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Top Stories, December 30, 2022

Numerous Extra Patrols Are Out This Weekend

Sheriff Jim Allard says, the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department will have extra patrols out, throughout the holiday weekend, looking for impaired by alcohol and/or drugs.  State Police and other local law enforcement agencies are doing the same.   


County Manager Jack Wheeler: Lots Going On These Days

Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says, there’s lots going on in the county.  "There are a number of important projects happening,"said County Manager Wheeler, while appearing on the Community Focus, with Dave Taylor Smith.  "All over the place.  Between LP Building Solutions, that really is coming along, they're making great progress.  There are a number of things happening in Hornell and the Corning area too."  


Hochul Wins Election, But After, Veers Slightly To The RIght

In Albany, Governor Kathy Hochul seems to be moving to the center or even slightly to the right.  This week in Albany, the governor is getting pushback from New York City Democrats in the state senate, who don’t want to approve the governor’s choice for Chief State Judge, because the nominee is not far enough left.  "Now that she's been elected, I've seen a couple of things that show her moving back towards the middle," said Republican State Senator George Borrello.   "She's seen that the far left has really hurt New York State, at least, I hope that's the case."

Top Stories, December 29, 2022

Homeless Man Charged With Drug Possession In Bath

Bath Village Police report that a 40 year old homeless man, who was wanted on a warrant, was found and charged (additionally) by the Bath Police, with Third Degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.  That's for allegedly having meth on him, at the time of the arrest.  The 40 yearo ld suspect was transported by the Steuben County Sheriff's Dept. to the County Cap Court, for arraignment. 


Remember: Don't Drink And Drive On New Years Eve

The New Years Holiday is coming up, and the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department, State Police and all other local law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for drunk or otherwise impaired, and distracted drivers. 


Bath Village Police Dept Is Hiring - Drop Off Resumes ASAP

The Bath Police Department is in need of two, part-time police officers.  Pay is based on experience.  If you have up to two years-experience, you can make $23.75 an hour.  The list goes on like that, and they say, if you have 13 to 14 years it’s $38.49 an hour.  Bath Police also say you can drop off a resume at the Bath Police station. 


Three Assaults On Guards, Recently At Elmira Correctional 

The New York State Prison Guard Union reports that three Elmira Correctional Prison Guards were assaulted by prisoners recently.  The prison guard union says, they cannot believe state lawmakers returned to give themselves a raise but would not vote on crime, bail or jail issues.


Get A Certificate To Perform A Wedding In New York State

Governor Kathy Hochul has signed a law, so anyone who is 18 or older, can perform a marriage ceremony in New York State.  The governor says, she’s signed a law which amends the domestic relations law to enable people 18 and up, to apply for permission to be designated as an officiant in order to solemnize a marriage.  The governor says, New York State is a premiere destination for weddings these days. 

Top Stories, December 28, 2022

Prison Guards Injured On The Job - At Elmira Correctional 

Elmira Prison Officials say that three more officers that were injured in two attacks at Elmira Correctional Facility on Sunday, December 18.   The first incident occurred in a day room in one of the cell blocks at the maximum security correctional facility.  An inmate, serving his second stint in prison, was being loud and disruptive.  An officer ordered the inmate to stop and he refused.  The officer approached the inmate in an attempt to deescalate the situation.  When the officer approached, the inmate struck the officer in the face.   A second officer immediately responded and both officers placed the inmate in a body hold and forced him to the ground.  On the ground and still combative, the inmate bit the second officer on his thumb as the officers were attempting to apply handcuffs.  The inmate refused to release the bite hold and forced was needed to get the inmate to let  go.   The two officers applied handcuffs to the inmate.  Once in handcuffs, the inmate became compliant and he was removed from the day room.  The officer who was struck in the face sustained pain and swelling to his left eye and eyelid.  The second officer who was bit, sustained bite marks and minor bleeding to his thumb.  Both officers were treated by medical staff at the facility and remained on duty. 


The inmate, 23, is serving a 22 year sentence after being convicted for Manslaughter 1st in Genesee County in 2022.  He originally was arrested in connection with the killings of two men on a dairy farm that year.     The second incident occurred during the evening meal in the mess hall.  An inmate was creating a disturbance and ignored several orders to calm down and continue to eat his evening meal.  The inmate was escorted out of the mess hall into the corridor by staff.  In the corridor, the inmate turned and pushed an officer backwards.  Two officers grabbed the inmate in a body hold and forced him to the floor.  Once on the floor, the inmate became compliant.  He was brought to his feet and escorted from the area.  The inmate, 29, was placed in a Special Housing Unit pending disciplinary charges.  He is serving a 15 year sentence after being convicted in Niagara County for Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd in 2015.  One officer sustained hand pain and swelling subduing the inmate.  He was treated by medical staff and remained on duty.  


Recall Issued By Wegmans Grocery Stores

Wegmans issued a voluntary recall on its products containing micro greens, sweet pea leaves, and cat grass over potential salmonella contamination. The affected products were sold at various Wegmans stores in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.


County Public Health Office Encouraging Vax/Boosters

Steuben County Public Health officials are encouraging vaccines and boosters, both covid and regular vaccines and boosters.  They say it’s available at the County Public Health office in Bath, on the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Tuesday each month from 2 - 4 pm.


Need A Job Locally?  Here's One You Might Like

Steuben County Emergency Services is hiring a dispatcher.  If you’d like to apply for that job, call the county at 607-664-2345


I-90 Is Open Again Today In Ontario County, Etc

Governor Kathy hochul says the thruway is open again.  BTW, the governor’s inauguration ceremony will be on January 1st, at 2pm at the state capital in Albany.


