Police Blotter Archives for 2023-09

Bath Police Media Log 09-28-23

Media Log – September 28, 2023


1144- Disturbance- Reported disturbance between male and female. Unfounded. – Liberty Street    

1211- Foot Patrol- Liberty Street

1310- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – W Washington Street

1516- Criminal Mischief- Caller reports someone broke the neighbor’s fence. – May Street

1535- Foot Patrol- Haverling Street 

1709- Harassment Complaint- Caller reporting that he wants a tenant arrested for calling him names. – Geneva Street

1744- Suspicious complaint- Caller reporting that she possibly witnessed a drug deal. Subjects gone upon arrival. – Purdy Street

1812- Suspicious complaint- Randy Burdick arrested for Public Lewdness for exposing body parts in a public area. – Liberty Street

2114- Traffic Enforcement- Pine Street/ W Steuben Street

2135- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – Buell Street

2140- Traffic Enforcement- W Morris Street

2143- Foot Patrol- Pulteney Park

2155- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued. - E Morris Street

2155- Medical Advisement- Geneva Street

2232- Fire Advisement- Whiting Street

2242- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued. – W Morris Street

2309- Property Check- Mossy Bank Park Closed

2327- Foot Patrol- E Morris Street

2347- Check Welfare- Female subject causing a disturbance and under the influence of Heroin. Ticket issued. – Howell Street

2354- Medical Advisement only- Geneva Street

0023- Foot Patrol- W Morris Street

0042- Foot Patrol- Buell Street

0032- Suspicious person- Male subject pacing on Buell Street. Was advised to move along. 

0126-Disturbance- Customer problem at Kwik Fill about payment system. Issue resolved. – W Morris Street

0134-Domestic Dispute- Verbal domestic incident between male and female. Parties were observed to be under the influence and declined prosecution. – Geneva Street

0234- Traffic Complaint- Crosswalk post sheared off by Tractor Trailer, State DOT notified. – W Washington Street

0541- Medical Advisement- Units did not respond. – Birch Street


Bath Police Media Log 09-27-23

September 27th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0554 – Disturbance. Report of a male who threw something out of his window that was on fire. After further investigation the subject was taken into custody after a mental health pickup order was issued by Steuben County Mental Health. Criminal Contempt 1st charges pending. – May Street 

1044 – The caller reported that someone loosened the lug nuts on his vehicle. – Rumsey Street 

1049 – Foot Patrol. – Haverling Street 

1144 – Jason Arnold arrested on a warrant out of Bath PD. – Liberty Street 

1149 – Medical Advisement. – Geneva Street 

1202 – Stolen Plate report. – W Washington Street 

1309 – Medical advisement. – W Morris Street 

1323 – Follow up on the call from 0554. – May Street 

1402 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Washington Street 

1553 – Disturbance. Officers stood by as a male gathered his belongings from a residence. – Manor Village

1655 – Disabled vehicle. NYSP arrived prior to Officers arrival. - I86

1712 – Foot Patrol. - Wilson Ave

1802 – Physical altercation between two males. Both were separated and moved along. – W William Street 

1805 – Request for property checks. – Shannon Street 

1854 – Complaint that someone dumped clothing on the side walk. Officers made contact with the subject and he was advised to pick up the clothing. – W Washington Street  

1932 – Report of runaway juveniles. They were located and returned. – Campbell Street 

2137 – Report of a disturbance. All parties were gone upon arrival. – W Morris Street

2154 – Traffic Stop. UTT issued. – W Morris Street 

2157 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Geneva Street 

2213 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street 

2223 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street 

2230 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street 

2239 – Foot Patrol. – Pulteney Park 

2242 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street

2245 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued - W Morris Street 

2304 – Traffic Stop. UTT issued. – W Morris Street 

2323 – Traffic Stop. Domenick Lepera charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th and issued one UTT. – W William Street 

0055 – Foot Patrol. – E Morris Street 

0101 – Mossy Bank Park Closed. – Mossy Bank Park Road

0109 – Foot Patrol. – W Morris Street 

0249 – Foot Patrol. Lackawanna Ave

0310 – Disturbance. Unfounded. – E Morris Street 

0504 – Suspicious person reported to be walking through the caller’s yard. The subject was gone upon arrival. – W William Street


Bath Police Media Log 09-26-23

September 26th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0820 – Caller requesting information on a towed vehicle. – Liberty Street 

0849 – Foot Patrol. School grounds. – Ellas Ave.

1024 – Follow up on a harassment case. – E Steuben Street   

1029 – Reported fraud. – E Morris Street 

1204 – Caller reporting that someone dumped garbage in his yard. – W William Street 

1247 – Caller stated that someone stole her medication. Investigation pending. – Water Street 

1258 – Mental health complaint. Subject was transported by Bath Ambulance to the hospital. – E Pulteney Square. 

1314 – Foot Patrol. Skate Park. – E Morris Street 

1401 – Intoxicated female knocking on doors. She was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. – W Washington Street 

1422 – Found property. – Liberty Street 

1437 – Animal Complaint. – W Morris Street 

1452 – Disturbance. Verbal argument over a dog. The unwanted guest was advised to leave. He left without incident. – W William Street

1512 – Larceny Report. Investigation pending. – Buell Street 

1542 – Bicycle registration. – Liberty Street 

1620 – Peacekeeper. Officers stood by while a female collected her property. – Pine Street 

1725 – Lost wallet report. – Liberty Street 

1835 – Drug Tip. – Liberty Street 

1933 – Report of bag containing bloody clothing found. Unable to locate. – Colonial Lawns 

1945 – Follow up on the larceny from 1512. – E William Street 

2005 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – E Steuben Street 

2047 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – E Morris Street 

2107 – Mental Health Complaint. Subject transported to the hospital for further evaluation. – Liberty Street 

2130 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – E Steuben Street 

2132 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – State Route 415 

2225 – Mossy Bank Park secured. – Mossy Bank Park Road 

2245 – Traffic Stop. 3 UTT’s issued. – E Washington Street 

2303 – Assist Bath Ambulance with a combative subject. – W Steuben Street 

0030 – Field interview of a suspicious male. – W William Street 

0046 – Noise Complaint. Unfounded. – Water Street 

0130 – Foot Patrol. - W Morris Street 

0543 – Fire advisement. – W Washington Street


Bath Police Media Log 09-25-23

Media Log – September 25, 2023


0627- Police Alarm- Alarm activated. Officers checked the property and building was secure. – Cameron Street

0818- Assist Citizen- Assist subject with backing a tractor trailer into traffic. – W Washington Street

1057- Juvenile Complaint- Caller reporting that a 4 YO male was out of control. – E Morris Street

1120- Police Alarm- Alarm activated. Officers checked the area and spoke with an employee. Building secure. – Cameron Street

1141- Domestic Dispute- Physical Domestic over property. Parties separated. – E Washington Street

1332- Civil Matter- Caller reporting a contractor that they paid is not doing the work. – Liberty Street

1511- Disturbance- Caller reporting that there is a disturbance over property. Parties separated. Issue resolved. – W Washington 

1550- Peacekeeper- Caller requesting Officers to assist with keeping the peace while property was retrieved. – W Washington Street 

1731- Foot Patrol- Field interview of two subjects. - W Morris Street

1843- Disturbance- Caller reporting an unwanted guest is at the property. Subject left without incident. – W Morris Street

1848- Information only- Caller reporting someone called them and advised them they had a warrant. Caller was advised it was a scam. - Liberty Street

1912- Traffic Complaint- Caller reporting traffic light not working properly. Unfounded. – W Morris Street

2001- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – W Pulteney Park. 

2006- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – Lackawanna Ave

2028- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – W Morris Street

2134- Traffic Stop- Javion Isom taken into custody for DWAI. – W Washington Street/ I86

2201- Information only- Caller upset due to staff at a hotel kicking him out. – W Morris Street. 

