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Top Stories, June 30, 2023

Street Work Continues Today In Hammondsport

Hammondsport crews continue paving today pm Davis street, Orchard Street, Curtiss Street, Vine Street, and Lake Street from Main Street to the village line.  There will be no parking on those streets throughout the day, and some of those streets might be closed for portions of the day. 


The STOP-DWI Campaign Goes From July 1- July 5

Hammondsport  Police, Bath Village Police, Steuben County’s Sheriff’s Department and the New York State Police, are going to be doing a stop-DWI campaign from Saturday till Wednesday. 


Fire Over In Hornell Area On Thursday Night

There were no injuries last night in a structure fire on a hill outside of Hornell, called Van Campen Road.  That happened in the 7:00 hour Thursday night.  The fire was called in by a person in Hornell, who saw the smoke billowing on that hill last night.  The South Hornell Fire Department, with assistance from Hornell Fire and North Hornell Fire Departments, got that fire under control.  That’s according to South Hornell Fire Chief Matt Donovan.


The Veggie Van Is Coming Back This Summer

The Steuben County Veggie Van, which drives around to different towns and villages selling fresh fruits and vegetables, will start going around on July 11th and that’ll last till September 28th.  The Veggie Van will be in Bath each Tuesday during that period, 1pm-3pm, Avoca Wednesday 1pm-3pm and in Addison 1pm-3pm Thursdays.

Top Stories, June 29, 2023

Hammondsport Crews Are Paving Today

Hammondsport Police Chief Jason Dinninny says crews will be paving the following Hammondsport Streets today: Davis Street, Orchard Street, Curtis Street, Vine Street, and Lake Street from Main Street to the village line.  The police chief says there will be no parking on those streets throughout the day, and some of those streets might be closed for portions of the day.


The Bath Police Dept Reports Animal Cruelty/Neglect Case

The Bath Village Police Department says, a dog in Bath, had to be put down, because it got so sick, from not being fed properly.  Police say that the dog owners, ages 57 and 45, were charged with ag and market violations.  


Senator Gillibrand: More Funding To Protect Our Skies

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she’s gotten full funding for the United States Defense Department’s All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, which handle investigating unidentified objects up the air, like the Chinese spy balloon.  Gililbrand says this will help national security.  

Top Stories, June 28, 2023

Primary Results From Last Night (From The County Board Of Elections, Results Still Considered "Unofficial"


Town Supervisor (2 Year Term) - Republican (Vote for 1)
Town of Bath: EDs reported: 4 of 4 100%
Ballots: 601
Undervotes: 3
Overvotes: 1
Double Votes: 0
Joshua Buck (REP) 440
Ronald C. Smith (REP) 155
Write-in 2
Total 601

Council Member (4 Year Term) - Republican (Vote for 2)
Town of Bath: EDs reported: 4 of 4 100%
Ballots: 601
Undervotes: 98
Overvotes: 2
Double Votes: 0
Michael D. Walden (REP) 191
David Wager (REP) 424
William Glosick (REP) 178
Dustin Buck (REP) 309
Write-in 0
Total 1202


Bath Area County Legislator (3rd District) (2 Year Unexpired Term) - Republican (Vote for 1)
LD 3 Bath : EDs reported: 4 of 4 100%
Ballots: 601
Undervotes: 21
Overvotes: 1
Double Votes: 0
Dean Rawleigh (REP) 247
Nicholas Pelham (REP) 332

Council Member (4 Year Term) - Republican (Vote for 2)
Town of Campbell: EDs reported: 2 of 2 100%
Ballots: 178
Undervotes: 54
Overvotes: 2
Double Votes: 0
Glenn A. Vogel (REP) 112
James F. Drumm (REP) 82
Norman Maynard (REP) 106
Write-in 0
Total 356


Council Member (4 Year Term) - Republican (Vote for 2)
Town of Caton: EDs reported: 1 of 1 100%
Ballots: 245
Undervotes: 0
Overvotes: 0
Double Votes: 0
Eric M. Hurd (REP) 147
Emily M. Gridley (REP) 151
Edward J. Rose (REP) 95
Timothy R. Scott (REP) 97
Write-in 0
Total 490

Town Supervisor (2 Year Term) - Republican (Vote for 1)
Town of Rathbone: EDs reported: 1 of 1 100%
Ballots: 196
Undervotes: 5
Overvotes: 0
Double Votes: 0
Marjorie A. Smith (REP) 96
Russell W. Morseman, III (REP) 95
Write-in 0
Total 196
Town Clerk (2 Year Term) - Republican (Vote for 1)
Town of Rathbone: EDs reported: 1 of 1 100%
Ballots: 196
Undervotes: 1
Overvotes: 0
Double Votes: 0
Mary E. Jacobson (REP) 118
Barbara A. Hargrave (REP) 77
Write-in 0
Total 196