Sheriff: Man Arrested On Drug Charge While On Parole 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard: The sheriff reports that on December 27, 2022, Steuben County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Shawn M. Benjamin, age 41, of Charles Street, Corning, New York, following an investigation into a suspected parole violation in the Town of Corning. K9 Twiggy was requested by Parole for a residence search. K9 Twiggy alerted on at least two locations in the residence which allegedly contained suspected methamphetamine. It is alleged that Mr. Benjamin was under the supervision of New York State Parole and possessed quantities of suspected methamphetamine packaged for alleged sale. Mr. Benjamin was charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree, a class B Felony. Mr. Benjamin was held in the Steuben County Jail due to a parole violation and will be arraigned in Steuben County Court at a later date.  Sheriff Allard thanks the New York State Parole, Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, for their assistance in this investigation and arrest.

Top Stories, December 27, 2022

Capital Project Reminder From Superintendent Rumsey 

Bath School Superintendent Joe Rumsey is working to keep Bath school voters up, on the upcoming capital project vote.  This morning, Rumsey appeared on Community Focus with Dave Taylor Smith on WVIN.  "The next public hearing regarding the capital project, will be January 3, and the voting day is January 10," Rumsey said.  


The Bath School System Wins Again In Court
In other Bath school news, a lawsuit against the Bath School System, was rejected by Judge Pat McAllister in Steuben County Court in July of 2021.  That case was then taken to the State Appellete Court by the person that was suing the Bath School System, and the Appellete Court has upheld Judge McAllister’s ruling.  A former Bath school business administrator had sued the school system after her position was eliminated.  A court document shows that the former school business administrator had sued Joe Rumsey, both as the school superintendent, and as an individual.  


Hiring Continues For New Amazon Facililty In Bath

Hiring for 35 Amazon warehouse associates, at the new Bath Amazon facility, continues.  It’s going on at the Best Western in Hammondsport tomorrow and Thursday, 10am to 4pm.

Top Stories, December 26, 2022

Amazon Hiring Today, Tomorrow And Thursday

Below is the website for candidates to apply for jobs for the Amazon site in Bath, NY WNY2.  Hiring Location for appointments or walk-ins available.  Best Western Plus/The Hammpondsport Hotel, 8440 State Route 54, Hammondsport, NY, US, 14840.  Events will be held on Tuesday-Thursday,10am-4pm.   https://hiring.amazon.com/app#/jobDetail?jobId=JOB-US-0000005892&locale=en-US    


Update From Governor Kathy Hochul

Governor Kathy Hochul says the Finger Lakes Region is still under a state of emergency and there is no travelling today on the Thruway, I-90, between Rochester and the Pennsylvania border.  The govenror also says, the areas off of Lake Ontario will see lots of snow on Tuesday afternoon.  Here in Steuben County starting on Friday, there were downed trees and wires from one end of Steuben County to the other, causing hundreds of power outages over the weekend.   


2022 In Review: From County Manager Wheeler

Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says, looking back on 2022, the top achievements for Steuben County were: 

Comprehensive Plan
The first countywide comprehensive plan in Steuben County’s history was launched in August and will serve as a
guiding document for policy making, economic development, and capital investment for the county during the
next 15 years. The process is expected to take approximately 18 months.
The comprehensive plan is designed to establish a strategic framework for Steuben’s growth and development and
includes identifying critical areas of policy to which county leaders may direct resources and effort.
The current comprehensive planning effort is guided by a multi-disciplinary steering committee of County
Legislators, staff, and other key stakeholders and will rely heavily on public input throughout the process, as well
as contributions from municipal leaders, civic organizations, and local investors.
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which complicated county operations from 2020-21, a devastating flash flood in
August 2021, a significant uptick in public safety costs since 2017 and the more recent economic hits, the county
has maintained a solid fund balance and kept up important local services such as road maintenance and bridge
The county also actively works to improve housing stock through the independent Land Bank while offering state
grants to upgrade well and septic systems through the state’s Community Development Block Grant.
During the past year, through the efforts of the county Industrial Development Agency, some 10 new businesses
and housing projects have been attracted and secured throughout the county and notably in Bath, Corning,
Hammondsport and Hornell.
Additionally, while county operational costs have risen, driven by state mandates, the county officials have kept
the average tax rate down, reducing property taxes by $0.43 per $1,000 for 2023.
Veterans Services
Under the leadership of County Veterans Services Agency Gary Smith the agency has increased its outreach in
2033, including 20 outreach events throughout the county with 400 face-to-face encounters.
The need is there: According to the New York State Association of Counties, Steuben is ranked No. 2 – second
Steuben County notes achievements in 2022 continues p.2P. 2 Steuben County notes achievements in 2022 continued
Projects in the works include producing an informational flyer that Steuben legislators can present at their
respective city/towns/village meetings and will be posted for easy reference for veterans.
The VSA is located at 7001 County Route 113, Bath and may be contacted at (607) 664-2527.
Building Projects
Work on renovations and new construction at three county highway shops is underway, with the Steuben
Legislature approving bids totaling $6.1 million.
The General Construction contract for $5.7 million went to Building Innovation Group, Inc, with $449,000 for
electrical work to awarded to Matco Electric Corporation for work at the Curtis, Mt. Washington and Prattsburgh
highway shops.
Since the bids were awarded, the decision was made to demolish the Curtis and Mt. Washington shops, followed
by construction.
Other projects included a parking lot on the site of the Steuben Bowling Academy on East Steuben Street, and
renovations to the Civil Defense Building on State Route 54. Renovations to the building include a roof
replacement. The two projects are pegged $1.5 million and will be paid through the American Recovery Plan Act
Opioid Settlement
Steuben’s long battle against substance use disorder was furthered through initial distributions from the nationwide
Opioid Settlement funds.
Steuben’s share this year amounted to approximately $678,000 to be used for opioid treatment and prevention
Portions of the funds will go toward two additional social workers at the Community Mental Health Center
Clinic; to Catholic Charities Steuben/Livingston for peer support services and funding for the Steuben Prevention
Coalition's Opioid Committee.
Other funds are earmarked for a part-time Substance Abuse Counselor at the Family Service Society, Inc. to offer
prevention counseling and support services at the Corning Youth Center, with funds also going toward CASA
Trinity’s programs in Steuben County.

