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Today's Top Stories - Monday April 6th, 2020

County Health Confirms 73 Cases of COVID-19
The Steuben County Department of Health reports nine more county residents have tested positive for COVID-19 and brings the total number of cases in the county to 73 confirmed cases. The nine additional cases involve four people from Urbana, two from the City of Hornell and one each from Freemont, Hornellsville and North Hornell. Officials say one or more of the cases reported today is linked with a previously-reported patient. The county has completed 465 tests, monitored and quarantined 241 people, 11 cases are currently hospitalized and total deaths number one. So far, a dozen Steuben County residents have recovered. 


Wheeler Says People Aren't Practicing Social Distancing
Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says he is growing increasingly frustrated with residents in his county not following protocol to prevent spread of COVID-19. Over the weekend, Wheeler said he is seeing far too many people that don't know, follow or care about social distancing. County Manager Wheeler also said he constantly has been receiving reports of large group gatherings in public. 


USPS May Shut Down By June Without Funding
Lawmakers warned last week that the US Postal Service could completely shut down in the next few months if they do not get adequate support. USPS workers are essential and have been doing their job amidst the COVID-19 shutdown. The USPS relies on fees instead of taxes and may shut down as early as June and would cause dire consequences for the health of people around the country as the Postal Service has delivered over a billion prescription drug shipments last year. 


COVID-19 Crisis Dents Local Dairy Industry
The COVID-19 crisis has caused setbacks in a local industry that is the heart of our county's economy: dairy farming. Though low prices and high demand has sold a lot of milk in supermarkets, the health crisis has shifted the dairy supply chain as farmers are seeing less dairy being used in the country, causing the farmers an oversupply of product as restaurants, food service business and schools have shut down but farmers cannot stop their production. 


Mayor Buckley Reminds Public to Practice Social Distancing
Hornell Mayor John Buckley released a press statement over the weekend advising the Hornell area public to stay at home and only travel if necessary. The mayor also stressed that necessary shopping trips must involve one person at a time and to practice distancing at least six feet away from others for essential interactions outside the home. Steuben County Health Director Darlene Smith reminds the public of the same crucial advice as the county announces over 70 confirmed cases of the virus.


Cuomo Cancels Spring Break: Requires Schools Provide Virtual Instruction
The COVID-19 shutdown is keeping schools across New York State closed and despite that, Governor Cuomo has canceled Spring Break and requiring schools to continue to provide virtual instruction to students. This move will allow schools to reveive necessary state aid and to qualify for the 180-day waiver for instructional days. Bath-Haverling Schools will continue to receive deliveries of food over spring beak but will not be delivering on Good Friday. Instead, there will be a delivery for both Thursday and Friday meals on Thursday according to Superintendent Joe Rumsey.

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