Police Blotter Archives for 2023-11

Bath Police Media Log 11-30-23

November 30, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0737- Caller reporting his friend needs to go to the psych ward. Upon arrival, the caller refused to answer the door and cooperate with police. Unfounded. – Geneva St. 

1044- Traffic stop. One UTT issued. – W. Morris St. 

1109- Caller reporting a broken window in the mail room. Report filed. – Denwood Terr. 

1145- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – May St. 

1337- Caller reporting a male subject keeps leaving voicemails. None were threatening. – W. Morris St. 

1502- Larceny in progress at Tractor Supply. Suspect fled prior to Officer arrival. Management did not wish to prosecute but wanted male trespassed if found. – W. Morris St. 

1506- Domestic dispute, verbal only. Parties advised. – Casey Ln. 

1552- Bus garage calling in regards to a parent not retrieving his children. Parent showed up to bus garage and got his children. 

1652- Physical domestic dispute between two females. Subjects advised. – Colonial Lawns. 

1717- Follow up to a larceny report. – W. Steuben St. 

1810- Caller trying to retrieve property. -  Liberty St. 

1837- Caller wants welfare of husband checked. He was all set. – W. Morris St. 

1953- Caller reporting kids broke into the Old Dana Lyon School earlier to smoke weed and crack. She wanted Officers to be aware. 

2056- Field interview. No issues. – Railroad Ave.

2102- Check welfare on a female. She was all set. – Liberty St. 

2110- Field interview. No issues. – E. Steuben St. 

2121- Foot Patrol. – Liberty St. 

2304- Caller reporting someone entered her apartment and took her dogs. Dogs were turned over to DCO. – E. William St. 

2351- Commercial alarm. No issues. – W. Morris St. 

0019- Follow up. – E. William St. 

0126- Caller reporting her child was out of control. They just needed documentation for mental health. – Shannon St. 

0153- Foot Patrol. – Pulteney Sq.

0244- Two subjects knocking on doors. Advise to cease. – Denwood Terr. 

0435- Foot patrol.  – Liberty St. 

0507- Caller reporting a male making harassing calls. He was advised to avoid the calls. – Delaware Ave.  

Bath Police Media Log 11-28-23

November 28th, Media Log


0917 – Caller reporting that a deer was hit. The deer was gone before patrol arrived on scene – Rumsey St.

0935 – Two car MVA. Both parties agreed that no report was needed – W. Morris St.

0956 – Caller stating that his wagon was taken. Caller stated that he did not want charges pressed – W. William St.

1013 – MVA in the Monroe Muffler parking lot. Accident exchange forms issued on scene. – W. Morris St.

1109 – EMS call at location. Patrol did respond to the scene. – Geneva St.

1131 – Patrol attempting to locate a male. – Liberty St.

1135 – Patrol attempting to locate a male – E. Morris St.

1141 – Patrol attempting to locate a male – Purdy St.

1232 – Caller reporting  a male left the Dollar General without paying for all the items in his cart. An investigation is currently on going. – State Route 54

1246 – Caller stating that a 13YO is sending inappropriate pictures. Call turned over to another agency due to the incident happening in Prattsburg.

1348 – Caller stating that a female took property. After investigating, it was determined it was a civil matter – Geneva St.

1432 – Property check of Mossy Bank. Property all secure.

1505 – Caller reporting a male has made a fake Facebook account to contact a female that is a protected party from the male. An investigation is on going – Liberty St.

1541 – Caller reporting a juvenile is out of control. Patrol arrived on scene and a DIR was issued – Cruger St.

1600 – Caller requesting a welfare check on two individuals. Patrol made contact with the individuals, who were all set – Buell St.

1612 – Caller reporting a male juvenile having a mental breakdown. Patrol arrived on scene and was able to calm the juvenile down – Geneva St.

1643 – Caller reporting a male is trespassing. Patrol searched the building and did not locate the male in question – Liberty St.