Town Supervisor (2 Year Term) - Republican (Vote for 1)
Town of Addison: EDs reported: 1 of 1 100%
Ballots: 150
Undervotes: 4
Overvotes: 0
Double Votes: 0
Jeffrey BeGell (REP) 40
Jack Thompson (REP) 106
Write-in 0
Total 150
Council Member (4 Year Term) - Republican (Vote for 2)
Town of Addison: EDs reported: 1 of 1 100%
Ballots: 150
Undervotes: 45
Overvotes: 0
Double Votes: 0
Joseph D. Trappler (REP) 81
David Miller (REP) 101
Brandon Conklin (REP) 73
Write-in 0
Total 300
Superintendent of Highways (4 Year Term) - Republican (Vote for 1)
Town of Addison: EDs reported: 1 of 1 100%
Ballots: 150
Undervotes: 4
Overvotes: 0
Double Votes: 0
Jason M. Smith (REP) 59
Kenneth R. Peoples, Jr. (REP) 87
Write-in 0
Total 150


Bath Man And Wellsboro Woman, Facing Burglary Charges

From State Police:  On Thursday, June 22, 2023, members of the New York State Police from the Horseheads barracks responded to a building located at 2031 Chambers Road in the town of Catlin for a report of a burglary in progress.   Upon arriving, the Troopers observed a male and a female stealing scrap metal, mainly copper piping, from inside the building.  The female was taken into custody, and the male fled the scene into a wooded area.  The male was eventually taken into custody with the assistance of a Chemung County Sheriff Department K9 Unit, which tracked the suspect to where he was observed climbing a tree.  Following the investigation, the New York State Police arrested Aaron C. Adair, age 43, of Bath, NY, and Krystin Webster, age 33, of Wellsboro, PA, on the charges of Burglary 3rd (D Felony) and Possession of Burglar Tools (A Misdemeanor).  Both defendants were arraigned in the Town of Catlin Court, where Webster was released on her own recognizance, and Adair was committed to the Chemung County Jail with no bail pending future court action.  

Top Stories, June 27, 2023

Hochul: The DEC Rangers Are Back, And The Smoke-Filled Skies Might Also Be Returning To The Empire State

Governor Kathy Hochul says DEC Forest Rangers are back in New York State, from fighting wildfires in Canada.  These forest rangers were putting out the fires that caused all that smoke causing severe air quality conditions locally at the beginning of this month.  Having said that, the governor also says, bad air quality might be back on Wednesday with winds coming down once again, from Canada.  However, Meteorologist Rob Carolan says though, it’ll be rainy enough here across the county, so smoke filled skies won’t be a big issues.


It's Here - Primary Day Tuesday June 27 2023

and the polls are open until 9pm tonight.  There's primaries today in Bath, Addison, Campbell, Rathbone, Caton, and Troupsburg . All primaries are GOP.  The primaries in Bath are the Supervisors race and the town board primaries.  . The Bath town supervisors race is between current Supervisor Ron Smith and Joshua Buck.  The Bath town board primaries are for two seats, and so four candidates going for two town board seats in bath:  Michael Walden, David Wagger, Dustin buck and incumbent William Glosick.  In Addison, there is a town supervisors primary between Town Supervisor Jack Thompson and Jeffrey BeGell.  There’s also an Addison town board primary where three candidates are running for two seats, the three Addison town board candidates are: Joseph Trappler and incumbents David Miller and Brandon Conklin.  And there’s a highway superintendent race in Addison between Jason Smith and Kenneth Peoples jr. 


Board of election officials say Remember that the voting locations have changed since the last election, so be sure to either call the county board of elections or check their website, to find out where to vote. 

Top Stories, June 26, 2023


Primary Day is Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 27. 


There are primaries in Bath, Addison, Campbell, Rathbone, Caton, Troupsburg . All primaries are GOP.  In Addison, there is a town supervisors primary between Town Supervisor Jack Thompson and Jeffrey BeGell. 


There’s also an Addison town board primary where three candidates are running for two seats, the three Addison town board candidates are: Joseph Trappler and incumbents David Miller and Brandon Conklin.  Also a highway superintendent race in Addison between Jason Smith and Kenneth Peoples. 

The primaries in Bath are the Supervisors race between current Supervisor Ron Smith and Joshua Buck.  There are four town board candidates running for two seats in Bath, Michael Walden, David Wager, Dustin Buck and incumbent William Glosick.

In Campbell, there’s three people running for two town board seats, they are: Norman Maynard and incumbents Glenn Vogel, James Drumm. 

In Caton there are four candidates going for two seats: Eric Hurd, Emily Gridley, and incumbents Timothy Scott and Edward rose.

