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Today's Top Stories - Monday, August 12th

Parking, Traffic Reminder for Haverling Central School:


A reminder for anyone who might need access to the Haverling Central School District: due to paving work, the front loop at the middle and high schools is closed today.  You should park instead in the lot next to the football field.



NYS Passes Law Prohibiting Employment Discrimination Based on Religion, Facial Hair:


Late last week Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that prohibits employment discrimination based on religious attire, clothing or facial hair.  The new law is an expansion of the state Human Rights Law assuring that employers cannot refuse to hire, attain, promote, or take other discriminatory action against an individual for wearing attire or facial hair in accordance with tenets of their religion.  The Governor said the law “…makes it crystal clear to anyone who may still have doubts that New York has zero tolerance for bigotry of any kind.”



Rockwell Mus., C-PP School Teaming Up for Mural:


The Rockwell Museum and the Corning-Painted Post High School Learning Center are teaming up to bring some more beauty to the city.  Tomorrow, work will begin on an outdoor mural in the alleyway outside Carey’s Brew House in the Gaffer District.  Weather permitting, the painting will occur from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  There will be a celebration of the piece, entitled Transcendence, on September 26th at 5 p.m.  The project contains pieces of individual paintings created by students, with the mural designed to tell the story of each student’s future hopes and dreams.


Poll Finds Gov. at Lowest Favorability/Performance Rating, but Still Good for NYS:


According to the latest Siena College poll released Friday, despite record lows in his favorability, a majority of New Yorkers, by a margin of 51 to 39 percent, say Governor Andrew Cuomo has made the state a better place to live during his nine years as Governor.  By a 52-33 margin, respondents also said the recently concluded legislative session will move the state on the right track, not in the wrong direction.  That said, Cuomo’s favorability has fallen to 43-50 percent, down from 52-42 in June, and his job performance rating is 34-64, his lowest level ever.  The poll was conducted July 28th through August 1st by telephone to 810 registered New York voters.



NY Team to Support Wildfire Firefighting Efforts in Western States:


Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that a crew of 20 employees and volunteers from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation are traveling to western states to assist in containing wildfires burning across the Northwest.  The volunteers and DEC staff, mostly from the ranks of the State’s Forest Rangers, will receive their assignment once they arrive and will join crews from other states.  Firefighters are currently battling more than 100 high priority wildfires in states including Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, with nearly 9,000 firefighters working to battle and contain the blazes.

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