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Bath Police Media Log 7-4-23

July 4th, Bath PD Media Log

0647- Report of unresponsive male on the sidewalk. Determined to just be sleeping – W Morris St

0816- Report of male possible trying to break in to a home. Unfounded. – W Washington St

0824- Caller wishing to provide information regarding someone on parole

0909- Foot patrol of Pulteney Park

0935- Foot patrol of Liberty St

0941- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued

1030- Caller reporting a male acting strange at the laundromat. Subject stated he was fine. – W Morris St

1038- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

1126- Caller at PD callbox. Upon arrival, the subject had left

1227- Caller requesting welfare check. Unfounded. 

1237- Caller reporting a subject is not receiving his medications. Officers attempted to make contact with the subject and were unable to.

1251- Foot patrol of Liberty St

1305- Caller requesting a check the welfare of children in the neighborhood because their parent was yelling at them. Interviews conducted, no concerns. – Hudson St

1314- Found narcotics in restroom and collected as evidence. – W Morris St

1328- Traffic stop- 2 UTT’s issued

1334- Caller discovered a dead cat by the dumpsters. Nothing suspicious at the scene. – W Washington St

1352- Subject stole several items from the store. Michael Wightman arrested for Petit Larceny and issued an appearance ticket due in Bath Village Court at a later date. 

1358- Patrol located a male behind the store. Advised to move along. – W Washington St

1402- Caller reporting the upstairs neighbor is loud. Resident refused to open the door. – W William St

1629- Caller reporting an ongoing issue regarding children’s bikes in the neighborhood. – Casey Ln

1634- Traffic stop- warning issued

1724- Peacekeeper. Completed without incident. – Liberty St

1733- Disturbance between two residents. Both parties agreed to stay away from each other. – Haverling St

1850- Traffic Stop- Warning issued

1902- Traffic Stop- Warning issued

1918- Traffic Stop- 1 UTT issued

1927- Caller requesting a call regarding fireworks. Officers attempted contact 4 times via phone with negative contact. 

2012- Bicycle Stop. Kimberly Jerrells issued appearance tickets for Littering and Disorderly Conduct, due in Bath Village Court at a later date. 

2107- Animal complaint, officers unable to make contact with residents. Complainant advised to contact DCO if it becomes an ongoing issue. – E Morris St

2127- Caller reporting a male with a warrant. Officers located the male and determined that he did have an active warrant, however the originating agency was unable to take him into custody. Sean French was arrested for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the seventh degree after being found in possession of 50 Suboxone strips. French was issued an appearance ticket.

2132- Fireworks complaint. Unfounded. – W Morris St

2246- Caller reporting a drone near her residence. Unfounded. 

2331- Charles Horton contacted Steuben County 911 a total of 5 times, with no emergency or other legitimate purpose for the phone calls. Horton made obscene statements to 911 call takers and requested that officers come fight him. Horton was located, arrested, and charged with Aggravated Harassment 2nd, a class A misdemeanor. During his arrest, he resisted, and was subsequently charged with resisting arrest. Horton was issued an appearance ticket. 

2355- Caller reporting a drone near her home. Unable to locate. – Old Cameron St

0157- Patrol and close Mossy Bank Park.


FCC File

On January 4, 2024 Tower Broadcasting, LLC, licensee of call signs: WABH, 1380.0, Bath, New York; W293CE, 106.5, Bath, New York; W262CX, 100.3, Bath, New York; and WVIN-FM, 98.3, Bath, New York, filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission to transfer control of its broadcast licenses to the Estate of Gordon Ichikawa.  Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments and petitions on the application can visit:  https://publicfiles.fcc.gov and search in the public files of the stations.

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