0147- Traffic Stop- Jeffery Parker taken into custody on an active Warrant for his Arrest. Parker was additionally charged with two counts of CPCS 7th degree and AUO 3rd degree. Domenick Lepera also charged with two counts of CPCS 7th degree. – E Morris Street

0448- Foot Patrol- Downtown/ Business district.


Bath Police Media Log 09-24-23

September 24th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0654- Subject taken into custody on a mental health pick up order. Subject was transported to Elmira. – Liberty St. 

0832- Juvenile left home. Officers did put a BOLO out for the juvenile. – Liberty St. 

1107- Traffic stop. Warning issued. –W. Morris St.

1223- Subject violating VTL on a bicycle. During investigation, the subject, Roy Flansberg was arrested for criminal possession of drug paraphernalia 2nd. – W. Washington St. 

1225- Shopping cart full of subject’s belongings found. Subject was GOA. – Lackawanna Ave. 

1358- Subject detained after being found to have a felony warrant through Canisteo PD. Canisteo PD did not have the manpower to take the male into custody at that time. Male was released. – W. Morris St. 

1512- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Cameron St. 

1554- Jonathan Kulyeshie arrested for criminal contempt 1st   after a physical altercation with the protected party. He was transported to the jail. – W. William St. 

1837- Foot patrol. – Pulteney Sq. 

1900- Verbal argument. Neither party cooperated.- Casey Ln. 

1934- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Delaware Ave. 

2005- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Liberty St. 

2027- Traffic stop. Vehicle towed due to suspended registration. UTT issued. – E. Steuben St. 

2131- Steuben County Jail requesting a phone call. – Liberty St. 

2240- Closed Mossy Bank Park 

2306- Neighbor trouble dispute. Both advised. – W. Morris St. 

0041- Caller’s daughter is having a mental breakdown. Once on scene, she left without issue and got a hotel for the night. – Lackawanna Ave. 

0330- Assist SCSO and NYSP with locating a subject who was involved in a MVA in Hammondsport. – E. Washington St. Ext.


Bath Police Media Log 09-23-23

September 23rd, Media Log

0623- Foot patrol – E William St

0808- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued, vehicle towed. 

1047- Caller at PD picking up property

1103- Traffic stop- warning issued

1129- Caller reporting an issue with prescription medication. – W Morris St

1153- Foot patrol of fairgrounds

1205- Traffic stop, 1 UTT issued, Wilfredo Sierra, age 47, of Lawrenceville, PA, arrested on one count of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the third degree, a Class D Felony. Sierra was processed and transported to SCJ where he was released. 

1225- Found ID turned in

1244- Caller reporting a male harassing him. – Liberty St

1255- Traffic stop- warning issued

1303- Follow up to harassment complaint

1418- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

1434- Caller has questions about her boyfriend’s arrest. 

1434- Check welfare of female caller not making sense. Mental health services were contacted for the subject and mental health advised they would reach out. – Lackawanna Ave

1518- Subject found underneath Cameron Street Bridge, advised to move along

1527- Assist NYSP with accident. – State route 415

1529- Caller reporting a male subject following her. Subject gone on arrival. – Geneva St

1612- Subject hiding from rain under a tree in someone’s yard. Subject advised to move along. – W Washington St

1727- Subject at PD turning over property. 

1844- Found wallet turned in

1855- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

1917- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

2001- Traffic stop- warning issued

2203- Traffic stop- warning issued

2211- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park. 

2212- Caller reporting a car driving by playing loud music. Unable to locate. – E Morris St

2230- Caller inquiring if Bath PD has her lost property.

2240- Traffic stop- warning issued

2356- Caller reporting it sounds like someone is fighting upstairs. Parent advised that her daughter and the daughter’s friend were in an argument. Parent advised she did not need assistance. – E William St

0002-Caller wishing to file a domestic incident report, advised 911 she would wait outside the Nickel for officers. Upon arrival, both the caller and the person she was calling about had left the scene. Officers were unable to locate. – Liberty St

0023- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

0033- Subjects observed in park after hours, advised to move along. – Pulteney Park

0035- Foot patrol – Wilson Ave

0038- Verbal domestic incident. Domestic Incident report issued, victim referred to family court. – Liberty St

0152- Foot patrol – Bath Plaza


Bath Police Media Log 09-22-23

September 22nd, Media Log

0750- Caller requesting peacekeeper and then called back to cancel law enforcement response. – Liberty St

0807- Walk in complaint, male asking for advice

0853- Caller reporting loose dog in the area. – W Morris St

0906- Fire advisement

0951- Loose dog from earlier complaint found and returned to owner– W Washington Street

1004- Foot patrol – Cameron St

1028- Civil matter. – Howell St

1036- Male requesting medical treatment. – Liberty St

1130- Foot patrol- Middle School

1234- Traffic stop- warning issued

1333- Parking complaint, caller called back advising the vehicle was moved. – Geneva St

1338- Cell phone found at bus stop. Placed in lost and found. 

1359- Medical advisement

1611- Caller reporting a suspicious circumstance surrounding the death of his cat. – W Morris St

1659- Caller has questions about a traffic ticket

1806- Foot patrol – High School football game

1828- Male overdosing on Kratum capsules. Transported to hospital via ambulance. – Denwood Terrace.

1833- Caller has questions about a foil request

1850- Foot patrol – High school football game

1926- MVA deer. Vehicle drivable, deer deceased. Accident report completed. – W Washington St

1941- Caller reporting an opossum in his garbage can. Officers scared the opossum away. – Halsey St

1940- Caller reporting info about patrol vehicle

1947- Subject at call box to speak with officers

1949- Medical advisement

1955- Check welfare of male laying on the side of the road. Male transported to hospital via ambulance due to being intoxicated on a narcotic. – W Washington St

2048- Bath SRO’s attempted to make contact with a male subject acting suspicious on school property during the football game. The subject subsequently ran from the officers. The subject was determined to be a 14 year old juvenile and was taken into custody for Obstructing Governmental Administration in the 2nd Degree following a foot pursuit. The juvenile was issued an appearance ticket and released to the care of a guardian. Officers were able to ensure that there was no threat to the school. – Ellas Ave

2125- Caller requesting officers call his friend and ask her to give him his bike back. 

2135- Caller has questions about the foot pursuit that went through their backyard. Caller advised that there is no concern for public safety. – W Washington St

2315- Patrol and Close Mossy Bank Park

2333- Foot patrol of school grounds

0114- Caller requesting assistance locating her vehicle. Vehicle located. – Liberty St

0144- Foot patrol –Wilson Ave


Bath Police Media Log 09-20-23

September 20th, Media Log

0902- Foot patrol of Dog Park

0940- Traffic stop- warning issued

0943- Caller reporting possible intoxicated driver. Vehicle was located parked. – Geneva St

1029- Caller reporting people are running stop signs at intersections and requesting more patrols. – Washington St

1034- Caller reporting a larceny from his vehicle. Investigation ongoing. – W Morris St

1045- Foot patrol at the skate park

1337- Welfare check. Female all set. – W William St

1606- Fire alarm. Units did not respond. – Geneva St

1646- Request to retrieve property, civil matter. – Bundy Ave

1736- Loose dog. Dog turned over to DCO. – Purdy St

1746- Caller reporting graffiti on the store. Investigation ongoing. – W Washington St

1854- Traffic stop- warning issued

1856- Found wallet turned in 

1912- Wallet returned to owner

1934- Chastity Margeson, 37, of Bath, arrested on active arrest warrant for Aggravated Harassment 2nd. Margeson was processed and transported to SCJ. – Liberty St

1955- Caller reporting she lost her wallet. 