Boat Building Workshop Coming Up In Early Jan 2023

Coming up on in early January, there will be a boat building workshop at the Finger Lakes Boating Museum.  That’ll be January 14th, 10am to 3pm at the Finger Lakes Boating Museum in Hammondsport.  

Top Stories, December 23, 2022


Local temperatures as of the 3:00pm Hour: 

Bath 8 degrees

Campbell 11 degrees 

Prattsburgh 6 degrees

Savona 7 degrees 

Hammondsport 9 degrees

Kanona 6 degrees

From Steuben County Deputy Director Of Emergency Services, Ken Forenz:  "Trees and wires are down in the following locations this afternoon: Addison, Campbell, Caton, Corning, Greenwood, Hammondsport, Hornby, Urbana, West Union, Wayland, Prattsburgh, Pulteney, Rathbone, Thurston, Tuscarora, Troupsburg, Urbana, Wheeler, Woodhull.  As of 3:30pm, 783 outages for NYSEG (there were 900 outages earlier today) and about 400 outages for Steuben Rural Electric.  The amount of accidents has been minimal.  Less than a handful accidents, countywide"


Statement From State Police About Today's Weather

Troopers will be out checking all major routes of travel to ensure that motorists are as safe as possible and working with local Emergency Operations Centers. 

Extreme winds, whiteout conditions and dangerously cold temperatures will make travel on Friday December 23, and Saturday, December 24, highly dangerous. State Police advise motorists to drive only for emergency purposes. If you are on the roadways make sure you have a full tank of gas, food and extra warming items in your vehicle in case emergency vehicles have a delayed response due to the extreme storm conditions.

Use your best judgment to determine if driving is prudent. Remember, if you can’t see out your windshield, first responders can’t either.

Keep the following tips in mind:


  • Get the latest weather forecast before leaving with your local weather apps, monitor radio or TV stations.
  • Always clean your windows and mirrors FULLY of any snow and ice before driving.
  • Keep a full tank of gas
  • Fluid levels are sufficient ( windshield washer fluid, ant-freeze)
  • Spare tire is sufficient and you have the jack and wheel wrench
  • Use headlights at all times to increase your visibility to others.  Remember, if your windshield wipers are in use due to weather, then your headlights must be on.
  • Drive prudently.  If the conditions are adverse, you should decrease your speed accordingly.
  • Brake early
  • Do NOT use cruise control.  This decreases your reaction time to apply braking.
  • Look out for events farther down the road.  Creating more time to react can make a difference.
  • Be aware of maintenance vehicles and emergency vehicles.  Give them room to work.
  • If you do not absolutely have to go out on the roads, then don’t.

If you do go out, is your vehicle prepared?


  • Is your trunk supplied to help you to be safe in case you are stopped or stranded in an area without assistance readily available:
    • Gloves, blankets, warmers, tool kit, first-aid kit, non-perishable foods, water, working flashlight and batteries, cell phone charger, etc
    • Shovel, ice scraper, de-icer, snow brush, rock salt or cat litter, tow chain or cable, jumper cables or battery charger, etc.


If you are involved in a Collision or leave the roadway:

If you drive off the roadway and are stuck in a snow bank or ditch, stay in your vehicle and call 911.  DO NOT exit your vehicle unless it is an absolute emergency.  You put yourself at risk of being struck by another vehicle.

Roll your windows down a few inches or turn your vehicle off if you are stranded in snow for a period of time with your vehicle running. Tailpipes can become blocked by deep snow and cause carbon monoxide to build up inside the car, and can lead to serious physical injury or death  

If you should become stranded on the Thruway or any roadway, know your location by being aware of your direction and mile post marker.  This will help emergency personnel reach your location as quick as possible. 

Follow the New York State Police’s Twitter page @nyspolice for up to the minute information on road closures and weather alerts.

The Thruway Authority provides a wide variety of information for travelers including current traffic conditions, accidents, and lane closures.  Visit www.thruway.ny.gov for more information. 


Former Corning CEO Jamie Houghton Has Died

Former Corning Glass CEO Jamie Houghton has died at the age of 86.  "To hear the news of Jamie's passing is the end of a chapter," said former Corning Mayor/former Congressman Tom Reed.  "A major chapter in our local history.  Jamie and his entire family were just, through and through Corning.  They were one of us, and Jamie is going to be sorely missed," Reed tells WVIN News.


Amazon Is Hiring - Today And Next Week

Here is the website for candidates to apply for our jobs for the Amazon site in Bath:


Hiring Location for appointments or walk-ins available.  Best Western Plus/The Hammpondsport Hotel, 8440 State Route 54, Hammondsport, NY, US, 14840

Events will be held on Friday 12/23 from 10am-2pm, Tuesday-Thursday next week 10am-4pm.


Republican Lawmakers Are Opposed To Albany $ Increase

The State Assembly and State Senate majorities have voted to give themselves a pay raise.  It’s a $32,000 a year increase.  The state troopers union objected, saying the state government won’t give the state police the option of retiring after 20 years on the job.  Also, State Senator Tom O’Mara, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, Senator George Borrello and Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes and Assemblyman Joe Giglio were against the pay raise.  Those upstate GOP lawmakers list a number of reasons for being against the pay raise. Their reasons are: it should have been a public vote on the raises, there was no special session to change bail reform but there was a special session for pay raises, and they say New York State lawmakers will now be the highest paid state legislators in America.