In Rathbone, there is a town supervisors primary between Marjorie Smith and incumbent Russell Morsemen.  Rathbone also has a town clerks race between current town clerk Mary Jacobson and Barbara Hargrave.  There are two town board seats up in Rathbone and four candidates running for those two Rathbone  town board seats: Eric Bump, Brian Wilson and incumbents Lanny Newell and William Reagan,.  Then there is also a town highway superintendents primary in Rathbone, between superintendent Dan Barney, and Duane Miles, and Nathan McChesney.

In Wayland there is a town supervisors primary between the current supervisor Carol Mykel and Gary Willyerd.  The Wayland town board primary is for town board seats and the candidates are: Jackie Wheaton and incumbents Brian and Robert Reigelsberger.

Troupsburg: Town Supervisor Tonya Tompkins faces opposition from Kenneth  LeCrone.     

Remember that the voting locations have changed since the last election, so be sure to either call the county board of elections or check their website, to find out where to vote.


News From The State Capital 

Empire Report and Mid Hudson news report that there might be a possible change to the state’s Move Over Law, the state might add to the list of reasons to pull over, disabled vehicles…right now it’s law enforcement and emergency vehicles that you have to pull over for.  Empire Report also has a story up this morning on how the state last week, almost passed a ban on employee non  compete agreements that workers sign so they don’t take a job with a competitor…the governor still might sign it though, according to reports.  

Some Upcoming Fire Dept Events

The Bath Fire Department’s firehouse sub sale is coming up July 3-July 8, and the Hammondsport Firemen’s Carnival is coming up, July 6, 7 and 8.

Top Stories, June 22, 2023

Early Voting Continues In Steuben County

Early voting continues over in Bath.  Early voting for the whole county is done at the Steuben County Annex on West Morris Street.  The big primary in Bath, is between Bath Town Supervisor Ron Smith and his GOP opponent Josh Buck.  Early voting ends June 25.  The official primary day is June 27. 


Steuben County Sheriff Deputy Job Openings 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says, the sheriff’s department has some full time deputy openings right now.  Duties include  SWAT, K9, Forensic Evidence, Investigations, Emergency Medical Technician, Boat Patrol and School Resource Officer work.  The sheriff says you can sign up for the exam by July 26.


NYS National Guard Helped Out In The Search For The Sub

GOP state senate leader Robert  Orrt, is thanking the New York Air National Guard for their assistance in trying to find the missing sub.


Sen Chuck Schumer - Still Working On A.I. Bills

Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is working on  legislation about A.I., however, it’s being noted that the legislation on Artifical Intelligence is not finished yet.

Top Stories, June 21, 2023

Guess What's Back?  Back Again!

The Bath Volunteer Fire Department is bringing back Firehouse Subs again this summer, that’ll be July 3 through July 8 at the Bath Fire Station.


NYSUT Connected Scholarships For High Schoolers

Local unions affiliated with New York State United Teachers will give graduating seniors a good start in their pursuit of higher education, donating roughly $3 million dollars statewide for college scholarships during ceremonies this weekend.  As a way to address the teacher shortage, many NYSUT locals are offering these scholarships to students seeking a degree in education. 


Bath Junction Renamed After Hornell's Jim Griffin 

Longtime Steuben and Hornell County Industrial Development leader Jim Griffin was honored yesterday, when the Bath/Hammonsdport Railroad, renamed the Bath Junction the “Griffin Junction”.  That’s because of Griffin’s life long effort to promote Hornell and the Southern Tier, through economic development. The event was attended by family , friends and formal colleagues.


American Pride Ride For Veterans And Children

The 27th Annual American Pride Ride, which goes from South Corning to Bath and then to Horseheads,  is this Saturday and it’s happening to raise money and toys for local kids and veterans. This Saturday’s ride will leave from Corning Building Company in South Corning at 10am and return to the Arnot Mall at 4:30pm.  Local charity beneficiaries include Children’s Miracle Network, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Vietnam Veterans Association Chapter 803, the Bath VA.   When they get back there will be an incredible parking lot party starting at 4pm which includes carnival rides and games, an RV and Boat show, a beer garden, local vendors food trucks and fireworks.

Gov. Hochul: Illegal Guns Update

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul, on the issue of illegal guns, issued this statement: "Thanks to unprecedented collaboration between 13 states, local police agencies & federal agencies, we're seizing illegal guns at historic rates. With more guns off our streets, shootings are coming down & more people are being prosecuted for gun-related crimes. That is progress.”  

Top Stories, June 20, 2023

Bath Village Police Station Rennovations 

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet says the police station in Bath is getting renovated.  Police Chief Colin Taft talked about this, on yesterday’s Community Focus.  "We're removing our jail cell block, which we don't need anymore, because we take our prisoners to the county jail, for the centralized arraignment court, and we haven't used the cell block for the past few years now," Taft told WVIN's Dave Taylor Smith.  "And we're adding a second interview room and a lot of technology upgrades too."  