1930 – Caller reporting a male pointed a gun at him. Nicholas Harrison was arrested for Menacing 2nd and Criminal Possession of a Weapon 4th. Nicholas was transported to the Steuben County Jail for CAP arraignment. – Howell St.

1942 – Medical call turned over to another agency due to patrol having one male in custody- E. Morris St.

2118 – TERPO application applied for – Liberty St.

2342 – Caller requesting location of dog, in regards to the arrest. Caller advised where the dog was – Howell St. 

0308 – Parking enforcement in the Village. No cars in violation.

0458 – Male was located and given his property back – Liberty St.


Bath Police Media Log 11-27-23

Media Log – November 27, 2023



Medical advisement, officers did not respond

Geneva St


Medical advisement, went to hospital in person vehicle

Robie St


Warrant check, negative contact



Warrant check, negative contact



Warrant check, negative contact



Warrant check, negative contact



Warrant check, negative contact



Warrant check, negative contact



Medical advisement, officers did not respond

Ash St


Transport from Mental Health to Arnot

Liberty St


Attempt to serve subpoena, negative contact

Liberty St


Attempt to serve subpoena, served

E Morris St


Domestic incident, DIR issued

E William St


Traffic Stop, warning issued



Medical advisement, transported by ambulance

Robie St


Larceny of documents

W Morris St


Criminal summons served

W Morris St


Attempt to serve subpoena, negative contact

W William St


Attempt to serve subpoena, negative contact

Liberty St


Attempt to serve subpoena, negative contact

E Morris St


Attempt to serve subpoena, negative contact

Liberty St


Stephanie Francis arrested on warrant, transported to CAP

Buell St


Subpoena served by Yates County Sheriff’s Office

Penn Yan


Foot patrol



Medical advisement

Geneva St


Noise complaint of neighbor being loud, neighbor requested to be transported to hospital

Water St


Corinne Snyder arrested on warrant, transported to CAP

W Morris St


Domestic dispute, DIR issued, no charges filed

May St


3 overnight parking violations issued


Bath Police Media Log 11-26-23

November 26 th , 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0552 – Disturbance. A male was reported to be yelling in the Super 8 Motel. The male was
located and advised to leave the property. He left without further incident. – W Morris Street
0722 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – State Route 54
0731 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – State Route 54
0740 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – State Route 54
0744 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – W Washington Street.
0810 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Robie Street
0823 – Motor Vehicle Accident. No injuries. - Rumsey Street
1048 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street
1100 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street
1111 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – E Morris Street
1122 – Domestic Dispute. The female half was taken into custody for a warrant out of the NYSP.
– W Morris Street
1321 – Open Door Report. It was reported that the back door to a business was found open.
Officers on scene checked the business and secured the door. – Liberty Street
1321 – Custody Dispute. The caller was advised of her rights and referred to Family Court. – W
Morris Street
1425 – Trespass. The caller reported a male at his residence that would not leave. Officers
arrived on scene and advised the male to leave. He left without further incident. – Geneva Street
1450 – Officers observed a broken window at the old Dana Lyon School. The property was
searched then secured. – Liberty Street
1526 – Suspicious Person Report. A Male was reported to be looking through property behind a
building. The male was advised to leave the area. He left without further incident. – W William
1603 – Traffic Stop. Warning Issued. – South Ave.
1608 – A juvenile was reported to be a run away. Officers located the juvenile and returned her
to her parents. – Haverling Street
1729 – Death Notification. Unable to make contact with the resident. W Washington Street
1835 – Lost property report. – Liberty Street
1946 – Traffic Detail. – I 86
1956 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – I 86
2028 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – I 86
2135 – Foot Patrol. – Pulteney Park
2142 – Harassment report. – McMaster Street
2319 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – W Washington Street

2331 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – W Morris Street
0037 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – E Morris Street
0119 – Foot Patrol. – Pulteney Park
0348 – Police Alarm. Accidental activation. – Liberty Street

Bath Police Media Log 11-23-23

Media Log – Friday, November 23rd, 2023


0602- Medical Advisement- Liberty Street

0649- Information Only- Male caller calling 911 advising he does not want to speak with Law Enforcement. – W William Street

1246- Follow Up on a prior incident involving a bike larceny. – Shannon Street

1251- Unattended Death Investigation- W Morris Street

1255- Medical Advisement

1440- Check Welfare- Caller stated that someone was possibly in her apartment. Apartment was checked with negative results. Caller was also checked on and signed off with EMS. 