2112- Caller reporting it was her dog that officers located earlier. Caller advised to call DCO. – Purdy St

2138- Traffic stop- warning issued

2217- Close Mossy Bank

2228- Traffic stop- warning issued

2330- Medical advisement

0003- Foot patrol – E Washington St

0100- Foot patrol- Liberty St

0228- Traffic stop- warning issued

0231- Verbal domestic dispute. Domestic Incident Report issued, parties separated. – May St


Bath Police Media Log 09-19-23

September 19 th , 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0726 – Walk Up. Subject asking if her son was in Bath PD holding cells. She was advised he
was not in the holding cells. – Liberty Street
0900 – Medical Advisement. – Geneva Street
0950 – Stolen license plate report. – Liberty Street
1010 – Medical Advisement. – Geneva Street
1016 – Assist Bath Ambulance with a female who appeared to be intoxicated by an unknown
narcotic. She was transported to the hospital by Bath Ambulance. – W William Street
1020 – Unattended Death. – Geneva Street
1120 – Medical advisement. – E Washington Street
1215 – Subway reporting that they were scammed out of $800 worth of gift cards. Investigation
pending. – W Washington Street
1425 – Medical Advisement. – Lackawanna Ave.
1428 – Follow up on a Criminal Mischief case. – Liberty Street
1435 – Brush fire. It was extinguished prior to Officers arrival. – W Morris Street
1505 – Foot Patrol. - Cameron Street
1732 – Foot Patrol. – Liberty Street
1808 – Harassment Complaint. – Liberty Street
1904 – Cassandra Stage arrested for Criminal Mischief. – Liberty Street
1955 – Foot Patrol. - Liberty Street
2021 – Domestic Dispute. All parties were separated and DIR issued on scene. – E William
2127 – Juvenile Complaint. A juvenile female did not return home. She was located and returned
home. – Cruger Street
2139 – Burglary report. It was found that the subject is a resident of the location. – Howell Street
2203 – Mental Health complaint. Subject was transported to the hospital on a mental health pick
up order. Haverling Street
2234 – Check Welfare. Subject was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. –
Campbell Street
2337 – Larceny at TOPS Market. The items were returned and TOPS declined to press charges. –
W Morris Street
0041 – Assist a Citizen. Caller was locked out of his residence by his girlfriend. Officers made
contact and he was let back in. – W William Street
0054 – Mossy Bank Park Closed. – Mossy Bank Park Road
0145 – Foot Patrol. – Wilson Ave

0308 – Foot Patrol. – Wilson Ave
0439 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street

Bath Police Media Log 09-17-23

September 17 th , 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0020 – Harassment Complaint – W Washington Street
0233 – A female was refusing to leave a residence without her slipper. Officer were able to
retrieve her slipper. She left the residence. – E William Street
0940 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – State Route 415
1035 – A male was reported to be walking around with a rifle, with a mask over his face. The
male was interviewed and the rifle was found to be a pellet gun. – E Steuben Street
1035 – Traffic Stop. Patrol cleared due to a pending call. – W Washington Street
1117 – Disturbance. – Howell Street
1133 – Lost dog located and turned over to the owners. – Liberty Street
1147 – Illegal Dumping report. –W Morris Street
1312 – Assist a citizen with information about orders of protection. – Liberty Street
1355 – Domestic Dispute. Parties were separated and the DIR was issued on scene. – Chestnut
1516 – Check Welfare. The subject was located and found to be in good health. – W Morris
1622 – Nicholas Harrison arrested for Criminal Mischief 3 rd . – Howell Street
1738 – Stolen license plate report. – Liberty Street
1937 – Assist a citizen. Lackawanna Ave.
2031 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – W Washington Street
2042 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Washington Street
2231 – Mossy Bank Park close. – Mossy Bank Park Road
2237 – Traffic Stop. Five UTT’s issued. – E Steuben Street
2334 – Check Welfare. – Geneva Street

Bath Police Media Log 09-16-23

September 16th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0803 – Report of a male driving operating a vehicle with a suspended license. Unable to locate – Geneva Street 

0833 – Check Welfare. Male was located and in good health. – E William Street 

0902 – Motor vehicle accident. No injuries. – E Morris Street 

0915 – Motor vehicle accident. No injuries. – E Morris Street

0927 – Assist a Citizen. – Liberty Street 

1018 – Joseph Smalt arrested on three warrants out of Bath PD. – Gansevoort Street 

1104 – Foot patrol. – E Morris Street 

1138 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street 

1330 – Traffic Stop. Two UTT’s issued. – W Washington Street 

1445 – Traffic Stop. David Hyde arrested for DWI. – Geneva Street 

1455 –Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – W Washington Street 

1533 – Samantha Thomas arrested for Obstruction of Governmental Administration and Resisting Arrest after she attempted to prevent Bath Ambulance from providing care for a patient. – Ash Street 

1627 – Report of a male flashing a gun. The male was located and the gun was found to be a toy. Investigation pending. – Buell Street 

1635 – A wallet was reported to be lost. – Liberty Street 

1720 – Check Welfare. The subject was found to be okay. – Geneva Street 

1905 – Report of a male driving without a license. – Vermont Street 

1915 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Liberty Street 

1926 – Lost property report. – W Morris Street 

1949 – Domestic Dispute. – Liberty Street 

2021 – Assist a Citizen. – Geneva Street 

2125 – Medical advisement. – Howell Street 

2148 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – E Morris Street 

2223 – Mossy Bank Park closed. – Mossy Bank Park Road 

2231 – Suspicious person report. – Howell Street 

2240 – Noise complaint. – Casey Lane 

2339 – Foot Patrol with K9 Bud. – Liberty Street


Bath Police Media Log 09-15-23

September 15th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0604- Caller reporting people are breaking into a vacant house. Officers checked the house and it was all locked and no signs of forced entry. – E. Morris St. 

0854- Foot patrol. – Liberty St. 

0941- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

0959- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St. 

1055- Follow up. – E. Morris St. 

1143- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – W. Morris St. 

1159- Tractor trailer hit cable wires. Utility company advised. – Howell St. 

1255- Assist mental health with a teenage they believed to be violent. Officers stood by while they met with him. – Liberty St.

1423- Caller had a female jump in front her vehicle and attempted to get inside. Officers were unable to locate the female. – W. Steuben St. 

1437- Attempting to locate a wanted subject. Unable to locate. –Delaware Ave. 

1454- Officers thought they observed an order of protection violation. Officers spoke with the protected party and she denied that any violation occurred. – Colonial Lawns. 

1506- Dale Comstock observed to have an open container. He took off from Officers on foot and was later arrested for Obstructing Governmental Admin. 2nd and local law open container. – Howell St. 

1555- Female left her jacket and phone in front of the Police Department. She responded back and was given her property. – Liberty St. 

1708- Caller observed an intoxicated male who stumbled onto a random person’s porch. Male was not located. – W. Washington St. 

1833- Upstairs neighbor reporting a disturbance downstairs. Unfounded. – W. Morris St. 

1852- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St.

1933- Caller upset because a female was filming him walking. Unfounded. – W. William St. 

2123- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Liberty St. 

2133- Verbal domestic dispute. DIR issued on scene. – E. Morris St. 

2217- Closed Mossy Bank Park

2358- Landlord/tenant dispute. Landlord left prior to Police arrival. – Vermont St.

0019- Caller reporting his girlfriend was upset and wanted Police to talk to her. – W. William St. 

0105- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St.

0126- Field interview with a male. – E. William St. 

0134- Foot patrol. – Exchange Alley

0141- Assist citizen who is locked out of his residence. – Howell St.


Bath Police Media Log 09-14-2023

September 14th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0801- Juvenile refusing to go to school. Officers convinced him to go to school. – W. William St. 

1104- Caller’s bicycle was stolen. Refused prosecution. – Howell St. 

1128- Caller advising a female took his belongings. She did not have his belongings. – W. William St. 

1222- Traffic stop. Warning only. – E. Morris St. 

1255- Subject refusing to leave the Budget Inn. He left without issue. – W. Morris St. 

1319- Caller’s friend’s bike was stolen from the sidewalk. Victim never provided information to Officers. – W. Steuben St. 

1329- Motor vehicle accident. No injuries, accident report completed. – W. Pulteney Sq. 

