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Top Stories, January 31, 2023

O'Mara: Proposing A New Speed Limit

State Senator Tom O'Mara is trying to get  a law passed, so that highways where the speed limit is 65, goes up to 70mph.  If the bill is passed it goes into effect immediately.


Langworthy's And Tenney's Health Care Worker Bills 
Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy says he’s supporting a bill called the Freedom For Healthcare workers act, that would eliminate the vaccine mandate for federal health care workers.  Langworthy held a press conference in Erie County yesterday about this.  "It will eliminate the vaccine mandate for health care workers, in federal health care situations," Langworthy told reporters.  In a related story,  Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is reintroducing the Employment Freedom for All Act, and if it’s passed, Tenney says it would give all workers, including health care workers, the ability to get out of non-compete agreements if the worker was fired for not receiving the COVID vaccine.  Governor Kathy Hochul maintains that the unvaccinated health care workers are a danger to patients. 

Comprehensive Plan Hearing Is Today

The Steuben County public hearing about the county’s comprehensive plan, is going on this afternoon (2pm-6pm) at the County Annex Building, 20 East Morris Street in Bath.


Accident In Allegany County Last Night

On January 30, 2023 at 9:00 P.M., Troopers out of SP Amity responded to I-86 west bound in the town of Angelica for a vehicle collision involving a tractor trailer. Investigation determined that a 2009 Kia Optima was traveling west bound on I-86 and lost control. The Kia spun multiple times, striking the guide rails on both sides of the I-86. The Kia came to rest in the left land and was struck by a 2022 Volkswagen tractor trailer traveling west bound. Both occupants of the Kia were taken to Strong Memorial Hospital for serious injuries. The Volkswagen operator had no injuries.  Troopers say that this is an active investigation.


Funeral Was Yesterday, For Bishop Of Rochester

WROC reports that the funeral mass for Bishop Matthew Clark, was held Monday morning, at Sacred Heart Cathederal in Rochester.  The mass was said by Fr Joseph Hart…Bishop Clark was the bishop of Rochester region Catholics from 1979-2012.  


Domestic Dispute Results In Numerous Charges In Bath

The Steuben County Sheriff's Dept reports - There was a domestic dispute in Bath, no injuries were reported.  Both people involved, a 35 year old male and a 35 year old female, were charged with 2nd degree criminal contempts because the two people allegedly violated the protection orders against them being around each other, the male was also charged with 4th degree criminal mischief and the female was ticketed for 2nd degree menacing. 


Top Stories, January 30, 2023

Fight Today At Elmira Correctional


There was a fight between 3 inmates this morning at the Elmira Correctional Facility.  One of the prisoners was slashed in the head.  Officials say that one of the guards sustained minor injuries while breaking the fight up, and the inmate that was slashed, was taken to a hospital. 


They're Hiring A New Public Defender For The County

The Steuben County Public Defenders Office, is getting some state grants that total about 1.2 million dollars. Officials say that the purpose of the grants is to improve the chance of Steuben County parents that are accused of neglect and abuse of getting a public defender attorney.  As a result of the 1.2 million dollar grant, the county has hired an extra public defender, to help lighten the case load of the current public defenders. 


Reminder About Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing

Steuben County is having a public hearing tomorrow about the county’s comprehensive plan, that’s 2pm-6pm Tuesday at the County Annex Building, 20 East Morris Street in Bath. 


Big Turnout For Volunteer Firefighters 

The Bath volunteer fire department says they had an overwhelming turnout for their breakfast sunday morning.  They say it must have been a record turnout yesterday.


Need A Job?  And Can You Drive A Bus?

The Bath School District is hiring substitute school bus drivers.  If you’d like to find out more, call  776-7900.

Top Stories, January 27, 2023

Fight Inside The County Jail 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports: "On January 24, 2023, Steuben County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Eric W. Graham, age 31, of Bath, New York, following an investigation into a reported fight between inmates at the Steuben County Jail.  It is alleged that Mr. Graham, an inmate, intentionally injured another person who was also incarcerated.  Mr. Graham was charged with Assault in the Second Degree, a class D Felony.  Mr. Graham was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and returned to the jail."


Hochul: No Unvaccinated Nurses Are Going Back To Work
Numerous Albany media outlets are reporting that Governor Kathy Hochul says “no” to allowing the unvaccinated nurses and other healthcare workers, to go back to work.  That’s even though the vaccine mandate is over and even though there’s a nursing shortage in New York State.  The reason: the governor maintains, there is too great of a risk to patients by letting them be taken care of by unvaccinated health care workers and nurses.  


Schumer: Investigate The Company Selling JR-15's 

Senator Chuck Schumer wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the sale for J.R. -15’s, a new 22 rifle for teens. The JR-15 has a look, similar to an AR-15, though it is actually a 22.  Now in New York State, you cannot buy a JR-15 until you are 21.  That’s because of the Governor Andrew Cuomo gun laws. 