1448- Check Welfare- 911 advised the caller stated that someone stole their meds. The caller then disconnected. Officers attempted to make contact with negative results. Clear.

1557- Harassment Complaint- Caller reporting a male subject pushed her. Pending investigation.- W Morris Street

2109- Fire Advisement- Purdy Street

2131- Traffic Stop- Warning issued.- Liberty Street

2138- Harassment Complaint- Caller reporting that her friend hit her in face. Subject was removed. No charges filed. – Ash Street

2156- Caller reporting a female unresponsive in the roadway. Officers responded and initiated medical care. Officers administered one dose of Narcan. Female was transported to the hospital by Bath ambulance. – Liberty St

2158- Third party report of an order of protection violation. Unfounded. – Fuller Dr

0331- Foot patrol – Liberty St

0502- Caller reporting a male overdosing in his home, not breathing. Called administered 3 doses of Narcan. Officers arrived on scene and administered 2 doses of Narcan. The male woke up and refused medical attention. –Belfast St


Bath Police Media Log 11-19-23

Media Log – Sunday, November 19, 2023


0621- Medical advisement - Units did not respond. – Geneva St. 

0900- Juvenile Complaint - Caller stating her 16YO daughter is refusing to come home. Juvenile transported home with no incident. – Haverling St. 

1008- Assist SCSO with stolen vehicle call. – W Morris St. 

1050- Disturbance – Caller stating a male is knocking on his neighbor’s door loudly. Male was gone on arrival. – E Steuben St. 

1129- Overdose. Caller stating she thinks a male is overdosing. Patrol spoke to the male who stated that he was sleeping. Male checked over by Bath Ambulance and was released. 

1218- Peacekeeper. W Washington St.  

1244- Check The Welfare. Caller stating a door dasher smells like alcohol. Male was located in the Arby’s parking lot outside of the vehicle. A 3rd party arrived and gave the male a ride home. – W. Morris St  

1313- Caller reporting a loud bang in the area. Patrol was unable to locate the source. – Ganesvoort St 

1329- Employee requesting a check the welfare for a female that no one has seen in a couple of days. Patrol was able to locate the female who was sleeping in her apartment. – Water St. 

1413 – Medical advisement. Units responded and stood by. No further action taken. – Fairview Dr. 

1414 – Male stating a radio had been stolen from his residence. Before arrival on scene, the male advised he had found the radio. – Geneva St. 

1613 – Sex Offender Verification – Howell St. 

1620 – Sex Offender Verification – W Washington St. 

1621 – Sex Offender Verification – W Washington St. 

1622 – Sex Offender Verification – W Washington St. 

1638 – Sex Offender Verification – W William St. 

1644 – Sex Offender Verification – Belfast St. 

1818- Caller stating her daughter has left home and has not returned. Daughter located and was okay. – Rumsey St. 

2130 – Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Liberty St. 

2140 – Foot patrol of Pulteney Square Park 

2236 – Traffic stop. 1 UTT issued – Buell St. 

2324 – Caller wanting their neighbor’s music turned down. Patrol advised the neighbor to keep the music down. – W Steuben St. 

2342 – Foot patrol of Liberty St. 

0334 – Foot patrol of W Washington St. 

