Police Blotter Archives for 2023-10

Bath Police Media Log 10-31-23

Media Log – October 31st 2023



Mental health complaint, taken to hospital

McMaster St


Citizen looking for housing, Code Blue voucher issued

Geneva St


Foot Patrol

Liberty St


Assist Steuben County Sheriff’s with locating subject, subject not found

State Rte 53


Medical advisement, units did not respond

Whiting St


Male transported to hospital as ambulance was unable to respond

W Morris St


Foot patrol

Liberty St


Distraught male, taken to hospital

Geneva St


Traffic stop, 1 UTT issued

W Washington St


EMS requesting assistance, cancelled prior to dispatch

Cedar St


Foot patrol 

Maple Heights


Traffic stop, warning issued

Geneva St


Male acting strange, male stated he was fine and denied EMS

Buell St


Foot patrol

E Steuben St


Medical advisement

Liberty St


Citizen with questions about Sex Offender Registry

W William St


Foot Patrol

W Steuben St


Domestic dispute, NYSP handled as patrol on a call

Colonial Lawns


Smoke in apartment, Fire Dept determined it to be from burnt food

Colonial Lawns


Welfare check, unable to make contact

Geneva St


Male and female arguing 

E William St


Assist EMS with intox male, transported to hospital by EMS

E Steuben St


Foot patrol

Liberty St


Bath Police Media Log 10-30-23

October 30th, Media Log


0636- Report of bicycle larceny, investigation pending. – Shannon St

0705- Medical advisement

0824- Foot patrol- Pulteney Park

0850- Caller at office to pick up paperwork

0852- Caller has questions about foil requests

0855- Fire alarm at middle school, basketball struck fire alarm. Clear. – Ellas Ave

0918- Assist bath ambulance. – E Steuben St

1033- Subpoena service

1046- Subpoena service

1047- Attempted subpoena service

1054- Medical advisement

1057- Attempted subpoena service

1412- Foot patrol – Ellas Ave

1507- Warrant check, negative results

1539- Family court matter, all parties referred to family court. – Liberty St

1550- Area patrol/ warrant check, negative results. – E Washington St

1559- Subpoena service

1653- Medical advisement

1745- Two car MVA, no injuries. 2 UTT’s issued, MV104A completed. – Exchange Alley

1757- Caller reporting juveniles harassing the caller’s boyfriend. Parents of juveniles spoken to. – Casey Ln

1812- Foot patrol- Liberty St

2021- Caller reporting his son is having a panic attack. Juvenile calmed down. – Geneva St

2307- Foot patrol- Wilson Ave

2315- Check the welfare, subject all set- W Morris St

0142- Caller reporting an issue with his dinner. – McMaster St

0202- Code Blue voucher issued to subject

0243-Foot patrol – Liberty St

0353- Assist SCSO with attempting to locate larceny suspects. Negative results. – State Route 53

0442- Medical advisement

0442- Courtesy transport to IDM due to no ambulance available – W Morris St

0515- Foot patrol – Liberty St


Bath Police Media Log 10-29-23

October 29th, Media Log


 0927- Caller reporting almost being struck by a vehicle while walking, unable to locate- Wilson Ave

1017- Schuyler County 911 notifying Bath PD of a subject violating the conditions of their ankle monitor by being in Bath. Unable to locate the subject. 

1034- Follow up

1133- Medical advisement

1157- Debit card recovered – Liberty St

1220- Caller following up on accident

1416-Caller has questions about orders of protection

1450- Assist ambulance with subject having a panic attack

1526- Disagreement over a vehicle, civil matter. – Liberty St

1629- Caller reporting a subject without a license, officers checked area and were not able to locate- W Morris St

1732- Caller advising police of drug activity – Howell St

1742- Caller reporting a package stolen, investigation pending – Purdy St

1933- Property check – Mossy Bank Park

1944- Foot patrol – Haverling St

0028- Accidental alarm activation – W Morris St

0037- Foot patrol – Pulteney Park

0106-Foot patrol- Skate Park

0107- Loud music complaint – W Morris St

0142- Assist NYSP with MVA deer on I86. 

0146- Medical advisement. 


Bath Police Media Log 10-28-23

Media Log – Saturday, October 28, 2023



Foot Patrol, Pulteney Park 

E. Pulteney Sq. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

Conhocton St. 


Follow-up, subject calling for information regarding arrest 10/27/2023. 

Liberty St. 


Lost/Stolen property, complainant lost purse. 

Liberty St. 


Animal complaint, abandon dog. 

W. Morris St. 


Property check, skate park.

E. Morris St. 


Animal complaint, possible animal cruelty, unfounded. 

Colonial Lawns 


Follow-up, regarding accident. 

Liberty St. 


Assist Agency, Ira Davenport looking for additional information on subject brought in overnight.  

Liberty St. 


Bicycle larceny, bicycle and subject located, complainant declined prosecution. 

May St.  


Warrant complaint, Arcade Police out with subject with warrant. Unable to extradite at the time due to manpower. 

Liberty St. 


