Police Blotter Archives for 2023-08

Bath Police Media Log 8-27-23


August 27th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0953- Foot Patrol- Bath School fields 

1138- Traffic stop. Warning issued. –W. Washington St. 

1139- Caller reporting grass clippings in the roadway. Officers responded and did not observe them to be in the roadway. – W. Washington St. 

1146- Foot patrol under the Cameron St. Bridge. Officer observe a male who was complaining of broken ribs. He was transported to IDM by ambulance. – Cameron St. 

1304- Caller reporting a male is harassing him. Other male not located. – W. Steuben St. 

1354- Traffic stop. Warning issued. - W. Washington St. 

1406- Police alarm. - W. Pulteney Sq. 

1430- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Cameron St.

1514- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

1522- Foot patrol. – Liberty St. 

1536- Property check. Mossy Bank. 

1716- Subject responded to Bath PD to provide a deposition for a prior incident. – Liberty St. 

1816- Caller needs assistance. His family locked him out of his house for not paying his bills. Family was advised to let him back in and to evict him legally. - Maine St. 

1925- Caller needs to retrieve property. Property retrieved without issue. – W. Steuben St.   

1933- Assist EMS with a male who hit his hand with a hammer. Male signed off and refused medical treatment. –W. Morris St. 

2113- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

2157- Mossy bank closed. 

2230- Assist NYSP with a traffic stop. –Robie St. 

0051- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – W. Washington St. 

0130- Disturbance between two males. Andrew Hatter arrested due to having a warrant through NYSP. He was turned over to NYSP. –E. Steuben St. 

0318- Female juvenile who was severely intoxicated outside yelling. She was transported to IDM on a MHL 22.09. – Rumsey St. 

0406- Female scared to walk to her car and asking for an escort. Officers escorted her to her car. – Bundy Ave.


Bath Police Media Log 8-26-23


August 26th Media Log

0905- Sex offender verification – W Washington St

0932- Secure scene for ambulance personnel. Subject transported to hospital without issue. – Liberty St

1113- Caller reporting her dad attempted to enter her safe but was not successful. Subject spoken to. – Gansevoort St

1125- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1128- Traffic stop- warning issued

1143- Traffic stop- warning issued

1149- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1255- Traffic stop- warning issued

1414- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1432- Caller has questions regarding an incident from the night prior.

1445- Caller has questions regarding if he has a warrant. 

1518- Medical advisement 

1541- Caller reporting she was going to sell a bike to someone but he took the bike and did not pay. Investigation ongoing. – Geneva St

1553- Traffic stop- warning issued

1651- Open line- accidental dial. – Burton St

1702- Follow up to bicycle investigation. – Geneva St

1722- Caller reporting that he cut his own throat with a knife in a suicide attempt. Medical aid was rendered and the male was transported to the hospital for assistance. – E Washington St

1759- Subject observed with an open container of beer. Appearance ticket issued for open container. – W Morris St

1826- Caller requesting phone call about the ongoing bicycle investigation. 

1838-Caller requesting mental health assistance. Caller was transported to the hospital via Bath Ambulance. – W Pulteney Sq

1954- Sex offender verification- W Washington St & W Morris St

1957- Caller placed a call to 911 and then hung up on them. Officers located the caller and determined that he did not require assistance. – W Morris St

2020- Loud music complaint, officers requested that the music be turned down. – Buell St

2037- Traffic stop- warning issued

2046- Traffic stop- warning issued

2052- Traffic stop- warning issued

2204- Intoxicated female at the police department requesting assistance. Female was provided a courtesy transport home. 

2250- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

2330- Third party caller stating that there is a domestic dispute occurring at the residence. Officers interviewed all parties and determined that a domestic was not occurring. – Belfast St

0050- Traffic stop- warning issued

0211- Medical advisement

0418- Caller reporting they heard something in front of their house. Officers checked the area and did not locate anything suspicious. – W Morris St

0505- Traffic stop- warning issued

0533- Foot patrol of Liberty St


Bath Police Media Log 8-25-23

August 25th Media Log

0825- Check welfare of male asleep on picnic table. Transported to hospital by Bath Ambulance. – E     

Steuben St

0907- Female reporting that a male has been following her. Investigation to continue. – Liberty St

1011- Medical advisement

1130- Foot patrol of skate park – E Morris St

1142- Traffic stop- warning issued

1148- Caller requesting a tenant be removed. Caller was advised that the tenant would need to be formally 

evicted. – W William St

1242- Attempted purchase of a firearm by a subject unauthorized to possess a firearm. Investigation  

ongoing. – W Morris St

1258- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

1300- Report of a gravel truck losing stone heading north on State Route 54. Unable to locate. 

1318- Sex offender address verification – Campbell St

1328- Sex offender address verification – W Morris St

1332- Sex offender address verification – Denwood Terr. 

1420- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

1429- Sex offender address verification – Belfast St

1434- Sex offender address verification – W Washington St

1437- Check the welfare of a heavily intoxicated male. Male transported to hospital by Bath Ambulance. 

– W Morris St

1505- Unattended death investigation. Nothing suspicious. – Geneva St

1507- Male down at the bus stop. Medical aid rendered and male was turned over to medical personnel. – 

Wilkes Ave

1712- Caller reporting there is a bicycle parked in a place that is should not be parked. Caller was advised 

to report this to her building management. – Geneva St

2007- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

2007- Caller requesting a male be notified to leave her alone. Male notified. – W Morris St

2010- Subject reporting that a female pulled her off her bike and hit her. Investigation ongoing. – W 

Washington St

2159- Traffic stop- warning issued

2201- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

2254- Traffic stop-1 UTT issued

2332- Caller requesting assistance getting in his house. Subject got in the house on his own. – W William 


2344- Caller reporting her son is on the way to confront another male and would like her son advised to 

not confront anyone. Subject located and advised to go home. – Campbell St

0123- Lost property found outside the PD.