1331- Jonathan Kulyeshie observed to be walking with a protected party of an order of protection. Kulyeshie arrested for criminal contempt 2nd. He was transported to the jail for arraignment and later released. 

1415- Caller requesting a peacekeeper. Officers stood by until they were all set. – Maine St.

1434- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St.

1619- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

1643- Low hanging wires on the road. Utility company advised. - Gansevoort St. 

1649- Caller lent a cart to a friend and the friend has not returned it. Advised it was a civil matter. – W. Morris St. 

1712- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Steuben St. 

1730- Caller needs her key back from neighbor. Neighbor would not answer door. – Lackawanna Ave. 

1826- Officers stood by while subjects did a peacekeeper. – Geneva St. 

1907- Caller sees an open door at the old Bath Packing. Officers cleared the building and no one was inside. – W. Morris St. 

2005- Caller believes his wallet was stolen. He called back later and it was found. – E. Morris St. 

2032- Follow up to a larceny report. – May St. 

2048- Caller inquiring if Bath knew who towed her vehicle. She was advised. – Buell St. 

2053- Assist NYSP with a disturbance. – Spaulding Dr. 

2248- Caller now wants to press charges in regards to a larceny complaint filed earlier. He was advised to follow up with investigating Officer on Monday. – Howell St. 

2316- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – Lackawanna Ave. 

0059- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Dogwood St. 

0117- Report of gun shots heard. Determined to be fireworks. – Pine St. 

0127- Bicycle stop. Warning issued. – Pulteney Sq. 

0306- Check the welfare per CPS. No one was home. – Buell St.

0325- Caller requesting a check around her house. Nothing suspicious found. – Lackawanna Ave. 

0547- Foot patrol. – Liberty St.  

Bath Police Media Log 09-13-23

September 13th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0530 – Foot Patrol – Liberty Street 

0620 – Assist Schuyler County with a runaway juvenile. The juvenile was located and turned over. – Rumsey Street 

0809 – Erratic driver. Unable to locate. – W Morris Street    

0919 – Assist Bath Ambulance and SCSO. A female fell and hit her head, causing injury. – E Pulteney Square 

0947 – Harassment complaint – Buell Street 

1232 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Washington Street 

1258 – Traffic Stop. Officer cleared due to an in progress call. – W Morris Street 

1305 – Dalton Seager arrested on a Warrant. – Liberty Street 

1305 – Harassment complaint – Pine Street 

1337 – Harassment complaint – Buell Street 

1425 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – E Morris Street 

1535 – Trespass. Suspect was gone prior to Officers arrival. – W William Street 

1707 – Animal complaint. Dogs reported to be left outside without food and water. Officers checked on the dogs and they appeared to be in good health. – E Morris Street 

1709 – Noise complaint – W Washington Street 

1719 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street 

1730 – Report of fraudulent charges. – E Morris Street 

1902 – Assist CPS. – Liberty Street

2003 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street 

2007 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street 

2112 – Dawn M. Jones arrested for Endangering the Welfare of a Child. – Cruger Street 

2338 – Mossy Bank Park closed. – Mossy Bank Park Road


Bath Police Media Log 09-12-23

September 12th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0416 – Foot Patrol. Pulteney Park. – Pulteney Park

0417 – Foot Patrol. Liberty Street. – Liberty Street

0736 – Found property. - Liberty Street 

0807 – Suspicious Situation. Unknown electronic device found in the caller’s mailbox. The property was collected. – W Steuben Street 

0807 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W Morris Street 

0828 – Parking complaint. – W Morris Street 

0940 – Foot Patrol. Cameron Street Bridge. – Cameron Street

1035 – Assist Other Agency. A Stolen vehicle out of North Carolina was located and seized. – Wilson Ave 

1208 – Assist SCSO with locating a vehicle that was involved in a hit and run. – E Morris Street 

1507 – Dog at large. The dog was returned to the owner. – Cruger Street 

1611 – Local law ticket issued for riding a skateboard on the side walk. – Liberty Street 

1635 – Domestic Dispute. Both parties were separated and a DIR was completed. – W Washington Street 

1709 – Domestic Dispute. Both parties were separated and a DIR was completed. – Delaware Ave 

1858 – Reported theft of services. It was found to be a civil issue. – E William Street 

1939 – Property complaint. Found to be a civil issue. – Liberty Street 

2007 – Property retrieval. – Geneva Street 

2017 – Foot Patrol. – Delaware Ave 

2228 – Closed Mossy Bank Park. – Mossy Bank Park Road

2233 – Assist Schuyler County with locating a missing juvenile. Negative results. – Club View Drive 

2307 – Foot Patrol. Suspicious person interviewed. – W Washington Street 

2340 – Assist Schuyler County with locating a missing juvenile. Negative results. – Club View Drive


Bath Police Media Log 09-11-23

September 11th, 2023 Bath PD Media Log

0638 – Missing juvenile report. The child returned home. – May Street 

0644 – Caller looking for information on a missing person. – W William Street

0833 – Check Welfare. Subject was found at the hospital. – W William Street 

0839 – Check Welfare. Subject was located and okay. – Denwood Terrace 

1117 – Officers assisted a citizen retrieve property. – Casey Lane

1127 – A brown wallet was found in the Save-A-Lot parking lot. – W Morris Street 

1335 – Traffic Stop. One UTT Issued – W Morris Street 

1350 – Traffic Stop. One UTT Issued – Kellar Street 

1612 – Assist other agency with locating a vehicle. Unable to locate. – State Route 415

1900 – Traffic Stop. Warning. – W Morris Street 

1908 – James J. Heft arrested on a probation violation warrant. – W Morris Street 

1952 – Assist a citizen. – W Morris Street 

2234 – Mossy Bank Park Closed. – Mossy Bank Park Rd

0014 – Noise complaint. – Water Street 

0027 – Foot patrol – Wilkes Ave

0037 – Foot patrol – W William Street 

0416 – Foot patrol – Pulteney Park   


Bath Police Media Log 09-10-2023

September 10th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0833- Caller has questions about an order of protection and family court matters. – Liberty St. 

0904- Missing person located. – Fairview Dr. 

0932- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

0942- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – E. Steuben St. 

1055- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

1131- Subject out with a malnourished dog. He advised he just got it and is trying to get it healthy. Inv. Pending. – W. William St. 

1152- Assist someone whose key got stuck in the door to an apartment. – W. Washington St. 

1157- Foot patrol. Youth football game.- Ellas Ave. 

1227- Landlord reporting subjects are repeatedly dumping trash in his dumpsters. – Geneva St. 

1233- Two males performing a lewd act in the park. Witness did not wish to provide a statement. Subjects released with warnings. – Mossy Bank Park

1310- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Pine St. 

1345- Homeless male behind Tops with a shopping cart full of garbage. Subject advised to return the cart and dispose of his garbage. – W. Morris St. 

1357- Assist NYSP with two missing juveniles. – Sandpit Rd. 

1424- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – E. Morris St. 

1534- Homeless male from earlier given a trespass notice from Tops. – W. Morris St. 

1628- Caller reporting she is in Mossy Bank Park with her baby and saw a couple in the back seat of a truck performing sexual acts. Terry Long and Tisha Campbell arrested for public lewdness. Both issued appearance tickets. - Mossy Bank Park

1738- Caller requesting welfare checked on his son. Welfare was checked and everything was good. – May St. 

1931- Caller locked out of her house. Officers arrived on scene but had to leave due to a priority call incoming. – Lackawanna Ave. 

1933- Caller reporting a female requesting someone to call 911 because a male just attempted to rape her. After investigation, the male, Benjamin Vanzile was arrested for unlawful imprisonment 2nd and forcible touching. He was processed and transported to the jail for arraignment. – W. Morris St.  

2046- Traffic lights not working. Officers did not respond due to being on an arrest. – W. Washington St. 

2225- Caller reporting her sister is missing. – W. William St. 

2309- Caller wondering why his father was arrested. -  W. Morris St.