Top Stories, December 22, 2022

Corning PD Arrest Addison Suspect On A Weapons Charge 

From Corning Police: On Tuesday 12/20/22 in the City. Uniformed officers conducted a vehicle stop of an unregistered motor vehicle at approximately 8:15 am on Denison Parkway. During the vehicle stop and investigation of the occupants, the driver, Jesse A. Brutcher, 42 of Addison, NY, was found to be in possession of an unregistered loaded 9mm pistol. The handgun was located in Mr Brutcher’s waistband. Mr. Brutcher was arrested without incident and charged with 1 count of Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd degree, a C felony.  Mr. Brutcher was briefly held at the Steuben County Jail and was arraigned and released after appearing in Steuben County’s Centralized Arraignment Part (CAP) Court.


Bath NY Police Statistics From November 2022

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says in the month of November there were: 16 arrests for harassment, five fights, 23 charges for domestic disputes and two assault arrests.


Watch Out For Triple-Demic - Says Public Health Official

The Triple-demic, is out there.  Steuben County Public Health Education Coordinator Laurie Lee Wagner says the Tripledemic is the flu, the Covid and RSV combined.  And there are some cases of it in Steuben County this winter.


Troopers Union Slams Gov Over Pay Raises For Lawmakers 

The head of the New York State PBA, put out a statement, criticizing state lawmakers for giving themselves a $32,000 a year pay raise, while the governor won’t let the PBA get the option to retire after 20 years.  The New York State PBA represents state troopers, Park Police, Environmental Conservation officers and the State University of New York officers. 


Assemblywoman Byrnes: New Office In Wayland In 2023

Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes (R,C-Caledonia) is announcing a new satellite office opening in January 2023 at the Wayland Town Hall, located at 110 North Main Street in Wayland, to further serve the constituents of the 133rd Assembly District in the new year.


“My staff and I take great pride in being there for the people and in public service. The constituents are our neighbors, our extended family, people we’ve known for generations – we want to help, and we want the public to know we are here to help,” said Byrnes. “Extending our office into Wayland is another way we can better serve the community and be there. I look forward to meeting with constituents from our new satellite office – please stop by.”


Byrnes will personally hold open office hours monthly, on the fourth Thursday from noon to 2 p.m., when the public can stop by without an appointment to meet directly with her. The office also will be open to the public every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. without appointments, staffed by her community liaison, Mike Palmesano. For further information or to contact the office, please call (585) 728-9952.



The Slated Minimum Wage Increase For January 2023 

Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Department of Labor say that minimum wage is scheduled to go up from $13.20 an hour to $14.20 an hour  starting in January. This is a result of the minimum wage increase that was passed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2019.  The goal is to get minimum wage up to $15.00 an hour, but it might even go higher as Albany Democrats have talked about an even higher minimum wage increase getting passed in the new year.


Gillibrand: Keeping New Yorkers Warm In The Cold

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says this winter heating costs are expected to go up a lot, and the senator has gotten an additional $5 billion dollars in the LIHEAP funding.  The senator says, every person deserves access to a comfortable and safe home.


Top Stories, December 21, 2022

Watch Out For A Scam - That Happened Over In Ithaca 

Ithaca area State Troopers report  a complicated scam is going on in Tompkins County, so word to the wise – watch out for this one.  Here’s how the scam works; someone pretending from state police calls and tells you that you are the victim of a scam that they’re investigating.  Then, they ask for your bank account numbers and credit card numbers.  That's how the scam works.  


The Flu Numbers In Steuben County Continue To Rise

A couple of weeks ago we reported that the county public health office was saying that there had been over 1300 cases of the flu countywide.  That number has gone up a bit.  As of this past Saturday there were over 1,700 cases of the flu countywide. That’s from Steuben County Public 

Health Education Coordinator Laurie Lee Wagner.


O'Mara Issues Statement - Against The Albany Pay Raise

State Senator Tom O’Mara is against the state Democrats trying to pass a $32,000 pay increase for each state lawmaker during the holidays.  The state lawmakers will vote on that tomorrow in Albany.

Top Stories, December 20, 2022

Bath Police Chief Completes FBI Training 

Bath Village Police Chief Taft has completed the FBI’s Executive Leadership Institute training.  The Bath Police Department is praising the chief for this accomplishment, saying Chief Taft has gained much needed knowledge in the problems facing departments today.


Two Welfare Fraud Arrests In Bath

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department is reporting two welfare arrests, the two suspects are from Bath, a 50 year old woman is accused of getting over $1700 in welfare benefits she was allegedly not entitled to.  That 50 year old is charged with filing a false instrument and 4th degree grand larceny.  Also, a 28 year old Bath woman is accused of stealing someone else’s EBT card.  That 28 year old is charged with misuse of food stamps, petit larceny and misuse of public assistance.


Thursday's Community Focus On WVIN, Will Be Interesting

And this programming note: Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says today, on his Facebook Page, to be sure to listen to WVIN’s Community Focus with David Taylor Smith, this Thursday at 830am.  The mayor says, he has some big announcements coming up on the show.


County Passes Reapportionment Law

There is a new local law regarding apportionment of the voting strength of each member of the Steuben County Legislature as determined by the 2020 Federal Census. The apportionment – or weight – of each legislator’s vote is expected to provide equal representation on all resolutions, local laws, motions or proposals to be voted upon by the Legislature.


Conservative Party Cries Fowl, Over Pay Raise For Albany

The New York State Conservative party put out a statement saying they are against the Democrats trying to pass a $32,000 pay increase for each state lawmaker.  The state conservative party says, this is the time of year when New York State residents are paying the least amount of attention.


No Hunting Ban In Upstate During This Holiday Season

Empire Report New York and Upstate New York websites are reporting that Governor Kathy Hochul has vetoed a bill, that would have allowed counties to ban hunting in the Finger Lakes and Western New York during the winter holidays.  The two news websites indicated that the bill was supported by snowmobilers, who wanted to be able to use the trails near where the hunting will go on.  

