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Top Stories, February 15, 2023

Langworthy: Opposing Albany, From Washington DC

Republican Congressman Nick Langworthy says, Governor Kathy Hochul is wrong, to want to take the over $2,000,000 million sent to the state by Congress, intended to help pay for Medicaid costs in Steuben County, in order to close a state budget gap.  


From Bath Police Chief: Congrats To The Investigator And Sgt

Bath Police Chief Colin Taft is congratulating Investigator Jackson and soon to be, Provisional Sgt. Johnson, on completing the three week course in Police Supervision.  The Bath Police Chief Colin Taft, says it’s vital training in order to succeed and lead, in 21st Century police work.


From The Albany Budget Hearings

Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara questioned the head of the New York State Energy Research Development Authority, Chairman Rory Christian yesterday, about the cost of climate change driven changes, which will be made to people’s home heating.  "What's the overall cost going to be?" O'Mara's line of questioning, revolved around that question.  "You don't have any idea of what the cost, what the ultimate impact of this whole thing will be," O'Mara said to Christian.  "What's the impact going to be on the rate payer?"  Rory Christian did not seem to have the answers.  "I do not have that information handy at this moment," Christian said, more than once to O'Mara.  However, when the Elmira Republican stated that there was no cost-benefit analysis, Rory Christian disagreed.  "The climate scoping plan - a cost-benefit analysis has been put forward," Christian explained.   

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