A white lab mix went missing Monday in the Rumsey Street area of Bath near the golf club. He is a white lab mix wearing a chain choker collar and weighs about 60-70 pounds. His name is Mac and he is on the skittish side. If you have found Mac, please call Marla at (607) 794-2722.


Lost in the Wheeler/Harrisburg Hollow and Clark Hill Road area of Bath is a Yorkie Mix. This dog is golden in color and was last wearing a yellow and blue collar. His name is Shadow. If you have found Shadow, please call his owner at 776-7240



Lost in the Bath near the fairgrounds is a grey male cat who is wearing a seresto collar. He has been missing since December 3rd. He is a beautiful grey color with a white patch on his neck and is a very kind and cuddly cat. If you have found this cat, please call his owner at (607) 346-7223


Lost from the Fowler Street Area in Bath is a male beagle dog who is two tone colored with brown and a little white. He was last wearing a black collar. If you find a dog matching this description, please call: (607) 769-6322


Missing for two days from the Wheeler area is a male gray Maine Coon cat with no collar. His name is Loki and he is skittish if you see him. He went missing from the Clark Hill Road/Harrisburg Hollow part of Wheeler. If youhave seen or found this cat please give his owner a call at (607) 776-2015


A black male domestic short hair cat with no collar from the corner of Parker and McNut Roads in Campbell NY. There is a $50 reward for this cat. If you think you have found him, please give his owner a call at (607) 684-1907



A female white tiger cat missing from the Savona area. She has been missing about a week. If you find a cat nearby that matches this description please call (607) 368-7659




A male cat on Gansvoort Street in Bath.

Orange with white on his face and one paw.





A male cat in Prattsburgh.

American short-hair mix.  Grey and white with dark stripes.

Microchipped.  1.5 years old.

Name is Theo.






A standard poodle in the Burns area of Arkport.

Whitish-cream in color.  About 95lbs.  No collar.

Has seisures and needs medication.




A long haired Female cat in the Alexander St. are of Avoca.

Black and White in color. White on paws and chest. No collar.

Name is Angel.






A male yellow and white cat who is at least one years old. He has a long tail with white on his chest and white on the end of his tail. He is a friendly cat that has been visiting West Morris Street (220) during the day and night for over a week. He is collarless. If this cat may be yours, please call (607) 776-4290.


A female tri-color cat with no collar found on Fairview Drive in Bath Sunday afternoon (10/6). She is friendly, purrs a lot and very verbal. Her eyes are cloudy, fur is matted and she is very thin! If this may be your cat please give a call to (607) 794-8508


A female Labordootle in Bath.

Blonde.  Orange collar and flea collar.













If your pet is found, please contact us by email or by calling 776-3326 to have your pet removed from the pet patrol.  Pet information will remain on the pet patrol for one month and then be removed unless otherwise notified.  Changes to this page may take up to 24-hours to appear.

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