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Today's Top Stories - Monday October 21, 2019

Sheriff’s Office Holding Press Conference for Pulteney Crash Today
The Sheriff’s Office holds a full press conference today to release more details about last weekend’s fatal, four-victim crash in Pulteney. The Sheriff’s Office said this previous Wednesday that the physical evidence determined the causation factors of the crash to be excessive speed and lack of occupant restraint. The investigation continued this week as deputies were determining other causal factors. The full press conference will be held 10am today at the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office, Public Safety Building.


Deer Hit on I-86 in Corning Being Investigated
County and Local Law Enforcement are investigating a car crash after a deer was hit by a car yesterday morning on I-86. According to an initial scanner report, about 5:30 am yesterday, the car and deer collided on Interstate 86 Eastbound in Corning between exits 46 and 47. As police arrived on scene, the SUV was smoking in the middle of the highway. Officials say injuries were reported but there has been no indication of what injuries, how many injuries and the extent of said injuries are. Police have not said whether or not the deer that was hit was okay but did say the cause of the crash is being investigated.


NYS Lawmakers Holding Recycling Hearing in NYC
New York state lawmakers are set to hold a hearing on recycling today in New York City. The hearing was planned following China’s decision to restrict scrap imports of wastepaper and plastic. This halt on waste imports has affected the plans and certainty of US recycling programs but also stimulated investments in American plants processing recyclables. Heads of State Senate and Assembly environmental conservation committees say testimony will be taken to examine statewide recycle issues. Today’s hearing aims to examine the recycling markets of New York State and the effectiveness of municipal recycling planning and other issues.  


Senator Chuck Schumer Calls for Baby Food Regulations
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has called for more action to regulate baby food. Schumer has asked the FDA to create more regulations to protect the safety of baby food manufactured in the country. According to a new study, there are roughly 95% of heavy metals in 168 baby foods tested on the market. The study found lead, mercury, arsenic or cadmium with one in four of the foods tested containing all four of these metals. Schumer wants regulators to test the food and release a public statement regarding their findings and says “rightfully expect those foods to be undeniably safe, appropriately regulated and nutritiously sustaining."


Cuomo Defends Quoting N-Word from NY Times Article
Yesterday, Governor Cuomo defended quoting the N-word on a live radio interview, saying he was referencing a Times article about discrimination against Italian-Americans. Cuomo said: “I was directly quoting The New York Times which wrote an article about offensive slurs to Italian Americans that were also racially offensive. That was the point of the article and I directly quoted The New York Times.” Cuomo pointed back again to the New York Times after being questioned about if he felt it was appropriate to use the word. “Talk to the New York Times if you think it’s inappropriate... I was just quoting the Times. If I was quoting the Post, I would say talk to the Post.”


NYS Infrastructure Improvement Campaign Launched in Buffalo
A renewed effort to push for infrastructure investments in New York state was launched by a coalition and business groups this week that includes an ad campaign addressing environmental and health hazards that need to be reformed as well as potential job creation. The campaign was launched in Buffalo and officials alluded to the need to fix the downtown city streets, even as major investments like housing and a medical campus have been achieved in the last decade. The campaign referenced studies showing $1 billion of infrastructure development can create more than 28,000 jobs.

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