Talk Of Running Against Senator Gillibrand
Empire Report New York Dot Com says that Senator Kisten Gillibrand’s Republican opponent could be Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin.  Zeldin ran and lost in the November race for governor, but some say, Zeldin came close enough to Governor Hochul in November, to make him a formidable candidate to run against Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.


County Legislature: Air B N B's Etc, To Be Taxed

Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says, the county legislature voted to make it so there is what he describes as an even playing field, between AIR B n B’s and Hotels.  Wheeler says, now Air B N B’s, VRBO, Home Away and other similar organizations, will be taxed in Steuben County, just as hotels and motels are. 

Hammondsport's Easter Idea

The Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce announced a new event.  It's a Glass Egg Hunt which will be held in early April around the Keuka Lake area.  That's according to Chris Harr.., Office manager for the Chamber of Commerce in Hammondsport...she was on WVIN's Community Focus on Thursday.

Top Stories, January 26, 2023

Fatal Accident Victim's Name Has Been Released

Bath State Police have released the name of the Bath resident who died as a result of the Tuesday night accident in Campbell.  Officials say 42 year old Shane Oakley, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, which happened on Route 415.   Troopers also report that the Savona-Campbell Fire Dept, assisted at the scene of the accident.  The investigation continues. 


Addison Man Is Accused Of Rape 

Horseheads State Police have charged 26 year old Chevis Sargent of Addison.  Chevis Sargent is accused of 1st degree rape and is in Chemung County Jail, $10,000 bail.


Nick Langworthy: Making Government More Transparent

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy is working to pass laws that will allow people who don’t have advanced degrees get a job in Washington DC, and make it so there is a searchable database so congress can find out when federal agencies settle legal cases financially.  Langworthy maintains, right now, it’s impossible to know, when federal agencies make financial legal settlements, and he says, that needs to change.


Tenney: Back Off From The Mandates

Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is reintroducing a bill, called the Health Freedom for All Act.  If passed it would prevent the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, from being able to order a vaccine mandate.  Tenney says, the federal government does not have the right to force people to take a vaccine. 


Schumer: Don't Trust The GOP's Fair Tax Plan

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer says the Washington Republicans tax plan would increase taxes by 30 percent on everything.  Schumer also says the GOP’s Fair Tax Plan would abolish the IRS. 

Top Stories, January 25, 2023

Fatal Accident Last Night In Campbell

State Police are reporting that there was a fatal accident on Tuesday night, in the town of Campbell.  Troopers are witholding the name of the person that died, until the next of kin, is notified.


Dustin Drake Trial Update

The Dustin Drake Trial continues in Steuben County Court.  Dustin Drake is the Prattsburgh man who is accused of being the driver in a October 2019 DWI accident, that claimed the lives of four passengers, in the Town of Pulteney.  Officials say trial is expected to last three weeks.      


Michael Beard Went On National TV 

In September 2015, Kelley Clayton of the Town of Caton, was murdered, and an Elmira Heights man named Michael Beard was convicted in November 2017, of being paid by Kelley’s husband Thomas Clayton, to kill her.  Recently, Michael Beard went on ABC TV’s 2020, and said he was not the killer.

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker tells WVIN that Beard confessed and told law enforcement where the weapons and evidence were found, and that Beard is "making a Hail Mary attempt at trying to get out of jail."  


That Sewer District Public Hearing Is Tonight

A possible sewer district for Lake Salubria in Bath: that will be the topic of a public hearing on tonight at 7:00 at Bath Haverling.  It’s an opportunity for Bath residents to get more details about the possible sewer district for Lake Salubria.  Again that’s tnight at 7:00 at Bath Haverling.

Top Stories, January 24, 2023

Accusations Of Domestic Dispute In Cohocton:

From The Steuben County Sheriffs Dept: 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on January 23, 2023, Steuben County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Sheri L. King, age 51, of Hillside Lane, Cohocton, New York, following an investigation into a reported domestic dispute in the Town of Avoca.  It is alleged that Ms. King injured another person, threatened them with a weapon, damaged property of another and endangered a person under the age of 17.  Ms. King was charged with Assault in the Third Degree, Menacing in the Second Degree, Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.  Ms. King was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released.


Public Hearing In Bath Wed Night 700 - Topic: Lake Salubria

A possible sewer district for Lake Salubria in Bath: that will be the topic of a public hearing on Wednesday night at 7:00 at Bath Haverling.  It’s an opportunity for Bath residents to get more details about the possible sewer district for Lake Salubria.  Again that’s tomorrow night at 7:00 at Bath Haverling.


Statement From Assemblywoman Byrnes:

“Beyond the economic fears New Yorkers have about jobs and the ability to afford their homes, prescriptions and groceries is a deeper fear for basic safety because our state leaders have ignored the crime wave that has swept our state for far too long. On top of that, recent policies such as bail reform have further enabled criminals, sending the message that the government cares more about offenders than hardworking people. If Albany wants to truly show that the people matter more than career criminals, it will reverse bail reform at last.”


