Police Blotter Archives for 2023-06

Bath Police Media Log 6-27-23

June 27th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0744- Disabled vehicle blocking the roadway. Towed by Fleet Pride- McMaster St. 

0745- Warrant check. Negative results. – Liberty St. 

0757- Caller trying to get into boyfriends apartment and landlord not allowing her to go in. She was advised to get a notarized letter allowing her to go in since he is incarcerated. – E. William St.  

0907- Traffic Stop. UTT issued. – May St. 

0935- Order to seize dogs in regards to an animal cruelty investigation. – W. Steuben St. 

0937- Caller not understanding an issue that has been explained to him previously. He was explained the issue again. – E. William St. 

1005- Kathleen Hill and Dale Scofield arrested on animal cruelty warrant- W. Steuben St. 

1230- 10 y/o bicycle was stolen. Called back and they found his bicycle and did not wish for an investigation to be started. – E. Washington St. 

1231- Traffic Stop. UTT issued. – SR 415

1231- Disorderly male causing a disturbance and is yelling. Arrested Julius Jones for disorderly conduct. Issued an appearance ticket to respond to court at a later date. – Liberty St. 

1311- Two males trespassing on caller’s property. A Jeffrey Parker was arrested for Criminal Contempt 2nd. Issued an appearance ticket and is due back in court at a later date. – Gansevoort St. 

1326- Caller reporting an order of protection violation. Turned over to another agency due to Officers tied up on an arrest. – W. Morris St. 

1354- Adam Greenburg arrested on a warrant for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th. He was transported to the jail to be arraigned. – E William St.

1500- Foot Patrol- Liberty St. 

1539- Medical advisement. Patrol did not respond. – Liberty St.

1612- Caller has questions in regards to being arrested earlier- E. William St. 

1647- Check the welfare of a female who was acting out of it in the parking lot. She was transported to the hospital by Bath Ambulance. – Geneva St.

1744- Caller has questions in regards to a seized dog. – Liberty St. 

1816- Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St. 

1835- Traffic Stop. UTT issued. – W. Washington St. 

1924- Caller reporting her son is trespassing. She has a full stay away order of protection against him. He was located, however, never served his OP. SCSO served him his OP and he was advised not to go back to his mothers. – Haverling St. 

1935- Dispute over a bicycle. Issue resolved. – Purdy St. 

1949- Caller reporting a male is walking down the street acting strange. Patrol spoke with the male and he was all set. Haverling St. 

1955- Subject picking his bicycle up from the PD in regards to a previous complaint. – Liberty St. 

2203-Mossy Bank Park closed. 

2217- Caller reporting her neighbor accused her of poisoning her dog. Owner of the dog advised to get the dog to a Vet ASAP if she believed it was poisoned. – Colonial Lawns

2233- Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – Liberty St. 

2345- Caller believes people from Los Angeles are stalking him and just wants a report on file. – McMaster St. 

0410- Foot Patrol. Subject found sleeping in front of the Elks Club on Liberty St. The male was advised to move along. – Liberty St. 



Bath Police Media Log 6-26-23

June 26th, Bath PD Media Log

0736- Caller reporting harassment that occurred outside of the village, advised to contact another agency

0748- Caller advising he has to reschedule his community service

0932- Check the welfare- subject all set

1042- Follow up to fraud investigation

1046- Tonya Bennett arrested for Criminal Contempt in the second degree and issued an appearance ticket to return to Bath Village Court at a later date

1053- Assist CPS with a home visit

1223- Caller reporting a male slumped against a building, subject was all set, just sleeping – Liberty St

1225- Medical Advisement- Cameron St

1240- Medical Advisement- Liberty St

1328- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1402- Complaint of cats abandoned in an apartment. Turned over to SCSO

1413- Check the welfare. Subject all set – Geneva St

1422- Caller reporting an possible order of protection violation
1423- Harassment complaint regarding feeding the neighborhood cats, resolved –W Washington St

1459- Neighbors having a verbal argument, advised to avoid each other – May St

1618- Caller requesting a phone call, officers unable to get through on call back

