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Top Stories, August 31, 2023

Steuben County BOE Warns: Watch Out For This Scam

Steuben County Board Of Election officials say, criminal impersonation of county election board workers, is happening in counties around the state (it happened recently in Lindley).  Steuben County Election Commissioners Vicky Olin (R) and Colleen Haruski (D), both warn people to be aware of this scam.  Olin and Haruski say, BOE officials don't do door-to-door house calls.


Schumer Visits Keuka Lake And Helps Get A New Finger Lakes Museum Started Up In Yates County

Senator Schumer visited Yates County yesterday.  Schumer is  getting $1. 6 million dollars for a new outpatient clinic to get  started up at Kueka College.  He’s also getting $2,000,000  dollars for the construction of a new Finger Lakes Museum, the Saunders Finger Lakes Museum.


Feds Say: Don't Sink Your Own Boat

The U.S. Attorneys Office is going after a man living in Rochester for allegedly sinking his own boat, in a Rochester pond  Officials say, no one was on the boat at the time, and but the cost to the Coast Guard was over  $15,000.  The charges against the man: destruction of  a vessel, making a false statement and sinking of a vessel in a navigable channel.  The suspect is 33 years old.


Hornell Man Facing Serious Charges After Cocaine Arrives In The Mail At His Residence, Numerous Law Enforcement Agencies Are Involved In Helping Make This Arrest

Hornell, Police Chief Ted Murray reports the arrest of 28 year old James Pitts Jr.  Pitts is accused of getting over a pound of cocaine in the mail delivered to his home.  That arrest came after a joint narcotics investigation by Hornell Police, New York State Police, U.S. Postal Inspectors, Elmira Police and the Monroe County Sheriff's Department.   Hornell Police say that there may be more arrests in this case. 

Top Stories, August 30, 2023

Another BOE Impersonator: This One Out Of Syracuse Area

Recently we reported that Sheriff Jim Allard said there was a complaint out of a local town, about someone impersonating board of election officials, as part of a scam, to get private information out of area residents.  The latest there is, today, there is a story out of the Syracuse area, saying that the same thing happened there, that there are scam artists pretending to be from the Syracuse area board of elections.


Palmesano: How Much Land Is Needed For Solar?

Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says, the Climate Action Council’s plans for solar projects, are going to take up too much land across New York State, in order to get 60 gigawatts of solar.  "Well they need eight acres per megawatt of solar," Palmesano said.  "For 60 gigawatts, there's 1,000 megawatts in a gigawatt.  That's 480,000 acres of land that will be needed," Palmesano tells WVIN News.  Supporters of the climate action council say solar will help end consumer vulnerability to fossil fuel disruptions and price volatility.


Hochul And State Health Dept's Covid Update

Governor Kathy Hochul says, as students begin to return to school for the next academic year, the governor’s office and the state DOH recommend that schools review current CDC school guidance for COVID-19.  The governor says that the CDC says, they want testing and vaccines.  However, from reading through it, it looks  like the CDC is not mandating anything at this point.  


Upcoming September 2023 Dormann Libary Events 

Here are just three of the events coming up in September at the Dormann Library in Bath:  The Red Cross will be on site to hold a blood drive on September 5, from 11:30-4:30.  Sign up at redcrossblood.org to donate.  Friday Night Madness resumes for teens on September 15 from 3-5:30.   Aslo, Game nights for adults on the 3rd Monday of each month.

Top Stories, August 29, 2023

Flooding On I-86 In Chemung County

The D.O.T. reported yesterday that there was flooding on Monday in Elmira and Horseheads on I86 there.  As of this morning, the Chemung County Sheriff’s department has an online posting which says I86 is closed both ways at Exit 54 towards Rt 13 due to flooding. Detour for West bound at Exit 56 Elmira and East bound Exit 53 in Horseheads.  Also, WVIN got a text this morning from a reporter in that area and the text says, one lane of 86 East is back open right now.  We checked with Steuben County Public Safety Director Tim Marshall, who said that the flooding was more of a Chemung County problem, "but nothing much reported in Steuben County."  


Regarding Local School Board Seats In The Area

WVIN checked in with local school boards, to see if any changes had been made to board seats over the summer months.  Hammondsport Central School Superintendent Kyle Bower says, at Hammondsport, Kevin Bennett is still President and Carre Doyle is now Vice President.  At Campbell Savona, they say that Shawn Corey is the School Board President and Stacie VanSkiver is the Vice President, and Dale Seeley was sworn in this summer as a new school board member for Campbell-Savona.  In the Bath Central School District, Michael Mishook is still school board president and Amy Rusak is still school board vice president.


Statement From Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet

(Yesterday) morning I addressed the Steuben County Legislature in my attempt to get assistance from them to assist with making Liberty Street safer for all of us. Here is a copy of my three minute speech:

Good morning! As Mayor of Bath, it’s my responsibility to make sure everyone that comes downtown feels safe and I can say that not many parents would allow their children to walk Liberty street unattended. In fact – my 11-year-old said she feels comfortable on Market Street, Main Street Hornell and walking the square in Hammondsport – but doesn’t feel safe on Liberty Street. That is a shame. So –one year ago I met with senior leadership from the county. We suggested that the county offer assistance to the village as we felt much of our police department’s efforts were directed at individuals placed in the village on DSS. We were laughed at and told – “the village has a lot of issues, but the county is not one them”. Not having data to back us up at the time – we went on to collect data and came back to the county public safety committee on June 5th – where not only did we present data about arrest and other concerns that we have downtown, we offered and asked for resolutions – a joint effort to make sure everyone that visits here feels as safe as those walking Market Street or the square in Hammondsport. After two months of not hearing anything, I reached out to the Chairman who informed me that the committee decided NOT to advance any of our request, because if they do something for Bath, then they would have to do something for other communities. Well, let me tell you – Bath – is very different to these other communities. First, we have nearly 30% of all DSS placements and 5% of the population. We already have more placements here in Bath than the cities of Corning and Hornell, both much bigger than Bath. This is before another temporary housing structure is being renovated in the Town of Bath, steps away from the village. The same owner of this property owns and operates the boarding house on Bridge Street. This owner told me everything on Bridge Street is great. Well – this owner apparently is disconnected from reality. Corning PD has been called to the Bridge Street location 130 times since January with 23 arrests. This is the same guy telling you and I how great this space will be in Bath. We have asked repeatedly that you not place transient housing in our business district, because just like Bridge Street – Liberty Street suffers from these policies. Our data shows nearly 40% of all arrests are DSS related (self-reported) - we actually feel the number is closer to 60%. Nearly 100% of all repeat offenders are DSS related.