0238- Subject turning in a wallet he found. 

0322- Unattended death investigation. Nothing suspicious. – E William St. 

0422- Caller reporting a male trespassing in the fairgrounds. Officers made contact with the male and 

advised him to stay out of the fairgrounds. – Elm St


Bath Polce Media Log 8-24-23

August 24th, Bath PD Media Log

0613- Caller reporting a male on her ring doorbell. Officers checked the area. – Burton St

0718- Caller reporting a motor vehicle accident – W Steuben St

0731-Caller reporting a male subject is in the neighbors shed. Ray Daniels, age 62, of Bath was arrested for Trespass. Daniels was transported to SCJ for CAP arraignment where an order of protection was issued and he was released. – Burton St

0858- Disturbance between resident and a guest on a porch of the residence. Issue resolved. – W Washington St

0901- Caller requesting to speak with an officer

1016- Traffic complaint- traffic backed up due to Dunkin Donuts traffic – State route 54

1036- Medical advisement 

1521- Caller would like someone removed from the home. Subject left without issue. – Casey Ln

1710- Caller reporting drug activity

1718- Mental health complaint. Steuben County Mental Health contacted. – Howell St

1809- Subject turning in property he found.

1933- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

2100- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

2123- Follow up – W William St

2136- Bicycle stop- 1 UTT issued

2154- Caller reporting a juvenile runaway. Juvenile was located in the garage. – E William St

2204- Verbal domestic. Issue resolved. – W Morris St

2208- Verbal domestic. Issue resolved. – W Morris St

0017- Physical domestic. Parties separated. – W Steuben St

0448- Police alarm- building secure. – W William St

0527- Fire advisement – Rumsey St


Bath Police Media Log 8-23-23


August 23rd, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


1015- Follow up with NYSP over shooting incident on Roosevelt Ave. Sunday. – NYSP Barracks 

1037- Firearm denial from gun shop. Investigation pending. – W. Morris St. 

1052- Caller requesting a peacekeeper. Upon arrival, everything was all set. – Shannon St. 

1113- Caller reporting they heard third party about a tenant who made homicidal statements the night before. Suspect interviewed, unfounded. – Geneva St. 

1113- Residential burglary alarm. TOT NYSP due to patrol being on a MHL call. – Cruger St. 

1129- Anonymous caller upset because a vehicle was parked on the sidewalk, making it so the caller had to push his bike a few feet. Unfounded. – Liberty St. 

1235- Found bicycle in a yard. TOT to police. – E. Washington St. 

1337- Disturbance. Caller worried a male subject was going to try and beat him up. Issue resolved. – W. Washington St. 

1437- April Culberston showed up for court. Bath PD had a pending bench warrant. She was arraigned and released in Bath Village Court. – Liberty St. 

1511- Subject forgot where he lives. He was directed to his house by an Officer. – E. Washington St. 

1528- Caller needs a peacekeeper. Officers stood by while she gathered her belongings. – W. William St. 

1611- Caller wants police at his house while his ex-girlfriend picked up her PlayStation. PlayStation returned to his ex. – Hubbell St. 

1843- Caller lives in California and has not heard from his father. Wants a welfare check done. Officers checked the father’s welfare and he was all set just having issues with his phone. –Geneva St. 

1915- Caller wants a call from the Officer handling a case. – Liberty St. 

1946- Caller is hallucinating. She was transported to IDM by Bath Ambulance. – Howell St. 

2028- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St. 

2044- Caller reporting children are being loud. – Pine St. 

2104- Male subject walked into house and sat on the caller’s couch. Caller did not wish for subject to be arrested. The male was warned and left without issue. – Hubbell St. 

2139- Hornell PD needs pedigree information in regards to a suspect they had from a larceny. Information forwarded. – Hornell PD

2147- Follow up call from an incident from earlier. – Pine St. 

2254- Possible disturbance. Unfounded. – W. William St. 

0018- Check the welfare on a subject who was putting concerning posts on social media. He was spoken to and was all set. – Belfast St. 

0120- Noise complaint. Suspect advised to keep music down. – Belfast St. 

0242- Suspicious male walking onto properties on Burton St. Officers observed camera footage and could identify who it was. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate him. – Burton St.


Bath Police Media Log 8-22-23


August 22nd, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0625- Assist Bath Ambulance with making contact with a medical alert patient. Patient was all set. – E. William St. 

0858- Citizen found a key with a blue dog bone keychain. – SR 54

1035- Assist citizen with finding his laptop that was pinging in that area. –Campbell St. 

1059- Two car MVA. Parties left prior to arrival. – W. Washington St. 

1147- MCSO requesting assistance with locating a suspect out. Information provided. –Liberty St. 

1211- Caller needs assistance with a peacekeeper. Officers stood by while male subject gathered belongings. – W. Morris St.

1241- Warrant subject, David Liebman taken into custody through the SCSO. – Liberty St.

1234- Caller requesting welfare check on a female subject. Unable to make contact. – Haverling Ct. 

1235- Caller witnessed two dogs fighting. TOT DCO. – E. Washington St. 

1403- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Robie St. 

1422- Caller reporting a female slapped him. Only wanted a report done. – Buell St. 

1448- Traffic stop. Vehicle search and methamphetamine residue found. Warning issued due to being dispatched to another call. – W. Morris St. 

1531- Police alarm. Female in office causing a disturbance. Female asked to leave location. – Liberty St. 

1534- Domestic dispute. Parties separated. DIR completed on scene. – Shannon St. 

1603- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St. 

1847- VA asking to check the welfare of a subject. Subject was ok. – Geneva St. 