Assist citizen, caller looking for information about having weapons at apartment complex. 

Geneva St. 


Disturbance, unwanted guest

E. William St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

E. Morris St. 


Foot Patrol, Trunk or Treat 

E. Pulteney Sq. 


Reported overdose, parking lot of County Office Building. Gillis Davis taken into custody on active warrant, Parole absconder. 

E. Steuben St. 


Check welfare, family requesting Police locate subject from Utah. 

Liberty St. 


Follow-up, reference to Parole absconder arrest. 

Liberty St. 


Assist Agency, Sheriff’s Office, looking for subject coming into the Village. Subject located. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. William St. 


Follow-up, reference to welfare check. 

Haverling St. 


Attempted burglary, subject attempted to gain entry into residence.

W. William St. 


Foot Patrol

Haverling St. 


Fight in progress, over bicycle, parties separated on arrival. 

Howell St. 


Foot Patrol

E. Morris St. 

Bath Police Media Log 10-27-23

Media Log – Friday, October 27, 2023



Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

Maple Heights 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Welfare check, caller looking to for officers to make contact with her mother. 

Haverling St. 


Larceny, items taken from mail room. 

Denwood Terrace


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Assist Agency, NYSP on traffic stop.

County Route 10 


Assist Agency, Bath Ambulance, possible overdose. 

Howell St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

Geneva St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

E. William St. Ext. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Neighbor dispute over trash. 

W. Morris St. 


Commercial business alarm, accidental. 

W. Washington St. 


Suspicious condition, adult male loitering in the area with toy gun. 

Liberty St. 


Disturbance at skate park. 

E. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Washington St.  


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Steuben St. 


Juvenile problem, juvenile attempted to gain entry to apartment. 

E. Steuben St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

Liberty St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

E. Morris St. 


Disturbance, subject yelling. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

Interstate 86 


Disturbance, male subject engaging in physical altercation at residence. 

Rumsey St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT’s issued, LEAH JAMISON taken into custody for Criminal Contempt, violating Order of Protection.

W. Washington St.  


Foot Patrol

Liberty St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

Haverling St. 


Foot Patrol

Haverling St. 


Disturbance, subject yelling. Officers spoke with party yelling who advised he was going to bed, nothing further. 

Buell St. 

Bath Police Media Log 10-26-23

Media Log – Thursday, October 26, 2023



Foot Patrol

Liberty St.


Property Check, Mossy Bank Park 

Mossy Bank Park Rd. 


Assist Agency, Bath Ambulance on a medical call, elderly subject not cooperative, was transported without incident. 

Gansevoort St. 


Foot Patrol 

Liberty St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

Geneva St.


Foot Patrol, Pulteney Park 

E. Pulteney Sq. 


Foot Patrol, School

Ellas Ave. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

E. Morris St. 


Foot Patrol, Pultney Park

E. Pulteney Sq. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Harassment complaint, on-going, subject loitering in the area. 

W. William St. 


Larceny of merchandise,  Quicklees 

W. Washington St. 


Commercial Business Alarm

Conhocton St.


Traffic Complaint, erratic driver. 

Liberty St. 


Harassment Complaint, caller reporting daughters ex-boyfriend making threats. 

Haverling St. 


Motor vehicle accident, 2-car, no injury. 

May St. 


Overdose, 32-year-old female, Narcan administered, subject transported to area hospital for evaluation and treatment. 

E. Steuben St.


Follow-up, reference to harassment complaint. 

Haverling St. 


Property Check, High School 

Ellas Ave. 


Found property, purse located at area park. 

Maple Heights


Suspicious condition, caller reporting subject near her trash looking a ceiling fan she sold to someone else. 

W. Morris St. 


Suspicious person, caller reporting subject loitering in the area, wearing a motorcycle helmet and acting strange. 

Howell St. 


Welfare check, caller reporting male yelling for help, elderly subject located, had fallen and was assisted. 

Geneva St. 








Harassment complaint, 

W. Steuben St. 


Larceny report, subject took a pair of sneakers. Subject located and shoes returned. Prosecution declined. 

Howell St. 


Suspicious condition, caller reporting subject loitering in the area. 

Howell St. 


Criminal mischief, subject kicked in door causing damage. Joseph Henson located and taken into custody for Criminal Mischief. 

E. Washington St.  


Criminal mischief, caller reporting neighbors tires slashed

W. William St. 


Suspicious person, subject going through cigarette container. 

Water St. 


Foot Patrol

Liberty St. 