Comprehensive Plan Update: Hearing In Bath Next Week

Steuben County officials are hoping to catch up with county residents, about the comprehensive plan.  If there is anything that occurs to you which would be a good thing to be in the comprehensive plan, please let the county know.  The quickest way to do that, is to take part in one of the upcoming county public hearings, scheduled for a week from today, Tuesday January 31st, at the county annex building, 20 East Morris Street in Bath, 2pm through 6pm that day.

Top Stories, January 23, 2023

Langworthy Eager To Work On House Ag Committee

Congressman Nick Langworthy says, this area has a rich history of family farms that have been passed down, generation to generation.  Langworthy, who was just named to the House Agriculture Committee last week also says, this year’s Farm Bill renewal, will be critical to protecting and strengthening agriculture in New York State. 


Working The Kinks, Out Of A Two Year Old Law

Republican Assemblyman Joe Giglio says, the assembly GOP is working to change a law from a couple years ago, about how volunteer fire and ambulance teams do their billing in order to receive reimbursement.      


Will AOC Run For US Senate?

Congresswoman Alexandria Osascio Cortez, might run for U.S. Senate, against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  That’s been rumored before by the Albany media, and that story is surfacing again.


Bad Fire Saturday Night In The Hornell Area

The Hornell area is helping out with a gofundme page, for a family there that lost everything in a fire on Saturday night, near BOCES, there.  So far over $8,000 has been donated, the goal they’re trying to reach is $10,000. 

Top Stories, January 20, 2023

On The Agenda For Monday...
Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says, coming up on Monday at the county legislative meeting, they’ll be talking about expanding, the county landfill.  Wheeler says, this is a costly thing to do – but – taxes won’t go up because of the expansion because there’s money in the reserves for this.


This Reminder About Having Pistols In Cars

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft  says, pistol permit holders need to remember that New York State passed a law that doesn’t allow you to leave your pistols locked in your vehicle without them being unloaded and placed in a lock box that is out of plain sight, and secured to the vehicle so it cannot be removed.


Mayor Compliments Public Works And Street Department 

From Bath Mayor Michael Sweet: We have a very talented Street Department. Last month they used their down time to replace the flooring in the clerks office and today they started an attendant building for the composite attendant. No longer will the attendant have to use their own car or stand in the rain. The mayor says, “Thanks!” 

Top Stories, January 19, 2023


Fatal Accident Victim's Name Has Been Released

From Police Chief Colin Taft: The Village of Bath Police Department responded to a fatal SUV vs. motorcycle accident on Geneva Street near the intersection of Shannon St. at around 2:20 pm. Upon arrival, first responders found one male pinned under the vehicle, who was identified as Gary Strait, age 59, of Bath, NY. Bath Police, Bath Ambulance and Bath Fire were able to remove Mr. Strait from under the vehicle. A pulse was found on Mr. Strait and Bath Ambulance transported the male to Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

Life saving measures were attempted at Ira Davenport for a significant amount of time to no avail. At around 4pm, Strait was pronounced deceased. The Village of Bath Police Department would like to thank the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance as well as their reconstruction team. Also, a thanks to AMR, Bath Fire, Bath Ambulance and a local bystander who supplied emergency personnel with critical equipment assisting with the removal of Strait.  The investigation into the reason for the accident is still under investigation, but it appears that distracted driving is a factor at this time.


Update On LP Building Solutions

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet tells WVIN News that because the weather has been warm for much of the past two months, a lot of work has been done, in getting L.P. Building Solutions going.  "LP Solutions, with the warm weather we've had this winter, continues to move right along," Sweet said.  "If you haven't been on the Route 54 Corridor, going North out of Bath, you should come take a look.  The landscape is significantly changing, and everybody is talking about it."  


Bath Vol Fire Dept's Upcoming Breakfast For The Public

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department is having a breakfast on Sunday, January 29th.  There will be great food and great company.  This will be at the Bath Fire Department, 50 Morris Street in Bath, Sunday the 29th, 7am to 11am.

Top Stories, January 18, 2023

Need A Job?  Check This Story Out 

Amazon in Bath, keeps on hiring.  Bath Mayor Michael Sweet tells WVIN News that if you go to Amazon's website, "if you punch in 'Bath', it will walk you through the openings in the Bath area here."  Sweet also says, they are anticipating that deliveries will be starting up by the end of this month, or sometime in February.  


State AG Wants Hochul To Set Up Heroin Injection Centers

The Albany Times Union reports that State Attorney General Tish James wants the governor to authorize the creation of new heroin injection centers across the state.  Supporters of the A.G.’s proposal say that heroin injection centers will help those suffering from addictions, to slowly break away from those addictions.   However - not everyone thinks that way.  One of them is Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul, anther is Assemblyman Phil Palmesano.  Hochul was quoted by the TU as saying she had a nephew who died in an overdose. Palmesano tells WVIN News that "this idea demonstrates that the Attorney General's plans are out of touch."  