1851- Caller has questions regarding retrieving property. She was advised how. – Liberty St. 

1945- Male asking how to get custody of his child. Advised it was a family court matter. – Shannon St. 

2046- Assist NYSP with a traffic stop. –E. Washington St. 

2048- Traffic stop. Warning issued. -E. Steuben St.

2109- Caller reporting a black truck that speeds down E. Morris St. every morning. Advised. – E. Morris St. 

2157- Closed Mossy Bank Park 

2232- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – E. Morris St. 

2321- Caller heard three gun shots 10 minutes prior to calling 911. No other calls. Unfounded. – Howell St.  

2323- Some type of disturbance, determined to be kids locked out of their residence. – Casey Ln. 

0037- Caller reporting 3-4 people caught on her ring doorbell camera with large knives. Unfounded. 

0453- Caller reporting someone is trying to gain entry into her apartment. Determined the suspect was another resident who was lost. Resident was shown her apartment. – Geneva St. 

0527- Foot Patrol- Liberty St.


Bath Police Media Log 8-19-23


Media Log – August 19, 2023



Assist Citizen, courtesy transport outside the Village of Bath

Liberty St. 


Foot Patrol

Haverling St


Animal Complaint, loose dog, located and returned to owner. 

Robie St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Found Property, wallet found and returned to owner.

Liberty St. 


Foot Patrol, Steuben County Fair 

E. Washington St. 


Disturbance, family dispute. Issue resolved.

Maple Heights 


Peacekeeper, subject looking to recover property. 

Belfast St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT Issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Assist Agency, Sheriff’s Office, assist getting subject into custody. 

State Route 415 T/Bath


Traffic Stop, Warning issued. 

Whiting St. 


Traffic Stop, Warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, Warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Disturbance, subject was yelling at dog for eating food off plate. 

Colonial Lawns


Animal Complaint, caller reporting missing dog. 

Hubbell St. 


Foot Patrol, Steuben County Fair 

E. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT Issued. 

E. William St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT Issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, Warning Issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT Issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, Warning Issued. 

W. Steuben St. 


Neighbor dispute, over vehicle. Issue resolved prior to Police arrival.

Wilson Ave. 


Area Patrol and Close Mossy Bank Park

Mossy Bank Park Rd. 


Traffic Stop, Warning Issued. 

E. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT Issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT Issued. 

E. Morris St. 


Check Welfare, caller reporting dispute with boyfriend, parties separated. 

W. Morris St. 


Foot Patrol 

Cameron St. 


Abandon property, unknown person(s) left pile of clothes, items recovered and discarded.

Cameron St. 


Media Log Continued – August 19, 2023



Traffic Stop with golf cart, warning issued. 

Rumsey St.


Assist Agency, Bath Ambulance on medical alarm

E. William St. 


Traffic Stop, BRETT COSTELLO taken into custody on Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree, a Class C Felony and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Third Degree, a Class D Felony. COSTELLO transported to Steuben County Jail for CAP Court. 

E. Steuben St. 

Bath Police Media Log 4-18-23

August 18th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0553- Assist Bath Ambulance with a female under the influence of narcotics. The female was transported to Ira Davenport hospital without issue. – W. William St. 

0723- Caller believes ex son in-law stole her medication because she saw him walk by her residence. Unfounded. – Casey Ln. 

0819- Found Samsung phone in the roadway. – Robie St. 

0958- Erratic driver just hit cones in the construction area. Unable to locate vehicle.- Liberty St. 

1008- Foot patrol- Fair Grounds

1009- Caller found video of someone trespassing on his property. Suspect located and advised not to go back. – W. Morris St. 

1028- Female yelling hysterically at her suitcase. She was advised to move along. – Cameron St. 

1029- Possible overdose at Mental Health Building. Subject just wanted to go to the hospital to get sober. Subject transported by Bath Ambulance to the hospital. – Liberty St.

1211- TERPO hearing. – County Court House

1216- Traffic stop. UTT issued. - Geneva St. 

1217- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – Geneva St. 

1221- Order of protection violation called in by off duty Officer. Officers located suspect and protected party. Suspect, Michael Wightman arrested for Criminal Contempt 1st. He was transported to the Steuben County Jail and was held. – Liberty St. 

1232- Two car motor vehicle accident with blocking. Accident report completed. – W. Washington St./ Liberty St. 

1250- Caller thinks he has a bench warrant with Elmira PD and wanted a ride to Elmira. Was denied a ride and advised to call a taxi. Warrant not confirmed. – Buell St. 

1430- Caller advising his landlord went into his apartment without notice. Landlord advised to provide notice for the future. Landlord advised it was a misunderstanding. – W. William St.

1559- Assist Bath Ambulance with a male having a stroke. The male was transported to Ira Davenport hospital by ambulance. – Geneva St. 

1624- Caller requesting information regarding the death of her father. – Liberty St. 

1653- Caller concerned because her 29 y/o son who is living in a tent somewhere in Bath got assaulted in the face with a baseball bat. Caller contacted and she advised her son did not want police assistance. – Liberty St. 

1741- Landlord calling to advise he will be at his property in the morning to do painting and wanted to advise Officers due to having an issue with his tenants. 

1814- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – W. Morris St. 

1821- Traffic stop. UTT issued. – W. Morris St. 

1828- Caller looking for information on an accident. – Liberty St. 

1840- Traffic stop. 2 UTT’s. – Cameron St. 

1858- Foot patrol.- Fair grounds. 

1956- Caller reporting his sister is withholding money from him. He was advised it was a civil matter. – Buell St. 

2021- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St. 

2022- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

2033- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Morris St. 

2043- Traffic stop. 3 UTT’s issued. Vehicle towed. – W. Steuben St.  