Bath Police Media Log 11-14-23

November 14th, Media Log


1045- Caller has questions about records

1255- Animal complaint. Investigation ongoing. – Bundy Ave

1339- Caller requesting assistance for feeling suicidal. Subject transported by ambulance. – E William St

1419- Caller reporting animal cruelty. Investigation ongoing. – Bundy Ave

1532- Foot patrol – Haverling St

1541- Check welfare of male that has been in the store for hours. Male was advised to move along. – W Morris St

1754- Caller would like to speak about a Facebook post. Caller did not answer on call back. 

1822- Medical advisement

1846- Sex offender address verification – three successful verifications. – Howell St

1854- Sex offender address verification – negative contact. – Howell St

1856- Sex offender address verification – successful verification. – Howell St

1901- Caller would like a phone call about a subject the police were looking to speak with. 

1901- Domestic dispute. Domestic Incident Report issued. Suspect fled prior to police arrival. Charges pending. – Fuller Dr

2014- Subject at callbox looking to speak with officers

2031- Assist Hornell PD with attempt to serve subpoena. Negative results. – Lackawanna Ave

2035- Sex offender address verification – successful verification. – Howell St

2040- Sex offender address verification – successful verification. – W Steuben St

2044- Sex offender address verification – negative contact – Lackawanna Ave

2048- Sex offender address verification – negative contact – W Morris St

2051- Sex offender address verification – three successful verifications – W Morris St

2216- Foot patrol – W Washington St

2255- Foot patrol – Liberty St

2327- Medical advisement

0203- Follow up to domestic incident, attempt to locate – Fuller Dr

0221- Overnight parking notices issues

0328- Caller reporting a male showed up at his door asking for help. Male heavily intoxicated and transported to hospital by ambulance. – E Morris St

0446- Medical advisement. 


Bath Police Media Log 11-13-23

November 13th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0825 – Assist a Citizen. – Liberty Street 

0834 – Follow up on an ongoing investigation. – Liberty Street 

0855 – Assist a Citizen. – Liberty Street 

0955 – Check Welfare. Subject transported to the hospital. – Liberty Street 

1015 – Call for an out of control student. The student was transported to the hospital. – Ellas Ave.

1025 – Empty baggie with drug residue found. The baggie was taken by officers and properly disposed of. – W Morris Street 

1037 – Fraud Complaint. Found to be outside of Bath PD jurisdiction. The case was turned over to the proper agency. – Liberty Street

1120 – Check the welfare of a male walking on I 86. Turned over to NYSP. – I 86

1212 – Suspicious male walking through yards. The male was located and found to have an ongoing medical issue. He was evaluated by Bath Ambulance then transported to his residence. – Maple Heights

1430 – Overdose. Patient was evaluated by Bath Ambulance and signed off. – E Washington Street 

1513 – Medical advisement. – Geneva Street 

1541 – Foot Patrol E Washington Street

1600 – Motor Vehicle Accident. No Injuries. – E Morris Street 

1646 – Check Welfare. Subject was located and in good health. – Pine Street 

1828 – Harassment Complaint. – W Morris Street 

1850 – Follow up on previous call. – W Morris Street 

2045 – Foot Patrol. – W Morris Street 

2127 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street 

2153 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – Liberty Street 

2243 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – W Washington Street 

2315 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Cameron Street 

2317 – Foot Patrol. – Cameron Street 

2322 – Assist Other Agency. – State route 415 

0014 – Foot Patrol. – W Morris Street 

0038 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Pine Street 

0042 – Foot Patrol. – Pulteney Park 

0207 – Foot Patrol. – Liberty Street 

0301 – Automatic Fire Alarm. Found to be an accidental activation. – Geneva Street 

0406 – Police Alarm. Found to be an accidental activation. – Conhocton Street 


Bath Police Media Log 11-12-23

November 12th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0619 – Check Welfare. Subject was found to be okay. – W Morris Street 

0630 – Trespass report. Subject left without further incident. – E Steuben Street 