Rep. Nick Langworthy - Fighting Wind Projects In The 23rd

Congressman Nick Langworthy is holding two press conferences today, one in Dunkirk and one in Buffalo.  At these events, isl talking about his first bill in the house, which Langworthy says, will block wind projects around Lake Erie.  Langworthy describes wind turbines, as "ostly, unreliable, and environmentally harmful."  He says he will prevent wind turbines from disrupting the shores of Lake Erie.  (From reading the legislation, it appears that this bill will only apply to wind projects around lake erie, not other wind projects.) 

Top Stories, January 17, 2023


From Emergency Services Deputy Director Ken Forenz:


Natural gas service has been restored to more than 444 services in the Town of Wayne, Tyrone (Schuyler County) and Barrington (Yates County) with the remaining services expected to be restored by NYSEG crews throughout the day and evening according to the Steuben County Office of
Emergency Services.  “We ask any NYSEG customers who do not have gas service restored to contact NYSEG at 1-800-
572-1121,” said Ken Forenz, County OES Deputy Director. “If anyone smells gas or suspects a leak, leave the area and call 911.”  Over 600 customers were left without gas service after a distribution system interruption occurred early Monday morning. NYSEG crews pressurized the system late Monday evening, and started going door to door to relight gas appliances.  The Warming Shelter setup by the American Red Cross at the Tyrone Fire Department on Monday afternoon for displaced gas customers will close at 2 p.m. Tuesday officials said.

NYSEG has been assisted by: Town Officials from Wayne, Barrington and Tyrone Wayne Fire & Ambulance
Tyrone Fire Department Hammondsport Fire Department
Steuben County Office of Emergency Services
Schuyler County Office of Emergency Services
Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office
New York State Office of Emergency Management
New York State Police
American Red Cross


Steuben Co: Around One Dozen Accidents This Morning

Steuben County officials tell WVIN News, that the sheriff's department responded to about a dozen accidents this morning.  That's not counting the other accidents which happened earlier today, that were handled by other law enforcement agencies.   


DWI Accident And Resisting Arrest Charges For Addison Male

Painted Post State Troopers say, a 34 year old Addison man was charged with DWI and resisting arrest after going into a ditch.  Troopers report that the suspect will answer to charges at a later date. 

Top Stories, January 16, 2023

Natural Gas Loss In Town Of Wayne

From Steuben Co Emergency Services: 


Today, gas service was loss to approximately 600 NYSEG customers in the Town of Wayne in Steuben County as well as Town of Tyrone in Schuyler County and Town of Barrington in Yates County. The outage could last several days and residents and businesses should prepare now and stay informed. Account holders without gas in the affected areas that have questions should call (800) 572-1121

The Steuben County Office of Emergency Services, local Town Officials and State agencies are assisting NYSEG during the restoration efforts.  

Residents should know the following:

Be aware of possible gas odors. While crews work throughout the day and night, there may be a slight odor of gas in the area.

Residents who smell gas should leave the premises immediately and then call 911.
Warming Centers are available at: 
Tyrone Fire Department 3600 State Route 226, Tyrone NY 14887  
Open until further notice.
Hammondsport Fire Department 8521 State Route 54, Hammondsport NY 14840
Open until 4:30PM 1/16/23
Stay informed regarding reconnection status and plan accordingly.
Conserve hot water stored in hot water heater. Remember new water entering the water heater will not
be heated.
Call NYSEG at 1-800-572-1121 for utility related information.
911 in the event of an emergency.
The Office of Emergency Services reminds all residents of the following safety tips:
 Avoid the use of propane, kerosene, torpedo or other heat producing devices inside your home. These
appliances used to produce heat, require various forms of fuel to burn; however they can produce
deadly carbon monoxide that can lead to certain death if exposed for any duration of time.
? Make sure smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are operational by testing them and replacing
the battery.
? Use extreme caution when operating electrical space heaters. Make sure to create a minimum of 36" circumstance around any space heater being used to warm your home.
? Do not overpower electrical power strips or connect more than one extension cord to an outlet. Turn off all electrical appliances when not in use.   If using a fireplace to heat your home, be sure to use a metal screen or fireplace cover to preventing burning embers from entering your living space.

For those using electric stoves, be mindful not to leave hand towels or muffs on a hot or burning stove grill. You don't necessarily need an open flame to ignite combustible materials.  Make certain that you and your family have practiced your home evacuation plan and that everyone
knows how to safely escape and are familiar with a safe meeting place.


Bath Police Say Landlords Should Check Out Tenants 

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft put out a statement saying that landlords should do good background checks of the people that they rent to, in order to prevent potential problems.  Chief Taft says that a quick google search will turn up the best tenant screening services out there. 


Firefighter Training At Campbell Fire Dept Tuesday Nights

Steuben County Fire Training is going on Tuesday nights this month and for the next few months, at the Campbell Fire Department.  It’s a three hour training session, that goes from 630pm till 930pm.  The upcoming courses are about firefighter health and safety. 


The Past Year Was A Busy Year For Bath Vol. Fire Dept

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department says 2022 was a busy year.  They handled 64 fires in 2022, and 139 medical calls, also there were 97 false alarm calls too.   The Bath Volunteer Fire Department officers are thanking all of their members for their dedication and time spent away from their families to protect and serve the Bath and surrounding communities.