2323- Closed Mossy Bank Park 

0015- Caller requesting the welfare checked on a female. Female not located. – W. William St.


Bath Police Media Log 09-09-2023

September 9th, Media Log

1004- Caller requesting peacekeeper. Assistance not rendered due to caller having no permission to take possession of the property. – W Morris St

1015- Report of severe MVA. Determined to be a phone dropped out of a car that triggered an automatic accident alert to 911. – Haverling St

1017- Domestic in progress. Female subject refusing to leave residence. Female was removed from the property. Domestic Incident Report was issued to victim. – May St

1042- Unattended death investigation. Nothing suspicious. – Geneva St

1045- Caller at Bath PD to follow up on ongoing case. 

1158- Disabled vehicle blocking traffic. Vehicle towed. – W Washington St

1220-Caller has questions about the cemetery. – Rumsey St

1259- Caller just calling to chat with officers and see how officers were doing. – Lackawanna Ave

1309- Bicycle stop- person interviewed. 

1326- Arrest of juvenile suspect from ongoing case. Juvenile was released on an appearance ticket due in Family Court at a later date.

1414- Caller has questions about property

1539- Follow up to death investigation

1645- Missing person report filed. After extensive investigation, the subject returned home on 09/10/2023 and advised that he was not in any danger. – Fairview Dr

1902- Caller reporting a disturbance down the street. Two subjects were having a loud conversation. – W William St

1918- Medical advisement

1936- Caller reporting an issue with the cashier at a store. Misunderstanding, situation resolved. – W Morris St

2011- Traffic stop- warning issued

2030- Subject turning over found keys

2114- Open line. Officers spoke to multiple individuals in the area and were unable to locate the source of the call- Buell St

2127-Alfred State Public Safety reaching out regarding the missing person investigation.

2159- Mossy Bank Park closed

2218- Traffic stop- warning issued

2356- Caller reporting juvenile ran away. Juvenile located and returned home. – Haverling St

0011- Follow up to missing person investigation.

0020- Female took pills to overdose. Transported to hospital. – W William St

0024- Caller reporting loud footsteps in hallway. Then called back and reported it was his neighbor. – W Washington St

0031- TOT NYSP due to being on a call. – Water St

0131- Caller requesting phone call but did not answer on call back. – Delaware Ave

0137-Follow up to runaway juvenile

0157- Follow up to runaway juvenile

0549- Car horn going off in area. Unable to locate. – Pulteney Sq


Bath Police Media Log 09-07-2023

September 7th, Media Log

0713- Caller requesting an ambulance for a mental health crisis. Subject transported. – W Morris 


0727- Foot patrol of Liberty St

0935- Caller following up on previous complaint. – W Morris St

1045- Foot patrol at dog park- Haverling St

1048- One car MVA. Accident report completed. -  W Washington St

1055- Caller reporting a disturbance. Officers unable to locate second party for interview. – W 

Morris St

1127- Anonymous tip that poles were taken from a yard on E Washington St. 

1131- Caller reports a female locked him out of his house. Female was advised to leave the home 

as she was no longer welcome, and left without incident. – W Steuben St

1223- Caller reporting he was drugged with laced marijuana and was transported to the hospital 

by ambulance. – E William St

1247- Check the welfare of male, negative contact. – Maple Heights

1319- Subject causing a disturbance. Subject placed in custody for MHL 9.41 and transported to 

hospital for mental health treatment. – E Morris St

1520- Possible stolen laptop from Haverling School, laptop retrieved, investigation ongoing. – W 

Morris St

1632- Caller asking if lost property had been turned in. - W Morris St

1857- Caller has questions about things he found in a dumpster. – Liberty St

1916- Subject at PD to retrieve property

2122- Caller needs help finding his belongings. Officers were not able to locate his belongings 

for him. – Liberty St

2159- Caller reporting there is someone outside her door. Officers checked the area and did not 

locate anything suspicious. – Geneva St

2216- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

2338- Officers attempted to stop Dale Comstock, age 40, of Bath, for an active NYSP arrest 

warrant. Comstock fled from officers and was eventually taken into custody. Comstock was arrested and processed for one count of Obstructing Governmental Administration in the second degree, given an appearance ticket, and turned over to NYSP on their warrant. – E William St

0204- Medical advisement

0310- Caller concerned someone may have been in her apartment because the door was left 

unlocked. Officers checked the apartment. – Water St

0346- Male stumbling in the middle of Liberty St. Male stated he was waiting for a ride and was 

all set. Male advised to wait on the sidewalk. – Liberty St

0418- Traffic stop- warning issued

0456- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued


Bath Police Media Log 09-08-2023

September 8th, Media Log

0651- Check welfare of male laying on the sidewalk. Male advises he is just resting. – Robie St

0747- Medical advisement

0854- Report of a dog coming into neighbor’s lawn. Turned over to DCO. – W Morris St

0940- Caller reporting he lost his phone somewhere between Bath and Corning. 

0945- Follow up to ongoing investigation

1025- Caller reporting a landlord/tenant issue. Caller was referred to eviction court. – Campbell 


1045- Follow up in regards to ongoing investigation

1137- DCO reporting he is attempting to serve dog tickets on an unruly subject. Assistance 

rendered. – W Morris St

1322- Caller reporting the door to the house has been kicked in sometime within the last two 

days and items are moved around. No suspects. Report only. Extra patrols requested. – E Morris St

1339- Walk in complaint requesting his duffel bag be tested for narcotics. Subject advised that 

we cannot do that. 

1405- Caller has questions about getting a car out of impound

1409- Caller reporting an issue with a parent at day care to have it on file. – E Morris St

1601- Caller reporting a male is chatting a suicide hotline threatening suicide. Male located and 

transported to the hospital via ambulance. – W Morris St

1617- NYSP unit on a traffic stop requesting back up. Cancelled prior to arrival. 

1634- Medical advisement

1659- Caller reporting that her neighbor told her he saw someone go on her porch. Report only. – 

W William St

1721- Accidental card

1726- Check the welfare of female, female advised she was all set. – Lackawanna ave

1727- Caller has questions about getting a car out of impound

1729- Fix it ticket

1742- Parties unable to agree on a custody exchange. Parties referred to family court. – W Morris 


1811- Cashier at Valu Home Center had a customer ask if products he was purchasing would 

cover the smell of a dead body in the basement. Identity of the suspect was determined. SCSO units responded to the suspect’s residence outside of the village, checked the residence, and did not locate anything suspicious. Suspect advised it was a joke, and he was advised to stop making jokes like that. 

1825- Caller reporting she is receiving harassing texts. 


1850- Report of people fist fighting in the lawn. Michael Lennon, age 39, of Bath and Dawn 

Jones, age 46, of Bath, were both arrested for one count of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, a Class A Misdemeanor. It is alleged that Dawn and Michael were in a physical altercation, during which, they both were yelling for a 16 year old child to join the physical altercation and continued the altercation when the child joined. Both were processed and released on appearance tickets. – Pine St

1928- Found property turned in.

1935- Caller reporting a male trespassing in the home. It was determined that the male was a 

resident of the home. – Wilson Ave

2141- Bike patrol observed a broken vehicle window. Owner of vehicle advised they were aware 

it was broken. – E William St

2255- Report of a male throwing rocks through the windows of a residence. When the male was 

confronted by the homeowners, he threw rocks at them, hitting a child in the back of the head. He then yelled at a child and advised the child to come fight him. Michael Lennon, age 39, of Bath, was arrested and charged with two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, one count of Assault in the second degree, and one count of Criminal Mischief in the third degree. Lennon was processed and transported to SCJ for arraignment where an order of protection for all parties was requested. – Pine St

0016- Caller reporting someone is banging on his door. Determined to be a resident. – W Morris 


0029- Caller reporting loud music and yelling from the residence. Subjects interviewed, advised 

they were all set, and asked to turn the music down. – W Steuben St

0219- Female reporting that a male hit her. Video footage revealed that the female caused her 

own injury to herself. Domestic incident report issued and parties advised to separate. – W Morris St

0327- Caller requesting assistance getting a pillow and blanket from the room her boyfriend is in. 

