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Top Stories, November 20, 2023

Steuben County is aware of the statement of the Deputies Association of the County of Steuben, issued last Friday evening. It is unfortunate that this has led to unwarranted accusations by members of the Association across social media. We seek to provide details and figures to clarify their claims:
Steuben County has been in contract negotiations with the Deputies Union for the years 2021-23 and were not able to come to an agreement.
The County began negotiations in 2022, offering an average of 9.27% in 2022 (which would’ve exceeded the increases of all other County employees for that year), and 3% in 2023. The County did not propose a salary increase in 2021 due to the economic conditions at the time, which was in line with what the majority of County staff received that year. The Deputies would also receive an annual stipend of $1,500 if they maintained their EMT certification (which they earned while being paid), and health insurance contribution would increase 1%. Taken together, their wages would have increased 16.2% over the three years.
The Deputies Association proposal was: An 8.68% increase in 2021, a 7.04% increase in 2022, and a 7.87% increase in 2023. Taken together, their three-year proposal would amount to a 23.59% increase.
It should be noted that the 2018-2020 Deputies Association contract increased wages by 16%. If the County’s proposal was accepted, wages would have increased 32% over six years. Indeed, the County attempted to reach an agreement with the Deputies by proposing increases higher than the 16.2% referenced above, but they were continuously rejected by the Deputies Association.
Although no member of Steuben County administration or Personnel have been served with the decision of the Arbitration Panel, we are aware an award is posted on the PERB website. The majority decision of that Panel, which includes a member of the Deputies Association, exceeded the amounts actually requested by the Deputies Association at arbitration, which is unprecedented in New York State labor relations. That is why we are currently evaluating the decision with our labor counsel.
Our proposals demonstrate that Steuben County values our men and women in law enforcement and that we are willing to provide significant wage adjustments. The Deputies Association chose arbitration, which takes a great deal of time. Our hope was to provide these members this meaningful increase in 2022 and 2023 and begin negotiations on a new contract for 2024 and beyond.

We hold great respect for the work of the members of the Deputies Association, and we hope this is amicably resolved in the near future. Steuben County has continuously demonstrated our commitment to law enforcement, as evidenced by the fact that the budget for Road Patrol has been increased by 63.99% from 2017 to 2023.
Accusations that Steuben County is offering minimal increases in an effort to ‘defund the police’ are both insulting and not factual. We have over 850 dedicated public servants in County government, the Deputies Association included. We seek to provide competitive wages and top-notch benefits. Characterizations that County government is ‘unjust, unfair, and not fiscally responsible’ are unwarranted and unproductive.


State Police Release The Name Of The Person Who Was Killed Over The Weekend, On I-86, Near Exit 38, In Bath

 The fatal accident victim, was 40 year old John Viviano, of the Delaware County Town of Sidney.  State Police are continuing their investigation.  Anyone with any info can call state police at 585 398 4100. 


Bronx Man Sentenced After Being Convicted Of Selling Drugs To A Bath Resident Who Died, In January 

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Bake says 64 year old Usbaldo Rodrirquez of the Bronx, has been sentenced to five years in state prison and two years post-supervision release.  Brooks Baker says, Rodriquez admitted to selling fentynal laced heroin to a Bath resident who died of it in January.  D.A. Brooks Baker is praising the Bath Village Police Department for solving the case.  Baker says, it was then-officer/ now-Sargaent, Megan Cherenchowsky and Investigator Mike Jackson took the steps necessary to find out who sold the deadly drugs to the victim.  The D.A. also says everyone needs to know that today’s drugs are all too often, laced with fentynal, and drug dealers need to know that the district attorneys office will do everything they can under the law to hold them accountable. 


Troopers: Wayland Man Is Facing A Slew Of Charges 

State Police say 30 year old Duane Cansdale of Wayland, has been hit with a lot of charges over the fall months.  4th and 5th degree Arson, Reckless Endangerment of Property, aggravated criminal contempt, 3rd degree tresspass, resisting arrest, and Aggravated Cruelty to animals.   

County Public Works Commish Eric Rose: Fixing Up Roads

Steuben County Public Works Commissioner Eric Rose says the county recently repaired 46 miles of road, on 14 county routes. He says seven of the projects were originally scheduled for 2024 and 2025, but the county public works department was able to fit them in this year’s budget.  The cost was $7.6 million and paid for through CHIPS, PAVE New York and the Pave our Potholes funds.  Other projects done recently included road repairs paid for by windfarm firms to County Routes 61, 92 and 121.  Rose says these roads were damaged by wheel rutting due to heavy loads during wind turbine construction.  Rose also says in 2024, the county will continue its oversight of repair to roads damaged by heavy loads due to wind farms. 

FCC File

On January 4, 2024 Tower Broadcasting, LLC, licensee of call signs: WABH, 1380.0, Bath, New York; W293CE, 106.5, Bath, New York; W262CX, 100.3, Bath, New York; and WVIN-FM, 98.3, Bath, New York, filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission to transfer control of its broadcast licenses to the Estate of Gordon Ichikawa.  Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments and petitions on the application can visit:  https://publicfiles.fcc.gov and search in the public files of the stations.

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