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Bath Police Media Log 7-8-23

July 8th, Bath PD Media Log


0612- Larceny Report- Caller reporting a male subject stole phones and a tablet from his property. – Geneva Street

0613- Unattended Death Investigation. – Geneva Street

0800- Larceny Report- Caller stating a male stole items from within the store. – W Washington Street

0902- Information Only- Female at callbox reporting for community service. – Liberty Street

0938- Warrant entry submitted to the court.

0949- Warrant entry submitted to the court.

0959- Information only- Caller had questions in regards to community service

1001- Warrant entry submitted to the court.

1011- Warrant entry submitted to the court.

1013- Medical Advisement only

1058- Fire advisement only

1114- Foot Patrol with K-9 Bud

1133- Information only- Caller reporting to advise the Police Department that a subject does not live in the Village and will not be returning. – Liberty Street

1237- Customer Problem- Caller reporting a customer refusing to leave the store. – W Morris Street

1249- Juvenile Complaint- Caller reporting that her daughter’s friends are at her residence and she wants them to leave. – E William Street

1340- Warrant Entry

1355- Warrant Entry

1409- Warrant Entry

1425- Warrant Entry

1554- Check Welfare Report- Caller reporting seeing a woman hanging out of her car window with her emergency lights on. Spoke with female who stated she had gotten over heated at the lake and was getting cooled off. Denied EMS. – Geneva Street

1610- Traffic Stop- 2 UTT issued- W Washington Street

1643- Criminal Mischief- Caller reporting that there is juveniles potentially skidding their bike tires on the pickle ball court. GOA- Haverling Street

1650- Harassment Complaint- Caller reporting that her ex is harassing her. Investigation pending- Shannon Street

1800- Male subject responded to Bath PD to complete Statement of Correction for equipment violation.

1817- Sexual Offenses Investigation 

1837- Female requesting Officers to call her an ambulance. Bath Ambulance arrived on scene and transported female to IDM. – Liberty Street

1951- Check Welfare- Caller requesting welfare check on his grandson and his grandsons mother. – Buell Street

2016- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued. – W Washington Street

2103- Assist other agencies- Officers requested to assist SCSO on a complaint. – E Washington Street Ext. 

2147- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – Liberty Street

2232- Disturbance- Caller reporting that there were two males arguing. Subjects GOA. – W Morris Street

2247- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued. – W Washington Street

2310- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – Liberty Street

2319- Mossy Bank Park Closed

2344- Traffic Stop- Warning issued- Cameron Street

2349- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued. –W Morris Street

0148- Traffic Stop- Warning issued- Geneva Street

0152- Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – Geneva Street

0307-Traffic Stop- Warning issued. – Gansevoort Street


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