Top Stories, December 19, 2022

Two People Have Died, After A Local Weekend Accident 

State Police report that two people have died as a result of injuries sustained on Saturday morning in the 10am hour on Babcock Hollow Road.  According to State Police, 39 year old Brandi White of Bath was pronounced dead at the scene, and 30 year old Jordan Smith of Knoxville Pennsylvania died from his injuries on Saturday night at Robert Packer Hospital. 


Olin And Haruski - Continue Their Roles As Commissioners

The Steuben County Legislature has reappointed Republican Vicky Olin  and Democrat Colleen Haruski, to their positions, as county election commissioners. 


Climate Change Plans Were Made In Albany Today

It was at 1:00pm today, that the New York State Climate Action Council announced that they have voted to make climate change plans for the state.  It has been predicted by upstate GOP lawmakers, that the Climate Action Council will force millions of New York State residents to drop natural gas propane or heating oil furnaces to electric heating.  Supporters of the Climate Action Council say the road to stopping climate change will be a bumpy road in the beginning.  But Republican State Senator George Borrello maintains, the whole thing is ridicolous.  "The state has authorized using coal factories down in Pennsylvania that cause a lot of green house gas," Borrello said.  "This is just a shell game."


Santa Claus Is Coming To Bath - On Christmas Eve!

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department reports that Santa Claus himself, is going to ride around with the fire fighters, around Bath, on Christmas Eve, Saturday, Dec 24.  The ride with Santa Claus will start at Noon Christmas Eve at the Bath Fire Department .  

12:00 Start time for the Parade.

It will depart the Bath Fire Station and turn Right and head East on Morris Street.

It will then turn LEFT onto East Steuben St

Continue to Liberty where it will then turn RIGHT.

It will go up Liberty St to Geneva St.

It will continue on Geneva St until it gets to Gratton Drive.

It will turn LEFT onto Gratton and continue to Haverling St.

It will turn LEFT on Haverling St. and continue to West Washington St. It will turn RIGHT on West Washington and continue to Hubbell St.

It will turn LEFT on Hubbell St. until West Morris St.

It will turn LEFT on West Morris St, and continue to West Steuben St.

It will continue until it reaches Pulteney Park

It will then turn RIGHT by the park to West Morris St.

Then it will head back to the station.

Top Stories, December 16, 2022

Today's Weather Did Affect Some Schools Start Time

The Bath School system and Campbell-Savona School District, started after a two hour delay this morning.  Hammondsport Central School's Winter Concert was rescheduled for Dec. 20th at 7pm.  Other school news: Jasper-Troupsburg was on a two hour delay today, Addison central was closed today, and the Watkins Glen and the Elmira school districts were closed today.


From Steuben County Spokesperson Mary Perham:

Public hearings on proposals to increase the eligibility of older residents and people with disabilities will be held before the Steuben County Legislature meeting at 10 am, Monday.  If passed, it will increase the eligible income of people with disabilities and senior citizens who own property to $30,000, with both groups eligible for a sliding scale on their property taxes effective immediately.

The IDA Looks Back At The Year 2022 - A Very Good Year

The Steuben County I.D.A. notes that the Route 54 corridor in the Town of Bath has had a lot of activity this past year.  Jamie Johnson says what happened was that the County I.D.A. agreed to construct a new turning lane from the route 54 corridor into Industrial Park Road in 2022. In partnership with Amazon, the department of transportation surrounding property owners, and Steuben County government, the county IDA developed a financial package to pay for the work including a $100,000 contribution from Steuben County.  The Amazon facility will begin operating in the first quarter of 2023.


Stay Sober Or Get Pulled Over In Steuben County NY

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department’s High Visibility Enforcement Crackdown is going on until January 1st  - Sheriff Jim Allard says, officials will be looking for drunk, drugged and distracted drivers.

Top Stories, December 16, 2022

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft: Meth Arrest After Pullover

From Bath Police Chief Taft: 

"On 12/14/22, the Village of Bath Police Department conducted a traffic stop in the Super 8 parking lot. While interviewing the operator officers observed what appeared to be narcotics on the vehicle floorboard. The operator was advised to step out of the vehicle and was detained for further investigation. Inside the vehicle, Officers located approximately 3 ounces of Methamphetamine.  The operator, Richard C. Gildersleeve, age 32, of Elmira, NY was subsequently arrested for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 2nd degree, a class A-II Felony. Gildersleeve was processed and transported to Steuben County Jail for Centralized Arraignment Processing. This proactive policing and great interdiction stop will take over $6,000 worth of illegal narcotics off the Village of Bath Streets. A true testament to the Highway drug interdiction training both officers recently received."


There Were Two Hour Delays For Some Local School Today

The Bath Central School System and Campbell-Savona School District, started after a two hour delay this morning, and the Hammondsport Central School winter concert was rescheduled for Dec. 20th at 7pm.   Other school news: Jasper-Troupsburg was on a two hour delay today, Addison central was closed today, and the Watkins Glen and the Elmira school districts were closed today.


Coming Up On Monday For Steuben County's Legislature

Public hearings on proposals to increase the eligibility of older residents and people with disabilities will be held before the Steuben County Legislature meeting at 10 am, Monday.  If passed, it will increase the eligible income of people with disabilities and senior citizens who own property to $30,000, with both groups eligible for a sliding scale on their property taxes effective immediately.


IDA: It Was A Very Busy Year On Route 54 Corridor In Bath

The Steuben County I.D.A. notes that the Route 54 Corridor in the Town of Bath has had a lot of activity this past year.  Industrial Development Agency Director Jamie Johnson says what happened was that the County I.D.A. agreed to construct a new turning lane from the route 54 corridor into Industrial Park Road in 2022. In partnership with Amazon, the department of transportation surrounding property owners, and Steuben County government, the county IDA developed a financial package to pay for the work including a $100,000 contribution from Steuben County.  The Amazon facility will begin operating in the first quarter of 2023.