–W Morris St

0407- Caller reporting she found her cat outside. – Lackawanna Ave


Bath Police Media Log 09-05-23

September 5th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0719- Caller wants to turn in a wallet. Upon arrival, subject was not there. – Liberty St. 

0743- Follow up in regards to a female subject possibly being held in a basement against her will. Officers checked the basement with negative results. Unfounded complaint, called by a third party. – W. Morris St. 

0800- Caller reporting a male with a suspended license was driving to liquor store. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. – Geneva St. 

0816- Check the welfare on a subject sleeping in his car. Subject was all set. – W. Washington St. 

0924- Caller’s landlord shut off his electric. Landlord responded and turned it back on. – Campbell St. 

0946- Police alarm at church. No issues. – W. Washington St. 

1138- Caller found a stuffed animal with a knife through it. Possible landlord/ tenant dispute. Investigation ongoing. – W. Morris St. 

1202- Caller reporting packages stolen from his porch. No cameras and no suspects. – W. Morris St.  

1232- Possible electrical fire. Fire dept. reporting nothing showing. – Liberty St. 

1308- Follow up investigation. – Liberty St. 

1352- Assist codes enforcement. – E. Morris St. 

1535- Information on a subject who drives intoxicated 2-3 times a day. – Chestnut St. 

1544- Caller wants to speak to Officers in regards to getting a rock thrown at him on Sunday. – Buell St. 

1610- DSS worker requesting to speak with Officer for an ongoing case. – Liberty St.

1611- Fraud investigation involving members of a bank being impersonated. – Wilson Ave. 

1627- Subject wants to know how to retrieve his property after he got arrested. – Liberty St. 

1644- Caller wants a peacekeeper to retrieve his belongings. Caller never showed up. – W. Washington St. 

1738- Caller wants to know if she can retrieve property from her deceased husband’s home. – Manor Village.

1743- Caller wants to know if her son has a warrant. –Belfast St. 

1752- Subject at Bath PD retrieving his vehicle from a previous arrest. – Liberty St.

1808- Caller reporting her juvenile daughter got angry and tried to damage the door due to the mother not allowing her to go to a school event. No damage actually occurred. – Casey Ln. 

1851- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – W. Washington St. 

1918- Domestic dispute. Parties separated and DIR completed. – Warden St. 

1934- Check the welfare on the caller’s mother. Mother was found to be impatient at the hospital. Caller notified of findings. – Geneva St. 

1943- Domestic dispute. DIR completed. – E. Steuben St. 

2134- Customers being unruly. Advised to not go back to the store. – W. Morris St. 

2304- Mossy Bank closed. 

2317- Disturbance. Subject broke a window to get inside his residence as it was locked. – Warden St. 

0008- Alarm at Kwik Fill. Suspects left scene prior to Officer Arrival. 

0352- Cones in the roadway. Moved without issue. – W. Washington St. 

0437- Caller reporting a male is harassing him. – W. Morris St.


Bath Police Media Log 9-4-23

September 4th Media Log

0946- Report of dog left in vehicle. Gone prior to arrival. – W Morris St

1001- Traffic stop- warning issued

1012-Traffic stop-1 UTT issued

1024- Traffic stop- warning issued

1028-Traffic stop- warning issued

1036-Traffic stop-warning issued

1037-Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1055- Caller reporting someone picked up her air pods that she accidentally drops. Subject ended up 

returning the air pods to where he found them. – Gansevoort St

1110- Caller reporting that her grandson stole money from her. Investigation ongoing. – Liberty St

1226- Traffic stop- warning issued

1321- Medical advisement

1327- Caller reporting someone used her food stamps but she does not know who. Caller was advised to 

speak with a DSS investigator to file a report with them. 

1516- Medical advisement

1518- Two car MVA. No damage, no injuries. Accident exchange form issued. – Campbell St

1540- Caller reporting that her juvenile son kicked in the door to the home after becoming angry with her. 

Domestic incident report completed and issued. Situation resolved. – Geneva St

1623- Traffic stop-1 UTT issued

1751- Caller reporting she is receiving unwanted text messages. Caller was advised to block the number. 

Officers spoke with other party and advised her to cease the contact. – W Morris St

1845- Complainant reporting that the neighbor’s dog often comes onto their property in the middle of the 

night. Complainant was concerned for the dog because their dogs may not be friendly if it continues to approach their property. Owner of the dog was advised. – E Washington St

1902- Caller reporting lost driver’s license. DMV form issued. – Liberty St

2053- Foot patrol of Pulteney Park

2102- Traffic stop- warning issued

2106- Bicycle stop- warning issued

2121- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

2123- Check the welfare of female walking with two males. Subject was just stopped by officers during 

the bicycle stop and did not require any assistance. Caller advised. – E Morris St

2133- Officers observed a male acting strange around church grounds. Male was asked to avoid going 

on church grounds at night time. – Liberty St

2217- Caller reporting several hypodermic needles outside his residence. Needles collected and safely 

disposed of. – Wilson Ave

2236- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

2240- Field interview of three juveniles at the skate park. – E Morris St

2317- Bicycle stop- warning issued

2322- Foot patrol of E Morris St, field interview of one male.

0106- Subject at call box, gone upon arrival.

0144- Subject at call box wishing to provide info to officers.

0157- Officer observed open door to building. Officer cleared building and notified property owner. – E 

William St

0220- Medical advisement

0259- Caller reporting that there were people following him. Patrol checked area. Unfounded. – W Morris 


0556- Medical advisement


Bath Police Media Log 9-3-23


September 3rd Media Log

 0944- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1000- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1012- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1210- Caller requesting extra patrols – Liberty St

1215- Foot patrol with K9 Bud – E Morris St

1233- Check the welfare of resident, subject stated she was all set. – W Morris St

1302- Resident found a loose dog. Turned over to owner prior to DCO arrival. – W Washington St

1326- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1328- Medical advisement

1332- Medical advisement

1421- Subpoena service

1701- Subject caught dumpster diving and advised to cease the activity. – Liberty St

1826- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1834- Traffic stop- warning issued

1837- Traffic stop warning issued

1854- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1858- Traffic stop- warning issued

1905- Caller reporting someone threw a rock at him. No suspects at this time.  – Buell St

1944- Check the welfare of male laying down in a parking lot. Male advised he was all set and was just 

waiting for a ride. – W Morris St

2001- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

2021- Caller reporting a chemical odor coming from an upstairs apartment. Unfounded. – W William St

2041- Traffic stop- warning issued

2045- Verbal disturbance between roommates, parties advised to separate. – Campbell St

2114- Interview subject regarding thrown rock case. – Liberty St

2121- Verbal altercation. Parties separated. – Howell St

2131- Bicycle stop, 1 UTT issued

2150- Caller reporting a cat left in an apartment. Tenant responded and checked the welfare of the cat and 

advised that the cat had food and water. – Maine St

2151- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

2227- Traffic stop- warning issued

2230- Medical advisement

2321- Medical advisement

0026- Subject causing a disturbance with the neighbors. Parties separated. – W William St

0355- Foot patrol of Liberty St


Bath Police Media Log 9-2-23

September 2nd, 2023, Bath PD Media Log

0804- Caller reporting her flowers were all damaged during the night. Wanted to file a report. Officers were unable to locate a suspect. – Fairview Dr. 

0822- Assist Bath Fire with an uncontrolled fire. Fire was put out by Bath Fire. – Purdy St.

0957- Subject involved in an accident yesterday and has questions. Accident was handled by NYSP. He was advised to call them. – Liberty St. 

1112- Female wants to report she got home and things were out of place. – Liberty St. 

1116- Caller concerned that neighbor is not answering his door. Officers checked and the subject was just not home. – Geneva St. 

1214- Report of a domestic between a female and her adult son the previous night. DIR completed on scene. – Geneva St. 