Barkley Tournament A Big Success In Bath Friday/Saturday

In the Saturday Dan Barkley High School Basketball  Tournament Games, which were held in Bath: Bath-Haverling defeats Bolivar-Richburg 69-66 - and that game went into triple overtime.  Austin Durand was Bath Haverling's most valuable player, scoring 18 points.  The Avoca-Prattsburgh boys beat Fillmore 85-44…Avoca-Prattsburgh girls defeated Fillmore 40-37.  The girls MVP was Avoca-Prattsburgh’s Marissa Reid, getting 15 points.

Top Stories, January 13, 2023

Hochul: Sports Betting Is Worth Taxing 

Governor Kathy Hochul says New York State has collected more than $700  million dollars in taxes on online sports betting.  And the governor says, on top of that, $200 million dollars in licensing fees has also been collected, Hochul says that most of that money will be used for education.   


Langworthy: Three Weeks Worth Of Achievements  

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy says, that in the three weeks the House GOP has been in power, they’ve done the following: “created a committee to investigate China, put an end to selling oil reserves to China and defunded 87,000 IRS agents.”  


Gillibrand: My 2009 Law Is Resulting In Prosecutions

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says four gun traffickers in New York State, have been charged, under her 2009 Safer Communities Act.  Gillibrand says, this is a law that makes it so it’s illegal to transport guns from one state t another by those not allowed to own or possess a gun. 


Fentynal Seminar Is Coming Up Next Week

The US Department of Education is having a webinar about the dangers of Fentanyl, that’ll be Tuesday the 17th from 3pm to 430pm.  Many elected officials and educational leaders nationwide, will be on this webinar.


Old Drug Store Building Up For Auction In Bath

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says that the former CVS building on Liberty will be up for Auction in February.


An Upcoming School Board Meeting In The Area

The Hammondsport School Board is meeting Wednesday night at 630pm.

Top Stories, January 12, 2023

A New School Superintendent For Bath - Starting In July

It's been announced that Kelly Houk, is taking over for Joe Rumsey as school superintendent for Bath.  Kelly Houk takes over in July, and Rumsey has been school superintendent for a decade.  


O'Mara, Palmesano: Shut Down Sticker Stores

State Senator Tom O’Mara, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano and officials from around the region want Governor Kathy Hochul and the state Democrats to pass a law to shut down marijuana sticker stores.  O’Mara and Palmesano sponsor legislation that, if passed, would strengthen existing law, outlaw sticker stores, and establish criminal and civil penalties for violators.  Then counties would get the money from the fines that the sticker stores pay.  This is supported by Steuben County Sheriff James Allard; Steuben County Legislator Hilda Lando, as well as many other officials in the region.  Sheriff Allard says the huge amount of unreported cash collected and distributed in this illicit business model makes it ripe for corruption by criminal organizations. Allard also says, none of the currently trafficked edibles, concentrates or marihuana are tested, certified or verified as safe. 


Increase For SUNY?  SUNY State Assembly Says Uh-Oh, NO 

Governor Kathy Hochul's wants a three percent increase on SUNY students and wants more students to be able to get into college.  It's reported that SUNY is opposed to the idea of a three percent increase.  of the new laws, it's going to be difficult to hold the 63 year old New York City man in custody for long.  The D.A. also says, the suspect has a long criminal history.  


Corning Man Charged After Alleged Domestic Dispute

Sheriff Jim Allard reports that deputies arrested 21 year old Cory J. Morrow, of Third Street, Corning, it's alleged that Morrow intentionally struck and choked another person causing injury. Morrow was charged with 3rd degree Assault and Criminal Obstruction of Breathing.   Morrow was arraigned and released.


Top Stories, January 11, 2022

Capital Project Passes 

The Bath School District’s $42.5 million dollar capital project passed last night, 234 yes votes and 57 no votes.  School Superintendent Joe Rumsey says, thanks to the community for such overwhelming support.


Bath Police Report A Fatal Overdose 

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft: On 1/10/23, the Village of Bath Police Department responded to a male overdosing at a residence on E. Steuben St. in the Village.  Upon arrival the male was found to be deceased.  The Coroner arrived on scene and the body was transported to Binghamton, NY for an autopsy and toxicology.  The Bath Police Investigator and road patrol interviewed a male on scene and conducted an investigation.  The male, identified as Usbaldo Rodriguez, age 63, from NYC, was taken into custody for Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree, a class B felony and Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree, a class D felony.  Mr. Rodriguez, a 4 time convicted felon, to include Manslaughter in the First Degree, was taken to the Steuben County CAP Court to await arraignment.  More charges are expected after the investigation is finalized and reviewed by the District Attorney.  A big thank you to the Bath Ambulance Corps for their assistance in trying to revive the victim.


Bath Police Looking For A Suspect Who Skipped Sentencing

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft reports that 46 year old Carlos Gomez is wanted by Bath Police, after being convicted of 3rd degree Criminal Sale and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree and not showing up for sentencing.  Police Chief Taft says Gomez is known to be in the Bath area.  Anyone with any info, please call Bath Police, at 776-2136.