Here is a summary of what we asked the Public Safety Committee:

• We asked that the county end contracts to house transient DSS placements in the business district.

• We asked that the Mental Health Offices be moved out of our business district.

• If moving the office is not an option – we ask that you add a security guard to the building and move the entrance to the rear of the building to prevent loitering on Liberty Street.

• Finally – we asked that your fund additional security in the Village of Bath. Perhaps assign a deputy to the village who can respond to calls out of the business district and allow our PD to focus on the downtown area.

In closing – I do want to thank the DA’s office for their efforts to help us. I know we are working together on several projects that will have a positive impact on the Village.

Thank you for your time – and I’m convinced that by working together we can have an impact and make Bath safe once again for all to enjoy – including YOUR children.  

Top Stories, August 28, 2023

Update On The Steuben Co Indemnification Situation 
At this morning's Steuben County Legislative meeting, Sheriff Jim Allard handed out and read a statement, about possibly losing indemnification.   


See below: 

Because of our public safety functions, Sheriff’s operations face some of the most lawsuits—including many of the most frivolous—of any government entity in the County.  The County Legislature is considering rescinding a law that it passed itself six years ago, protecting the office of the Sheriff from these lawsuits by indemnifying the Sheriff, as it does so many other public officers.  No one has offered an explanation for why the Legislature is considering reversing itself just six years later, but a recent statement from the Chair of the Legislature suggested that my office has not been complying with the County in the matter of investigating allegations of harassment and discrimination against County employees. 

If that’s the reason the County is considering rescinding this law, it’s wrong and untrue.  I want to talk for a moment about these investigations and why this resolution is really about an attempt—by a few County officials—to politically coerce my office into handing over some of its authority and responsibilities. 

The Chair’s statement refers to the County’s 850 employees as its most important asset and says they deserve an environment that is safe and free of harassment and hostility.  I couldn’t agree more, and furthermore, approximately 160 of those employees are my own, which means I take very personally the commitment to ensuring that they are not exposed to harassment, discrimination, or other unlawful treatment in the course of their work.  To help make that happen, and to carry out other responsibilities of my office—like ensuring good order in my officers’ ranks, disciplining members who commit inappropriate or unlawful acts, and protecting employees who are victims of misconduct, my office has a series of internal policies that are specific to our membership.  Some of those lay out the ways my office investigates complaints of discrimination and harassment, something we have always done, historically, hand-in-hand with the County’s civilian personnel. 

In fact, my office has not only regularly shared the outcome of investigations with County officials and legal representatives, but has consistently sought consensus and opinion from members of the County administration and their legal representatives in these matters.  This office has frequently been praised by these same entities for its ability to conduct timely, unbiased investigations, and for its decisive and reasonable responses relative to disciplinary matters.  This has made the recent turn of events even more frustrating.

Now, suddenly, some officials in the County’s management are upset that this office has policies and rules that are specific to its members.  They seem to believe that those policies somehow prevent the County from carrying out its anti-discrimination and anti-harassment responsibilities.  In recent months there has been ongoing pressure from certain officials for this office to change its policies and give up the ability to investigate complaints from and about its own members. 

But these officials haven’t given any actual examples of this office failing to work with the County or comply with its policies, because they can’t.  This office has repeatedly reassured the County and its Legislators that it recognizes the County’s policies; it recognizes the County’s authority to conduct investigations; and it is not looking to undermine or interfere with either of those things.  All this office has sought to do is to continue to apply our own internal requirements in addition to the County’s, and to continue to participate in investigations so that we can carry out our own unique responsibilities, like administering discipline and preserving the promises made to our members in collective bargaining agreements.  We’ve repeatedly asked County officials to explain why that should be a concern to them, and we’ve gotten no explanation.  We trust that the Legislature will understand that the position we’ve taken is a reasonable one, and that the resolution before it to rescind the Sheriff’s indemnification is nothing more than political punishment. 


Wvin News has reached out to Steuben County Legislative Chairman Scott VanEtten, and as soon as he responds, we will post that on this website. 


Upcoming Veterans Dinner, This Wednesday In Bath

The Steuben County Veterans One Stop Center is having a veterans dinner in Bath this Wednesday at 6pm at the Chat A Whyle, 28 Liberty Street in Bath.  To reserve a seat, call 716 313 2934.


Rep Nick Langworthy Stops By Elmira For Chamber Lunch

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy was in Elmira today at a Chamber of Commerce Business get together.  The congressman met with chamber of commerce officials from Steuben, Chemung and Schuyler Counties.


Construction Reminder For Urbana And Campbell

The Wood Road Bridge in the Town of Campbell is closed for construction and that’s for six weeks. Also, County Route 87 in Urbana is closed from 7:30 am to 4 pm today and tomorrow and there won’t be an onsite detour.

Top Stories, August 25, 2023

Statement From Steuben Co Chair VanEtten, Regarding A Recent Radio Story Done On WVIN/WABH Radio 

On August 18, we reported on WVIN/WABH Radio, that Sheriff Jim Allard said, that the Steuben County Legislature, coming up at the Monday August 28th meeting, might be getting rid of the county law that protects the sheriff from being personally sued.  And our news department has received a statement from County Legislative Chair Scott VanEtten.  

"The Sheriff has gone on a local radio station (WLEA) accusing me of 'political grandstanding' by making the motion to pass this resolution out of committee and for the full Legislature’s consideration. Unfortunately for him, that’s not the case at all. I have better things to do than play politics with him.

"We as Legislators have a responsibility to our constituents and all County taxpayers to manage the County operations in the most efficient , cost effective manner. Part of that includes minimizing the risk / liability of future claims. The County gets sued often. Many of them are frivolous, some of them are very serious. In the end the taxpayers foot the bill for all settlements or verdicts should they end up going to court.

"Our ~850 employees are the County’s most important asset. We continuously work to provide them with an environment that is safe and free of harassment, hostility and the like. We have a number of policies in place to achieve that, and they are based on NYS requirements. We expect all departments and managers to adhere to and follow the same. We must ensure non bias investigations in order to accomplish the mandates of the policies. Without assurances of the same, the tax payers should not be burdened with the liability that could be prevented with compliance with processes already in place.

"So we are considering pulling the Sheriff’s indemnification. Not one Legislator wants to be in this difficult position. Unfortunately the reason we must consider it is because of the actions (or inactions) of one person."

Scott VanEtten


Upcoming Road And Bridge Work In Campbell, Urbana

The Wood Road Bridge in the Town of Campbell will be closed for construction beginning Monday (Aug. 28) for six weeks.  The historic bridge crosses the Cohocton River, located between County Route 125 and Savona Campbell Road, and will be closed for deck repair.  There won’t be an onsite detour.  Also, County Route 87 in Urbana will be closed from 7:30 am to 4 pm next Monday and Tuesday, there won’t be an onsite detour either.