1230- Assist Bath Ambulance with a 40 y/o male on parole who was disoriented and possibly under the influence of methamphetamine. Male had a large laceration to his rib cage. He advised he fell. He was transported to IDM by Bath Ambulance. – W. Washington St.  

1245- Officers observed William Margeson on a bicycle. He is wanted by the SCSO for violation of probation. He was taken into custody by Bath PD and turned over to the SCSO. – W. Washington St. 

1412- Assist SCSO with blocking traffic for a motorcycle benefit ride going through the Village. – W. Washington St. / Geneva St. 

1647- Elderly male asking for a ride back home. Given a courtesy transport and turned over to his wife. – Liberty St. 

1715- Caller concerned about elderly lady who drove to Tops. Caller advised the lady could barely walk and should not be driving. Officers were unable to locate the lady and had to break due to other calls pending. – W. Morris St. 

1842- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

1844- Traffic stop. Two UTT’s issued. – W. Washington St. 

1856- Two car motor vehicle accident. Accident report complete. – W. William St. 

1949- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Liberty St. 

2004- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

2011- Field interview with a female who was walking out of a suspicious situation. – Robie St. 

2012- Caller looking for assistance with locating property that her husband had while he was involved in a MVA the previous day. MVA was handled outside the Village and Officers advised her to contact NYSP. – Liberty St. 

2024- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Cook St. 

2042- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – E. Steuben St. 

2043- Caller advising another tenant is harassing her by telling her to not block a door way. She was advised it was not harassment. Officers spoke with both parties and advised them to cease contact. – Liberty St. 

2054- Walk in complaint. Complainant advising they want to report property lost. – Liberty St.

2057- Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Mountainview Rd. W. 

2103- Caller wondering why Bath PD was looking for him. He was advised they were not – Liberty St.  

2117- Traffic stop. 1 UTT issued. – W. Morris St. 

2154. Erratic driver. Unable to locate. – May St. 

2155- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – I-86 

2208- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St. 

2216- Mossy bank park closed. 

2229- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – I-86

2249- Foot patrol. Pulteney Sq. Park 

2324- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Mcmaster St. 

2330- Traffic stop. Thomas Hall arrested for DWI, CPW 3rd. He was processed and transported to SCJ. – Allen St. 

0141- Caller reporting someone is trying to gain entry into residence. Unfounded. – Buell St. 

0210- Foot patrol. – Pulteney Sq. Park 

0300- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – SR 54

0310- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Cameron St. 

0402- Ithaca PD advising they are out with a Joseph Thompson who has active warrants through Bath PD. Ithaca PD met Bath PD in Watkins Glen to give Bath PD custody of Thompson. Thompson was also charged with Bail Jumping 3rd. He was taken to SCJ for arraignment. – Ithaca

Bath Police Media Log

0814- Follow up in regards to a complaint already on file. – Liberty St.

0815- Complainant wants Officers to know his neighbor is driving without a license and is probably under the influence. – Geneva St. 

1013- Caller wants a subject on a mini bike checked near Tops. Upon arrival, Officers could not locate anyone on a mini bike. – W. Morris St. 

1053- Foot patrol. – Pulteney Sq. 

1120- Check welfare of a male standing in a field for a long period of time. Officers approached the male and he advised he had been there all night and appeared to be having a heat stroke. The male was transported to the hospital by ambulance. – W. Morris St. 

1311- Child accidentally locked inside a vehicle. Officers were able to enter the vehicle. – Pulteney Sq. 

1316- Caller lost a wallet, asking for a call if returned. – Liberty St. 

1406- Caller requesting a welfare check on a male. Officers were unable to make contact with him. – Belfast St. 

1508- Complainant wants to file a harassment report on her neighbor. Report on file. – Delaware Ave. 

1554- Medical, CPR in progress. Subject transported to the hospital. – Gansevoort St. 

1655- Bus driver reporting that a subject on a bicycle fell while the bus driver was attempting to make a turn. No injuries just wanted it on file. – W. Steuben St./ Howell St. 

1714- Caller wants to report a fraud case involving his girlfriend. – Warden St. 

1816- Found phone at the gazebo in the park. – Pulteney Sq. 

2005- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – Liberty St. 

2015-Walk up complaint about subject’s son not returning home after school. Child was located by law enforcement and turned over to his father. – Liberty St. 

2100- Juvenile calling with questions on what age they can leave home without parents’ consent. She was advised. – Haverling St. 

2308- Hotel staff wants welfare checked on a suspicious male in the lobby. He was asked to leave and he left without incident. – W. Morris St. 

2320- Closed Mossy Bank park.

0009- Caller reporting her husband let a bug bomb off in the house and now she is having a difficult time breathing. Turned over to EMS. – Warden St. 

0009- Police alarm- W. Morris St. 

0047- Caller is overdosing on heroin. He gave himself 4 doses of Narcan. He was transported to the hospital. – W. Washington St. 

0508- Traffic stop. 3 UTT’s issued. – Geneva St.


Bath Police Media Log 9-1-23


September 1st, 2023, Bath PD Media Log

0718- Foot patrol- Liberty St. 

0737- Caller attempted to pay for corn at the corn stand, however the cash box was not there. She advised she would respond back later and pay. – Bath Plaza 

0939- Motor vehicle accident. Car vs. bicyclist. Accident report completed, no injuries. – Liberty St. 

0947- Caller advised he is being cyberstalked. Was advised to block the number. – Cruger St. 

1120- Foot patrol with K9 Bud. – Dog Park 

1234- Caller wants to file a harassment report over facebook messages. Caller now lives in Ohio and is upset people are talking negatively about him on facebook. – Liberty St.

1237- Male with a red flannel shirt is trespassing in backyards. Suspect located and advised to stay on his own property. – W. Morris St. 

1403- Warrant check. Unable to locate. – Belfast St. 

1457- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St. m

1519- Caller concerned about a male living in a gazebo. Officers arrived and there were no signs anyone was living there. – Geneva St. 

1709- Caller checking the status of an order of protection. – Liberty St. 

1738- A Juvenile is breaking things in the house and threatening to run away. Juvenile was spoken to by Officers and advised of consequences. – E. Washington St. 

1907- Subjects have set up camp behind a residence. Officers arrived on scene and the subjects packed their belongings and left without issue. – Cameron St. 

1956- Male subject laying in the middle of the street. Subject given a transport back to his residence outside of the village. – Rumsey St.  

2030- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Haverling St. 

2042- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – E. Morris St. 

2101- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Gansevoort St.

2102- Intoxicated male outside of the one stop mini mart. – Liberty St. 

2226- Closed Mossy Bank Park 

2126- Traffic stop. Operator Adam Potter was arrested for DWAI drugs. – Geneva St. 

0037- Disturbance between two males. Mutual combat between the two. Report on file. – Liberty St.

0047- Caller reporting he got bitten by a dog, determined later to actually be a stab wound. The caller did not wish to cooperate with the Police. – W. Morris St. 

0140- Intoxicated subject trespassing at a business. He advised he lived outside of the Village. He was given a courtesy transport home. – Liberty St. 

0156- Caller worried about a male passed out under a tree. Officers located the male and he was advised to move along. – W. Morris St. 

0519- Female screaming upstairs. Female has MHL history. Female was spoken to and was all set. – Liberty St. 

0532- Police alarm at the SPCA. No signs of criminal activity. – Cameron St. 


Bath Police media Log 8-31-23

August 31st, 2023, Bath PD Media Log

1106- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – I-86 

1117- Caller reporting a disturbance between a male and a female. Neither parties were located. - W. Morris St. 

1135- Third party caller advising that a subject threatened another subject with a knife. Unfounded. – Buell St.  

1238- Follow up investigation. – W. Morris St. 

1240- Caller reports a suspicious female near the house. Female located and it was a Liberty Ferris. Liberty had an active superior court warrant for her arrest. She was placed into custody and turned over to the SCSO. – Chestnut St. 

