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Top Stories, May 4, 2023

On Last Night's Meeting At The High School.... 

There was a large turnout last night for the Bath Town assessment meeting.  Summed up, those present were told to download an online form from a New York State Tax website, and to schedule an appointment here locally if you’re still not in agreement with how your assessment turned out. 

Dr. Hank Chapman Is Stepping Down 

Officials say that Dr. Hank Chapman is retiring after 29 years of working for Steuben County Mental Health.  Chapman was the head of the department, since 2011.  "During his tenure as department head," a county official said, "Chapman oversaw numerous programs designed to help those with emotional issues, as well as coordinating assistance to other agencies such as the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.
The office also had a lead role in Steuben in helping those suffering from substance abuse disorder.  Under his guidance, the office also worked to recoup payments lost in a complicated state system, building a stronger base for services."

Debt Ceiling Update - Schumer Says, Langworth Says...

Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer says, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is giving Americans two options: Default on the debt, or default on the country with cuts to seniors, vets, first responders, cancer research That's the future the House GOP has made more likely by passing the Default On America (DOA) Act.   Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy says, he does not care what the senate majority leader says.  "We've spent $4B dollars in the past four years," Langworthy stated.  "I don't care what Schumer has said or what the President has said, let's get to the table, and lets figure out how they (the Democrats) can join us (the Republicans) to help save this country."  Langworthy was in both downtown Alfred and downtown Hornell yesterday.

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