The High Visibility Campaign Continues In Steuben County

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department’s High Visibility Enforcement Crackdown is going on until January 1st  - Sheriff Jim Allard says, officials will be looking for drunk, drugged and distracted drivers.  

Top Stories, December 15, 2022

The Roads Are Slippery: Lots Of Accidents Out There 

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet tells our news department that Bath Department of Public works crews have been out salting all day.  Prattsburgh town officials say the Prattburgh road crews are also out sanding the roads there in prattsburgh.  In Campbell, the Campbell town highway superintendent says there have been accidents all over the roads in Campbell, and to stay home unless you absolutely have to go out – otherwise in Campbell, stay home. In Hammondsport roads are icey as well.  Six accidents have been reported in Hornell and also six accidents in Alfred.  The same goes for Livington County.  In Chemung County, the sheriff there says they’ve gotten lots of calls about accidents and if you have to go out, the Chemung County Sheriff says, be cautious on the roads. 


Sempolinski: Looking Back On My Several Months In DC

Rep. Joe Sempolinski says that his biggest accomplishment is getting the 21st Century Assistive Technology Act passed in the House – it’s a bill to help Americans with disabilities by providing them with assistive technology, including walkers and educational supplements.


Former A.U. President Edward Coll, Has Passed Away

Alfred University officials have announced on their website that Longtime Alfred University President Ed Coll, has died. Coll was the president of Alfred University from 1982-2000. 

Top Stories, December 14, 2022

Thanks To The Bath PD!
Bath Mayor Michael Sweet is publicly thanking the Bath Village Police Officers, who are going to be working during the Holidays.

A New Volunteer Firefigher For The Bath Fire Dept

The Bath Fire Department is congratulating their new firefighter, Austin Wheatcraft. Firefighters say that Austin came up through their Junior firefighter program and has turned 18, making Austin eligible as a regular firefighter.


You Can Charge Electric Cars Now, In Bath

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced that a dozen new electric vehicle fast chargers have been installed across and near the highways in the Southern Tier and Western New York areas. The nearest one to us: it’s in Bath, in the municipal parking lot, they also have charges in Olean.  


Huge Fire Yesterday In The Chemung Co City Of Elmira

The Elmira Firefighters union put out a statement about that fire yesterday there in Elmira.  The firefighters said that smoke could be seen for miles yesterday as an historic Elmira house caught fire.  They say the fire was extinguished after a few hours.  There were no injuries and the cause is under investigation.


Bicycle/Pick Up Truck Accident In North Hornell  

There was a serious accident over in the North Hornell area Tuesday night, it was a pickup truck and a bicycle and that incident and it happened just before 6pm.  The bicyclist is in stable condition at St James Hospital.  Sheriff Jim Allard tells us, there’s witnesses who saw it and a dashcam video of that accident, and that the accident is still under investigation.

Top Stories, December 13, 2022

Troopers Will Be Out In Larger Numbers Over Holidays

State Police will participate in the “Drive High - Get a DUI” national campaign and New Year’s impaired driving this holiday season. That will be from Wednesday, December 14, 2022, through Sunday, January 1, 2023. Drivers can expect to see sobriety checkpoints, along with more Troopers on roadways during this campaign.  Also, Troopers will be watching for distracted drivers, vehicle occupants who are not properly buckled up, and drivers violating the “Move Over Law.  State Police will also conduct underage drinker enforcement details statewide.


There Is No Lack Of Flu Lately - In Steuben County 

The flu in Steuben County has been going around, but most people likely don’t know exactly how many have had the flu.  Lorilee Wagner from Steuben County Public Health tells us that over 1,300 people have been diagnosed with the flu since November 1.  The answer, says Wagner, is for people to get the flu shot.


New HEAP Rules For The Entire State 

The Steuben County Department of Social Services reports that the state government has revised HEAP guidelines effective immediately.  The county says if you need assistance completing an application please call (607) 664-2500 so they can help you out.


Top Stories, December 12, 2022

Federal Bureau Of Investigation Is In Bath - To Train 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says, the sheriff’s department here in Bath, is in their last week of training from the FBI.  "This is the third and final week of the FBI's law enforcement training," Allard tells WVIN.  "They did a week of training in September, and they did a week in November, and now this is the final week of the FBI's training."


Message From Steuben County Social Services

The Steuben County Department of Social Services reports that the state government has revised HEAP guidelines effective immediately.  The county says if you need assistance completing an application please call (607) 664-2500 so they can help you out.


State Troopers Warn Of A Scam Going On

The State Police remind everyone this holiday season that the New York State Police does NOT solicit citizens for donations.  Troopers have received several calls and complaints from residents in Western New York that individuals claiming to be affiliated with the State Police and or State Troopers are calling asking for donations.  Troopers say – this is a scam.


Top Stories, December 9, 2022

Amazon Is Looking For A Driver To Work For Them

Amazon is now hiring, they need a driver for their Bath facility.  Bath Mayor Michael Sweet says, this is "very nice news for Bath."  The job ad was on Indeed.com.

Audit Of The Bradford Central, By The State

State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli’s audited the Bradford Central School System.  The state comptroller noted that the Bradford School district did not have an adequate online banking policy and procedures.  The Bradford Central School response was quote: “The District will continue to use email communication that reviews internet security protocols and refreshes the annual training which staff receives at the start of each year.” 

Big Award From Biden Admin, For Corning Community 

Corning Community College has been awarded a $1.25 million grant to develop programs that will meet the workforce needs of the Southern Tier’s clean energy sector with a focus on the Battery-NY Center, a future lithium-based battery development manufacturing facility.