Ther Was A Major Drug Arrest In Livingston County 

In Livingston County, Sheriff Tom Dougherty reports that two Allegany County residents, one from Cuba, one from Bolivar, are accused of getting pulled over and having 283 bags of Fentynal in their vehicle, as well as some meth.  The sheriff says that the two were pulled over on 390 in Avon.  The two suspects are facing numerous charges.

Top Stories, August 24, 2023

51 Year Old Bath Male Suspect, Accused Of Shooting At Law Enforcement At Domestic Dispute Arrest, Is Being Arraigned

This morning, Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker told Brian O'Neil that Larry Schoonover, 51, of Bath, is being arraigned today.  "There was a domestic dispute that led to police interaction with him," Baker said.  "He took shots at police officers and neighbors during that incident.  He was wounded and has been in State Police custody ever since.  We are arraigning him this morning, and he will be charged with multiple counts of Attempted Murder in the First Degree, for attempting to kill State Police Officers and members of other police agencies, as well as multiple counts of Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree, for the rounds that went through his neighbor's homes while they were in them, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Third Degree, for the gun he used to commit those crimes with," Baker said this morning.  


Is Someone Impersonating An Election Board Official? 

From Sheriff Allard: Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on August 23, 2023, it was reported that a person who identified herself as a member of the “Board of Elections” visited a person in the Urbana area, in her home, asking personal identification questions.  It is also reported that when asked to provide identification from the Board of Elections, this person displayed none and then left the premises.  According to the Steuben County Board of Elections Commissioners, no home visits are done to ascertain personal information by any actual member of the Steuben County Board of Elections.  Should you encounter any person falsely representing themselves as members of the Steuben County Board of Elections at your home or otherwise, you are encouraged to contact 911 and report this criminal impersonation. 


Bath Police Congratulate Sgt. Johnson  

From Bath Police: "Training for Bath Police Officers is an ongoing process.  Sergeant Johnson  recently completed an eight hour course up in Rochester, that was about Problem Oriented Policing.  As the Crime Prevention Officer  for the Bath Police Department, Johnson will be assisting Chief Colin Taft on ideas to address problems as they arise."  


Longtime Steuben County IDA Official, Has Passed Away

WVIN News has learned from former Mayor Shawn Hogan, that longtime Hornell Industrial Development Agency Director Jim Griffin, who also spent years working for the Steuben County I.D.A. as well, died yesterday morning at his home in Arkport.  Hogan says, Griffin had been under hospice care.  He had been suffering from cancer for well over a year now.

Top Stories, August 23, 2023

Back To School Days/Dates/For Local Schools 

It’s back to school soon.  The first day back for Prattsburgh Central will be Tuesday, September 5.  Bath students will have their first day on Wednesday September 6.  At Avoca Central School the first day back is Thursday, September 7.


Changing The Maximum Age For Law Enforcement Recruits

Republican Assemblyman Joe Giglio says, he’s trying to get a law passed so that the maximum age is raised for law enforcement, and so that military veterans can get into law enforcement jobs more easily.  "People getting out of the service after a career in the military, they're very well trained and 30 is not old," Giglio said.  "If they can do the work and pass the physical, they should be able to get the job, and not be prevented from doing so, because of an arbitrary age rule."  


Wheeler: About $500,000 From The State, Is Coming To Steuben County For Opoid Treatment 

Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says the county will be getting a portion of the money that the state won in a lawsuit against drug manufacturers over the opiod addiction crisis.  "We have received some direct settlements, but the state has received some direct (county) settlements, but New York State has recieved the largest amount, due to the state's size," Wheeler told WVIN.  "For the current fiscal year, we're going to receive about half a million dollars.  The Steuben County Legislature has had a lot of discussion about this, and decided to issue a request for proposals, for agencies involved in substance use treatment, and mental health services, and have them tell the county what additional services could be provided."   County Manager Jack Wheeler also says the requests for proposals have been sent out and the county is waiting to hear back from the various offices and agencies.  


Senator Schumer Backing An Amendment To Get More Grants To Smaller Towns For Outdoor Recreation Projects

Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is getting behind getting an amendment made to the 1965 Rural Outdoor Investment Act.  The amendment would make it so there are more grants for outdoor recreation projects, for the purpose of economic development.


Road Closing In Urbana Coming Up Next Monday/Tuesday

Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose says County Route 87 in the Town of Urbana will be closed from 7:30 am to 4 pm Monday and Tuesday, August 28 and 29.  The road is located between County Route 113 and State Route 54.  There will not be an on-site detour.  

Top Stories, August 22, 2023

Corning Man Charged After Routine Pullover In Bath

Bath PD Press Release: On Sunday, August 20, 2023, at or about 3:40 A.M., BRETT O. COSTELLO, age 48 of Corning was taken into custody and charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree, a Class C Felony and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Third Degree, a Class D Felony, following a traffic stop and investigation by the Bath Village Police Department on East Steuben Street in the Village of Bath.   BRETT COSTELLO was found to be in possession of a loaded handgun. In addition to the handgun, Officers located drug paraphernalia within the vehicle.  BRETT COSTELLO was processed and transported to the Steuben County Jail for CAP Court.


A Forum This Evening At Ira Davenport Hospital 

This reminder:  there is a Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Community Forum, from 5:00pm-7:00pm at Ira Davenport Hospital in Bath.


Car Accident Knocks Out A Little Power Outside Of Hornell

Officials say that a car hit an electric pole over in Thatcherville at 6pm last evening.  The pole snapped and some power lines went down on Route 21.   There were no injuries, a couple of homes were without power for a while and New York State Electric And Gas handled the repairs for those without power.


Canisteo-Greenwood: A School Team NameChange

The whole thing of Changing a school team name, it’s a more complicated process than you might think.  Because they’re under state orders to drop the team name “Redskins”, Canisteo-Greenwood Central officials are working on coming up with new logos, team uniforms and signs, for the new school team name, “The Chargers”.  One important point for the school is to avoid colors that would be confused with other team’s jerseys.  Superintendent Tom Crook says, those graphic designers have been told to avoid overusing colors which could possibly make Canisteo-Greenwood team uniforms look like Bolivar-Richburg or Dansville.  

