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Bath Police Media Log 11-09-23

November 9th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0832- Subject reporting fraud on his card. Was advised to start with the bank. – Liberty St. 

0850- Caller reporting harassment of another female taking a video with the caller’s kids in it.- May St. 

0904- Corning PD had a possible sighting of a male with a warrant out of Bath. – Liberty St. 

1214- Caller reporting that her license plates are missing. Documentation for missing plates given to caller.

1222- Traffic stop. 2 UTT’s issued. – E. Morris St. 

1230- Female cutting her wrists. She was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. –W. William St. 

1451- Student being disruptive in school. TOT to SRO. –Haverling High School 

1511- Caller reporting someone broke his window. Unfounded. - Geneva St. 

1533- Warrant check. Negative results. – W. Steuben St. 

1536- Warrant check. Negative results. – W. Steuben St. 

1545- Fight between two females. Only verbal. Both parties separated. – May St. 

1547- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

1716- Traffic stop. One UTT issued. – Rumsey St. 

1850- Suspicious person caught on the caller’s ring door bell. Subject was not identified or found. – Rumsey St. 

1949- Caller reporting a harassment of an adult female messaging her son threatening things. Officers made contact with the female and advised her to cease communication. – Shannon St. 

2059- Traffic stop.- Warning issued. – E. Steuben St. 

2107- Traffic stop. – 2 UTT’s issued. – W. Morris St. 

2107- Traffic stop. – UTT issued. – Geneva St. 

2111- Assisted EMS with a female having a stroke. Female was transported by ambulance to the hospital. – Maple St. 

2242- Traffic stop. Warning issued- W. Morris St. 

2243- Noise complaint. Upon arrival, no one was there. – W. Morris St. 

2321- Traffic stop. 3 UTT’s issued. – E. Washington St. 

2353- Foot Patrol- W. Pulteney Sq.

0028- Foot Patrol- Bath Plaza 

0040- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – Liberty St. 

0056- Caller reporting his friend is intoxicated and irate. Subject taken into custody under MHL 22.09 and transported to IDM. – Campbell St. 

0444- Residents feuding over a cash app card. They were advised to go to their own bedrooms for the night. – W. William St.  


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