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Today's Top Stories - Saturday May 11, 2019

NY Lawmakers to Talk Single-Payer Healthcare
New York lawmakers say a public hearing is planned to discuss legislation that would establish a universal, single-payer health care plan in New York State. State Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy is supporting a bill to make the state healthcare system a single-payer style one.  The Assemblywoman says the program’s goal is to provide more affordable access to preventative care but the new system would require a massive tax overhaul to be made possible. Opponents of the bill do not support the bill because they say it will majorly hike up the state taxes and the quality of healthcare may decline. According to a Rand Corporation Study released last year, it is estimated the state would need another $139 billion in tax revenue to finance the new system in 2022. No date has yet been released to the public for the future hearing.


STOP-DWI Awards Banquet Honors Officers
Local law enforcement officers were recognized at yesterday’s STOP-DWI awards banquet at the Steuben County Civil Defense Building. State Senator Tom O’Mara presented top agency awards to the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office and the New York State Police of the Painted Post Barracks. Local Assemblyman Phil Palmesano presented Steuben County Sheriff’s Office with the STOP-DWI Foundation Award for top enforcement agency and honored individual enforcement awards to County Sheriff Corporal Joshua VanSkiver, Deputy Matthew Butler, Corning City PAtrolman Zachary Alger and Village of Bath Officer Christopher Daloia. County STOP-DWI Coordinator and Sheriff Jim Allard hosted the event and reminds the public that “Impaired Driving remains one of the most fatal criminal occurrences in Steuben County.” and “Every arrest is a lifesaver.”


Belmont Woman Found Guilty on Drug Charges
A Belmont woman has been charged guilty of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree and Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree stemming from an arrest in an incident that occured in April of 2018. Wrapping up a trial that lasted 3 days, it was determined by testimony that 38-year-old Kristen E. Hand provided financial backing for the drug dealing enterprise and actually took money from a Hornell Police Department Agent to complete the sale in this case. District Attorney Brooks Baker says his Office will advocate for a State Prison sentence for Hand once the trial’s sentencing portion is completed in the near future.


State Audit Finds Inadequate Management in Addison
A state audit has raised some concerns for the Addison town supervisor’s office. According to a summary report, the audit said the Supervisor did not adequately fulfill his fiscal responsibilities because he failed to provide oversight of the bookkeeper, who performs all financial duties, including online banking, on her personal computer. The bookkeeper collects, records and deposits receipts and makes online transfers without oversight, including inappropriately making transfers directly from the bank accounts of the independently elected town clerk and justice. Supervisor Jack Thompson said he was thankful for the review and changes are being made.


Governor’s Office Announces $9Million to Farms for Water

The governor’s office has announced nearly $9 million will be awarded to implement water quality protection projects on 24 farms across the state. The funded projects will allow livestock farms to better manage and store nutrients such as manure to protect groundwater and nearby waterways. About $1.1 million has been awarded to three farms in Steuben County.


Unified Transportation System to Launch Next Year
The Steuben County Mobility Management program expects to begin developing a unified transportation system next year, by working together with the private, public, and non-profit systems within the county. The four year coordinated transportation plan addresses the need for system improvements to include new routes, transit wi-fi, expanded hours of operation, fare structures, marketing, fare box collection systems, technology, and management.

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