Top Stories, August 21, 2023

Shooting Situation In Bath In The Early Morning Hours 

It happened in the 1am hour this morning.  Mayor Michael Sweet says it happened on Roosevelt Avenue.  Scanner audio indicates that the suspect walked in out of the house in Bath, a house surrounded by law enforcement.  The suspect was said to have a gun, and scanner audio indicated that law enforcement placed a cell phone on the suspect’s porch and that the suspect came out and shot the cell phone.  At one point, scanner chatter was about how the suspect  went into the backyard, and there were shots fired.   Quote: “One down.  Suspect down.  Suspect in custody.  Suspect in custody.”  Then law enforcement checked to find out if the ambulance crew was okay to go in and pick the suspect up.  Shortly after that, the okay was given for the ambulance crew to go in, and that was the end of the scanner chatter about that.  We’re told this morning by the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department that the state police handled the case.      


UPDATE 1:15PM - State Police held a press confernce at 1pm today.  At that press conference, State Police said that the suspect, whose name was not released yet, is in stable condition at a Rochester hospital.  Troopers say they shot the suspect in the 1am hour, after he opened fire on them first, with a shotgun.  Troopers say the suspect was shot once in the leg.  Troopers also say that law enforcement showed up originally, because of a report about an alleged domestic dispute between a man and a woman at that address, 6664 Roosevelt Avenue in Bath.   Troopers said they were assisted by the Steuben County Sheriff's Dept and Bath Village Police.


UPDATE  4:25pm 

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft:  "The Village of Bath Police Dept responded to assist the NYSP with a domestic incident with shots fired on Roosevelt Ave. in the Town of Bath yesterday at the same time as their first units. After being shot at our officers maintained a primary perimeter for many hours until being relieved around 10:45 pm. No Bath PD officer fired any shots in the incident. Thank God no innocent people were hurt in the incident."


Fatal Accident On Saturday In Wayland 

On that fatal accident which happened Saturday morning on 390 in Wayland, state police say the cause, was that a tire on a van from the Philadelphia Pennsylvania failed, causing the van to roll over and crash.  13 people were in the van.  Nine of them were injured.  Dead are a pregnant mother, her baby was delivered at Noyes Hospital in Dansville.  Also dead is a male victim who was inside the van at the time of the accident.  State Police were assisted by NYS DOT, Bath Ambulance, Bath VA Ambulance, Hornell Ambulance, Springwater Ambulance, Cohocton Valley Ambulance, Wayland Fire Department, Perkinsville Fire Department, Life Net 77, Mercy Flight, and the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE 2:11pm, From State Police: One of those accident victims, Margarita Ramirez-Luna, 40, was a pregnant female who succumbed to her injuries. The baby was successfully delivered by the hospital staff. However, has since passed away. One victim was taken by ambulance to St. James Hospital in Hornell. Two victims were airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. One male subject, Alex Andrade,12, was pronouced deceased at the scene by the Steuben County Coroner.

The identity of the other individuals involved are as follows:

Jorge Dolores-Gonzales, 34
Mateas Ramirez, 1
Maria Guadalupe-Ramirez, 49
David Estrada-Ramirez Jr., 8
Yasmin Ramirez, 12/12/06, 16
Ricardo Ramirez, 10/01/00, 22
David Estrada-Elias, 40
Daniel Ramirez, 8
Elizabeth Ramirez-Luna, 37
Rosario Ramirez-Luna, 43

Pulteney Man Charged After Incident In Hammondsport

From Hammondsport Police: On August 18, 2023 at about 09:16 PM 2 Hammondsport Police Officers were dispatched by Steuben County 911 for a male subject attacking individuals inside Maloney’s Pub, located at 57 Pulteney Street Village of Hammondsport. Upon arrival Officers located a number of citizens on the sidewalk area just outside of Maloney’s Pub. Officers attempted to de-escalate the situation. While doing so a male subject later identified as Nicholas S. Taylor attacked a Uniformed Hammondsport Police Officer on scene, causing injuries to that Police Officer. After the Police Officer who was attacked by Nicholas S. Taylor, an off-duty Police Officer and the 2 Hammondsport Police Officers were able to gain control and arrest Nicholas S. Taylor. Also during the attack Nicholas S. Taylor damaged Village of Hammondsport property.

Nicholas S. Taylor of Pulteney NY was arrested and processed for the following:

1.) Assault in the Second Degree a Class D Felony

2.) Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree a Class A Misdemeanor

Nicholas S. Taylor was transported by Village of Hammondsport Police Officers to the Steuben County Jail. Nicholas S. Taylor was held at the Steuben County Jail until Nicholas S. Taylor arraigned in CAP Court. CAP court released Nicholas S. Taylor this morning on pretrial release.

Hammondsport Police Department’s Investigation is still on going and additional charges maybe filed at the conclusion of said investigation.

Top Stories, August 18, 2023

Police Chief Says Congrats To All Bath Police Officers 

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says that all of the Bath Police Officers passed their promotional exams,.  The police chief also says, Investigator Jackson and Sergeant Ruggles and Johnson are now permanent in their titles.  


Big Public Hearing August 28 In Steuben County  

On the agenda for an upcoming public hearing, is the 2017 Steuben County Defense And Indemnification law.  (That makes it so the county helps legally defend the sheriff in court if he’s sued by a prisoner or suspect).  That 2017 law might possibly be repealed.  A public hearing on that will be held August 28th  in Bath.  


Victim Survives A Recent Shooting Over In Elmira

Elmira Police say someone was shot in the early morning hours on Wednesday, but that the victim will not identify a suspect in the shooting.  Police also say, the victim is recovering from his injuries.  "After several attempts," Elmira Police say, "the victim in this incident has refused to be interviewed or cooperate with this investigation."  


Keeping The Rochester State Of Emergency Going 
In Rochester, WHEC reports that Mayor Malik Evans is extending the gun violence state of emergency for another 30 days.  


U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Has Been Making The Rounds Around This Part Of The State

This past week, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was in Corning, Watkins Glen, Elmira, Jamestown, Salamanca and the Allegany County town of Belmont.  "It was a joy to visit Willow Creek Farm in Belmont today and see their commitment to caring for their cows and their community," Gillibrand said.  "I’m fighting to make sure our dairy farms get a fair price for their milk so our farms and communities can thrive."   During her visit to Corning, the senator stopped by the Corning Museum.  


Things To Do This Weekend?  Plenty Locally

The Steuben County Fair goes until and through this Sunday, and the Hammondsport Festival of Crafts is a Saturday and Sunday event, 10am to 5 pm both days this weekend.


The NYS Firefighters Leader Is Re-Elected 

EmpireReportNewYork.com and the Albany Times Union report that Sam Fresnia has been re-elected as head of the New York State Firefighters Association.  Fresnia has been a longtime Albany area fireman.


