Top Stories, Feb 9, 2023

Work Underway On Bath Village Budget 

Bath Village Mayor Michael Sweet tells our news department that the budget process is just getting started for the village budget, which is expected to be passed in May. 


The SWAT Team, Vs CERT Team 

In Steuben County, we used to hear about the Sheriff’s Department’s Critical Emergency Response Team.  Now we hear about their SWAT Team.  Sheriff Jim Allard explains that the name change, happened four years ago.  "Four years ago we changed the name to SWAT.  Our SWAT Team is training now with Livingston County's SWAT Team, and the goal of the Steuben County Sheriff's Department's SWAT Team is to get NYS certification," Allard said this morning, to WVIN's Brian O'Neil.      

Like Mom Says, Wash Your Hands A Lot 

Steuben County Public Health officials say that the stomach bug is going around, they say they’re hearing that, from school nurses and the general public.       


Congrats To Hammondsport Senior Christopher Hill

Hammondsport Central School student, Christopher Hill, has been accepted by both the University of Buffalo and Clarkson.  According to school officials at Hammondsport, it appears that Christopher Hill will be attending the University of Buffalo.  Hammondsport Central School officials are saying “congratulations Christopher Hill”. 

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