Times Herald, Young is now interested in possibly running in a primary against Jacobs.   The former Olean/Jamestown based state senator has more name recognition than the other candidates who have said they want to run against Congressman Jacobs.


Gun Control Legislation From Albany

Governor Kathy Hochul's proposed gun legislation increases the minimum age required to buy a semi-automatic rifle from age18 to age21.  It also bans buying body armor, unless the person buying it is in law enforcement.

Top Stories, June 1, 2022

Bath Man Facing Hate Crime Charges

Jose Velez, 41, Bath, has been indicted on charges of attempted murder, assault in the first degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, as well as tampering with physical evidence.  According to District Attorney Brooks Baker, the hate crime part of the allegations, is because Velez is accused of attempting to kill a man because of that man's sexual preference. 


Two Officials In Hornell Schools Have Been Indicted

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker reports that Eli Marcus, Assistant Principal grades 7 and 8, and Hornell School Superintendent Jeremy Palotti, have been indicted.  Marcus is charged with 10 counts of endangering the welfare of a child.  Palotti is charged with two counts of official misconduct and failing to make a required report to the NYS Child Abuse Hotline.  The district attorney says that the charges stem from complaints from parents, about improper searches of students in the Hornell School system by Marcus.  The D.A. went on to stress that these are not sexual allegations of fondling, but more related to illegal searches done without police involvement.


Petit Larceny Charges Against A Bath Man

Bath Police report the arrest of Allan Sullivan, 45, of Bath, for Petit Larceny. Tractor Supply reported there was a man that walked out of the store with a shopping cart of merchandise without paying for it. The suspect Allan Sullivan was processed and released on an appearance ticket to appear in Bath Village Court at a later date.


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