Bath Police Media Log 10-24-23

October 24th, Media Log

0707- Medical Advisement

0718- Customer problem. Customers left voluntarily. – W Morris St

0742- Welfare check. Subject all set. – E William St

0753- Caller has questions about an order of protection

0847- Diane Dziaba and Joshua Hakes, both of Bath, taken into custody on full extradition warrants out of New Jersey. Both transported to SCJ to await extradition. – Warden St

0856- Caller has questions about a foil request

0907-Caller reporting her daughter ran off. Daughter located. – Cruger St

0955- TOT NYSP due to priority call 

1034- Caller requesting assistance to remove unwanted guests. – E William St

1043- One female taken into custody for Mental Hygiene Law 9.41 and transported to hospital – Liberty St

1117- Caller requesting phone call regarding harassment

1124- Caller requesting check the welfare, unable to locate. – Robie St

1233- Foot patrol – E Morris St

1246- Caller requesting another welfare check- subject still not home. – Robie St

1254- Two car MVA. Accident report completed. – W Morris St

1308- Caller reporting her daughter ran off but then was located. – Cruger St

1326- Trespass report, resolved without incident. – Belfast St

1500- Assist medical – W Morris St

1824- Peacekeeper – W Morris St

1839-Neighbor dispute – situation resolved – Pine St

1926- Fix it ticket 

2017- Caller initially reported a male in their dumpster, then realized it was family and cancelled. – Mountview Rd

2022- Suspicious male looking through dumpster. Removed from property. – Ellas Ave

2053- Check the welfare, female reported that she was okay. – W Morris St

2218- Report of possible domestic dispute. Unfounded. – W Morris St

2340- Trespass report, subject left voluntarily – Belfast St

0123- Check the welfare. Unable to locate. – Robie St

0359- Check welfare- subject advised he is fine – Robie St


Bath Police Media Log 10-21-23

October 21st, Media Log

0618- Foot patrol/area canvas in relation to ongoing investigations

0748- Follow up 

0759-Medical advisement

0803- Male upset in his apartment, requesting mental health assistance. Male was provided a courtesy transport to the hospital. – Water St

0856- Follow up

0903- Caller reporting a male yelling. Male was advised to stop yelling. – E Morris St

0923- Follow up

0926- Follow up

0934- Caller has questions about an accident report

0936- Follow up

1051- Follow up

1053- Caller has questions about ongoing investigation. Caller was referred to the SCSO.

1237- Caller reporting that he cannot get ahold of his caseworker. Caller advised to try on Monday or call 211. – Colonial Lawns

1257- Caller would like to retrieve property that Bath PD has

1346- Medical advisement

1403- Follow up

1453- Check the welfare. Unfounded. – W Morris St

1456- Lift assist for Bath Ambulance. 

1518- Third party report of a female possibly held against her will in an apartment. Homeowner allowed officers to check the entire apartment. Investigation determined that the report was unfounded. – E Steuben St

1617- Subject became upset and broke his own window. Subject denied medical and all other services law enforcement attempted to offer. – Geneva St

1719- Medical advisement

1816- Trespass report, negative contact – Liberty St

1843- Caller wishing to speak with officers

1844- Foot patrol- Pulteney Park

2001- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

2034- Caller reporting his neighbor is banging on the ceiling. – W William St

2110- Subject taken into custody on a mental health pick up order after threatening harm to himself. Subject transported to the hospital. – W William St

2205- Loud music complaint. Music turned down. – W Morris St

2220- Animal complaint, caller referred to DCO

2319- Caller reporting a light turns on in a garage when he walks passed it. Motion light. Clear. – E William St

2322- Check the welfare- unable to make contact. – Liberty St

0050- Traffic stop-warning issued

0103- Caller reporting loud music. Unfounded. – Water St

0144- Caller reporting subject banging on doors. Unable to locate. – W Steuben St

0348- Trespass. Subject checked over by EMS and was provided courtesy transport. – W Steuben St

0527- Foot patrol – Liberty St


Bath Police Media Log 10-20-23

October 20th, Media Log

0746- Foot patrol- Liberty St

0757- Traffic stop-warning issued

0821- Serve amended court order

0840- Found social security card turned in

0848-Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

0920- Medical advisement

1013- Caller reporting he found possible drug paraphernalia. Item was not drug related. – W Morris St

1131- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1141- Traffic stop-warning issued

1219- Assist dog control- W Morris St

1417- Teenagers running around Valu Home Center. Teenagers gone prior to arrival. – W Washington St

1443- Two car motor vehicle accident, report completed. – Cook St

1507- Medical advisement

1507- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

1634- Caller reporting possible trespass in the building. Unfounded. – W Steuben St

1711- Caller reporting a male towing a shopping cart, unable to locate. – W Morris St

1735- Subject texted his friend advising he is having a medical issue. Subject texted friend back reporting that he is okay and had left Bath. – W Morris St

1818- Welfare check- subject in good health – Pine St

1931- Assist citizen with moving vehicle. – Liberty St

1942- Altercation between two intoxicated females, parties were separated. – Wood St

2032- Traffic stop-warning issued

2048- Traffic stop- warning issued

2059- Traffic stop-warning issued

2143- Traffic stop-warning issued

2239-Traffic stop-warning issued

2317- Caller has questions about an order of protection, referred to SCSO 

2331- Traffic stop-warning issued

2345-Traffic stop-warning issued

0027- Caller reporting there is a cart in front of the laundromat. - E William St

0118- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

0207-Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

0225- Attempted traffic stop- vehicle failed to comply and led officer on a brief pursuit which was terminated for safety reasons. Press release to follow. – Liberty St

