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Today's Top Stories - Saturday September 7, 2019

Bath CSD Taxpayers to be Billed for Value Error
Those who did not follow the Bath School District annual budget process for last year will be getting an extra charge on their annual bills. This is due to an error in the 2018-2019 tax data collected by the district which led to the tax rate being set too low after a re-evaluation in the Town of Bath. According to Superintendent Joe Rumsey, $515,000 was the amount not collected and required by law to be added to next year’s tax bills. Based on calls Rumsey has received, the additional charge is listed as a separate item on bills, and can run between a charge of $12 and $50 depending on the property values. The error placed the value of the Bath district at $38 million instead of the correct $3.8 million and originated with the Town of Bath Records.


Four Arrested for DWI
Steuben County Sheriff’s Office reports the arrest of four different subjects for DWI between August 28th and September 5th, most of the arrests occurring during the Labor Day STOP-DWI Crackdown. Johnathan M. Davis of Hornell, Richard Cardman of Prattsburgh, Dakota Williams of Wellsville, and James Mulcahy of Avoca were all arrested in Steuben County for allegedly operating motor vehicles while in an intoxicated condition. All four people were released on traffic summons and will appear in Town and Village Courts at later dates to answer to their charges.


County Public Works Committee To Meet Monday
When the Steuben County Public Works Committee meets Monday morning at 10 o’clock they will be discussing several issues on the agenda. On the agenda, a tip fee for landfill disposal of Village of Wayland Building Demolition is set for landfill business. Two possible reauthorizations for gravel pits and a 2020 Mowing agreement with the town of Wayne is listed for Highway business. Bids to be settled Monday’s meeting include Laboratory Analysis and freon removal and recycling agreement extensions as well as bidding for screened or crushed gravel. Opportunity for public comment at meetings is offered the 4th Monday of each month at 10am.


Cuomo Signs Law Banning Lease Fees for Deceased Drivers
Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new state law banning termination fees on leases for vehicles if a driver dies before ending their contract. Previously, New York state had similar legal protections banning phone, internet, television and energy companies from charging termination fees to estates of late citizens. Cuomo said he signed the bill to law because fees like these are unfair and add unnecessary stress and frustration to grieving families.


DAs Call for Albany to Close Rape Law Loophole
District Attorneys across New York State want a loophole closed that they say avoids prosecution for rapists. Under New York state law currently, a loophole exists when a victim of a sex crime is intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs. According to the Albany Times Union, prosecutors say this stipulation is rooted from the state’s definition of who can’t give consent. Those who are impaired are considered conscious under law due to voluntary intoxication. Prosecutors who are looking to change the law have sent a letter to Albany calling for legal change.

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