Bath Village Police Logs Tell A Usually Untold Story

Now that the police daily logs are being made available to the public, we see all the good that Bath Police Officers do on a regular basis.  Yesterday, Bath Village Police helped emergency medical services workers, get inside of an apartment to help a stroke victim be able to get to the hospital. 


School Resource Officer Update

The Police Chief is also congratulating Bath School Resource Officer Kulikowsi on completing the 40 hour school rescource officer basic class, which was hosted by the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department.


Allegany County Ends It's Countywide State of Emergency

Over in Allegany County, county chairman Brook Harris has ended the state of emergency over migrants coming up to Allegany County from New York City.  Harris says, the county is not aware of any migrants being in Allegany County, and the state has not told county officials in Belmont, about migrants being sent up there.  In New York City, media outlets there are reporting that the NYC Mayor Adams says, the county officials who blocked migrants from coming into their area, had no right to do that.

Top Stories, June 19, 2023

The National Holiday, Juneteenth 2023

Today is Monday June 19, the Juneteenth holiday,   a day to commemorate the end of slavery in 1865.  U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer noted that the Juneteenth holiday went into effect in 2021, and was the most recent national holiday in the past 40 years.  


Bath Police Encourages More Applicants For Bath PD

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says the Police Officer Civil Service exam is coming up, and there’s only five weeks left, to sign up.  "Spread the word on this exam!!!  Only 5 weeks left to sign up," Taft stated.    To get your name in to take the civil service test, click here.


Troopers: Teen Survives Weekend Accident In Caton  
State Police report that an unnamed 17 year old, survived a car accident uninjured, that accident was on Wolcott Road in the Town of Caton, in the 3:00 hour Sunday afternoon.

Sen O'Mara: Congrats To Avoca Prattsburgh Boys 

Republican Senator Tom O’Mara put out a statement yesterday, once again praising the Avoca Prattsburgh boys varsity basketball state champions, saying the team has brought excitement extraordinary joy and deep pride to their school and families and friends.

Top Stories, June 16, 2023

Man Charged With Disseminating Indecent Material

Painted Post State Police BCI officials say, 58-year-old Thomas Killian, of Corning, who was giving private music lessons, is accused of giving indecent material to a 13-year-old music student.  Killian was charged with 2nd degree Disseminating Indecent Material to a Minor, Tampering with Physical Evidence and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.  He was released on an appearance ticket. 

Jail Officials In Steuben County, Are On The Same Page As Those Over In Elmira Correctional, About Albany Laws

We’ve heard a lot about the bigger prison’s guards, saying that their prisons are negatively affected by the New York State criminal justice reforms, on how prisons are run.  Prison guard spokesmen have stated numerous times, that the state is tying their hands, on being able to discipline prisoners.  And in Bath, Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says the situation is not much better.  "We're seeing many more inmate on inmate assaults than we ever did before," Sheriff Allard tells Brian O'Neil.  "Primarily due to the inability to discipline.  All we can do is re-arrest now, and that (compared with previous disciplinary measures taken away by the state's HALT Act) holds no consequences for the majority of the prison population."   


Haverling Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Is Tonight

The induction ceremony is slated for sometime around 6:30/6:45 this evening, for the Haverling School System’s “Haverling Hall of Fame.”  Six names will be put into the Haverling hall of fame this evening, and these names go as far back as the class of 1892.


A Bath Man Is Facing Welfare Fraud Accusations

From The Sheriffs Dept: 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on June 14, 2023, deputies of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office arrested Justin C. Vickery, age 42, of William Street, Bath, New York. It is alleged that on 5/19/2021, Mr. Vickery provided false information to the Steuben County Department of Social Services.  It is further alleged that Mr. Vickery obtained benefits that he was not eligible to in the amount of $2,394.00.   Mr. Vickery was charged with Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree and Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree, both class E Felonies.  Mr. Vickery was released on an appearance ticket to appear in the Village of Bath Court at a later date.

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Steuben County Department of Social Services Fraud and Legal Affairs Unit, and the District Attorney’s Office.

Top Stories, June 15 2023

Campbell Solar Project Update

The Town of Campbell continues to work to bring solar to that area.  The Campbell Town Board is having a meeting on June 26 at 7pm, to discuss Local Law #2, regarding zoning changes to allow for Solar Projects in Campbell.  The Campbell Town Clerk says, anyone interested in this, should attend the June 26 7pm meeting.


Hornell Area Man, Facing Serious Charges From Bath Police

Bath Police Chief reports that the Bath Police arrested Richard Stevens, 41, and 38 year old Amanda George, both of Hinkley Hill Road in Hornellsville.  Stevens is already on the sex offender list, and is charged with:

Promoting obscene sexual performance of a child less than 17, endangering the welfare of a child and two counts of tampering with physical evidence. 