0243- Investigation initiated regarding a vehicle stolen from E Washington Street that the suspect crashed in the Town of Bath. Press release to follow.– E Washington St

0310- Domestic dispute, domestic incident report was issued. Suspect taken into custody on a mental health pick-up order and was transported to the hospital. Investigation pending. – E William St

0547- Caller reporting that he woke up to his front door wide open, it had been kicked in sometime in the night. Suspect did not make entry to the home. Suspect was identified and arrested. Press release to follow. – E Washington St

Bath Police Media Log 10-19-23

October 19th, Media Log

0751- Medical advisement

0842- Traffic stop-1 UTT issued

0926- Barking dog complaint, unfounded. – W Morris St

1045- Follow up at probation

1120- Follow up at county court

1151- Harassing text message complaint, turned over to Canisteo PD. 

1154- Caller reporting her package was stolen – W Washington St

1157- Medical advisement

1508- Traffic stop- warning issued

1529- Traffic stop- warning issued

1831- Report of a male walking down the sidewalk with a pistol in his waistband. Officers located the male on Buell Street who was found to be in possession of what appeared to be a handgun. Further investigation revealed that it was a BB gun. The BB gun was seized as a nuisance weapon and the male was released due to no offense committed. – Howell St

1932- Caller reporting an issue with the neighbors. – W Morris St

2010- Traffic stop- warning issued

2011- Traffic stop- warning issued

2026- Traffic stop- warning issued

2108- Traffic stop- warning issued

2125- Caller looking to follow up on ongoing case. – Liberty St

2126- Warrant check- negative results

2213- Foot patrol of Dog Park

2306- Traffic stop- warning issued

2327- Traffic stop- 3 UTT’s issued

2330- Caller requesting assistance getting into their home. Caller gained entry prior to LE arrival. – E William St

0054- Foot patrol- E Morris St

0124- Foot patrol – Wilson Ave

0206- Patrol observed a disturbance. Parties advised they were all set and separated themselves. – Liberty St

0212- Foot patrol- Liberty St


bath Police Media Log 10-17-23

October 17th, Media Log

0750- Foot patrol of high school
0819- Caller returning a phone call to officer
0838- Traffic stop- warning issued
1015- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued
1023- Traffic stop-1 UTT issued
1118- Located and arrested subject on a material witness warrant. – E Pulteney Sq
1309- Assist ambulance on medical call
1619- Medical advisement
1633- Report of destroyed property in a room at the Super 8. Jordan Houseknecht, age 29, of
Bath, arrested and charged with one count of Harassment in the second degree and one count of
Criminal Mischief in the third degree, a Class E Felony. Houseknecht was transported to SCJ for
arraignment. – W Morris St
1645- Fire advisement
1917- Report of multiple individuals inside Bath Packing Co. Gone upon arrival. – W Morris St
1940- Report of juvenile that did not return home on time. Juvenile located and returned home.
1951- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued
1952- Medical advisement
2205- Medical advisement
2206- Traffic stop- warning issued
2214- Fix-it ticket
2312- Foot patrol- Liberty St
2330- Foot patrol- E Morris St
0201- Medical advisement

Bath Police Media Log 10-15-23

October 15th, Media Log

0947- Field interview- W Steuben St

0955- Report of juveniles ringing doorbells and running off – Pine St

1000- Check the welfare, subject all set – Geneva St

1029- Follow up to juvenile complaint. – Pine St

1045- Traffic stop, warning issued

1120- Traffic stop, warning issued

1133- Traffic stop, warning issued

1139- Traffic stop, warning issued

1217- Male reporting a female menaced him with a knife. Eva-Rose Brush, age 24, of Bath, was arrested and charged with one count of Menacing in the Second Degree. Brush was processed and transported to SCJ for arraignment. – E William St

1248- TOT NYSP due to tied up on call

1252- Assist Bath Ambulance on a medical call – Geneva St

1254- Neighbor dispute over a loose dog. – Cruger St

1507- Two car MVA, no injuries – W Morris St

1512- Traffic stop, warning issued

1541- 911 hang up call, unable to locate – Denwood Terr.

1541- Caller reporting a disagreement over lawn mowing. – Maple Heights

1648- Traffic stop, warning issued

1657- Neighbor trouble report – W William St

1721- Caller has questions for officers. 

1817- Caller following up on previous complaint

1842- Medical advisement

1857- Traffic stop, warning issued

1926- Traffic stop, 1 UTT issued

1939- Disorderly person advised to stop yelling. – Cruger St

1954- Traffic stop, warning issued

2016- Traffic stop, warning issued

2021- Physical domestic, parties separated, DIR issued. – Ash St

2101- Passerby reports a person laying on the side of the road. Subject found to be overdosing and was transported to the hospital. – E Morris St

2142- Follow up to earlier complaint

2214- Foot patrol

2240- Close Mossy Bank Park

0021- Caller reporting loud neighbors. Officers requested that the neighbors keep it down. – Water St

0036- Caller requesting to speak with law enforcement and then advised he did not need law enforcement. – W William St

0242- Traffic stop, warning issued

0256- Medical advisement

0405- Traffic stop, warning issued

0503- Traffic stop, 1 UTT issued


Bath Police Media Log 10-13-23

Media Log – October 13, 2023



Foot Patrol

Howell St. 