Top Stories, August 17, 2023

Update On The Dana Lyons School Project In Bath

Steuben County Industrial Development Agency Director Jamie Johnson is pleased with how things are going in the plans for work on the Dana Lyons School in Bath.  "Earlier this year they found out that they were awarded state incentive funding to advance that project," Johnson tells WVIN.  "Providence Housing, which is the company that's going to be rehabilitating the project has brought in Pike Construction, and Pike is getting things staged and ready to go to begin rennovation of the school property.  It will become 50 plus workforce development housing units.  November, is when that project is slated to begin.  This will align nicely with efforts that the Village of Bath has underway, to make applications for New York State Forward funding, to help with downtown redevelopment efforts and rehabilition of several properties in the downtown area," Johnson said.  


Man Charged For Allegedly Crashing Into Vehicle In Lindley

Sheriff Jim Allard says a 43 year old Osceola Pennsylvania man is facing lots of charges after allegedly driving into another vehicle intentionally in the town of Lindley, injuring someone and damaging their vehicle.  Sheriff Allard says that Corning Police assisted in the case and that the suspect is being held in the Steuben County Jail in Bath, as a fugitive from Pennsylvania.  


Langworthy Visits Steuben County Fair In Bath

I”m so happy to be here at the Steuben County Fair,” Langworthy said.  “We’re celebrating our rich agricultural tradition, and it’s wonderful to be here with so many of the 4H families, and seeing these young people who have been raising these animals and showing these projects.  These young people are really the best and brightest in our community.”

Top Stories, August 16, 2023

Two Upcoming Veterans Events 

Nichole Dabby is with the Veterans One Stop Center in Bath.  Dabby says they have two upcoming events, one on August 30 in Bath and one on September 2 in Geneseo.  The August 30 event in Bath will be the Kickoff Dinner at 6:00pm that day, at the Chat A While on 28 Liberty Street in Bath.  (To RSVP, call 716-313-2934).  The September 2 event will be a 12 County Veterans Family Picnic, 1pm-6pm at the Geneseo Warplane Museum.  (To RSVP, call 716-898-0110).

Langworthy Visits Vietnam War Museum In Elmira

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy was at the Vietnam War Museum in Elmira yesterday.  "It's living history," Langworthy said.  "Too see one of the two Vietnam War Museums on this side of the Mississippi, and have it in this congressional district and in Elmira.  It's a very special place.  I got a great tour.  I got to see so many of the artifacts and got to talk with the Vietnam Veterans who fought in that war.  Hopefully our young people can go through there and learn more about that era, and learn directly from those veterans about the Vietnam War," Langworthy stated. 


Important Area Firefighters Anniversary

It’s the anniversary of the death of Cohocton Firefighter Lee Sick, who died in an accident on the way to a fire 56 years ago in 1967.  Cohocton’s Fire Department officials say quote: The officers and members of the Cohocton Fire Department humbly acknowledge the service Lee Sick rendered to this community.  They say we also recognize the irreplaceable loss endured by his family and friends.


Urbana And Hammondsport Meeting 5:30pm Today

This reminder: The Town of Urbana and the Village of Hammondsport are working together to pursue a New York Forward grant from New York State.  That’s at 530pm this evening, at the Hammondsport Central School Cafteria.

Top Stories, August 15, 2023

Joint Town/Village Meeting At Hammondsport Central 

Urbana Town Supervisor Ed Stull says the Town of Urbana and the Village of Hammondsport will be having a joint informational meeting at the Hammondsport Central School tomorrow at 5:30pm.  It’ll be about getting money from the state’s New York Forward Grant.  Supervisor Ed Stull says, this grant has potential to bring much needed funding to the Town and Village to complete long overdue projects on the waterfront and business district.


Bath Police: Suspect Keeps Missing Court Dates

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft:  The Village of Bath Police Department reports the arrest of Corine Ranee Snyder on 08/14/2023.  Who is homeless in Bath NY. Snyder was taken into custody in reference to an active arrest warrant for Criminal Contempt in the 2nd degree, along with an active bench warrant for Animal Cruelty. Due to failing to appear several times for court along with her bench warrant being over 30 days old, Ms. Snyder was also charged with Bail Jumping in the 3rd degree.  Snyder was placed into custody and transported to the Village of Bath Police Department where

she was processed and taken to the county jail by Steuben County Sheriff’s officer where she was remanded with bail being set.


Work Continues For This Weekend's Festival Of Crafts 

The Hammondsport, the Festival of Crafts is happening this Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm both days.  Sam Pannisi from the Hammondsport Festival of Crafts says, work on preparing for this event began in January.   So how many crafters will there be this year?  "Almost 100 crafters are coming with displays," Pannisi tells WVIN.  "Every corner of the park is filled this year, with something new and different. You can walk through there and see something, and then think to go back, because there are so many crafters," Sam Pannisi said. 


Hammondsport Fire Dept Getting Sizeable Fema Grant

Democrat U.S. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer say that the Hammondsport Fire Department will be getting a FEMA grant for $160,000.   ?“New York’s firefighters work tirelessly to protect our communities,” said Senator Gillibrand. “This federal funding will provide New York’s firefighters with the essential training, equipment and supplies they need to respond to emergency situations safely and efficiently. I will continue to working to ensure New York’s fire departments are well-equipped to provide protection for our communities.”   Gillibrand is in Elmira today, meeting with leaders from Elmira and Horseheads and Hector, about small business issues.    "Our brave firefighters are always on the front lines risking their lives to protect our communities,” said Senator Schumer. “These courageous first responders deserve all the federal support possible to ensure they have the adequate training, protective gear, and equipment they need to keep themselves and New Yorkers across the state safe. I’ve fought my whole career to deliver resources for New York’s firefighters, and today’s over $3.2 million will keep New York’s dedicated firefighters prepared to take on any emergency.”

Congressman Nick Langworthy In The Area/Region Today

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy is in both Elmira and Bath today, Langworthy will be at the Vietnam War Musuem in Elmira and the Steuben County Fair in Bath.


O'Mara: Calling On Mayors, Town Supervisors To Act

Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara is encouraging city, town and village leaders to do their own legislation to prevent migrants from coming in, in those counties which have not declared a state of emergency to block migrants from coming.  "I'm calling on local governments to make sure they enact these emergency declarations," O'Mara said today.  "Not just at the county level.  If the counties are not doing, your city, your town, your village can enact their own emergency declaration, and that can preclude hotels from being used to house these illegal immigrants who may be shipped here.   Once they arrive, it's too late, and I'm calling on local governments to take action now," O'Mara said.  

Top Stories, August 14, 2023

So What Happened Weather Wise, This Past Saturday?

