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Bath Police Media Log 10-21-23

October 21st, Media Log

0618- Foot patrol/area canvas in relation to ongoing investigations

0748- Follow up 

0759-Medical advisement

0803- Male upset in his apartment, requesting mental health assistance. Male was provided a courtesy transport to the hospital. – Water St

0856- Follow up

0903- Caller reporting a male yelling. Male was advised to stop yelling. – E Morris St

0923- Follow up

0926- Follow up

0934- Caller has questions about an accident report

0936- Follow up

1051- Follow up

1053- Caller has questions about ongoing investigation. Caller was referred to the SCSO.

1237- Caller reporting that he cannot get ahold of his caseworker. Caller advised to try on Monday or call 211. – Colonial Lawns

1257- Caller would like to retrieve property that Bath PD has

1346- Medical advisement

1403- Follow up

1453- Check the welfare. Unfounded. – W Morris St

1456- Lift assist for Bath Ambulance. 

1518- Third party report of a female possibly held against her will in an apartment. Homeowner allowed officers to check the entire apartment. Investigation determined that the report was unfounded. – E Steuben St

1617- Subject became upset and broke his own window. Subject denied medical and all other services law enforcement attempted to offer. – Geneva St

1719- Medical advisement

1816- Trespass report, negative contact – Liberty St

1843- Caller wishing to speak with officers

1844- Foot patrol- Pulteney Park

2001- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

2034- Caller reporting his neighbor is banging on the ceiling. – W William St

2110- Subject taken into custody on a mental health pick up order after threatening harm to himself. Subject transported to the hospital. – W William St

2205- Loud music complaint. Music turned down. – W Morris St

2220- Animal complaint, caller referred to DCO

2319- Caller reporting a light turns on in a garage when he walks passed it. Motion light. Clear. – E William St

2322- Check the welfare- unable to make contact. – Liberty St

0050- Traffic stop-warning issued

0103- Caller reporting loud music. Unfounded. – Water St

0144- Caller reporting subject banging on doors. Unable to locate. – W Steuben St

0348- Trespass. Subject checked over by EMS and was provided courtesy transport. – W Steuben St

0527- Foot patrol – Liberty St


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