Top Stories, August 23, 2023

Back To School Days/Dates/For Local Schools 

It’s back to school soon.  The first day back for Prattsburgh Central will be Tuesday, September 5.  Bath students will have their first day on Wednesday September 6.  At Avoca Central School the first day back is Thursday, September 7.


Changing The Maximum Age For Law Enforcement Recruits

Republican Assemblyman Joe Giglio says, he’s trying to get a law passed so that the maximum age is raised for law enforcement, and so that military veterans can get into law enforcement jobs more easily.  "People getting out of the service after a career in the military, they're very well trained and 30 is not old," Giglio said.  "If they can do the work and pass the physical, they should be able to get the job, and not be prevented from doing so, because of an arbitrary age rule."  


Wheeler: About $500,000 From The State, Is Coming To Steuben County For Opoid Treatment 

Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says the county will be getting a portion of the money that the state won in a lawsuit against drug manufacturers over the opiod addiction crisis.  "We have received some direct settlements, but the state has received some direct (county) settlements, but New York State has recieved the largest amount, due to the state's size," Wheeler told WVIN.  "For the current fiscal year, we're going to receive about half a million dollars.  The Steuben County Legislature has had a lot of discussion about this, and decided to issue a request for proposals, for agencies involved in substance use treatment, and mental health services, and have them tell the county what additional services could be provided."   County Manager Jack Wheeler also says the requests for proposals have been sent out and the county is waiting to hear back from the various offices and agencies.  


Senator Schumer Backing An Amendment To Get More Grants To Smaller Towns For Outdoor Recreation Projects

Democrat U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is getting behind getting an amendment made to the 1965 Rural Outdoor Investment Act.  The amendment would make it so there are more grants for outdoor recreation projects, for the purpose of economic development.


Road Closing In Urbana Coming Up Next Monday/Tuesday

Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose says County Route 87 in the Town of Urbana will be closed from 7:30 am to 4 pm Monday and Tuesday, August 28 and 29.  The road is located between County Route 113 and State Route 54.  There will not be an on-site detour.  

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