2235- Closed Mossy Bank Park

2253- Traffic stop. Warning issued. – W. Washington St. 

0032- Unattended Death. Nothing suspicious. – W. William St. 

0116- Noise complaint. Delayed response due to being on a death investigation. – Casey Ln.

0330- Caller reporting someone stole a broken light from his bicycle. Unfounded. – W. Morris St.


bath Police Media Log 8-17-23


August 17th, 2023, Bath PD Media Log


0708- Wires down in roadway. Electric company contacted. – Wood St. 

0923- Foot Patrol. – Fairgrounds 

1018- Check the welfare of an intoxicated female at the Mental Health Building. She was spoken to and a sober party picked her up. – Liberty St. 

1058- Check the welfare of a male acting “out of character”. The male was all set and did not need assistance. –Mountanview Rd. W. 

1152- Uncooperative caller advising a female acting strange on the bench. No other information provide. Female was GOA. – Pulteney Sq. Park. 

1214- Caller has questions regarding an incident that occurred the day before. – Liberty St. 

1249- Officers provided an escort for Fagans Funeral home to the VA.- W. Morris St. 

1318- Report of smoke alarm going off inside of residence. No fire occurred. – Warden St.   

1419- Melinda Burleson responded to Bath PD to turn herself in on an active arrest warrant. She was processed and transported to the Steuben County Jail for arraignment. – Liberty St. 

1628- Caller reporting vehicles parked in front of no parking signs at the fair. TOT SCSO.- Rumsey St. 

1942- Caller reporting someone is in his backyard. Suspect was located and advised to leave. He left without incident. – Campbell St. 

2009- Bicycle stop. 2 Local Law appearance tickets issued. – Liberty St. 

2022- Caller stated someone was inside of his apartment. Officers checked and no one was inside. – W. Washington St. 

2158- Caller reporting a male by the name of Ray Daniels walked inside of her apartment and sat next to her 6 y/o child. Daniels was arrested for Criminal Trespass 2nd and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.- E. Morris St.


0000 -Closed Mossy Bank Park.

0014- Caller reporting she hit an unknown animal with her vehicle accidently. Officers responded and located a deceased cat. – Campbell St. 

0432- Late entry bike patrol- Village Streets

0542- Foot Patrol- Liberty St.


Bath Police Media Log 8-16-23

August 16 th , Bath PD Media Log
0655- Check welfare of male sleeping in truck. Male all set. – W Washington St
0808- Medical advisement
1218- Foot patrol of fairgrounds
1339- Report of child locked in hot car. Upon arrival, child was out of car. – Fuller Dr
1522- Report of female passed out in vehicle with children in the back. SFST’s performed. – Liberty
1603- Animal complaint, owner interviewed – W Morris St
1717- Parking complaint, situation resolved – E Washington St
1730- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued
1800- Bike patrol of business district
1817- Caller would like to know how to get a copy of a police report.
1930- Neighbor trouble report filed. – W William St
1945- Caller reporting homeless subjects hanging out on caller’s porch and would like them moved
along. – W William St
2009- Subject responded to Bath PD to turn himself in on a warrant he thought he had. Subject did
not have a warrant.
2029- Foot patrol of fairgrounds
2029- Harassment report regarding someone walking in front of the residence. – Pine St
2102-Medical advisement
2116- Traffic stop- elderly female that did not know where she was and did not mean to travel as far
away from home as she did. Family was contacted to get her safely back home. – E Steuben
2121- Report of someone breaking in a window on the second floor. On arrival, there was no one
around and no signs of anyone attempting to break in. Caller advised that he saw a shadow
outside the window and thought someone was breaking in. – Unfounded – W Washington St
2306- Caller reporting a larceny, investigation to continue – W Morris St
2315- Caller reporting a suspicious condition which was determined to be unfounded. – Howell St
2345- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

Bath Police Media Log 8-15-23

August 15th, Bath PD Media Log


0600- Traffic complaint- TOT NYSP

0627- Caller stating she loaned money to a subject and the subject did not pay her back. Advised it is a civil matter.

0759- Traffic stop- warning issued

0813- Fire advisement

0911- Subject following up on a harassment complaint

0945- Foot patrol at fairgrounds

0951- Medical advisement

0954- Check the welfare of a male outside the building. Male all set. – Water St

1108- ID’s found at Steuben County Mental Health turned in – Liberty St

1138- Foot patrol with K9 Bud at dog park – Haverling St

1200- Found debit card- Liberty St

1225- Report of a subject letting his dog go because he does not want it –Pine St

1317- Report of woman yelling. Advised to stop yelling – W Washington St

1413- Caller requesting check the welfare of a child. Child was all set. – W Morris St

1429- Animal complaint – Robie St

1523- Caller has questions about a prior domestic issue

1542- Vehicle damaged while in Tops parking lot – W Morris St

1644- Caller reporting lost keys – Wilkes Ave

1749- Caller reporting lost wallet – W Morris St

1826- Caller originally reporting her son missing. Son was located at home where he was supposed to be. – E Washington St

1853- Foot patrol of fair grounds. 

1904- Medical advisement

2014- Caller reporting a narcotics tip.

2133- Traffic stop- warning issued

2227- Dispute over ranch dressing. Issue resolved. – Howell St

2355- EMS requesting law enforcement assistance on scene of medical. – W William St

0252- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

0448- Report of a disturbance. Parties were not cooperative. – Wilson Ave

0544- Caller requesting peacekeeper and was advised that this time is an unreasonable time to do a peacekeeper and to call back later.


