Top Stories, August 30, 2023

Another BOE Impersonator: This One Out Of Syracuse Area

Recently we reported that Sheriff Jim Allard said there was a complaint out of a local town, about someone impersonating board of election officials, as part of a scam, to get private information out of area residents.  The latest there is, today, there is a story out of the Syracuse area, saying that the same thing happened there, that there are scam artists pretending to be from the Syracuse area board of elections.


Palmesano: How Much Land Is Needed For Solar?

Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says, the Climate Action Council’s plans for solar projects, are going to take up too much land across New York State, in order to get 60 gigawatts of solar.  "Well they need eight acres per megawatt of solar," Palmesano said.  "For 60 gigawatts, there's 1,000 megawatts in a gigawatt.  That's 480,000 acres of land that will be needed," Palmesano tells WVIN News.  Supporters of the climate action council say solar will help end consumer vulnerability to fossil fuel disruptions and price volatility.


Hochul And State Health Dept's Covid Update

Governor Kathy Hochul says, as students begin to return to school for the next academic year, the governor’s office and the state DOH recommend that schools review current CDC school guidance for COVID-19.  The governor says that the CDC says, they want testing and vaccines.  However, from reading through it, it looks  like the CDC is not mandating anything at this point.  


Upcoming September 2023 Dormann Libary Events 

Here are just three of the events coming up in September at the Dormann Library in Bath:  The Red Cross will be on site to hold a blood drive on September 5, from 11:30-4:30.  Sign up at redcrossblood.org to donate.  Friday Night Madness resumes for teens on September 15 from 3-5:30.   Aslo, Game nights for adults on the 3rd Monday of each month.

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