A Tornado Watch was issued on Saturday, for Steuben, Allegany, Chemung, Tioga, Broome and other counties.  There was also a Thunderstorm Warning issued that day.  So what happened?  Well, locally, we did get rain and thunder and lightening.  However, we did not see any sign of tornadoes.  There was a weak tornado that went into a mile outside of Fishes Eddy, an area just east of Binghamton.   Much of the area in this part of the state that was put under that tornado watch did not see tornadic activity on Saturday afternoon, it was more wind damage with strong thunderstorms that happened locally on Saturday afternoon.   We also checked in with Steuben County Public Safety Director Tim Marshall today, and Marshall says there was no major local damage.


From The Steuben County Department Of Transportation

Purdy Creek Road Bridge in Hartsville and Sand Road Bridge in West Union will be closed beginning today.  


Schumer: Working With FDA On Drug Shortages

Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer says, he’s pushing for the FDA to come up with solutions to do something about the prescription drug shortage that hospitals and pharmacies in upstate new York face…schumer says, for one thing,  U.S. drug companies are only operating at 51 percent capacity.

Top Stories, August 11, 2023

Schumer Visits Buffalo Bills Training Camp

Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer said yesterday, that it was "So Exciting to see Damar Hamlin return to the Buffalo Bills Training Camp!"  Schumer also noted that he is working with Hamlin, on legislation, to get more AED medical equipment, into all schools nationwide. 


Langworthy's Recent Stop In Allegany County

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy was at the Allegany County Senior Citizens Picnic where he talked about the importance of social security.    "It was an honor to address Allegany County's 2023 Senior Picnic," Langworthy stated.  "It's one of my top priorities to ensure that Congress keeps our promise to seniors and gives them the retirement that they earned, including protecting Medicare, Social Security, and rural health initiatives."


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: PACT Act Update

Democrat Senator Gillibrand says, it’s been extended: you now have till Monday, if you’re a veteran or veterans surviving spouse, to file for retroactive pact act benefits.  On a somewhat related note, there’s a military and veterans barbeque at Eldridge Park in Elmira tomorrow, it’s free for all active military, veterans and their family and friends.  The keynote speaker will be Master Sgt. Retired Brian Eisch from Wisconsin. 

Top Stories, August 10, 2023

Cohocton Man Charged After Alleged Domestic Dispute

From The Steuben Co Sheriffs Dept: Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on August 8, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Timothy A. MacDougal, Jr., age 38, of Lake Hollow Road, Cohocton, New York, in response to a report of a person being assaulted in a domestic incident in Cohocton.  It is alleged that Mr. MacDougal choked and injured another person. It is further alleged that the victim was under the age of 17 and that Mr. MacDougal acted in a manner likely to endanger that person.  Mr. MacDougal was charged with Assault in the Third Degree, Criminal Obstruction of Breathing and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.  Mr. MacDougal was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released.


MIsuse Of Foodstamps/Petit Larceny Charges 

From The Steuben Co Sheriffs Dept:  Sheriff Jim Allard also reports that on August 10, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Kierstan A. Smith, age 32, of South Main Street, Elmira, New York.  It is alleged that Ms. Smith was wanted on warrants issued by the Town of Erwin Court, Corning City Court and Bath Village Court.  Ms. Smith was charged with Misuse of Food Stamps and Petit Larceny, and arraigned on the associated warrants. Ms. Smith was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and held in lieu of $250 bail.  Sheriff Allard thanks the Elmira City Police Department for their assistance in this arrest.


Palmesano: Electric School Bus Update

Corning Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says the state’s plan’s for electric vehicles is to first, focus on getting all electric school buses.  Palmesano says, the state’s plan for that is to have all electric buses by 2035.   The Corning Republican questions the wisdom of the state's Climate Action Council on this issue.  Among his concerns: what happens if there is a battery fire on the electric bus?  


Gov Hochul: On Fighting Online Thefts/Cyber Crime

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul says the state is expanding SUNY programs to get into more high tech cyber research.  The governor says the FBI says there were more than 25,000 New York State residents who were cybercrime victims in 2022.  During her speech on this, the governor said this, about Articificial intelligence and human beings, working to fight this problem. 

Top Stories, August 9, 2023

More Than Heavy Winds Hit Parts Of New York State Monday

Meteorologist Rob Carolan says the National Weather Service is saying that tornadoes touched down in Cortland County and Tompkins County, as well as Jefferson and Lewis Counties.  that was on Monday.  Those were EF1 and EF3 tornadoes.   “Well we know it was an EF1 Tornado, so that’s the second strongest tornado, usually that’s winds 90 mph,” Carolan told Brian O'Neil this morning “It was on the ground for 11 miles, it occured two miles west of Hartford, to about three miles south of McGraw. Also, it looks like the strongest tornado was up in Watertown, over the Tug Hill Plateau. That was an EF3 on Monday, down on the ground for 16 miles from Lewis to Turin.”


Urbana And Hammondsport and New York Forward Plans

Officials say that the Town of Urbana and the Village of Hammondsport are working together see if they can get some money out of the $10 million dollar New York Forward grant.  There’ll be a public informational meeting about this next Wednesday, August 16th at 5:30pm, at the Hammondsport Central School District Cafeteria.  If you have any questions on this, email the Urbana Town Clerk, the email address is clerk@TownofUrbana.com


Tour De Keuka - A Big Success For The United Way

United Way officials say that the recent bicycle fundraiser, Tour De Kueka 2023, brought in $100,000 for United Way programs. 


Sweet: I'll Be Talking With Steuben County Lawmakers 

Bath Mayor Michael Sweet says he plans on addressing the full county legislature sometime soon, to talk about downtown safety issues.   The mayor made this statement yesterday, in an online posting.  


Prattsburgh's Summer School Picnic Moved To Today

It was originally going to be held tomorrow, however, the Prattsburgh Summer School Picnic was moved from Thursday, August 10, to today.   Prattsburgh Central students were scheduled to leave at 8:30am and they are set to return to the school at 1:50pm.  


Top Stories, August 8, 2023

NYSP Releases Avoca Sunday Accident Victim's Names

From New York State Police: On August 6, 2023, at approximately 2:30 p.m., New York State Police in Bath responded to a fatal accident involving two vehicles on State Route 415 at the intersection of Michigan Hollow Road in the town of Avoca, Steuben County.  The deceased, identified as 51-year-old Michael A. Hinrich of Nunda, NY, was operating a 2001 Chevrolet Camaro westbound on Michigan Hollow Road. Henrich approached the stop sign at the intersection of State Route 415 and attempted to turn southbound onto State Route 415. A 2018 Buick, operated by 26-year-old Michael S. Eldridge of Hornell, NY, was traveling northbound on State Route 415 and struck the driver’s side door of Hinrich’s Camaro. Hinrich was pronounced deceased at the scene by the Steuben County Coroner’s Office. Eldridge was transported by Ambulance to Noyes Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. 26-year-old Christopher D. Nickerson, of Wellsville, NY, a passenger in the Buick, was airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. 36-year-old Casie L. Lewis, a passenger in the Chevrolet Camaro, was flown to Strong Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  The New York State Police were assisted at the scene by Steuben County Sheriff’s Department, Avoca Ambulance, Cohocton Ambulance, American Medical Response, and the Kanona Fire Department. The investigation is ongoing.