Larceny, complainant reporting camera stolen off of house. 

Shannon St. 


Follow-up, regarding structure fire.

Delaware Ave. 


Bicycle registration 

Liberty St. 


Follow-up, reported drug activity  

W. William St. 


Suspicious condition, caller reporting subject attempting to break into residence. Located subject who had permission to be there. 

Wilson Ave. 


Motor vehicle accident, car / pedestrian, no injury. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic complaint, erratic driver, unable to locate. 

Interstate 86


Motor vehicle accident, 2-car, no injury. 

W. Washington St.  


Suspicious condition, subject loitering in area. Subject located and moved along. 

Howell St. 


Unattended death investigation. 

Liberty St. 


Larceny of cell phone from Corning. Officers located and returned phone.

W. William St. 


Assist Citizen, caller reporting maintenance issues in apartment, advised not a Police matter. 

Geneva St. 


Possible Order of Protection violation, unfounded. 

W. William St. 


Landlord / Tenant dispute, civil. 

Geneva St. 


Follow-up, reference to subject loitering in the area. 

W. William St. 


Warrant check, State Police out with subject with warrant from Bath PD.  

Chemung County 


Follow-up, reference to wanted subject in Chemung County.  

Chemung County


Disturbance, possible fight

Howell St. 


Suspicious condition, caller reporting someone in the woods near residence playing music loud. 

Denwood Terr. 


Foot Patrol

Ellas Ave. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

E. Pulteney Sq. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

Liberty St. 



Found Property, wallet 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

E. Steuben St. 


Harassment complaint, caller reporting male subject made threats. Spoke with both parties and advised to stay away from each other. 

Water St. 


Area patrol and close Mossy Bank Park. 

Mossy Bank Park Rd. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. William St. 


Field Interview with female subject. 

W. Washington St. 


Foot Patrol

Haverling St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

Geneva St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

Gansevoort St. 




Bath Police Media Log 10-12-23

Media Log – October 12, 2023



Annoyance, defective smoke detector activated on back porch.  

W. Morris St. 


Animal complaint, cat struck by vehicle. 

Geneva St. 


Caller reporting subject attempted to lure child into a residence. Subject located and arrested. 

Howell St. 


Attempted larceny, caller reporting someone attempted to enter her vehicle overnight. 

Howell St. 


Welfare Check, mobile crisis team requesting Law Enforcement to check on a subject. 

Liberty St. 


Domestic, male/female, physical. Parties separated, DIR issued. 

Howell St. 


Suspicious Activity, caller requesting area patrol.  

Purdy St. 


Juvenile Complaint, child refusing to get in car. 

Geneva St. 


Neighbor Dispute 

Liberty St. 


Disorderly persons, caller reporting subject yelling and acting belligerent

Howell St. 


Neighbor Dispute, ongoing 

Liberty St. 


Suspicious Condition, caller reporting possible gas syphoning, Unfounded. 

Geneva St.  


Harassment complaint, subject reporting another tenant said hello to him. Unfounded. 

W. William St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

E. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued.  

E. Morris St. 


Mental Health Complaint, suicide attempt via hanging. Subject located and alright. 

Haverling St. 


Area patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

Mossy Bank Park Rd. 


Assist Agency, Traffic Stop 

Geneva St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Foot Patrol 

Wilson Ave. 


Bath Police Media Log 10-11-23

Media Log – October 11, 2023



Narcotics Complaint / Search Warrant / 2 Arrested 

Lackawanna Ave.  


Welfare Check, subject did not show up for doctor’s appointment. Subject located and alright.

West St. 


Foot Patrol, County Office Building.

Pulteney Sq. E.  


Harassment complaint, caller reporting harassment by landlord.

W. Washington St.


Property found, bicycle parts left near residence.  

W. Morris St.


Larceny report, stolen bicycle

Shannon St. 


Domestic between mother and son, son damaging property. 

Campbell St. 


Disturbance, verbal, parties separated prior to Police arrival. 

Geneva St. 


Disturbance, customer irate, subject placed on Trespass from business.

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. William St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

E. Pulteney Sq. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

May St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Follow-up, reference to prior domestic

Campbell St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Foot Patrol

W. Morris St. 


Area Patrol and closed Mossy Bank Park

Mossy Bank Park Rd. 


Foot Patrol 

Bath Plaza 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

E. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

St. Rte 415


Assist Agency, Bath Ambulance, Lift Assist 

Buell St. 

Bath Police Media Log 10-10-23

October 10th Bath PD Media Log


0745 – Medical Advisement – W. Steuben St.

0825 – Follow up regarding structure fire

0839 – Property Damage Motor Vehicle Accident

0926 – Noise Complaint – Caller reporting several males and females arguing. Individuals gone on arrival – Purdy St.