Amanda George was charged with two counts of tampering with physical evidence. 

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says these arrests stem from an investigation by Hornell and Bath Police, into an alleged incident between Richard Stevens and a juvenile.  Both Richard Stevens and Amanda George were arraigned in Centralized Court, and released.


Gillibrand: End Agism Discrimination In The Workplace

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to get a law passed to fight age discrimination in the workplace.  Gillibrand says three out of four older employees have been on the receiving end of on the job discrimination but cannot fight back due to forced arbitration.  Gillibrand’s legislation is called the Protecting Older Americans Act.


Langworthy Opposes Biden On Gas Stoves Issue Out Of Washington D.C. E.P.A. 
Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy says he is opposed to the the Biden Administration for wanting to stop people from using gas stoves.  "In New York, Democrats already passed a statewide ban on gas stoves, causing energy bills to go way up," Langworthy said.  "This will only continue if the Biden White House does the same."

Top Stories, June 14, 2023

Main Street Addison Update

Addison Mayor Robert Miles tells WVIN News that the building at 39 Main Street/Route 417 in Addison, has been demolished.  "Cleanup is still ongoing," Miles said.  "As soon as the sample comes back from Binghamton and as soon as the New York State Department of Transportation approves everything, Main Street/Route 417 will be reopened again," Miles explained.  


Corning Man Facing Charges, After Grand Jury Indictment

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says a Steuben County Grand Jury has charged Corey Warner, age 40, of Corning, with 263 counts in a revenge porn case.  The D.A. says there are numerous charges of Child Endangerment, 2nd degree criminal contempt, public display of offensive sexual conduct, unlawful dissemination of an intimate image and aggravated family offense.  D.A. Brooks Baker says this is the first case of revenge porn accusations, in the county.  The photos were allegedly taken between February 14th and March 14th.


PA Man Accused Of Committing Fraud In Caton

From Sheriff Allard: Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on June 13 2023, deputies arrested Warren S. Squire, age 27, of Tioga River Road, Tioga, Pennsylvania, following the investigation of a report of a vehicle fire in the Town of Caton on May 6, 2023.  It is alleged that Mr. Squire intentionally damaged a vehicle by setting fire to it.  It is further alleged that Mr. Squire attempted to fraudulently receive in excess of $3,000 in an insurance claim.  Mr. Squire was charged with Arson in the Third Degree, a class C Felony, and Insurance Fraud in the Third Degree, a class D Felony.  Mr. Squire was arraigned in the Centralized Arraignment Court and released.  K9 Jack was utilized in this investigation.  Sheriff Allard thanks the Steuben County Emergency Management Office for their assistance in this investigation.


Chicken Dinner This Sat - At  Bath Vol Fire Dept
The Bath Volunteer Fire Department is putting on a $12.00 chicken dinner this Saturday afternoon, 3pm-6pm, that’s at the fire department, 50 East Morris Street in Bath.  

Top Stories, June 13, 2023

Steuben County Changing Rules On Hiring Deputies 

The county is working on a plan to make it so the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department can hire a deputy, that has less than three years experience in law enforcement.  with an outside law enforcement agency.  That’s according to Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler.


Langworthy Denounces January A.T.F. Rules

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy is criticizing an A.T.F. rule that was announced in January, which bans pistol braces for those people who own pistol braces but don’t have disabilities.  This new rule makes it a felony to own a pistol brace, unless you’re disabled.   


Primary Day 2023 Is Exactly Two Weeks From Today  

We’re exactly two weeks away from Primary Day, which will be Tuesday june 27th.  In Steuben County, there’s primaries in Troupsburg, Addison, Bath, Campbell, Caton, Rathbone, and Wayland. These are all Republican primaries and you must be a registered Republican, that lives in one of those towns, to vote.  Early voting starts this Saturday and goes through June 25th.  The only early voting location is 20 East Morris Street in Bath.


Big Pharma Settlement Gets NYS A Billion Dollars

Democrat State Attorney General Tish James says, there was a legal settlement with two drug companies and Walgreens and CVS, for $17. 1 billion dollars.  New York State will get $1 Billion Dollars out of that settlement.  The lawsuit was about opoid addiction deaths.  The billion dollars will go to state and local governments.  


