Top Stories, April 18, 2022

April 18 2022

Unrelated Car Thief Incidents In Bath Over The Weekend

Two cars were stolen in Bath on Easter weekend.  Both vehicles were stolen on Saturday and then found by Bath Village Police on Sunday.  Bath Police Chief Colin Taft says, 28 year old Brandon McCarn of Lindley, was charged with 4th degree grand larceny and 4th degree criminal possession of stolen property.  That’s for allegedly taking a car for a drive on Saturday.  Bath Police spotted the stolen vehicle on West Morris Street Bath on Sunday morning in the 9:00 hour, and pulled over McCarn and took him into custody without incident.  Police Chief Taft says McCarn was ticketed and released due to bail reform laws.  Also, a 41 year old Bath man, Ezeakle Wydra, is accused of 4th degree grand larceny and authorized use of a motor vehicle.  That’s for allegedly taking a vehicle that was parked on Lackawanna Avenue in Bath on Saturday.  Wydra was spotted and pulled over and charged on Sunday afternoon.   

Gov Hochul: I’m Not Going To Do Another Lockdown

Appearing on the Cats Round Table radio show on Wabc yesterday, Governor Kathy Hochul said, she will not do another lockdown.  “I’m not going to shut it down again, you can count on that,” Hochul told Wabc’s John Castitimidis.  

Reed Returns From Germany/Poland, Gillibrand Is Heading To Those Places

Congressman Tom Reed just got back from a recent trip to Germany, Denmark, Poland, and Greenland, it was part of a bipartisan House delegation.  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is going to make a trip to Poland, Germany and India over the next nine days.  Gillibrand says they’re going to find out how the U.S. can continue to support Ukraine and NATO allies against Russia.  “This strong congressional delegation will have the opportunity to meet with U.S. military leadership and troops in Poland in order to learn how the U.S. can continue to support Ukraine and our NATO allies against Russia’s unprovoked and unwarranted war,” Gillibrand said in a joint statement.  “In addition, the delegation will meet with a number of key foreign leaders in Poland, UAE, India, Nepal and Germany to strengthen ties during this period of heightened global tension.”

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