1711- Disturbance between neighbors – E William St

1727- Medical Advisement – Geneva St

1856- Medical Advisement – Pulteney Park

1938- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

2158- Caller reporting that her neighbors are disturbing her. – Casey Lane

2233- Caller reporting a stolen phone, phone was discovered in possession of a subject who proved that he was attempting to find the owner – W Morris St

2341- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

0141- Medical advisement- Buell St

0300- Caller has questions regarding the property of another – Liberty St

0427- Livingston County Jail advising Bath PD of a warrant suspect in their custody

0519- Foot patrol of Liberty St

0540- Foot patrol of Liberty St


Bath Police Media Log 6-25-23

June 25th, Bath PD Media Log

0712- Disturbance, subject voluntarily transported to the hospital – Kinglsey St.

0728- Report of a storm sewer grate out of place. Officer fixed it – Wilson Ave.

0743- Male waving down officer on Liberty St

1008- Traffic Stop – Warning issued

1044- Traffic Stop – 1 UTT issued

1137- Traffic Stop- Warning issued    

1149- Bicycle Stop- Warning issued

1151- Walk in complaint regarding harassment between neighbors

1201- Follow up

1341- Caller requesting a phone call from Bath PD. Caller did not answer on return of phone call 

1350- Traffic Stop- Warning issued

1422- Traffic Stop- Warning issued

1443- Traffic Stop- 1 male taken into custody on pending charges

1503- Dispute over money. Subjects were advised that it is a civil matter – W Morris St

1633- Check the welfare on male with a possible head injury. Male denied EMS-W Washington 

1817- Assist NYSP on check the welfare

1824- Traffic Stop – Warning issued

1827- Harassment complaint regarding juveniles. CPS contacted – Shannon St

1835- Follow up – E William St 

1844- Follow up – Whiting St

1940- Walk in property complaint. Property was located.

2037- Anonymous caller reporting intoxicated driver. Traffic stop initiated, Bradley Estes taken into custody for Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol and was issued traffic tickets for Unlicensed Operator and Moving from Lane Unsafely. Estes was issued an appearance ticket due back in Bath Village Court at a later date. 

2125- Medical Advisement

2253- Assist Bath Ambulance with lifting a patient – Water St

2306- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

0036- Caller reporting he is being followed by a female. Unfounded – Buell St

0152- Field interview

0154- Caller reporting a male overdosed. Officers spoke with male who advised he did not overdose – Liberty St

0225- Caller reporting there is a drone around her residence. Officers checked area and did not observe a drone – Old Cameron St

0228- Traffic Stop – Warning issued

0302- Traffic Stop – Warning issued

0309- Peacekeeper – Gansevoort St


Bath Police Media Log 6-24-23

June 24th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0810- Larceny. Male subject caught shoplifting. He left the merchandise inside the store and left. Found walking on W. Morris St. and was questioned. The store ended up not wishing to pursue charges. – W. Morris St.  

1011- Warrant check in the woods. Negative results. – Avenue A. 

1045- Two subjects walking on the railroad tracks trespassing. Both were advised and left without issue. – E. Morris St. 

1121- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

1201- Domestic Dispute between father and daughter. Situation resolved. – Kingsley St. 

1233- Larceny of a cell phone. Victim was advised to provide more information and has yet to do so. – W. Morris St.

1256- Caller inquiring about how to obtain an order of protection. – Liberty St. 

1302- Caller has questions about a family court matter. – Hudson St. 

1303- Domestic dispute. Daughter punched father’s truck. She was upset because he put her smoking device in his vehicle. He did not wish to press charges. – Kingsley St.  

1319- Caller has questions on how to obtain a police report. – Campbell St. 

1405- Caller reporting a possible structure fire. When police arrived, the fire was out. – W. William St. 

1449- Female trespassing on property again. She was GOA once police arrived. – W. Morris St. 

1659- Taxi driver reporting a female made threatening comments to her. Suspect was located and advised to not threaten people. – Colonial Lawns

1702- Caller reporting his phone was stolen and it is pinging in Hornell. He was advised to contact Hornell PD. – W. William St. 