Sen O'Mara And Palmesano And C.P.P. Sports Awards

O’Mara and Palmesano recognized the following state champions at today’s ceremony:


Ø  Jack Gregorski, 2022 state champion in the 3200-Meter Run at the NYSPHSAA Outdoor Track Championship last June at Cicero North High School;


Ø  The Varsity Boys 3200-Meter Relay Team that won the 2022 NYSPHSAA Outdoor Track Championship last June at Cicero North Syracuse High School;


Ø  Angelina McKane, who captured both the 50-yard Freestyle and 100-yard Butterfly titles at the 2022 NYSPHSAA Girls Swimming and Diving Championship meet last November at the Webster Aquatic Center; 


Ø  The Varsity Boys Cross Country team that won the 2022 NYSPHSAA Boys Class A Cross Country Championship last November at Vernon-Verona-Sherill High School; and


Ø  Gyasi Ruffin, who was the 600-meter champion at the 2023 NYSPHSAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Championship in March at the Ocean Breeze Track and Field Facility on Staten Island.

Top Stories, June 12, 2023

Main St Addison Was Shut Down Sunday Night 

From The Addison Vol Fire Dept: Addison village officials have notified the (school) district that due to significant structural damage to a single building on Main Street, effective immediately, Main Street in both directions starting at Wambaugh & Main and Valerio & Main will be closed. Expect traffic delays. Due to the anticipated increased traffic volume, please plan for additional commute time. Traffic coming onto and off of the Middle School/High School campus will still be accessible.


Public Hearing At Haverling High Tonight At 7:15

Bath Town Clerk Rhonda Tobias has a facebook post up that says the Bath Town Supervisor Ron Smith will have a public hearing, tonight at 7:15 at the high school in Bath, about a proposed Town of Bath Local Law #1: Establishing a one year moratorium on solid waste management facilities.  Again that’s at 7:15 tonight at the high school.


Local High School Graduations Are In Two Weeks

Local High School graduations are coming up: Friday night of June 23, there will be graduation ceremonies in Bath, Hammondsport, Avoca and Prattsburgh.  Then on Saturday June 24, Campbell-Savona’s graduation is going to be held.   


Coming Soon - Bath Police Dept's Biking Patrols 

The Bath Police Chief is congratulating Officers Harrington and Hughes for completing the 40 hour Bicycle Patrol course at the State University of New York at Cortland. The Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says, Bath now has four full-time officers that are certified in this, and he hopes to start regular bike patrols back up sometime in the next two weeks.


Unforseen Consequences Of The State's Clean Slate Act

Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes says, the Clean Slate Act, which will likely be signed by Governor Kathy Hochul, will hurt landlords and renters.  Byrnes says, that’s because, the Clean Slate Act, which erases felonies after eight years and misdemeanors after three years, will make it difficult to find out what potential renters have criminal records, so it’s all going to be guesswork for landlords.   "After this is signed by the governor, the landlords, won't be able to do much in terms of background checks, " Byrnes said this morning.  "So it's going to be a gamble, to rent to a stranger that you will have no information on, and if landlords choose not to rent out rooms, this will make the housing situation even worse, as people are already having a hard time finding a place to live." 


Top Stories, June 9, 2023

Fire In Bath In The Early Morning Hours 

From Bath Fire Spokesman John Conrad:

Friday morning June 9th at 3:35 am the Bath Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to 3 East William Street in the Village of Bath for a possible structure fire reporting the building was filling with smoke. Bath Village and the Steuben County Sheriff's Department arrived on scene and went into the building reporting heavy smoke on the third floor and were evacuating tenants from the second and third floors from their apartments. The first floor are commercial businesses.

The first bath Fire Department officer arrived on scene to find heavy smoke conditions on the 3rd floor.  Assistant Chief Mike Fiordo immediately requested and engine from the Bath VA. Minutes later when Chief Matt Glashauser arrived on scene also reported heavy smoke seen on the third floor and requested a second alarm assignment which called in equipment and manpower from Bath VA Hammondsport, Kanona with Pulteney to stand by at their station and Savona to the Bath station. Bath Volunteer Ambulance also to the

The interior attack team made their way to the third floor to find heavy black smoke conditions down to the floor level and flames approaching them down the hallway. The attack team was able to push the fire back down the hall and into the original apartment which was fully engulfed with flames. Working their way through the apartment the main fire was extinguished and held to one apartment and the third-floor hallway. However, there extensive heat and smoke damaged throughout the building. The scene was declared under control at 4:21 am.


The Steuben County Fire Investigation Team was called to the scene for cause determination and the Red Cross to assisted the residents of the apartments. All units were back in service at 6:36 am with the Investigation Team still continuing their investigation.


Gov Hochul Sends D.E.C. Up To Canada

Governor Kathy Hochul sent a team of Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers assist with efforts to contain wildfires raging in eastern Canada. The governor says the D.E.C.’s team will join firefighters from New Hampshire and Maine, up in Quebec.  The hundreds of fires there, is what caused the smoke to come down here, in Steuben County.  (On that note, the air quality locally is better today.) 