Wreaths Across America - Can You Help W/Cleanup?

Recently they held the wreaths across America at the Bath VA National Cemetary and officials say, theVA needs volunteers to help in the clean up this Saturday at 10:00am. Everyone is welcome to help out It’s suggested you bring a pole or broom stick as it is easier to pick them up with some type of pole.  If you have any questions you can call Jim Webster, Fire Chief at the Bath VA 607 664 4706

Top Stories, January 10, 2022

It's Capital Project Voting Day  In Bath

Voting is going on now for Bath School District voters for the capital project, and voting lasts until 8:00 tonight.  You can vote at the Bath School Districts Office, 25 Ellas Avenue in Bath.


The Sheriff Is Working To Get A New K9 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard spoke with the county public safety committee, about getting a new K9.  Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says, that’s because a K9 named Damon, died some months ago.  "It's a competitive market from what I understand," Wheeler tells WVIN.  "There is about a week's notice that a k9 is available, and the sheriff has been authorized by the county public safety committee, to buy a new law enforcement dog."


Corning Centerway Square Is Up For A Vote 

Corning’s Centerway Square has been nominated for “Best Public Square” in the country by a panel of experts for USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice travel awards, voting goes until February 6th at Noon, and you can vote once a day.  To vote, go to 10best.com


Gillibrand: Over $130 Million For Health Care

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says that she has secured over $130 million dollars in federal funding going to help the American health care system, some of the funding will help treat RSV.  

  1. $42.3 million appropriated for maternal health: This funding will support maternal health care services and address the maternal mortality and postpartum depression (PPD) crises facing the nation. It also funds a Maternal Mental Health Hotline to provide a 24-hour emergency contact for struggling mothers and families in need of immediate support. In addition, $34 million was authorized for the Into the Light for Maternal Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Act, which expands grants for states to create programs to address maternal mental health and substance use disorders.
  2. $50 million authorized for bolstering the community health care workforce: This funding will support public health jobs and infrastructure in New York and across the country. This funding builds on Senator Gillibrand’s Health Force legislation to recruit, train and employ hundreds of thousands of Americans to build public health capacity in underserved communities.
  3. $9.2 million for Academic Centers for Public Health Preparedness: This funding will support academic institutions with Centers for Public Health Preparedness. Academic medical centers have been at the forefront of our nation’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and have historically been used to establish infrastructure for advancing life-saving medical discoveries. This forward-thinking federal investment will provide direct support and fortify our nation’s emergency response preparedness by supporting cutting-edge research, education, patient care, and community outreach.
  4. $47 million for Area Health Education Centers (AHEC): This funding will help support AHECs across the country, including the 9 across New York State. More than six million New Yorkers live in primary care Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs); this figure exceeds the primary care HPSA populations of 46 other states. Local New York AHECs help address workforce shortages by introducing high school students to careers in health care and working with local nursing, medical, and physician assistant schools to provide students an opportunity to understand the social and cultural factors that influence an individual’s overall health and access to quality care.  The nearest AHEC office is in Warsaw, NY. 
  1. $33 million for Lyme and tick-borne diseases: This funding will support research, surveillance, and prevention for Lyme and tick-borne diseases. New York State has seen over 90,000 reported cases of Lyme in the last two decades, and incidence of Lyme nationally has nearly doubled since the early 1990s. Despite the high number of vector-borne diseases in New York and across the country, the federal investment in research and prevention for these diseases has remained low, with just a few hundred dollars spent per case of Lyme disease.



Top Stories, January 9, 2022

Bath Man Arrested On Drug/Gun Charges

From Police Chief Colin Taft: 

The Village of Bath Police Department reports the arrest of Keith C. Graves, age 63, of 33 Buell St., in the Village of Bath, for 2 counts of Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree and 2 counts of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree, all class B felonies.  The arrest stemmed from 2 superior court warrants of arrest alleging the sale of Fentanyl, a narcotic drug, in the Village of Bath in the Summer of 2022.  Once taken into custody, Mr. Graves was found to be in possession of 2 different types of controlled substances and arrested for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Seventh Degree, a class A misdemeanor.

 A no knock search warrant was applied for and signed after an investigation into where Mr. Graves stored his narcotics.  Inside Mr. Graves empty residence at 33 Buell St., a small amount of narcotics was found with a loaded handgun.  Mr. Graves is a 5-time convicted felon to include Robbery and is on New York State Parole for narcotics sales in the Village of Bath.  Mr. Graves was charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree, a class C violent felony.  Mr. Graves was processed on all these felonies and taken to the Steuben County CAP court where he will be arraigned at a later time.  It is unknown if NYS Parole will issue a parole warrant. 

 An investigator from the Corning Police Department and Steuben County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the search warrant execution and search.


Langworthy Stuck With The Ultimate Winner 

This area’s new congressman, Republican Nick Langworthy, was a big supporter of the new House Speaker, California Congressman Kevin McCarthy.  Langworthy says McCarthy’s strategy to fight inflation, will be working to solve the energy problem.