Bath Police media Log 8-12-23

Media Log – August 12, 2023


0450 – Property check – Robie Street 

0727 – Suspicious Person – W Steuben Street 

0844 – Hazardous Condition – May Street 

0846 – Assist Other Agency – E Steuben Street

1107 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued – W Washington Street 

1134 – Assist Bath Ambulance – Haverling Street 

1224 – Lost Property – Liberty Street 

1226 – Traffic Stop. Two UTT’S issued – W Washington Street 

1243 – Foot Patrol – Pulteney Square Park

1332 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued – E Steuben Street

1347 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued – Pine Street 

1359 – Assist Bath Ambulance – Campbell Street 

1424 - Animal Complaint – W William Street 

1652 – Foot Patrol – Pulteney Square Park 

1710 – Warrant Check – Liberty Street 

1840 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued – W Washington Street 

1858 – Traffic Stop. One UTT issued – W Washington Street 

1919 – Traffic Stop. Warning issued – Howell Street 

1930 – Traffic Stop. AUO and warrant arrest – E Morris Street 

2020 – Traffic Stop. Warrant arrest – E Morris Street 

2222 – Trespass. Male transported to the hospital for further evaluation – W Steuben Street 

2238 – Juvenile Complaint – Campbell Street 

2218 – Traffic Stop. Two UTT’S issued – E Morris Street 

0059 – Traffic Stop. Warning – W Morris Street 

0100 – Property Check – Robie Street 

0124 – Traffic Stop. DWAI Arrest – W William Street 

0229 – Traffic Stop. Warning – Pine Street 

0319 – Lost property report – E Morris Street 

0403 – Check Welfare – Pine Street


Bath Police Media Log 8-11-23

August 11th, Bath PD Media Log

1000- Caller reporting people keep throwing things out the window. – Geneva St

1008- Subject reporting people trespassing on his property. Determined to be code enforcement mowing his lawn due to a code violation. – McMaster St

1016- Report of a male trespassing. Subject removed. – W Steuben St

1113- Found keys turned in

1301- Bank fraud case, investigation ongoing. 

1328- Intoxicated male, transported to hospital. – Geneva St

1402- Found wallet turned in

1453- Caller requesting peacekeeper – Colonial Lawns

1512- Bike Patrol of business district

1517- Male with large knife acting suspicious in Tops. Subject ran and hid from officers. Dale Comstock was located and placed under arrest for Obstructing Governmental Administration in the second degree, a Class A Misdemeanor. Comstock was issued an appearance ticket and released. – W Morris St

1623- Public lewdness case, investigation ongoing – Casey Lane

1644- Stolen bike recovered – Pine St

1703- Caller reporting an incident at a residence that he is not actually at. Unfounded. – E William St

1809- Fire Advisement- Hubbell St

1818- Medical advisement – Campbell St

1837- Bath VA Police requesting check the welfare of intoxicated male that left VA grounds. Male located and provided courtesy transport back to the VA. 

1849- Subject yelling at officer who was conducting a field interview. Subject returned inside his residence. – Belfast St

1914- Traffic stop- 3 UTT’s issued

1915- Caller reporting that he is going to come retrieve his property from Bath PD. Caller did not show up. 

1917- Caller wishing to speak with Bath PD regarding her brother

1922- Caller advising officers he is going to get a new camp fire ring to be in compliance with local law. – Hubbell St

1928- Bath PD bike patrol observed an unsupervised juvenile riding around town. Bike patrol escorted the juvenile back home and turned him over to his parent. CPS contacted. 

1947- Traffic stop- warning issued

1955- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

2025- Caller reporting neighbor broke her flower pot. – W Morris St

2025- Caller reporting a subject trespassing on the property. Damian Vanvleck was located and taken into custody for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the seventh degree, Resisting Arrest, Assault in the second degree and Trespass. Vanvleck was transported to SCJ for CAP arraignment. Press release to follow. – Denwood Terr. 

2049- Harassment complaint in regards to the broken flower pot in previous call. – W Morris St

2109- Follow up in regards to trespass. Breanna Stromsness found to be in possession of Suboxone, a controlled substance. Stromsness was arrested for one count of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the seventh degree, processed and released on an appearance ticket. – Denwood Terr. 

2129- Walk in- subject at office to provided deposition

0014- Traffic stop- warning issued

0039- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

0057- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park. Vehicle located inside the park. Tanya Symonds found to be in possession of Suboxone strips. Symonds was arrested and charged with one count of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the seventh degree. Symonds was processed and released on an appearance ticket. 

0115- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued

0134- Traffic Stop- Justin Travis arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, Obstructing Governmental Administration in the second degree and Vehicle and Traffic Law violations. Travis was turned over to NYSP on active arrest warrant. NYSP transported Travis to SCJ for CAP arraignment. 

0440- Foot patrol – Liberty St/ E William St

0450- Property Check


Bath Police Media Log 8-8-23


Media Log – August 8, 2023



Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

State Route 54


Assist Citizen, subject called to see if anyone turned in his wallet. 

Liberty St. 


Criminal Mischief, someone wrote on Gazebo in chalk

Pulteney Park 


Fraud, Bad Check 

State Route 54 


Subpoena Service

Colonial Lawns 


Subpoena Service

Geneva St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Overdose, Alcohol 

W. Morris St. 


MVA, vehicle struck overnight

Howell St. 


Larceny Report, caller reporting subject coming to steal a tent. 

Denwood Terrace 


Assist Agency, NYS Parole

W. Steuben St. 


Check Welfare, subject sleeping in vehicle

W. Washington St.


Found Property, wallet turned in

Liberty St. 


Trespass, subject on property not welcome

Denwood Terrace


Warrant Service, NYSP have subject on Bath warrant. 

Liberty St. 


Assist Citizen, subject calling to check status of Order of Protection 

Liberty St. 


Assist Citizen, subject came to PD to pickup found wallet 

Liberty St. 