1302- Follow up regarding a landlord/ tenant complaint. – W. Morris St.

1434- Peacekeeper. Individual retrieved her property without incident. – Denwood Terrace. 

1624- Corning PD asking for assistance with a stolen vehicle out of Corning. Bath PD provided them with information. – Liberty St. 

1833- Report someone is trespassing on the caller’s property with a knife. The suspect, Sean French found to be in possession of methamphetamine. He was arrested for CPCS 7th and was issued an appearance ticket. – W. William St. 

1835- Staff at a housing facility advised Bath PD about a subject that will be living there for a while. – Haverling St. 

1945- Female found a wallet on the ground. Turned over to the PD. – Liberty St. 

2022- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – Water St. 

2047- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – Bath Plaza

2059- Traffic stop. 2 UTT’s issued. – Hubbell St. 

2110- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – E. William St. 

2126- Domestic dispute. Male threw a chair at the female and injured her. Male half, Robert Freeman arrested for Assault 2nd. He was processed and then transported to the jail to wait for arraignment. – Chestnut St. 

2209- Fire inside of an apartment. – W. Morris St. 

0006- Mossy Bank closed. 



Bath Police Media Log 8-30-23

August 30th Media Log

0628- Caller requesting a male be removed from the property that has been loitering out front for several 

hours. Subject removed without issue. – W Morris St

0741- Medical advisement

0850- Report of male with no shirt on yelling on the sidewalk. Subject interviewed and advised to cease 

this activity. – Geneva St

1012- Attempt to speak with subject about property. – SR 415

1036- Found property turned into PD

1042- Medical advisement

1049- Anonymous tip that a resident released their cats outside. Investigation ongoing. – W William St

1052- Follow up in regards to ongoing investigation

1110- Anonymous tip regarding a threat between roommates. – Investigation ongoing. – W Morris St

1111- Follow up in regards to ongoing investigation. 

1305- Report of a physical domestic in progress. Domestic Incident Report completed and issued. Taylor 

S. Parsons, age 31, of Bath was arrested for Criminal Trespass in the 2nd Degree, Harassment 2nd and Criminal Mischief in the 4th Degree. Parsons was processed and transported to the Steuben County Jail to await CAP arraignment. – E Morris St

1543- Officer observed a running and occupied vehicle parked across two parking spots. Upon interview 

of the driver and following an investigation, the driver was determined to be impaired by drugs and was placed under arrest. Eric M. Manners, age 60, of Dansville, was charged with a double parked violation and one count of Driving while Ability Impaired by Drugs. Manners was processed and released on an appearance ticket, due in Bath Village Court at a later date. – Liberty St

1803- Report of a hit and run MVA. Accident exchange form issued. – Maple Heights

1855- Report of a juvenile hitting another juvenile in the face at the playground. The juvenile was turned 

over to his parents. Investigation ongoing and awaiting medical results. – Maple Heights

2002- Caller reporting disturbance on the 3rd floor. Subject interviewed, advised she did not require 

assistance, and was advised to keep the noise down. – Liberty St

2022- Patrol could hear a female yelling and made contact with her and requested she quiet down. – 

Liberty St

2035- Report of a hit and run MVA. Officers patrolled the area and were unable to locate the suspect 

vehicle. Accident report completed on scene. – E Washington St

2046-Traffic stop due to possibly in relation to the hit and run report. Determined vehicle was not 


2217- Patrol and Close Mossy Bank Park

2333- Caller stating someone on a bicycle came up on her porch and looked into her windows. Caller did 

not want to pursue charges and advised that she just wanted a report. – Gansevoort St

2335- Caller stating there are three young kids running around the neighborhood ringing doorbells and 

going in backyards. Patrol spoke to two children who were turned over to their parent. – Mountview Rd E. 

0018- Caller reporting that her ex-boyfriend was calling her names. Patrol checked the area and did not 

locate the male she was reporting. – Howell St

0317-Caller reporting that there is a female in someone’s backyard. Female located and provided a 

courtesy transport home. – W Washington St

0482- Medical advisement

0526- Foot patrol of Liberty Street.


Bath Police Log 8-29-23

August 29th Media Log

0834- Foot patrol – Liberty St

0941- Report of male walking down the street with an air gun. Unable to locate. – W Steuben St

1048- Foot patrol of Pulteney Park

1053- Caller reporting subjects trespassing on the property. It was determined that the subjects were guests of the upstairs tenant. – W William St

1306- Medical advisement

1314- Medical advisement

1336- Traffic stop- warning issued

1337- Citizen turned over found keys. 

1405- Assist NYSP with a one car MVA and subsequent arrest. – Culver Creek Rd

1412- Sex offender address verification- address change, turned over to Wayland PD.

1928-Report of a male laying on the sidewalk. Gone prior to arrival. – Liberty St

2006- Medical advisement

2032- Medical call- subject took too many pain pills, transported to the hospital by Bath Ambulance. – W Morris St

2040- Follow up to complaint – W William St

2041- Report of a subject stabbing a tree with a knife. Officers located the knife in the tree and interviewed the suspect who advised that he left the knife in the tree because he did not want it anymore. – Howell St

2121- Interview subject in regards to ongoing investigation. – Geneva St

2139- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

2143- Caller reporting unwanted guest in her home. Subject provided courtesy transport elsewhere. – E Morris St

2151- Caller following up on previous complaint. – Water St

2315- Caller reporting a male trespassing, caller declined prosecution. – W Morris St

0003- Foot patrol – Liberty St

0008- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

0457- Medical advisement.


Bath Police Media Log 8-28-23

August 28th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0713- Foot patrol. – Liberty St. 

0736- Assist EMS with getting inside a residence. EMS was already inside once Officers got on scene. – Gratton Dr. 

0824- Domestic dispute between a male and a female. DIR issued on scene and parties separated. – Denwood Terrace

0848- Ira Davenport calling in regards to an incident that happened the previous shift. – SR 54 

0947- Follow up at the DA’s office in regards to an incident. – Pulteney Sq.

1048- Foot patrol with K9 Bud. – Haverling St. 

1143- Follow up with the High School in regards to a prior incident. – Ellas Ave.

1159- Business complaining about male subject leaving garbage behind business at night. Suspect spoken to and advised to cease. – Liberty St. 

1213- Landlord wants to report someone was using his dumpster. Later determined to be a tenant of another property of the landlord. – Geneva St.

1335- Traffic stop of a moped. Passenger, Tonya Bennett arrested on an arrest warrant for Criminal Contempt 2nd. Transported to Steuben County Jail for arraignment. 

1538- Assist citizen who needs fingerprints done.  

1642- Caller believes neighbor left human feces in the hallway. Neighbor would not answer for law enforcement. – W. William St. 

1700- Assist SCSO with a robbery suspect from Hammondsport. The suspect was found by Bath Police department and a foot pursuit ensued. Suspect, Dylan Walker taken into custody and turned over to the SCSO.- Wilson Ave. 

1716- Disturbance with juveniles. Was dispersed once law enforcement got on scene. – Howell St. 

1726- Third party caller advising a male won’t leave his friends apartment. Officers spoke to the tenant who advised she was all set and the male was gone. – W. Steuben St. 

1820- Caller has questions about illegal dumping. – Geneva St. 

1829- Approx. 5 subjects fighting. Issue resolved once police arrived on scene. –W. Washington St. 

1956- Caller reporting a male was highly intoxicated and fell. He was located and transported to the hospital without issue. – Liberty St.

2116- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – E. Morris St. 

2218- Closed Mossy bank park

2251- 911 hang-up call. Determined to be a child accidently dialing 911. – Belfast St. 

2255- Assist NYSP with a mental health call. – SR 415 

0009- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – SR 415 

0024- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Cameron St. 

0121- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – W. Steuben St. 

0337- Caller reporting a disturbance that happened with his neighbor the previous day. – W. William St. 

0518- Possible home invasion robbery. All parties did not wish to cooperate with Police. – Wilson Ave. 


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