Upcoming Bridge Closing In West Union - From Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose: The Cemetery Road Bridge between Sand Road and State Route 248 in the Town of West Union will be closed to all through traffic on or about August 14 for about 10 weeks.  The bridge will be removed and completely replaced with a new bridge.  There will be an on-site detour bridge.


Since The Covid - School Attendance Can Be An Issue 

It’s been a nationwide problem: students going to school a lot less, since the Covid.  We asked Prattsburgh Central School Superintendent Kory Bay, if he’s seen the problem of chronic absenteeism of students, since Covid 19 hit in 2020.  The Prattsburgh School Superintendent says quote: “It definitely has impacted our attendance since COVID 19. We have more students labeled with chronic absenteeism than we ever have.  Our plan going forward is to work with parents to understand how important attendance is, and get back to the standards we used to have.”


Upcoming Blood Drives In Steuben County 


8/26/2023: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m., Addison Community Center, 13 Community Drive, Suite 103


8/11/2023: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m., Davenport and Taylor, 7571 State Route 54

8/16/2023: 11:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Centenary United Methodist Church, 3 W Washington St

8/24/2023: 11 a.m. - 4 p.m., Veterans Affairs Medical Center Building 92, 76 Veteran Avenue

8/24/2023: 11:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, 6 West Pulteney Square

8/30/2023: 11:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Centenary United Methodist Church, 3 W Washington St

9/5/2023: 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Bath Community - Dormann Library, 101 W. Morris Street


8/14/2023: 12 p.m. - 5 p.m., Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 524, 281 Baker Street

8/21/2023: 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Emanuel Lutheran Church, 149 West William Street

8/30/2023: 2 p.m. - 6 p.m., American Legion John P Eaton Post, 8 River Road

9/1/2023: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m., Southeast Steuben County Library, 300 Nassar Civic Center Plaza, #101

Painted Post

8/18/2023: 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Victory Highway Wesleyan Church, 150 Victory Highway

8/30/2023: 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., United Church of Painted Post, 201 N. Hamilton St


8/15/2023: 2 p.m. - 6 p.m., Lighthouse Wesleyan Church - Wayland, 101 S. Lackawanna St


Top Stories, August 7 2023

One Death From Sunday Accident In Avoca

There was a serious, two vehicle accident on Sunday afternoon  on Route 415 in Avoca.  New York State Police are saying today that one person has died as a result of that accident.  Troopers say that there were also two people who were injured.   


Bath Man Facing Charges After Fight On Friday

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft: On 8/4/2023 around 9:55pm, the Village of Bath Police Department were dispatched to the Budget Inn motel on W. Morris St. for a disturbance between two males. Upon arrival, Officers spoke with the victim and a few witnesses and it was determined that a Fabian Rodriguez-Elliot, 26 of Bath attacked a male subject and tried to use a dangerous instrument with intent to cause injury to the victim.  At 10:45pm, NYSP and Bath Police Officers located Rodriguez-Elliot walking on W. Morris St. He was subsequently placed into custody without incident.  Rodriguez-Elliot was charged with menacing 2nd, class A misdemeanor, criminal obstruction of breathing, class A misdemeanor, and criminal possession of a weapon 3rd, a class D felony. Rodriguez-Elliot was processed and then taken to the Steuben County jail for arraignment where he was released without bail on 8/5/2023. 

Rodriguez-Elliot is currently on Parole and is a level 3 sex offender. Parole after hours were contacted however he was still released.


Bridge Work Coming Up In Campbell Later this Month

Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose says County Route 64 in Campbell between Route 415 and Curtis Coopers Road will be closed on August 21st and 22nd.   Rose says, the county will be blacktopping the bridge over the Cohocton River.  There won’t be a detour. 


Reminder: Meeting In Bath At Fire Station On NY Forward

On that meeting that’s coming up at the Bath Fire Station tonight at 6:00.  Mayor Michael Sweet says, it’s about Bath, applying for a $10 million dollar grant.  The mayor says, the grant does not have to be paid back, and this particular grant has less hoops to jump through than most.  Sweet also says, he’s hoping that someone will try to get market rate apartments on Liberty Street or an upscale hotel on Steuben Street.  Again, the meeting about getting the $10 million dollar grant from the New York Forward Program, is at 6:00 tonight at the Bath Fire Station.

Top Stories, August 4, 2023

Prattsburgh Central Phones Are Not Working Today

From Prattsburgh Central Superintendent Kory Bay:

"All systems at the school are presently down as we upgrade our network. Phones will be down for the rest of today. Everything should be up and running as normal on Monday morning. Thank you for your patience! If you need immediate assistance, please email me at bayk@prattsburghcsd.org. I will be monitoring my email all day."


NY Forward Informational Meeting Coming Up Monday

There’ll be a meeting at the Bath Fire Station on Monday 6pm, about Bath possibly winning $10 million dollars from the New York Forward program.  Bath Mayor Michael Sweet says, this particular contest from the state, is different than the Downtown Revitalization Initiative Monday which some applied for, before.  "The (NY Forward) grant doesn't really require any personal investment," said Mayor Sweet.  "But it does favor a personal investment in terms of favorability for a grant for the community.  So what we're looking for people who want to transform the downtown area, that want to turn some of the downtown buildings into market rate apartments, maybe into boutique hotels, which is really trendy right now, particularly because we're the gateway to Keuka Lake," Sweet tells WVIN.  


We're Getting Closer To That Big Fair This Summer

The Steuben County Fair is coming up in ten days.  The fair starts Monday August 14 and goes through Sunday August 20.


Chain Reaction Accident Just Outside Of Ithaca

State police report, that over near Ithaca, in Newfield, there was a three car accident that ended with eight people going to the hospital. 