Trespass Complaint, group of subjects refusing to leave

W. Washington St.


Traffic Stop, Warning Issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Check Welfare, male yelling

Liberty St. 


Harassment, subject reporting she was spit on

Liberty St. 


Larceny, subject reporting his credit card taken, card located. 

W. Morris St. 


Hazardous Condition, subject reporting broken glass 

Liberty St. 


Foot Patrol

Liberty St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT Issued. 

Allen St. 


Assist Citizen, caller reporting vehicle running, locked and unoccupied.

E. William St. 


Noise Complaint

Buell St. 


Property Check, Mossy Bank Park 

Mossy Bank Park Rd. 



Media Log Continued – August 8, 2023



Noise Complaint, unfounded

Buell St. 


Check Welfare, subject under the influence, transported to Ira Davenport for evaluation and treatment. 

Wilkes Ave. 


Traffic Stop, Warning Issued

Robie St. 


Traffic Stop, Warning Issued

Maple Heights


Check Welfare, subject in roadway 

Colonial Lawns 


Traffic Stop, Warning Issued. 

Liberty St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT Issued.

Haverling St. 


Foot Patrol

Liberty St. 


Property Check 

Robie St. 


Follow up, subject calling in reference to noise complaints on Buell St. 

Liberty St. 

Bath Police Media Log 8-5-23


Media Log – August 5, 2023



Suspicious Activity, subject frolicking in a back yard, subject GOA

Haverling St.  


Traffic Enforcement

Geneva St. 


Peacekeeper, subject looking to retrieve property. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

State Route 54


Traffic Stop, Warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

Cameron St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued.

Geneva St.


Follow-up, reference suspicious activity report

Liberty St. 


Traffic Stop, Warning issued. 

Liberty St. 


Traffic Stop, Warning issued

W. Washington St. 


Suspicious Activity, caller reporting subject parked box truck near school and walked away 

Charles St. 


Littering, UTT issued.

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, Warning issued.

W. Steuben St. 


Traffic Stop, Warning issued. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Complaint, traffic light malfunction, light repaired.  

Liberty at Steuben


Harassment complaint via text message. 

McMaster St. 


Harassment complaint, complaint reports threatened by another. 

Campbell St. 


Family Dispute, mother/daughter, verbal

W. William St. 


Peacekeeper, looking for standby while retrieving property.  

W. Washington St. 


Motor Vehicle Accident, 2-car, property damage 

W. Steuben near Liberty


Family Dispute, mother/children

W. Steuben St. 


Family Dispute, juvenile destroying property. 

Pine St. 


Suspicious Activity, caller concerned over children playing in dumpster.  

Buell St. 


Check Welfare, caller concerned for friend having alcohol withdrawals

W. Morris St. 


Foot Patrol 

Liberty St. 


Fight in Progress 

Pine St.


Media Log – August 5, 2023 continued



Found Property 

Liberty St. 


Targeted Patrol  

Pine St. 


Follow-Up, reference to fight complaint. 

W. William St. 


Domestic, verbal 

Vermont St. 


Traffic Complaint, caller reporting almost struck by vehicle

Ellas Ave.


Property Check, Mossy Bank Park

Mossy Bank Park Rd. 


Assist Agency, NYSP, Traffic Stop/DWI Investigation 

W. Morris St. 


Property Check 

Robie St. 


Foot Patrol 

Liberty St. 


Agency Assist, regarding Arrest Warrant 

Liberty St. 

Bath Police Media Log 8-4-23

Media Log – August 4, 2023

0709 Trespass report, subject loitering on property. Purdy St.
0959 Follow-up to Trespass report Purdy St.
1014 Motor Vehicle Accident, property damage W. Morris St.
1031 Menacing, subject with knife, unfounded. Howell St.
1212 Traffic Complaint, driver struck portable signs and cones W. Washington St.
1226 Foot Patrol Liberty St.
1316 Suspicious Activity, subject loitering in the area W. William St.
1334 Foot Patrol Liberty St.
1521 Traffic Stop, UTT issued. Howell St.
1532 Foot Patrol Liberty St.
1540 Landlord / Tenant dispute over unregistered vehicle on property. W. Morris St.
1552 Suspicious Activity, open door at vacant commercial building. W. Morris St.
1650 Traffic Complaint, driver hit portable sign. W. Washington St.
1825 911 Hang-Up Gansevoort St.
1830 Larceny of speaker Maple Hts.
1857 Traffic Stop, UTT issued. May St.
2014 Traffic Stop, Warning issued. W. Steuben St.
2018 Suspicious Activity, report of subject throwing rocks at vehicles. W. Washington St.
2026 Traffic Stop, Warning issued. W. Washington St.
2127 Harassment complaint, Liberty St.
2155 Fight in progress, FABIAN D. RODRIGUEZ-ELLIOT taken into
custody for Criminal obstruction breathing/circulation, Criminal
Possession of a weapon in the 3 rd degree and menacing in the 2 nd

W. Morris St.

2210 Fight in progress, parties separated and left the area. Buell St.
2214 Neighbor Dispute Pine St.
2215 Disturbance, kids outside yelling at the neighbor. Pine St.
2236 Property Check, Mossy Bank Park Mossy Bank Park Rd.
2346 Disturbance, ongoing amongst neighbors. Pine St.