Road Works Begins At 7pm, On I-86 Between Exits 41/42

The Department of Transportation is reminding you that road work starts on I-86 between exits 41 and 42 in Campbell at 7:00 tonight.  D.O.T. officials say that work will last till Monday morning, and that the offramp for eastbound traffic will be shut down too.  Officials say that there will be onsite detours. 


Allard: Inmate ChargedFor Weapon Inside Cell In Bath

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that deputies charged a 35 year old inmate in the Steuben County Jail, a Painted Post man, who is accused of possessing a self-made knife-life weapon in his jail cell.  The charge is 1st degree possessing dangerous prison contraband, and 4th degree criminal possession of a weapon and criminal mischief.


PEF And SUNY Union Working Out Contracts With Gov

Governor Hochul got contract agreements with both the state public employees federation and SUNY union – the united university professions.  Both agreements are subject to ratification by union membership. 


Top Stories, June 8, 2023

Bath Is Looking To Hire Two Part-Time Police Officers

Appearing on WVIN’s Community Focus this morning, Bath Village Police Chief Colin Taft talked about how the Bath Police Department is looking to hire two part time officers.


GOP Primary Day Is June 27, Early Voting Starts June 17

Steuben County Election Commissioner Vicky Olin says, the Republican Primary will be on Tuesday June 27.  Early voting starts on June 17 and early voting goes through June 25.  The early voting location is the Steuben County Annex, 20 East Morris Street in Bath.  Here are the towns which are having primaries:   Bath, Campbell, Addison, Caton, Rathbone, Troupsburg and Wayland.  The election commissioner also notes that you must be a registered Republican, residing in one of those areas to be eligible to vote in the June Primary.


When Will The Air Be Clear Again In Steuben County?

Well, in answer to that question, it's better today, than it was yesterday.  On Wednesday June 7, at around 2:00pm, the Air Quality Index number was at 460.  As of this posting, at 10:30am, Bath is at 160 for it's Air Quality Index.  460 is well into the hazardous range, 160 is considered to be in the Unhealthy range.  As for the answer to the original question in this post, Meteorologist Rob Carolan says, things are going to be looking better on that issue by next week.  "There will be improvement by Saturday and on Sunday when we see a new weather system head our way from the Four Corners Region, and I think that's going to keep the smoke out of here, for much of next week," Carolan tells WVIN.  


Some Marijuana Stores Are Not Playing By The Rules

Governor Kathy Hochul says she’s ordered the State Cannabis Board and to fine, up to $20,000 a day, illegal marijuana stores, if those stores are selling untested cannabis.  The Democrat governor also says she’s getting the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to crack down on marijuana stores that are not paying their taxes.


Top Stories, June 7, 2023

Bath Is In A Hazardous AIr Quality Situation RIght Now 

We are, as of this posting at 3:26pm, seeing hazardous air quality index number levels right now in Bath.   As of 3:28pm, the air quality index number is at 460.  


Meterologist Rob Carolan says, this will last throughout the afternoon and end in the early evening.  Steuben County Public Health Education Coordinator Laurie Lee Wagner says, at this point, people should be staying indoors.   "We have a lot of people who are coughing, and those people can tell that it is not a healthy environment," Wagner told WVIN this morning.  "With that hazardous level, the recommendation from Airnow.gov is, to stay indoors and reduce the outdoor activity level as much as possible.  So I would say that would be the best  course of action, if people can stay indoors, that would be ideal, for today, unfortunately," Wagner said.  

Statement Today From Prattsburgh Central School 

We are once again experiencing air quality measures in the "very unhealthy" and "hazardous" ranges in our region. We are canceling all OUTDOOR activities planned for after school and will continue to keep students, faculty, and staff inside with windows closed, HVAC modified to not bring in outside air, and air purifiers running.


A Bad Accident In Hammondsport This Morning 

An official with the Hammondsport Fire Department tells WVIN News, that at around 6am this morning, a vehicle with one person inside of it, went off a road and down a 150 foot embankment.  That was in the County Route 89 area.  The driver survived, with non-life threatening injuries.  


Several DWI's In Steuben County Recently 

State Troopers say, a 44 year old Elmira man, has been charged with: reckless driving, DWI, 3rd degree fleeing a police officer, and resisting arrest.  State Police note that this is the Elmira man’s first offense for DWI.   State Police also report that they made two DWI arrests over in the Hornell area, a 22 year old Hornell man was charged with both speeding and DWI, and a 55 year old Canisteo man was charged with speeding and DWI too.  The Hornell man was driving a car, the Canisteo man was riding on a motorcycle. 

Top Stories, June 6, 2023

Missing Bath Senior Citizen's Body Has Been Found

On May 31, 2023, the New York State Police located a missing person Joseph J. McGrath, age 80, deceased in a wooded area in the village of Bath; there were no signs of foul play. McGrath was reported missing on May 8, 2023, but was last seen on May 2, 2023.  After an extensive investigation, law enforcement received a report of a partially decomposed body in a wooded area near the Mountain View apartment building. The State Police would like to thank the public for their assistance. 