Serious Charges Against A Pulteney Man 

From Sheriff Allard:Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on August 3, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Joseph M. Wilson, age 41, of Cross Street, Pulteney, New York, in response to a report of a person being held against their will in the Town of Pulteney. It is alleged that Mr. Wilson held another person against their will for an extended period of time and subjected that person to physical injury and strangulation. It is also alleged that Mr. Wilson damaged that person’s phone and threatened that person with a shotgun. Mr. Wilson was charged with Kidnapping in the First Degree, a class A Felony, Strangulation in the Second Degree, a class D Felony, Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Third Degree, a class D Felony, Assault in the Third Degree and Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree. Mr. Wilson was held for arraignment in the Centralized Arraignment Court.

Top Stories, August 3, 2023

Another Fatal Motorcycle Accident In Steuben County

From State Police:

On August 2, 2023, the New York State Police in Painted Post report the investigation of a fatal motor vehicle accident occurring on State Route 417 in the town of Erwin. At approximately 10:00 a.m., a motorcycle operated by Joseph M. Hollander, age 70, of Newfield, NY, was westbound near the intersection of Beartown Road. A preliminary investigation determined that a group of deer entered the roadway into the motorcycle’s path. Hollander attempted evasive action but was unable to avoid a collision with the animal. His motorcycle struck the deer and he was ultimately ejected. He was transported to Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pennsylvania by helicopter, where he later succumbed to his injuries. 


Jamie Johnson: LP Building Solutions Update

The Steuben County Industrial Development Agency Director Jamie Johnson says, with $1.08 million in funding, improvements are underway to facilitate LP Building Solutions' new manufacturing facility.  Jamie Johnson also says that as train traffic returns to this section of track for the first time since 1996, the investments will provide safer and more efficient rail access and enhance public safety and economic opportunities.


Governor Kathy Hochul: Lets Hurry This Up Here 

Spectrum News reports that Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul says she’s been calling the Biden White House, in her attempts to speed up the process of getting work permits, for migrants coming in to New York State.


Langworthy Talks About China Issue, On House Floor 

Recently, Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy said, the U.S. has to watch out for China.   "China's actions demand comprehensive and strategic response, to safeguard our national security, economic competitiveness and democratic values," Langworthy said.  "With (China having) the largest Navy in the world, and efforts to rival our capabilities, it is crucial that we prioritize investments in our defense to deter any potential aggression, and to protect our interests in the Indo Pacific region."   Click here to see full speech.

Top Stories, August 2, 2023

Fatal Motorcycle Accident Yesterday In Addison 

From Sheriff Allard: 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on August 1, 2023, deputies and investigators of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a motorcycle crash with a fixed object on Beeman Hollow Road, in the Town of Addison, New York.  The operator of the motorcycle was identified as Frank J. Stout, age 56, of Elmira, New York.  It appears that the motorcycle left the roadway and collided with a utility pole.  Mr. Stout was pronounced dead at the scene by the Steuben County Coroner.  The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office Collision Reconstruction Team processed the scene and is continuing the investigation. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Stout’s family as a result of this tragedy. 


Steuben County Sheriff's Monthly Report For July 2023

Our investigators and deputies were tasked with five death investigations, ten assault investigations, one strangulation investigation, four burglary investigations, one jail contraband  investigation, three possession of a weapon investigations, two reckless endangerment investigations, one fire investigation, one welfare fraud investigation, eleven larceny investigations, two grand larceny investigations, four drug investigations, six harassment investigations, nine criminal mischief investigations, five endangering a child investigations, one animal abuse investigation, four menacing investigations and two stolen property investigations. Our Patrol Division was tasked with multiple domestic incident investigations along with mental health detainments and assisting other agencies, serving of warrants, and two intoxicated or impaired driving arrests. 


Steuben Co Board Of Elections: New Voting Machines?

The Steuben County Board of Election Commissioners are looking at possibly buying all new voting machines.  These are made by a company called Clear Ballot.   WVIN caught up with Steuben County Election Commissioner Vicky Olin, who says the Clear Ballot machines use both paper and electronic voting, and is very similar to the current voting machines.  So why get  new ones?  According to Commissioner Olin, it's because the current voting machines are from 200i9, and are "pretty worn out," Olin says.  "The Clear Ballot Voting Machines have a scanner, like the ones we are currently using.  When the voter comes in, they will be given a paper ballot, they will mark who they want to vote for, on the paper ballot and then scan it into the machine and the machine itself will read how the ballot was marked.  It also has a separate system for anyone that has problems seeing or if they are completely blind, there is a separate system for that."  There will be a demonstration on how these voting machines work, on August 9, at the County Annex Building in Bath.  

Reaction To Last Night's J6 Indidcement of Donald Trump

On last night’s indictment of former President Trump on January 6th charges, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer told the HILL dot com that these charges "were the most serious ones so far."  Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy says, it’s "a politically motivated indictment."


Stalking Charge Made Against Elkland PA Man

From The Sheriff:   Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on July 31, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Christopher J. Gardner, age 34, of Coates Hill Road, Elkland, Pennsylvania, in response to a report of a suspicious person in the Town of Woodhull.  It is alleged that Mr. Gardner violated a duly served order of protection and placed another person in fear of injury. Mr. Gardner was charged with Criminal Contempt in the Second Degree and Stalking in the Fourth Degree.  Mr. Gardner was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released.


Top Stories, August 1, 2023

Alleged Road Rage Incident In Rathbone 

From The Sheriff's Dept: 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on July 30, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Lisa M. Caslin, age 49, of County Route 21, Rathbone, New York, in response to a report of a road rage incident in the Town of Rathbone.  It is alleged that Ms. Caslin intentionally damaged the property of another and recklessly endangered that person. Ms. Caslin was charged with Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree, a Class D Felony and Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree, a Class E Felony.  Ms. Caslin was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released.


Longtime Steuben Co Republican Official Has Passed Away

Former Steuben County Republican Chairman Freeman Smith died recently in Rochester, at the age of 80.  Freeman Smith was a longtime employee of Corning Glass and a onetime campaign manager for Congressman Amory Houghton.   Smith’s family will host a Celebration of Life on August 17 from 5:00pm-7:30pm, at the Pleasant Valley Wine Company’s Visitors Center in Hammondsport.


State A.G. Goes After Seven Upstate Sticker Stores

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul says, State Attorney General Tish James, shut down seven unlicensed marijuana sticker stores in Wayne County, and Cayuga and Oswego Counties too.  The seven stores were part of a chain and the governor says, the chain kept selling marijuana at these seven sticker stores after being told to stop.  The governor says, the fines against the owner of these stores, could be millions of dollars.


Tour Guide Walk In Cohocton This Friday August 4

The Steuben County Historical Society says there will be a tour guide walk through Cohocton this Friday.  Sites along the way will include three historic churches, the 19th century business district, and houses from the Madison Presidency to the Eisenhower Presidency. The tour will start at 4pm at 15 South Main Street in Cohocton.


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