110 Liberty Street
Bath, New York 14810-1526


Chief of Police
Colin P. Taft
First Sergeant
Cody Recktenwald
Michael Jackson
Michael Ruggles
Dustin Johnson

Media Log – August 4, 2023 continued

0209 Foot Patrol Maple Hts.
0228 Traffic Stop, Warning Issued. Campbell St.
0235 Assist Agency, Sherriff’s Office, Motor Vehicle Accident with injury St. Rte. 415
0331 Foot Patrol Liberty St.
2346 Disturbance Pine St.
0152 Disturbance, physical, parties intoxicated and separated on arrival. Liberty Street

Bath Police Media Log 8-3-23

August 3rd,  Bath PD Media Log


0713- Report of suspicious vehicle in the area. Operator interviewed and it was determined that the operator was driving his truck route to pick up garbage. – E William St

0824- Erratic driver advisement on I86

0830- Caller reporting a male subject came up his driveway and pulled a knife on him. Randy Pruden, age 59, of Bath, was arrested and charged with Menacing in the second degree, a Class A Misdemeanor. Pruden was transported to jail for CAP arraignment where he was released. – E William St

0851- Assist NYS Parole. Shakur Hicks, age 29, of Rochester, was found to be in possession of a quantity of Oxycodone pills, a Schedule II narcotic. Hicks was arrested and charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the third degree, a Class B Felony. Hicks was transported to SCJ for CAP arraignment where he was released. – Wilson Ave

1042- Medical advisement

1124- Assist EMS with medical. – W Steuben St

1140- Follow up – W Morris St

1142- Traffic stop- 4 UTT’s issued

1205- Traffic stop- warning issued

1312- Male subject on neighbor’s porch without permission. Subject advised to move along. 

1330- Caller reporting a possible fraud

1335- Unconscious subject at the bus stop. Bath Ambulance responded. – Wilkes Ave

1429- Report of a burglary in progress. Upon arrival, it was determined that a landlord- tenant issue was occurring. Parties advised that the matter is civil and will have to be handled in civil court. – Wilson Ave

1433- Report of a male hunched over a bicycle. Officers were unable to locate the male. – W Steuben St

1506- Caller requesting property checks – W Washington St

1519- Caller reporting that there is a cat in a carrier abandoned by a trash can near the playground. Officers recovered the cat and turned it over to the SPCA. – E Morris St

1519- Caller reporting a female is trying to get into cars behind ProAction. Female left the area. – E Steuben St

1555- Medical Advisement

1602- Caller reporting that the neighbors are in a domestic dispute. After investigation, Jordan Houseknecht, age 29, of Bath, was arrested and charged with one count of Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree, a Class A misdemeanor. Houseknecht was transported to the jail for CAP arraignment where he was released. – Colonial Lawns

1720- Caller reporting that she left property at a friend’s house and the friend is refusing to return it. Caller advised that this is a civil matter. – W Washington St

1803- Caller reporting that his girlfriend is missing. It was determined that the girlfriend is not missing and willingly left the residence. – W Morris St

1811- Caller reporting that she has info on a warrant subject

1904- Follow up in regards to a property complaint

1905- Caller requesting a peacekeeper

1928- Caller reporting people are trespassing. Determined to be guests of a roommate. – W Washington St

2007- Foot patrol- Pulteney Park

2013- Foot patrol- Soccer Fields

2036- Caller reporting someone entered his home and stole property. Unfounded. – Wilson Ave

2049- Follow up on property complaint

2119- Subject at call box to retrieve property

2139- Traffic stop- warning issued

2147- Traffic stop- warning issued

2155- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

2202- Traffic stop- warning issued

2206- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park

2237- Traffic stop- warning issued

2258- Officer observed suspicious vehicle. Determined that the operator pulled into the parking lot and parked to use his phone. – W Morris St

2319- Traffic stop- warning issued

0004- Foot patrol- E Washington/ Liberty St

0008- Traffic stop- warning issued

0019- 2 car MVA. No damage. – W Morris St

0054- Traffic stop- warning issued

0120- Traffic stop- warning issued

0126- Traffic stop- warning issued

0139- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

0157- Property Check- Liberty St

0222- Area patrol, nothing suspicious observed – W Washington St

0228- Officer observed suspicious vehicle in the area. The operator advised that they were nearly out of gas and are trying to find an open gas station. Operator was provided directions to gas station. – W Washington St

0234- Traffic stop- warning issued

0249- Traffic stop- warning issued

0250- Traffic stop- 1 UTT issued


Bath Police Media Log 8-2-23

Media Log – August 2nd, 2023


1002- Trespass Report- Caller reporting there is a female sleeping in the hallway. Female was located and removed off the property. – W Morris Street

1109- Caller reporting that there is a male urinating outside. – Casey Lane

1154- Larceny- Caller reporting she had items missing from her house. – W Morris Street

1154- Suspicious- Caller reporting there is possibly an intoxicated male walking on W Morris Street. 

1156- Check Welfare- Caller reporting a male subject riding his bike in front of traffic. – W Morris Street

1338- Assist other agencies- Caller reporting that a Warrant suspect will be at a location in Bath. Negative results on locating this subject at this location. – E Morris Street

1442- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – W Morris Street

1539- Criminal Mischief- Caller reporting that there are Juveniles possibly causing damage in the parking lot of the church. –Howell Street

1652- Foot Patrol- Music in the park.

1709- Trespass- Caller reporting a male is trespassing on the property. Officer determined he was a guest of a tenant and was allowed to be there. – Denwood Terr

1801- Disturbance- Two individuals arguing over property. – Geneva Street

1826- Warrant arrest- April Culbertson taken into custody by SCSO on active warrant out of Bath PD. Subject was then transported to SCJ.

1835- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued. – W Washington Street

1845- Warrant Arrest- Robert Wood taken into custody on active warrant out of NYS Parole. – W Morris Street

1935- Obstructing Governmental Administration- Patrick Crowley arrested for local law open container violation and Obstruction of Governmental Administration. –E Steuben Street

2019- Disturbance- Physical disturbance reported. Upon arrival parties refused to cooperate. Both were advised to stay away from each other. – W William Street

2025- Suspicious- Caller reporting a male subject was acting strange towards her and her child at the skate park. – E Morris Street

2032- Motor Vehicle Accident- 1 car MVA. Car vs Pole, no injuries. – May Street

2101- Suspicious- Caller reporting that there are people on the roof. – Ellas Av

2122- Medical Advisement Only. – Geneva Street

2129- Suspicious- Caller reporting a suspicious male walking on W Washington Street. Subject GOA. 