Bath PD Helping Finger Lakes SPCA Out For The Holidays 

The Village of Bath Police Department says they’ll be collecting donations throughout the month to benefit the animals at the Finger Lakes SPCA. Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says, Bath Police are thankful to the FLSPCA for their assistance in many of the animal cruelty and abandonment investigations.  The police chief also says, you can drop off items into the donation box i the lobby of the Bath Municipal Building.

Remember - Christmas In The Park Is Tomorrow 

Coming up on tomorrow in Hammondsport, Christmas in the Park.  At the park, it goes from 4pm through 8pm.   There will be horse drawn wagon rides, and all kinds of fun, and – all new this year – Santa’s Reindeer.  That’s according to Christine Harr, from the Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce.

Top Stories, December 8, 2022

1st Degree Rape Accusation Made Against Bath Man

From Bath Police Chief Colin Taft: "On 12/07/2022, the Village of Bath Police Department located and arrested William L. Newton, 35, residing at the Budget Inn in the Village of Bath through DSS, on one count of forcible Rape in the first degree, a Class B felony.  Newton was processed and transported to the Steuben County Jail for CAP arraignment.  This arrest stems from an ongoing investigation into a sexual assault report that originated on 11/30/2022. It is reported that Newton was not known to the victim prior to the incident.  Newton is currently under the supervision of NYS Parole for the possession of narcotics, a Class D felony. Newton is also on the NYS Sex Offender registry as a level 3 sex offender for a prior similar offense."


Two Hunters Charged For Hunting At Night In Steuben Co

The D.E.C. reports, that they caught two suspects that were hunting at night, in the southwestern area of Steuben County.  According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, the two suspects, one of whom was a convicted felon, were eventually caught in Pennsylvania after a chase which began in Steuben County. The suspects  were said to have thrown a rifle out the window during the chase into PA.  The two were ticketed and released, and will have answer to numerous charges including possession  of a loaded firearm while driving. 


Palmesano Might Lose Hornell From His Map, Again

Corning Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano lives in Corning now, but was born and grew up in Hornell.  For the second time in two years, the New York State redistricting commission in Albany has removed Hornell from Palmesano’s map.  That’s a definite disadvantage for Palmesano, though it’s doubtful he’d lose the seat in any upcoming election.  Palmesano notes however, that it’s not a done deal yet.

Top Stories, December 7, 2022

Climate Change Plans For NYS - In The Year 2030

Coming up on December 19th, the state’s Climate Action Council will be announcing their plans for climate change rules for New York State residents and businesses.  That's according to Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R, Corning) who predicts that the plan will call for eliminating natural gas heating by 2030 and fully electrify your home by that year.  "Even with tax credits, you're talking over $20,000," Palmesano tells WVIN News.  

Bath Woman Is Charged With 3rd Degree Grand Larceny

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports:  "On December 2, 2022, Steuben County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Tara M. Lathrop, age 40, of State Route 53, Bath, New York, following an investigation of a reported larceny in the Town of Wheeler. It is alleged that Ms. Lathrop intentionally stole property of another, valued in excess of three thousand dollars. Ms. Lathrop was charged with Grand Larceny in the Third Degree, a class D Felony. Ms. Lathrop was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released."


Congratulations To The County Fair Manager 

Steuben County Fair Manager, Nick Pelham, was recently recognized by the International Association of Fairs and Expositions Annual Convention, and they say, Pelham is certified in entertainment programming.

Top Stories, Dec 6, 2022

Another Informational Night For Bath Central Voters

Coming up on Tuesday January 3, there will be another Capital Project Informational Night at 6pm at the Haverling Auditorium.  The Capital Project voting day is a week after that, on Tuesday January 10th.  School Superintendent Joe Rumsey also says, in the proposed capital project, there’ll be improved security at the school doors, renovations to the auditorium to the high school cafeteria and many other improvements .


Update On The Flash Flooding Damage To Steuben CO

How are the repairs to damaged roads and bridges across Steuben County, since the flash flooding from Hurricane Fred in the Fall of 2021?  Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler tells us, almost all of the repairs have been performed.  There is a bridge in the Woodhull and Tuscarora area, that leads to a single home there, and that bridge is being worked on actively at the moment.  Also according to the county manager, most of the county is just waiting on reimbursement money from the Federal Government.

Gov Hochul: Cutting Down Telemarketer Calls 

Governor Kathy Hochul today signed legislation to crack down on unwanted telemarketing calls. The new law requires telemarketers to give customers the option to be added to the company's do-not-call list at the outset of certain telemarketing calls.


A Couple Of Nice Local Christmas Events 

There is a Christmas concert tonight at 700 at Campbell Savona Central School.  Also - Coming up on Saturday in Hammondsport, Christmas in the Park.   It starts out Saturday morning with Breakfast with Santa that’ll be 8am through 11am Saturday.  The Keuka Lake Players will be performing at the Presbyterian Church at 330 in the afternoon on Saturday afternoon.  There’ll be music in bandstand starting at 430, and Santa Claus comes back at 6pm Saturday evening.  Again, that’s Christmas in the Park, Saturday, in Hammondsport.


Top Stories, December 5, 2022

Bath Police Report That A Bath Man Has Allegedly Violated A Protection Order Two Times In The Past Two Weeks 

From Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft: On 11/28/2022, the Village of Bath Police Department located and arrested Ryan R. Twist, 39, of Bath, on two counts of Criminal Mischief in the fourth degree, one count of Criminal Obstruction of Breathing, and one count of Unlawful Imprisonment in the second degree, all Class A misdemeanors.  The arrest stems from a violent domestic incident reported on 11/25/2022. Twist was processed and transported to Steuben County Jail for CAP court where a full stay away order of protection was issued and he was released on his own recognizance.  That same night, 11/29/2022, around midnight, it was reported that Twist was at the protected party’s residence in violation of the order of protection. After a struggle, Twist was taken into custody. Bath Police assisted on scene by the New York State Police and the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office. Twist was charged with three counts of Criminal Contempt in the second
degree, a Class A misdemeanor, and one count of Resisting Arrest, a Class A misdemeanor. Twist was transported to Steuben County Jail for CAP court where bail was set at $100. Twist subsequently made bail and was released.
On 12/02/2022, it was reported that Twist was again at the protected party’s residence in violation of the order of protection. Officers responded and took Twist into custody. Twist was charged with one count of Criminal Contempt in the second degree, a Class A misdemeanor.  Twist was transported to Steuben County CAP court where bail was set at $150. Twist subsequently made bail and was released.