0738 – Assist Bath Ambulance with a patient. – Gansevoort Street 

0901 – Warrant Check. – Livingston County 

1034 – Suspicious Person. Subject was gone prior to arrival. – Geneva Street 

1105 – Foot Patrol – Liberty Street 

1333 – Police escort for Bath Girls Soccer Team. – Liberty Street 

1450 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – W Washington Street 

1535 – Assault Report. Ongoing investigation. – E Steuben Street 

1539 – Assist other agency with a traffic stop. – I 86

1837 – Follow up on a suspicious activity report. – E Steuben Street 

1849 – Neighbor Trouble. – W Morris Street 

1907 – Domestic Dispute. Parties were separated. – Ash Street 

1931 – Assist Citizen. – W William Street 

2010 – Property Dispute. – Cruger Street 

2026 – Traffic Stop. Corben Smith arrested on a warrant out of Bat Police Department- W Morris Street 

2059 – Medical Advisement. – E William Street 

2152 – Foot Patrol. – E Pulteney Square   

2250 – Foot Patrol. – Bath Fairgrounds 

2351 – Foot Patrol. – Pulteney Park 

0013 – Larceny Report. Unfounded. – Howell Street 

0035 – Foot Patrol – Wilson Ave  

Bath Police Media Log 11-09-23

November 9th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0832- Subject reporting fraud on his card. Was advised to start with the bank. – Liberty St. 

0850- Caller reporting harassment of another female taking a video with the caller’s kids in it.- May St. 

0904- Corning PD had a possible sighting of a male with a warrant out of Bath. – Liberty St. 

1214- Caller reporting that her license plates are missing. Documentation for missing plates given to caller.

1222- Traffic stop. 2 UTT’s issued. – E. Morris St. 

1230- Female cutting her wrists. She was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. –W. William St. 

1451- Student being disruptive in school. TOT to SRO. –Haverling High School 

1511- Caller reporting someone broke his window. Unfounded. - Geneva St. 

1533- Warrant check. Negative results. – W. Steuben St. 

1536- Warrant check. Negative results. – W. Steuben St. 

1545- Fight between two females. Only verbal. Both parties separated. – May St. 

1547- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

1716- Traffic stop. One UTT issued. – Rumsey St. 

1850- Suspicious person caught on the caller’s ring door bell. Subject was not identified or found. – Rumsey St. 

1949- Caller reporting a harassment of an adult female messaging her son threatening things. Officers made contact with the female and advised her to cease communication. – Shannon St. 

2059- Traffic stop.- Warning issued. – E. Steuben St. 

2107- Traffic stop. – 2 UTT’s issued. – W. Morris St. 

2107- Traffic stop. – UTT issued. – Geneva St. 

2111- Assisted EMS with a female having a stroke. Female was transported by ambulance to the hospital. – Maple St. 

2242- Traffic stop. Warning issued- W. Morris St. 

2243- Noise complaint. Upon arrival, no one was there. – W. Morris St. 

2321- Traffic stop. 3 UTT’s issued. – E. Washington St. 

2353- Foot Patrol- W. Pulteney Sq.

0028- Foot Patrol- Bath Plaza 

0040- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – Liberty St. 

0056- Caller reporting his friend is intoxicated and irate. Subject taken into custody under MHL 22.09 and transported to IDM. – Campbell St. 

0444- Residents feuding over a cash app card. They were advised to go to their own bedrooms for the night. – W. William St.  


