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Today's Top Stories - Thursday, June 6th

Man Shot in Turkey Hunting Accident:


The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Police report that a Steuben County man was recently shot during a turkey hunting trip in the Town of Cohocton.  The ECO say they received a call from Steuben County 911 on May 15th that an adult male had been admitted to Noyes Memorial Hospital in Dansville with minor injuries from a pellet lodged in one of his fingers.  The man said he was accidently shot by his hunting partner as he was carrying a turkey decoy.



Rep. Reed Doesn’t Agree with President’s Tariffs on Mexico:


In a recent interview, Congressman Tom Reed said that he doesn’t believe the tariffs imposed on Mexico by President Donald Trump will realistically fix the border issue.  Instead he said he thinks that leaders in both Mexico and the U.S. need to “step up” and act to fix the “broken border.”  He said he doesn’t believe tariffs are “the best tool to deploy” on the issue. 



NYS Senate Passes Snow Day Forgiveness Bill:


New York school districts in danger of losing vacation days due to having too many snow days might be able to have a day forgiven in the future thanks to a new bill.  The state Senate has passed a bill that would forgive a snow day beyond a school district’s allowed amount if a state emergency is declared the same day.  The state of emergency could be declared by the governor, county executive, or other emergency management leader.  Currently, school districts are required to have students in session for 180 days.  There is a waiver for districts to be forgiven, but only after vacation days are taken away.  The bill now needs to pass the Assembly and then be signed by the Governor before it can become law. 



Applications Open for Fire Department Grants:


The state Department of Environmental Conservation is now accepting applications from fire departments for federally funded Volunteer Fire Assistance grants.  If awarded, fire departments will receive 50/50 matching funds up to $1,500.  Expenses directly related to fire suppression efforts are eligible for funding, while expenditures not directly related to firefighting – such as search and rescue equipment, maintenance items, and construction of building and facilities – are not.  The application deadline is June 28th.  If awarded, departments have until October 31st to finish all required grant paperwork.  More information is available via the DEC by calling 518-402-8839 or online at the DEC website.

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