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Top Stories, October 31, 2023

Update On The Possible Local Sports Merger 

Bath School Superintendent Kelly Howk says there’s going to be a special school board workshop, Wednesday at 6:00pm at the Middle School, to discuss the possibility of an athletic merger between Bath and Hammondsport.


What's On The Ballot In Local Towns And Villages   

Early voting started Saturday.  Early voting is going on today, 10am to 6pm.  There will be early voting Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – and on Saturday and Sunday it’s 9am-5pm.   There id a proposition to vote on in Addison, on whether to make the Addison Highway Superintendent’s job an appointed position instead of an elected position.  In the Town of Wheeler, there’s also a vote on a proposition on making the highway superintendents job an appointed job instead of elected. In the Town of Pulteney there’s a prop on whether to increase the Pulteney Library budget by $3,450 a year. 


RECALL For WanaBana Apple Cinnamon Fruit Thingys

Steuben County Public Health says there’s a recall going on.  The FDA is advising parents and caregivers not to buy or feed WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches.  Officials say that’s because the product may contain elevated levels of lead.

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