1724- Kimberly Tong arrested for Criminal Contempt 2nd. Issued an appearance ticket. – Colonial Lawns

1901- Family court matter. Custody dispute. Situation resolved. – Hudson St. 

1915- Medical advisement. Patrols did not respond. – Rumsey St. 

2007- Caller reporting male/female disturbance, female throwing items at male while male pushing stroller. DIR issued on scene. – W. Morris St. 

2026- Parking complaint. Officers arrived on scene and observed a lot of vehicles parked on the side of the road for a graduation party, however the road was drivable. – Vermont St. 

2035- Traffic stop. Warning issued- E. Morris St. 

2058- Foot Patrol- Casey Ln. 

2159- Caller asking questions related to vehicle and traffic law. – Liberty St. 

2204- Vehicle with a loud exhaust is causing annoyance to the caller. – E. Morris St. 

2219- Caller reporting a female left the area possibly having a mental breakdown. Unfounded. – Chestnut St. 

2249- Traffic stop. Warning issued- Cameron St. 

2313- Traffic stop. Warning issued- W. Morris St. 

0003- Warrant check on the rail road tracks. Negative results. – E. Morris St. 

0013- Caller reporting a subject leaving the bar drunk will be driving soon. Unfounded. – Liberty St. 

0013- Caller reporting his ex was causing a scene at the bar. Parties separated. – Liberty St. 

0025- Intoxicated male in the roadway. Provided a transport back to his residence. – E. Morris St.   

0145- Caller reporting E. Steuben St. is blocked with cones. Patrol responded and moved the cones. – E. Steuben St. 

0150- Corrine Snyder arrested on a warrant for animal cruelty. She was processed and then taken to the jail for arraignment. – E. William Ext. 

0319- Cones/signs in the construction zone knocked over. Officers fixed them and placed them back in there original spot. – E. Steuben St. 

0454- Field interview. – Buell St. 

0519- Foot patrol- E. Steuben St.


Bath Police Media Log 6-23-23

June 23rd, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0824- Out with a Michael McCanna who has charges for criminal contempt 2nd pending. McCanna was arrested without incident and released on an appearance ticket. – W. Morris St. 

0921- Foot Patrol- Liberty St. 

0946- Follow up investigation. - Liberty St. 

1235- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – E. Morris St. 

1310- Commercial burglary alarm. Unfounded. – Geneva St. 

1252- Foot Patrol with K9 Bud. –Dog Park on Haverling St.

1326- Management asking for Officers to check for anything suspicious in the wooded area. Nothing suspicious found. – Geneva St. 

1337- Female screaming outside causing a disturbance. A MHL pickup order was issued and the female was transported to Arnot Ogden ER.- W. Morris St. 

1459- Out with a Brett Simons who has charges for criminal contempt 2nd pending. Simons was arrested without incident and released on an appearance ticket. – W. Morris St. 

1430- Caller lives in Florida and has not heard from son. Officer located her son and he advised he just did not have a phone at this time. – Howell St.  

1525- Caller reporting upstairs neighbor’s apartment may be on fire. After further investigation, it was just smoke due to over cooked food. – W. William St.  

1546- Male acting strange making gestures towards vehicles as they drive by. Male was advised to stop. – Liberty St. 

1555- Caller advising her son did not show up for work and is not answering his phone. Officers responded to son’s address and he was just sleeping and running late to work. – E. William St. 

1556- Caller reporting his wife is opening credit cards under his name. Was advised to provide all necessary paperwork and an investigation could be started. – Geneva St. 

1626- Medical advisement. Patrol did not respond. – Geneva St. 

1627- Third party caller wants to report a harassment he witnessed. Spoke with all parties and it was a disturbance over a dust pan. No charges pressed. – Liberty St. 

1630- Caller asking if police were knocking on his door. He was advised they were not. – E. William St. 

1724- Caller advising her property was left at another residence in the village and she wants it back. Officers responded and spoke with homeowner and she advised the caller took all of her property with her. – Gansevoort St. 