Apartment Fire In Hammondsport Yesterday

Steuben County Public Safety Director Tim Marshall says there was an apartment fire at 1 Lake Street in Hammondsport, the Garrett Landing Condiminiums, yesterday evening.  That was called in around 5:30pm.   Three apartment units were affected by smoke and water.  No injuries were reported.  The Hammondsport Fire Dept handled the fire, with mutal aid provided by the Bath Vol Fire Dept, the Bath VA Fire Dept, and the investigation is being done by the Steuben County Investigation Unit.  


A New Veterans Services Program Is Starting Up 

The Steuben County Veterans Services Agency, will soon, be doing, peer to peer work, between veterans.  "Recently, New York State came out and gave each county a grant worth $100,000, to run Veterans Peer Support Programs," Veterans Services Agency Director Gary Smith tells WVIN News.  "The way it works is, we like to work with small groups, and we're contracting through a Veterans One Stop Center of Western New York to run the program.  Through these groups, veterans build relationships where they can feel comfortable, and they realize they have a community to trust and help them get help if they need it, and reintegrate back into society and into regular civilian life if they're coming out of the military as well," Smith said.  

Top Stories, June 5, 2023

Fire On County Route 78 In Pulteney Today

Steuben County Public Safety Director Tim Marshall says there was a house fire in the Town of Pulteney at 10846 County Route 78 on Monday afternoon.  Tim Marshall says, that house in Pulteney was severely damaged, no one was home at the time of the fire and there were no injuries reported. 


Groundbreaking Today At The New Buffalo Bills Stadium

EmpireReportNY.com has a story that was posted this morning, about how Governor Kathy Hochul,along with NFL commissioner Roger Godell, were at the groundbreaking, for the new Buffalo Bills Stadium.  According to Empire and WHEC, this deal ensures that the Bills stay in Western New York for at least the next 30 years.  


Haverling Hall Of Distinction Is Entering More Names Soon

The Bath Central School District announced this morning, that the Haverling Hall of Distinction is inducting several more members.  They’re from the classes of 1892, 1905, 1921, 1970 and 1993.  The family members of those being inducted into the Haverling Hall of Distinction, are being invited to a ceremony, on June 16th.   Following the ceremony, Plaques will be placed on the wall, outside the Haverling Auditorium. 


New Name Chosen, For Canisteo-Greenwood Teams

Canisteo-Greenwood School Superintendent Tom Crook says, that starting July 1, the Canisteo-Greenwood team name will be The Canisteo-Greenwood Chargers.  As you know, the state made the school drop the name "Redskins" recently. 

Top Stories, June 1, 2023

Bad Trailer Fire In Thurston Last Night

Steuben County Public Safety Head Tim Marshall tells WVIN that the Thurston fire department was dispatched to a reported trailer fire on Forty Dollar Road at approximately 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening.  Upon arrival the home was heavily involved with fire.  Mutual Aid was provided by Campbell, Savona, East Campbell, Addison, Bath, and Painted Post.  The fire is under Investigation by the Steuben County Fire Investigation Team.  The cause has not yet been determined.  The Red Cross was called to provide assistance to the resident.


Sheriff Allard Warns Of An Ongoing Scam 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard reports that on May 31, 2023, the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office received a report from two residents that a new scam was being conducted.  The report was that persons received a phone call from a person identifying themselves as SERGEANT MATT SORGE of the Sheriff’s Office, and that they had missed a court appearance and in order to avoid apprehension, they needed to send gift cards to a specific address.  It is also reported that the caller ID on the person calling displayed Steuben Sheriff.

AT NO TIME will any member of the Sheriff’s Office request a wire transfer, gift cards or any other direct payment from a person in lieu of apprehension.   ANYTIME ELECTRONIC MONEY TRANSFERS OR GIFT CARDS ARE REQUESTED IN LIEU OF APPREHENSION IT IS SURELY A SCAM!!!!

Please do not fall prey to these unscrupulous and predatory activities.  Please report any attempt to scam you to your local law enforcement, the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office, or to the FBI via Ic3.gov


Livingston Co Teen Accused Of Committing A Local Forgery 

Troopers also say, that a teenage male suspect from Mount Morris is accused of committing a forgery in Corning, the charge against the teen : 2nd degree possession of a forged instrument.


List Of Upcoming High School Graduation Dates
Local High School graduations are coming up later this month, Bath’s graduation is June 23rd, Hammondsports graduation and Prattsburgh’s graduations are also on June 23rd, Campbell-Savona’s graduation date, is June 24th

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