Bath Police Media Log 11-08-23

November 8th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0607 – Check Welfare. Subject checked on and found to be okay. – Geneva Street 

0802 – Follow up on previous call for service. – Geneva Street

0925 – Bradley Liller arrested for Public Intoxication of a Narcotic/Drug and Criminal Possession of a controlled substance 7th. Other charges are pending. – Liberty Street 

1110 – Traffic Stop. A motorcycle failed to comply. The pursuit was terminated for the safety of the operator and passenger of the motorcycle. – E Morris Street 

1234 – Foot Patrol. – Cameron Street 

1320 – Medical Advisement. – E Pulteney Square 

1411 – Larceny Report. – Campbell Street 

1420 – Foot Patrol on school grounds. – Ellas Ave 

1421 – Open Container Violation. – Howell Street 

1509 – Foot Patrol. – W Morris Street 

1534 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Geneva Street 

1627 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – E Morris Street 

1759 – Assist Other Agency. – Liberty Street 

1850 – Noise Complaint. Caller reported loud music. The neighbor was advised to turn down the music. – W William Street 

1859 – Suspicious Vehicle. – W Washington Street 

2028 – Neighbor Trouble. Unable to make contact. – W William Street 

2112 – Suspicious Person. Unable to locate. – Cruger Street 

2119 – Assist Other Agency with locating a suicidal subject. Unable to locate. – Liberty Street 

2257 – Foot Patrol. – Liberty Street 

2310 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Washington Street 

2334 – Traffic Stop. Warning Issued. – W Washington Street

0031 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – Haverling Street.

0140 - Medical Advisement. – Liberty Street 

0459 – Medical Advisement. – W Washington Street 

0516 – Check Welfare. Subject found to be okay. – Liberty Street  



Bath Police Media Log 11-07-23

November 7th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0933 – Larceny Report. Investigation pending. – E Washington Street 

0939 – Trespass Report. It was reported that two people were living in a box truck near a business. The subjects were asked to leave. Both left without incident. – Delaware Ave. 

1106 – Medical advisement. – W Morris Street 

1251 – Sexual abuse report. Investigation pending. – Haverling Street 

1327 – Overdose/Poisoning. Subject passed out after huffing Dust Off. – E Morris Street 

1536 – Harassment Complaint. – Vermont Street 

1651 – Civil Matter. – Liberty Street 

2115 – Check Welfare. Subject was found to be in good health. – Geneva Street 

2219 – Foot Patrol. – Pulteney Park 

2250 – Foot Patrol. – Bath Fairgrounds 

2349 – Foot Patrol. – Wilson Ave. 

0045 – Disturbance. – May Street 

Bath Police Media Log 11-04-23

November 4th, Media Log


0702- Foot patrol – Liberty St

0724- Traffic stop- warning issued

0734- Traffic stop- warning issued

0854- Foot patrol – High School cheerleading competition

0939- Foot patrol- High School cheerleading competition

1001- Police alarm, accidental – Liberty St

1104- Unattended death investigation. Investigation ongoing. – W Morris St

1410- Caller reporting two subjects trespassing in the apartment. Subjects removed and advised not to come back. – E Morris St

1426- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1445- Medical advisement

1502- Follow up

1530- Fire advisement

1531- Follow up

1629- Check the welfare, subject all set. – Pine St

1657- 911 hang up call. Unable to locate. – W Morris St

1831- Assist SCSO unit on a domestic. Officer stayed on scene until the SCSO unit was secure. – State Route 415

1855- Male sleeping under a telephone pole, advised to move along. – Rumsey St

1906- Caller reporting a lost phone – W Washington St

1938- Male sleeping under a tree, advised to move along. – Rumsey St

1940- Customer problem – situation resolved. – W Washington St

1958- Caller reporting a male subject laying in the grass. Same subject from last two complaints. Male advised he was just released from CAP Court and was provided a courtesy transport back to Corning. – Rumsey St

2046- Foot patrol – Wilson Ave

2049- Traffic stop – warning issued

2206- Check the welfare, subject all set. – Liberty St

2234- Traffic stop. Casey L. Crane, age 36, of Bath, arrested for Obstructing Governmental Administration in the 2nd Degree, Resisting arrest, Assault in the second degree, Driving While Intoxicated, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the 1st degree and multiple UTT’s. Crane was transported to SCJ for CAP. – Exchange Alley

2253- Caller has questions regarding an arrest. 