The D.A. Is Thanking A Newly Elected Judge, For Offering To Help Out Handle Cases Here In Steuben County Court

Steuben County Court will have less of a court case load in 2023. District Attorney Brooks Baker says newly elected State Supreme Court Judge Jason Cook, is going to be coming in and acting as a 4th Acting Steuben County Court Judge.  The DA says, Judge Jason Cook will be covering a lot of the Steuben County criminal and civil cases, 25 to 30 percent of the counties current cases, and that will be until the county court is caught up.


RSV Is Not Uncommon In Steuben County Hospitals 

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer says, there is a lot of R.S.V. in hospitals in Steuben County and Schumer says, the federal government needs to help these hospitals out.  Republican Congressman Joe Sempolinski agrees with Schumer about there be a lot of R.S.V. in the Steuben County area and elsewhere in upstate.  "There is a certain amount of RSV among the kids, and some (local) hospitals are all filled up, that's what I have heard," Sempolinski said.  "This is a life or death issue." 

Sempolinski is on the same page as Senator Schumer on this.  "Hospitals are facing an unprecedented surge in RSV cases among children, and public health experts all say it is only going to get worse as we enter the cold winter months," Schumer says.  "Normally, RSV cases start to grow in October and November before peaking in December and January. It is outright scary given that hospitals are already struggling to keep up, and it’s possible the worst is yet to come. As a grandfather to two young children, there is nothing more terrifying than the thought of them getting sick, and all across CNY parents are facing hospitals who are pushed to the brink, with increased wait times, full beds, all while their child is struggling to breathe because of RSV," Schumer said. 

Top Stories, December 2, 2022

Bath Police Monthly Report For November

Bath Police have issued their monthly report, and here’s what’s been going on for the Bath Police.  They made a total of 23 arrests in November.  Four of the arrests were felony charges, and 37 were misdemeanors.  Included in those incidents, was one burglary case, 19 harassment accusations and eight car accidents. 


Law Enforcement News, From Sheriff Jim Allard

Deputy J.D. Hawley, formerly of the Village of Bath Police Department, transferred to the Sheriff’s Office and became the School Resource Deputy for the BOCES Coopers Campus.  Deputies Gage Harrison and Joseph Saltsman joined the Patrol Division as full time Deputies.  Deputy Harrison, having previously served as a part-time officer at Hornell Police Department and as a part-time Deputy at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, joined our team and is currently in field training.  Deputy Saltsman, formerly serving with the Steuben County Department of Public Works, will attend the Basic Course for Police at the Southern Tier Law Enforcement Academy.


Toys For Tots Is Saturday, December 3, At Erwin Walmart

The annual event, "Toys For Tots" is going on Saturday, 10am-1pm at the Erwin Walmart parking lot.  Sheriff Jim Allard, along with a deputy and a member of the U.S. Marines, will be there Saturday, collecting toys for families who cannot afford Christmas presents in Steuben County.  The sheriff will also be collecting coats, for the same families, who cannot afford them for their children.


Explore Steuben Has A New President 

Steuben County’s tourism office, Explore Steuben, sometimes called the Steuben County Conference & Visitors Bureau, has promoted Kevin Peterson from Partner Relations Manager to President.  Explore Steuben was created in 1994, and handles tourism for the area. 


Campbell Savona's Christmas Concert

Campbell-Savona Central School officials announced this morning, that they’re having their high school Christmas Concert, on Tuesday December 6th at 7pm.  

Top Stories, December 1, 2022

Update On The Corning Homicide Case 
Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says, 29 year old Brett Heffner of Corning, who is accused of killing Keli Collins, 26, of Corning in August, the D.A. says that Heffner was in court just before the Thanksgiving holiday.  


Amazon Is Hiring For The Leadship Jobs Here In Bath

Amazon is hiring here in Bath at their new facility.  Steuben County I.D.A. Director Jamie Johnson says, the job interviews that are going on now, are for leadship roles.  "It's exciting to know that they're filling the jobs for the Amazon leadership team," Johnson tells Wvin News.


Borrello: Congats To Senator Orrt
State Senator George Borrello is congratulating State Senator Rob Ortt on being re-elected as the leader of the New York State Senate Republican Conference.  Borrello, who nominated Orrt, describes Senator Orrt as as a combat veteran who has never backed down from a challenge.


Missing Steuben Co Teen's Body, May Have Been Found

Kerrigan Lisi  is the sister of Neiko Lisi.  Neiko Lisi was the 18 year old Jasper teen, who went missing in 2011.  Neiko was last seen in the state of Tennessee, and his sister posted online last night, that some human remains have been found in Tennessee, that may be her brother’s body.  Kerrigan Lisi said of her brother, quote,  “Pray that this awful reality we are stuck in can come to end where our family gets answers.  Where we can have a place to go celebrate my brothers life. He deserves to be remembered. He deserves to be found.”  Unquote.


FCC File

On January 4, 2024 Tower Broadcasting, LLC, licensee of call signs: WABH, 1380.0, Bath, New York; W293CE, 106.5, Bath, New York; W262CX, 100.3, Bath, New York; and WVIN-FM, 98.3, Bath, New York, filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission to transfer control of its broadcast licenses to the Estate of Gordon Ichikawa.  Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments and petitions on the application can visit:  https://publicfiles.fcc.gov and search in the public files of the stations.

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