0943 – Welfare Check – Made contact with male who advised he was all set

1031 – Police Alarm – Spoke with resident who was home, advised they were all set

1045 – Traffic Stop – Warning issued – I86

1056 – Information Only – Proaction bus driver advising that cars are driving past it even with its red lights on. – E. Steuben St.

1102 – Traffic Stop – File 5 taken into custody

1105 – Foil Request

1138 – Follow-Up – Served TERPO paperwork – Allen St.

1142 – Follow-Up – Caller reporting he is being messaged regarding the fire on Delaware Ave.

1144 – Foot Patrol – Purdy St.

1302 – Medical Advisement

1428 – Suspicious Person- Male handing out bibles on School property. Male was GOA – Allen & Robie St.

1545 – Disturbance – Verbal argument – both parties separated upon arrival

1623 – Disturbance – Teenagers yelling obscenities at the monument between Haverling St. and Geneva St.

1659 – Disturbance – Caller reporting his sons were arguing with other kids crossing the street. Advised to cease behavior and to move along – Geneva St.

1704 – Larceny – Student stole a custodians bicycle off of school grounds. – Ellas Ave.

1729 – Suspicious Person – Caller reporting someone was cleaning her gutters who wasn’t authorized to do so. Individual was GOA. – E. Morris St.

1741 – Missing Person – Caller stating her 16 year old son did not come home after school. Son was found later on. – Campbell St.

1752 – Police Alarm – Building secure – St. Rt. 415

1759 – Information Only – Caller requesting property – advised to call back when the Officer is next on duty

2015 – Juvenile Complaint – Mother stating her son is verbally arguing with his sister. Officers spoke with juvenile and advised him to stop – Campbell St.

2036 – Warrant Check – Female waved down patrol and stated she may have a warrant. Officer confirmed that she does NOT have a warrant

2102 – Trespass – Caller reporting a male was in the upstairs apartment that shouldn’t be. Officers locate the male and through investigation determined he had “Ice” or Methamphetamine on him. Male was arrested for CPCS 7th. – W. Morris St.

2254 – Property Check – Close Mossy Bank Park

2316 – Foot Patrol – Business District

2345 – Foot Patrol – Dog Park

2354 – Radio Check

0132 – Check Welfare – Manager of Super 8 reporting a homeless lady was in the lobby. Advised the female that she cannot just hang out in the lobby per management

0241 – Traffic Stop – Warning issued – St. Rt. 415

0549 – Medical Advisement


Bath Police Media Log 10-06-23

October 6th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0748 – Crossing guard duty. – Liberty Street

0844 – Male out at Bath PD to retrieve property. Property was returned. – Liberty Street 

0853 – Medical advisement – E William Street

1129 – Structure fire. Investigation pending. – Delaware Ave.

1200 – Domestic dispute in progress. A highly intoxicated female started a domestic dispute across the street from the active structure fire. The female was transported to the hospital by an officer for further evaluation. – Delaware Ave.

1330 – Customer problem at Quality Inn. Turned over to another agency due to the structure fire. – W Morris Street 

1447 – Medical advisement – Geneva Street

1511 – Medical advisement – Liberty Street 

1605 – Report of low hanging wires. – W Morris Street 

1845 – Check the Welfare. A female was reported to be yelling in her front yard. She was checked on and advised she was okay. – W Washington Street 

1938 – Traffic Stop. Three UTT’s issued. – E Morris Street 

2013 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Steuben Street 

2111 – Medical advisement – Geneva Street 

2213 – Medical advisement – Birch Street 

2225 – Suspicious situation report. Unfounded. – Delaware Ave.

2250 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street 

2348 – Traffic Stop. Three UTT’s issued. – E Morris Street 

0013 – Nicole Miller arrested on charges pending from the domestic dispute on Delaware Ave. at 1200 hrs. – State Route 54

0035 – Intoxicated male transported to a safe location. – E Steuben Street 

0148 – Assault report. A male was assaulted by a group of unknown males. Investigation pending. – Liberty Street 

0359 – Underage drinking party. Investigation pending. – Liberty Street 

0435 – Medical advisement – Belfast Street 

Bath Police Media Log 10-05-23

October 5th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0640 – Foot Patrol – Liberty Street 

0727 – Medical advisement – Casey Lane 

0732 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – W Washington Street 

0813 – Caller asking if it is okay to break into his own residence because he’s locked out. He was advised it’s okay. – W Morris Street 

0822 – Caller advised that there were branches in the road way. Patrols removed the branches. – Rumsey Street 

0951 – Foot Patrol – Liberty Street 

1036 – Foot Patrol – Liberty Street 

1139 – Motor vehicle accident. – W Morris Street 

1326 – Bike parks found by the rail road tracks. Removed by street department. – Wilson Ave.

1538 – Funeral escort – W Morris Street 

1558 – Larceny report. Caller had a package stolen from his porch. Investigation pending. – W Morris Street 

1603 – Caller stated a vehicle was traveling with a juvenile not in a car seat. Patrols located the vehicle which was found to be unoccupied. – E Pulteney Square 

1607 – Medical advisement – W Washington Street 

1633 – Motor vehicle accident – Delaware Ave.