2325- Disturbance TOT NYSP due to officers on an arrest – Geneva St

0123- Male observed to have trash all over the road. His belongings accidentally dumped out of a wagon. – W Steuben St

0129- Traffic stop- warning issued

0135- Check welfare, female evaluated and released by EMS. – Liberty St

0151- Traffic stop- warning issued

0258- Traffic stop-warning issued

0338- Traffic stop- warning issued

0435- Traffic stop- warning issued


Bath Police Media Log 11-03-23

November 3rd, Media Log


0614- MVA Deer, no injuries, accident report completed. – May St

0814- Michael Mccanna, age 36, of Bath, was arrested for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 7th Degree, a Class A Misdemeanor for a previous incident where Mccanna was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. Mccanna was issued an appearance ticket and is due in Bath Village Court at a later date. 

1015- Suspicious male in area- gone prior to arrival – Robie St

1016- Caller reporting a custody issue, caller was referred to family court. – Fowler St

1019- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1033- Check welfare of intoxicated male. Male transported to hospital via ambulance. – W Washington St

1053- Steuben County Mental Health requesting assistance with a home visit. Assistance rendered. – May St

1054- Assist other agency with investigation

1146- Foot patrol – Pulteney Park

1255- Foot patrol – High School

1253- Caller wishing to file a report stating that he lost his medicine. 

1316- Warrant check, negative results

1330- Steuben County Mental Health pick up order. Subject transported to hospital. – E Pulteney Sq

1454- Medical advisement

1510- Follow up

1522- Caller reporting a fraud complaint. Investigation ongoing.

1658- Assist Bath Ambulance with medical. – W Steuben St

1821- Warrant check, negative results

1853- Caller reporting she was tased by a female. Investigation ongoing. – Buell St

1903- Caller at PD to retrieve lost property

1910-Fire advisement

1953- MVA Deer, accident report completed. – State Route 415

2026- Traffic stop- warning issued

2039- Traffic stop- warning issued

2151- Traffic stop- warning issued

2205- Traffic stop- warning issued

2224- Caller reporting subjects outside to buy drugs, unfounded – Colonial Lawns

2324- Medical advisement

2328- Check welfare of female, all set – Clubview Dr

2356- Caller reporting a suspicious U-Haul. Subjects interviewed and were not suspicious. – W Morris St

0016- Caller reporting a male acting weird. Male was intoxicated and turned over to a sober party – W Washington St

0141- Loud music complaint, unfounded. – W Morris St

0413- Police alarm, building secure. – Wilson Ave


Bath Police Media Log 11-2-23

November 2nd, Media Log


0648- Welfare check of female in the gas station. Female transported to hospital by ambulance. – W Washington St

0732- Traffic enforcement near the high school – Ellas Ave

0848- Caller has questions about community service

0852- Foot patrol – Business District

1236- Warrant check, negative results

1310- Caller reporting a harassment. Report filed. – E Morris St

1311- Michael Mccanna, age 36, of Bath, located and arrested on two bench warrants. Mccanna was transported to SCJ for CAP arraignment where he was released. – Wilkes Ave

1324- Medical advisement

1423- Police alarm – accidental – Conhocton St

1526- Foot patrol – W Washington St/Kellar St

1554- Walk in complaint turning in a citizen complaint form. Investigation pending. 

1616- Landlord reporting a trespass on the property. Two subjects removed from the property without incident. – Gansevoort St

1836- Caller following up on an investigation

1903- Caller reporting that there is a puppy running in traffic. Unable to locate. – W Morris St

2023- Foot patrol – E Morris St

2051- Foot patrol – Haverling St

2054- Domestic dispute, domestic incident report issued, parties separated. – W Morris St

2143- 911 hang up call, caller reported they were trying to call 211 not 911. No emergency. – W Morris St

0017- Fire advisement

0345- Medical advisement

0552- Assist SCSO unit with traffic control on accident scene – I86 Westbound


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