2158- Domestic Dispute- Dispute between family members. - Belfast Street

2159- Harassment Report- Caller reporting that there is a male subject harassing her daughter. – Liberty Street

2230- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. –W Morris Street

2302- Mossy Bank Park Secured

2350- Foot Patrol- Pulteney Park 

0101- Foot Patrol- Liberty Street

0217- Suspicious- Vehicle observed traveling N on Maple Heights. Observed same vehicle at elementary school. Male going through dumpster. UTT issued for inspection and trespassed both male and female from property. - Ellas Av

0254- Foot Patrol- Ellas Ave


Bath Police Media Log 7-31-23

Media Log – July 31, 2023



Traffic Stop, warning issued.   

Windfall Rd.  


Check Welfare, woman down. Subject located and alright, moved along. 

W. Morris St.   


Trespass Report, subject sleeping in the stairwell nightly. 

W. Washington St. 


Criminal Impersonation Report, person used identity of another. 

Liberty Street 


Suspicious Activity, reports of several subjects coming and going. 

E. Steuben St. 


Domestic, physical between father and adult daughter. 

W. Morris St. 


Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

W. Washington St. 


Possible Larceny of prescription medications. 

Colonial Lawns


Suspicious Condition, report of several subjects loitering in area, possible drug activity. Unfounded. 

Wilson Ave. 


Suspicious Condition, caller reporting unknown female looking in vehicle. Checked the area, negative contact. 

E. Morris St.  


Ryan R. Twist taken into custody on warrant for Criminal Contempt 2nd, additionally charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 4th Degree. 

Wilkes Ave. 


Harassment, ongoing via mail.

W. Washington St. 


Arthur Miller taken into custody on warrant for Criminal Contempt 2nd 

Liberty St. 


Found Property, cell phone.

Liberty St. 


Assist Agency, County/State, subject with a knife

E. William St. Ext. 


Disturbance, male/female, verbal 

Liberty St. 


Adam Greenberg taken into custody on an active bench warrant. 

Wilkes Ave.  


Megan Stage taken into custody on warrant for Criminal Contempt 2nd 

Liberty St.  


Check Welfare, male laying on sidewalk. Subject alright and moved along. 

E. William St. 


Harassment complaint, subject came to call box, left prior to Officer arrival. 

Liberty St. 


Property Check, Mossy Bank Park 

Mossy Bank Park Rd. 


Foot Patrol, Pulteney Park 

W. Pulteney Sq. 





Traffic Stop, UTT issued. 

Liberty St. 


Foot Patrol

Liberty St. 


Property Check, Bath Methodist Church 

W. Washington St. 


Traffic Stop, warning issued. 

W. Morris St.   


Foot Patrol 

W. Washington St. 


Disturbance, physical, parties intoxicated and separated on arrival.

Liberty Street 

Bath Police Media Log July 30th


July 30th, 2023 Media Log


0730- Public Lewdness complaint. – Liberty Street

0756- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – W Washington Street

0807- Suspicious Vehicle- Caller reporting that there is an unknown vehicle in the parking lot. – W Washington Street

1025- Harassment Complaint- Caller reporting he is being harassed by multiple people. – Cameron PL

1156- Medical advisement only- Liberty Street

1506- Fight- Caller reporting there is Juveniles fighting. – Maple Heights

1539- Dangerous Condition- Caller reporting there are needles on the ground behind the building. – Railroad Av

1548- Trespass- Female behind Bath Packing. – W Morris Street

1554- Suspicious Person- Caller reporting that there was someone going through an abandoned building. Building cleared by Officers with negative results. – W Morris Street

1621- Power outage at Steuben Citizens bank. Nothing suspicious found. – Wilson Av

1728- Foot patrol- Liberty Street

1731- Civil Matter- Landlord tenant issue. – Liberty Street

1757- Welfare Check- Caller reporting the welfare check of an individual he has not seen. Subject was located and was in good health. - W Morris Street

1758- Check Welfare- Caller reporting a male acting strange. Upon arrival subject was gone. - W Morris Street

1822- Animal Complaint- Officers located loose dog. Dog turned over to DCO. – W Morris Street

1959- Caller reporting that the missing dog was his. Caller was provided DCO contact information. – Liberty Street

2028- Traffic Stop- 2 UTT issued. – E Steuben Street

2029- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – E Pulteney SQ

2059- Traffic Stop- Bicyclist issued 1 UTT for no lights on bike. – W Steuben Street

2129- Traffic Stop- 2 UTT issued. – Howell Street

2156- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued. –Liberty Street

2210- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued. – ST RT 415

2212- Traffic Stop- 2 UTT issued. – Pine Street

2221- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued. – Cameron Street

2306- Warrant Arrest- Liberty Ferris taken into custody on active warrant. Ferris was additionally charged with Obstruction of Governmental Administration. – Robie Street

0014- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued. W Morris Street

0031- Mossy Bank Park Secured. – Two males located inside park and were determined to be smoking marijuana. Males transported to Liberty Street and turned over to a sober driver.

0131- Traffic Stop- 5 UTT issued. – W Washington Street

0204- Foot Patrol- Liberty Street

0457- Check Welfare- Report of male passed out in roadway. Officers located male in roadway. Male found to be in possession of suspected methamphetamine. Male was turned over to Bath Ambulance for medical treatment. Charges pending. – Railroad Ave


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