1640 – Assist CPS – E William Street 

1645 – Caller stated that a homeless male was sitting on his porch carving a piece of wood with a knife. The homeless male was gone upon patrols arrival. – W William Street 

1650 – Caller reporting 12 bicycles that he believes are stolen. Patrols were unable to determine if they were stolen. – Wilson Ave 

1718 – Assist a citizen with retrieving property. – Liberty Street 

1725 – Kanye Rouse arrested on a warrant for Burglary 2nd. – Liberty Street 

1914 – Caller reported that she found multiple people sleeping in her back yard. Subjects left prior to patrols arrival. – E Steuben Street 

1945 – Follow up on an ongoing investigation. – McMaster Street 

2238 – Mossy Bank Park closed. – Mossy Bank Park Road

0004 – Foot Patrol – W Morris Street 

0015 – Foot Patrol – W Steuben Street 

0126 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Liberty Street 

0225 – Suspicious person loitering near the highway department. He was moved along. – Wilson Ave.

0352 – Assist NYSP with a motor vehicle accident on I86. – I86


Bath Police Media Log 10-04-23

October 4th , Media Log


0640 - Disturbance – 911 stating there is a male and a female arguing. Officers arrived on scene, and both parties were separated without incident.

0737 - Larceny – Caller reporting his decorative bicycle was taken from his lawn. 

0757 –Peacekeeper- Male looking for Officer’s help in retrieving property in Corning. Male was referred to Corning PD.

0813 - Traffic Stop – Traffic stop for expired tags. 2 UTT’s issued. Vehicle was towed.

0911 - Foot Patrol – Foot patrol at the Middle/High School

1053 – Medical – Medical advisement. Officers did not respond.

1123 – Traffic Stop – Traffic stop for 48MPH in a 30MPH zone. 1 UTT issued.

1200 – Police Alarm – Police Alarm for motion activation. Officers were advised to cancel due to proper pass code being entered. 

1215 – Traffic Stop – Traffic stop for failing to yield right of way. 2 UTT’s issued.

1346 – Criminal Mischief – Caller reporting her vehicle was keyed overnight.

1422 – Traffic Stop – Warning issued.

1432 – Disabled Vehicle – Disabled Vehicle on Liberty Street. Vehicle moved out of the way with no incident.

1546 – Burglary – Caller stating a child broke into her residence. It was determined the child took four sodas. No charges were pressed.

1600 – Lost Property – Trailer plate turned into the PD.  

1603 – Traffic Stop – Traffic stop. Warning issued.

1610 – Traffic Stop – Traffic stop. 1 UTT issued.

1626 – Traffic Stop – Traffic stop. 2 UTT’s issued.

1935 – Harassment Complaint – Caller reporting he is being cyber stalked. Advised a report would be made.

1937 – Medical – Officers did not respond. 

2042 – Suspicious Persons – Juvenile complainant stating her ex-boyfriend is doing inappropriate things with another girl on Delaware Ave. Patrol checked the area and did not locate the individuals. 

2101 – Bike stop – Warning issued.

2103 – Larceny – Male reporting a female took his phone. Phone returned with no issue.

2124 – Suspicious Situation – Caller reporting construction equipment is on. 

2148 – 911 Hang Up – Officers unable to locate.

2158 – Traffic Stop – Traffic stop. K9 Deployment on the vehicle. CPCS 3rd and CPCS 7th arrests made.

2248 – Check the welfare turned over to NYSP due to Officers having two in custody.

2312 – Noise Complaint - Officers unable to locate the noise.

0029 – Walk Up Complaint – Male at the call box

0158 – 911 Hang Up – Male calling 911. Male told Officers he did not dial 911 and that he only dialed 9.

0204 – Foot Patrol – Foot patrol of Liberty Street

0206 – Disturbance – Male calling in a disturbance at Colonial Lawns. Officers checked the area and did not locate a disturbance. Officers attempted to call the male back in which he did not answer the phone. 

0215 – Lost Property – Male calling in to see if he dropped his card at the PD. Officers checked and did not find the card.

0417 – Lock Out – Caller reporting he is locked out of his apartment. Officers found the male walking away from his residence, and he stated he was going to stay with his friend.


Bath Police Media Log 10-03-23

October 3rd, Media Log


0651- Suspicious Report- Male reported to be acting strange. Male advised to go home. – Howell St.

0718- Suspicious Report- Male and female asking individuals for guns and bows because they want to hurt people. Officers unable to locate – Cruger St

0746- Assist other agencies- Assist SCSO with finding a vehicle. 

1037- Motor Vehicle Accident – East Steuben St

1215- Foot Patrol – Buell St

1448- Traffic stop. Upon further investigation a large amount of methamphetamine was seized. – East Steuben St

1544- Medical advisement. 

1609- Medical- Assist Bath Ambulance with an intoxicated male. Male was transported by Bath Ambulance for further treatment. – Manor Village

1826- Check- Welfare Report- Check the welfare of an individual behind the Value Home Center. Male issued a ticket for open container, and advised he cannot remain behind the plaza. – West Washington St

1849- Foot patrol – West Washington

1940- Traffic stop. Warning issued for speed- West Washington St.