Remember The Capital Project Vote Is Tues Jan 10th

The Bath School Capital Project vote is coming up tomorrow,– voting tomorrow will be in the school district office – noon till 8.


Steuben County Public Works Department is hiring.  Pay is $31,000 a year.  Duties include – collecting garbage, snow removal, grass cutting, and painting and maintenance.  Interested?  Call 607 664 2435.


Top Stories, January 6, 2022

Bath Village Police Make Weapons/Drug Charges 


From Police Chief Colin Taft:      

On January 5th, 2023, the Village of Bath Police Department in conjunction with an Investigator from the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office, executed a narcotics search warrant at 3 E. William St., Apt. 201, in the Village of Bath.  Matthew Bailey, age 31 and Amber Hollar, age 35, were arrested for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Second Degree, a class A-2 felony for possessing in excess of 2 ounces of crystal methamphetamine.  A large amount of cash, packaging materials and other narcotics were seized as well to include suspected crack cocaine and fentanyl.  The narcotics will be analyzed and more charges are expected in the near future.  A handgun was also collected from the scene and more charges are pending grand jury presentation.  Ms. Hollar is a 4 time convicted felon and Mr. Bailey has multiple other felony charges pending.  Mr. Bailey and Ms. Hollar were processed and taken to Steuben County CAP court to be arraigned later.   


The Investigation Continues In Hammondsport

Hammondsport Police report that they are still going over videos and talking with neighbors, about the incident in which the sign at community bank was destroyed by a reckless driver, on New Years Eve.  Hammondsport Police Chief Jason Dininny says that anyone who knows anything about this, please call Hammondsport police at 607 569-3703.


Dorman Library Wants To Know Your Thoughts

The Dorman Public Library in Bath is looking for input from the community on future programs.  Kathleen Cauddle Early Literacy Coordinator explains, that the survey about this, is available on the Dorman Library website and their Facebook page.


Bath And Other Schools Are Having Bills Day Today

In a show of support for injured Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin, students and staff in schools across the state today, are wearing Buffalo Bills clothing.


This Reminder: Capital Project Vote In Bath Is Next Week

Coming up on Tuesday, there’s a school capital project vote in Bath.  Voting that day will be Noon till Eight in the school district office. 

Top Stories, January 5, 2022

Bath Mayor: Stop Stealing Grocery Carts From Stores
Bath Mayor Michael Sweet says, he’s asking Bath Village Police to put a stop to people stealing grocery carts.  The mayor says, he’s tired of going to the grocery store and seeing that there are no grocery carts to use.  The mayor has quite a campaign going on this, and he’s posted a photo online, of a grocery cart in the back of someone’s pickup truck.  Mayor Sweet says, stealing is wrong and the police are issuing tickets on this.


Missing Teenager Out Of Ontario County

The State Police out of Ontario County are looking for a missing teen, a 14 year old John Abrams, from Honeoye, last seen at the Bloomfield Elementary School.  John is described as a white male, 5’05", 140 pounds, curly brown hair, and brown eyes.  Anyone with information on his location is asked to call the State Police at 585-398-4100 or 911.


Manhunt In Allegany County

Over in Allegany County, troopers are reporting an alleged domestic dispute, followed by quite a chase that went on for hours afterwards and into the next day. It started Tuesday night and ended Wednesday.  Numerous law enforcement agencies were involved in the manhunt, and that’s State Police, and police from Andover, Wellsville, Alfred, the Allegany County Sheriff’s Department and state police drones.  The suspect, a 34 year old man from Andover, Thomas Moore Jr, was eventually found at St James.  He is facing charges of: 2nd degree criminal possession of a weapon, 1st degree criminal contempt, 1st degree reckless endangerment, 2nd degree menacing, endangering the welfare of child and aggravated cruelty to animals.   Moore is in the Allegany County Jail, $100,000 bail.


Will The State Legislature Take Up Anti-Crime Bills?

Spectrum News is reporting that the Republicans are pushing for the governor to take up crime issues in the state legislature, while Democrats have mixed views on the issue, with some Democrats saying the GOP is trying to scare people, and others saying that crime is a real problem.

Top Stories, January 4, 2022

The 2023 Hammonsport Firemen's Carnival To Have Rides

Some good news for the area.  Hammondsport Fire Chief Bill Frizz says, this year – the rides will be back at the Hammondsport Firemen’s Carnival this coming summer.  They have not had rides in recent years, due to covid rules.   "We might even have bumper cars this summer, still working on that, not sure about that one yet," Frizz tells Wvin News.  The Hammondsport Firemen’s carnival will be in July, on July 6, 7, 8.  


A New Firefighter For Bath 

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department says, their newest firefighter is Justin Haynes who was voted in last night.  They say that Justin brings with him a lot of training and experience as a former member of the North Hornell Fire Department and he is also a career firefighter at Corning City. 


