Top Stories, September 15, 2022

Urbana Is Going For A Big Win For Their Downtown

The Urbana Town Board held a public hearing last night, about how Urbana is working to win, a New York Forward Grant from the New York State Economic Development Council.  The economic development councils are awarding $2.5 million dollars and $4.5 million dollar grants, to help the state’s smaller downtowns.


Upcoming School Board Meeting In Hammondsport

The Hammondsport School Board will meet next Wednesday, the 21st, at 630 pm, in the School Library.


Two Accidents, No Injuries, No Charges

State Police say there were no injuries in any of the two car collisions, that happened yesterday in Erwin, Campbell or Horseheads.  


Student Loan Debt Forgiveness In New York State

This morning, Governor Kathy Hochul talked about student loan forgiveness from Washington, and how it’ll affect new York state residents.  The governor says the amount of debt that has been forgiven for New York State residents, is in the billions of dollars.  Critics of the college loan forgiveness say, millions of Americans paid their own college debt, and now they’re paying off other people’s college loans.  


Zeldin Keeps Asking, Hochul Keeps Ignoring Him

Congressman Lee Zeldin says there are eight days to go until early voting starts, and the governor has not accepted one debate request.  Zeldin’s focus in running, is the increase of crime in New York State under Democrats.  Supporters of the governor say, the problems of high crime are a nationwide issue, not specific to New York State.

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