1749- Follow up investigation. – Wood St. 

1855- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – SR 54 

1901- Traffic stop. Warning issued. - Geneva St. 

1910- Traffic stop. Warning issued.. - Geneva St. 

1910- Medical advisement. Patrol did not respond. – E. Morris St. 

1911- Female fell and has a laceration to her head. Bath ambulance delayed and Officers had an in progress call. Female walked away on own recognizance. – Liberty St. 

1932- Two males overdosing on suspected fentanyl or heroin and are unresponsive. Both were transported to IDM for further evaluation. 

2048- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Liberty St. 

2051- Officer observed two subjects yelling at each other. Both advised they were all set and went back to their home. – Liberty St. 

2052- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Liberty St. 

2112- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Steuben St. 

2114- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

2116- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Conhocton St.

2128- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Geneva St. 

2134- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St. 

2136- Male calling to report he was threatened. Issue resolved. – W. Washington St. 

2156- Caller reports she was scammed $500. – Whiting St. 

2222- Closed Mossy Bank Park. 

2313- Courtesy transport for two elderly females from one side of town to another. – W. William St. 

2316- Loose dog. Dog was found and turned over to DCO. – Pine St. 

2334- Caller reporting that he knows who gave the narcotics to the two subjects who overdosed earlier. – Liberty St. 

2346- Caller reporting that a subject on a bicycle keeps falling. Upon arrival, the bicyclist was GOA. – Cruger St.

0020- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – May St. 

0336- Caller reporting a second time that he knows who gave the narcotics to the two subjects who overdosed earlier. – E. Steuben St. 


Bath Police Media Log 6-22-23

June 22nd, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0713- Caller reporting a vehicle parked in a parking lot for a few days and is concerned. Patrol checked and found nothing to be suspicious. – W. Washington St. 

0713- Assist Parole with attempt to locate a parolee. Negative contact- May St. 

0931- Male subject reporting he is being harassed by a female but does not know her full name. Report completed. – Geneva St. 

1047- Reported burglary in progress. Subject trying to break door to make entry. Suspect fled prior to police arrival, however was later located and arrested on a Parole warrant. Subject was a Tony Cole. He was transported to the Steuben County Jail and held on his Parole warrant. - W. Washington St.

1158- Welfare check. Subject in pajamas on the rail road tracks. Checked over by Bath Ambulance. – Lackawanna Ave. 

1426- Assist subject with a peacekeeper. No issues. – W. Morris St. 

1447- Check the welfare on the caller’s neighbor. She has not heard or seen him in a few days. Officers arrived on scene and located subject lying face down on the floor. Bath ambulance responded to assist the subject. – Park Pl. 

1452- Arrested Abdul Franklin for Criminal Contempt 2nd. He was released on an appearance ticket. –W. Steuben St. 

1653- Disturbance. Unwanted guest. She left without issue. – Bundy Ave. 

1735- Sex offense. Investigation pending. – Liberty St. 

1839- Traffic Stop. Warning Issued. – Pine St. 

1850- Traffic Stop. Warning Issued- W. Washington St. 

1904- Traffic Stop- Warning Issued- May St. 

1909- Male subject requesting to go to the BSU in Elmira. Transported to hospital by ambulance. – W. Morris St. 

2051- Male is drunk and causing a disturbance. Determined to be a domestic incident. Incident resolved. DIR completed. – Gansevoort St. 

2059- Medical advisement. Patrol did not respond.- E. Steuben St. 

2106- Disturbance at the Budget Inn. Three males arguing. Issue resolved. – W. Morris St. 

2124- Male causing a disturbance. Determined to be a domestic incident. Issue was resolved on scene and a DIR was completed. – Howell St. 

2146- Caller reporting a subject was burning trees in back yard. Kimberly Jerrells on scene and was arrested for Criminal Contempt 2nd. – Purdy St. 

2324- Subject at Bath PD requesting a copy of a DIR. – Liberty St. 