1951- Foot patrol – Pulteney Square Park 

2007- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – East Morris St. 

2054- Noise complaint- Officers arrived on scene to nothing happen. – Colonial Lawns

2114- Foot patrol – Skate Park

2154- Traffic stop. Warning issued – Liberty St

2155- Traffic stop. Warning issued – Howell St

2201- Foot Patrol. -  East Steuben St

2214- Bike stop-  Warning issued – East Steuben St

2249- Traffic stop. 1 UTT issued – West Morris St

2320- Mossy Bank Park Closed

2340- Foot Patrol – Municipal lot/ Ally Ways

0024- Foot Patrol – Buell St

0101 Domestic dispute between roommates. – Shannon St.

0140- Animal Complaint- Caller stating dog has been barking for 45 minutes in abandoned house across the street. Officers arrived on scene, and attempted to catch the dog, but the dog ran from Officers. Officers were unable to locate the dog. 

0123- Foot Patrol – Liberty St. 

0203- Caller reporting drug activity – West William St.

0253- Assist vehicle with 4 ways on. Driver was okay. 

0304- Foot Patrol- Wilson Ave.


Bath Police Media Log 10-02-23

October 2nd, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0733 – Land lord tenant issues. Found to be a civil matter. – Buell Street

0738 – Check Welfare. Male laying on the ground near a business. He was advised to pick up his trash and move along. – W Washington Street 

1010 – Motor vehicle complaint. – I 86

1141 – Male laying on the ground behind Quicklees. He was checked on and appeared okay. – W Morris Street 

1223 – Foot Patrol. - Ellas Ave.

1237 – Peacekeeper. – Liberty Street 

1428 – Juvenile arrest for Grand Larceny. – Liberty Street 

1455 – Foot Patrol. – Liberty Street 

1503 – Larceny report. Caller stated that someone stole traffic cones from the area of Chestnut Street. Unfounded. – Chestnut Street 

1508 – Endangering the welfare of a child report. Unfounded. – Liberty Street  

1723 – A suspicious male was reported to be walking around with a knife and stabbing utility poles. Officers made contact with the male. The male turned the knife over to Officers and left the area. The poles were checked and there was no apparent damages. – W William Street 

1905 – Suspicious person report. Unfounded. – Chestnut Street 

1927 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Washington Street 

1930 – Foot Patrol. Field interview of a suspicious female. – E William Street 

1945 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Liberty Street 

1948 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Geneva Street 

1956 – Foot Patrol. – Wilson Street 

2057 – Noise complaint. Advised to turn down the music. – Cook Street 

2107 – Medical advisement. – Geneva Street

2129 – Disturbance. Parties were separated. – E William Street 

2130 – Caller reported his medication missing. Officers were canceled prior to arrival. – Geneva Street. 

2306 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Washington Street

2308 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued – W Washington Street 

2312 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Washington Street

2313 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – W Washington Street 

2333 – Traffic Complaint. Unfounded. – Liberty Street 

0008 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Gansevoort Street

0113 – Noise complaint. Subject was advised to be quiet. – Buell Street 

0144 – Mossy Bank Park closed. – Mossy Bank Park Road 

0208 – Foot Patrol. – E Morris Street 

0238 – Foot Patrol. – E Steuben Street 

0320 – Medical advisement. – Geneva Street

0346 – Foot Patrol. – Buell Street


Bath Police Media Log 10-01-23

October 1st, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0647 – Caller reported that they were being harassed by another tenant in the building. Both parties were separated and advised to lave each other alone. – Water Street 

0651 – Parking complaint. – E Steuben Street 

0939 – Medical advisement. – Geneva Street 

0949 – Animal Complaint. – Shannon Street 

1029 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. –W Morris Street 

1108 – Report of vehicle s over 15 tons driving on W Morris Street. – W Morris Street 

1125 – Foot Patrol. – Ellas Ave.

1130 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – May Street 

1358 – Medical advisement. – Water Street 

1441 – Traffic detail. – E Steuben Street   

1541 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Campbell Street 

1607 – Report of juveniles through metal objects over the neighbor’s fence. – W William Street 

1640 – Motor Vehicle Accident. – W Morris Street 

1844 – Juvenile Complaint. – McMaster Street 

1850 – Assist Bath Ambulance.  – Geneva Street 

2202 – Assist Bath Ambulance with a patient. – Liberty Street 

2249 – Mossy Bank Park closed. – Mossy Bank Park Road

2314 – Foot Patrol. – Wilson Ave.

2346 – Foot Patrol. – Pulteney Park

0003 - Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Steuben Street 

0045 – Foot Patrol. Field interview of suspicious female. – Liberty Street 

0121 – Traffic Stop. Warning. – Chestnut Street 

0157 – Foot Patrol. – Liberty Street 

0224 – Disturbance. Unfounded. – Geneva Street 

0529 – Found property. – Liberty Street


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