O'Mara: Office Hours Continue This Year In Bath, Elmira

Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara has announced that he’ll continue having district offices in Bath and Elmira throughout 2023, in addition to his office in Albany.  O’Mara encouraged area residents to contact any of his offices for state government assistance and information.  His Bath Office is at 105 East Steuben Street.   His Bath office number is 776-3201. 


Rep Claudia Tenney Working To Help Natl Guard

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is calling on the Biden Administration to formally designate Kenya a combat zone to allow a group of New York National Guardsmen stationed in the region as part of Task Force Wolfhound to receive Combat Zone Tax Exclusions.  Tenney says, members of the National Guard from the Buffalo area are stationed currently in Kenya. 


Great Work On Local School Fundraiser 

Students and staff from Dana Lyon Middle School raised more than $650 by selling candy cane grams in December. Students voted to donate the funds to the Finger Lakes SPCA.

Top Stories, January 3, 2022

Josh Allen Tweets About Damar Hamlin Being Sick
Buffalo Bills Quarter Back Josh Allen tweeted out, about Damar Hamlin having a cardiac arrest last night during the game: “Please, prayers for our brother”.  The governor and Senator Chuck Schumer also issued statements, saying that their thoughts and prayers are with Hamlin and his family and the entire Buffalo Bills community.


Langworthy Takes Over Today In The New 23rd 

Buffalo Republican Nick Langworthy is being sworn into office today as the next congressman for the new 23rd district.  Langworthy is taking over for Joe Sempolinski.  Sempolinski is going back to work for Republican Assemblyman Joe Giglio.


Another Bath School Capital Project Hearing Is Tonight 
Bath School Superintendent Joe Rumsey is reminding the Bath area that there’s another public hearing tonight, about the upcoming January 10th school capital project vote.  The public hearing will be in the auditorium, 6:15 to 8p.


There Was A Wild Chase In Elmira!

Elmira Police report that there was a chase yesterday there.  The suspect, a 22 year old male from Ithaca, is said to have gone 80 miles an hour around Elmira streets, and then crashed into a phone pole.  One person inside the car was ejected and suffered a head injury.  Police say the driver is facing numerous charges, including unlawfully fleeing a police officer.  Everyone inside the vehicle is being charged with criminal possession of a weapon because a nine millimeter was found inside the vehicle. 

Top Stories, January 2, 2022

Monthly Report From Steuben Co Sheriff Jim Allard

Sheriff Allard and Undersheriff McNelis were honored to attend Deputy Brandon Owen’s formal graduation ceremony from the Arnot Health Paramedic program in December.   Congratulations to Deputy Owen on this milestone of service !  December was another busy and challenging month in the Sheriff’s Office.  Our investigators and deputies were tasked with nine death investigations, one assault investigation, five burglary investigations, one fire investigation, two welfare fraud investigations, eleven grand larceny investigations, ten larceny investigations, three stolen vehicle investigations, five drug investigations, four harassment investigations, two trespass investigations, five criminal mischief investigations, one criminal contempt investigation, two sex offense investigations and one intimidating a witness investigation. Our Patrol Division was tasked with multiple domestic incident investigations along with crash investigations and mental health detainments, including six intoxicated or impaired driving arrests.  Our SWAT team was deployed for a warrant entry and our K9s assisted two other agencies for searches.

All of our deputies and officers performed in an outstanding fashion and we received three commendations from community members detailing the excellence of service they received. 


One New Years Eve Accident In Steuben County

From what we can tell, up to this point, only one incident has been reported, as a result of New Years Eve driving.  That incident is believed to have taken place sometime in the 11pm hour on Saturday night, New Years Eve, when someone did a lot of damage to the Community Bank sign, in Hammondsport.  Hammondsport Police are investigating and say that witnesses tell them that a black pickup truck with at least two male suspects were inside, and were reportedly seen after the accident, picking up parts, by the sign.  Anyone who knows anything about this, please call Hammondsport Police at 607 569 3703. 

Public Hearing In Hammondsport Is Coming Up Jan 10

The Hammondsport Village Board will hold a public hearing at 6pm on January 10, at the Village Office, 18 Water Street, Hammondsport.  Officials say that the hearing will be about the Restore NY Communities Initiative-Municipal Grant Program for Hammondsport, and the grant will, if approved, be for the funding the restoration of the Curtis School. The public may be personally present at the meeting. All interested parties will be given an opportunity to be heard at this Public Hearing.


Some Want Jacobs Out, Most, If Not All, Want Santos Out

A political organization is campaigning to replace New York State Democrat Chairman Jay Jacobs.  The group is called NYPAN, which stands for New York Progressive Action Network.  It’s made up of New York City and Environmentalist groups.  According to Steuben County Democrat Chair Shawn Hogan, the reason: is because Jay Jacobs is a centrist Democrat who does not see eye to eye with the New York City Dems, who are further to the left than Jacobs.  Then on the Republican side of the Aisle, both parties, Republicans and Democrats, are working to block the swearing-in, of Congressman Elect George Santos (R, Long Island).  Santos is said to have lied about being Jewish, about having relatives killed in the Holocaust and on 9-11, and lied about many other background info as well.  

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