2341- Caller advising a neighbor ripped off a paper on their door. Neighbor would not answer for Police. – W. William St. 

0110- Late entry, Closed Mossy Bank Park. 

0116- Caller reporting a subject is harassing him about his past. Suspect contacted and advised to cease contact. – Water St. 

0122- Female took husbands dog and husband wanted his dog checked on. Female found and all was well. Incident resolved. –W. Morris St. 

0312- Foot Patrol- Liberty St.


Bath Police Media Log 6-20-23


June 20th, Bath PD Media Log

0925- Foot patrol of school

1022- Medical- W Washington St

1035- Warrant check- W Morris St

1109- Check the welfare that was determined to be outside of the county. Turned over to Tompkins County.

1304- Foot patrol with K9 Bud at the dog park

1531- Medical- E Pulteney Sq

1538- Report of male attempting to get into vehicles. Gone on arrival- E Pulteney Sq

1554- Traffic Stop- Warning issued

1609- Traffic Stop- Warning issued

1613- Assist DCO with dog seizure – McMaster St

1646- Noise complaint- Casey Ln

1754- Found wallet placed in lost and found

1816- Disturbance between two former friends, resolved – Liberty St

1837- Commercial business alarm, accidental – Bath Plaza

1855- Field interview of male walking near train tracks - May St

1914- Traffic Stop – Warning issued

1923- Traffic Stop – Warning issued

1949- Report of tractor trailer obstructing traffic, unfounded – W Washington St

2010- Caller requesting assistance recovering Amazon packages that were delivered to the wrong address. Officers retrieved the packages and turned them over to the owner – Manor Village

2111- Caller reporting someone put a note on his door – Manor Village

2157- Traffic Stop – Warning issued

2227- Domestic dispute, resolved – W Steuben St

2342- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

0125- Caller needed assistance finding her car keys in her home. Officers assisted her in locating her keys.

0153- Officers observed an open window leading into the basement. Officers cleared the building and did not locate anyone inside – Liberty St

0158- Caller reporting that there are lights shining along the river bank near her house. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate any suspicious activity – Old Cameron St

0245- Traffic Stop- Warning issued


Bath Police Blodder


June 18th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0730- Caller following up with a criminal mischief incident that occurred the prior day- Liberty St. 

0818- Traffic Stop. Warning issued. - W. Morris St. 

0827- Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. - W. Washington St. 

1051- Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. - W. Washington St. 

1101- Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. - W. Washington St. 

1113- Medical Advisement. Patrols did not respond. - Geneva St.

1115- Disturbance. Female yelling. After investigation, it was determined the female was only yelling because she fell. – W. Washington St. 

1141- Caller reporting that someone is harassing him. Suspect located and advised to cease contact with the caller. – Geneva St. 

1359- Caller reporting a subject spit on him and his mother. Victims declined prosecution. - W. William St. 

1432- Caller reporting a male is trespassing by walking his dogs in the fairgrounds. - Steuben County Fairgrounds 

1601- Medical Advisement. Patrols did not respond. – Vermont St. 

1606- Animal Cruelty Complaint. Suspect allegedly threw a kitten that was not his. Kitten was not injured and turned over to owner - Liberty St. 

1734- Medical Advisement. Patrols did not respond. 

1739- Fireworks complaint. Subjects advised they will discontinue setting them off. – Warden St. 

1745- Custody Dispute. Caller wants assistance retrieving children. No issues. - Locust St.

1811- Caller advising that a loose dog was in his yard and tried biting him. TOT DCO. – E. Morris St. 

1910- Caller requesting a peacekeeper. Upon arrival, tenants were not home. Caller was advised to try another time. – Manor Village. 

1930- Traffic Stop. One UTT issued. – W. Washington St. 

2044- Foot Patrol. – E. William St.

2100- Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – E. Morris St. 

2240- Traffic Stop. Warning issued. – E. Morris St.

2252- Traffic Stop. SFST administered. Warning issued. – W. Morris St.

2259- Fireworks complaint. Patrols were unable to locate. – Fairview Dr. 

2357- Close Mossy Bank Park.


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