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Today's Top Stories - Thursday, February 7th

Three Injured in Elmira Correctional Incident:


An incident at the Elmira Correctional Facility resulted in three correctional officers needing to be treated at Arnot Ogden.  The incident occurred on January 30th when an inmate prematurely left a classroom and was confronted by an officer.  The inmate allegedly spit on and punched the officer, who in turn used OC Spray on the inmate.  A second officer assisted in securing the inmate.  A second inmate then allegedly became unruly inside the classroom and elbowed an officer several times before he could be restrained.  A third inmate allegedly struck another officer in the face, and a fourth allegedly charged an officer outside of the class before being sprayed with OC Spray.  Two of the officers were treated for bruises and abrasions.  The third was treated for exposure to blood.



Errigo Pleads Not Guilty:


In federal court Wednesday, former Assemblyman Joe Errigo pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and bribery.  Errigo was indicted Monday and is accused of taking more than $10,000 to introduce a bill that would allow the state to veto local zoning changes.  The bill did not pass.  Errigo, as well as a lobbyist who was also indicted Monday, faces a 20-year prison sentence and a  $250,000 fine if convicted.



Audit of Bath Town Assessor’s Finds Some Issues:


A recent audit by the state Comptroller’s office of the Town of Bath found some concerns in regards to property tax exemptions, but town officials say they don’t believe it costs taxpayers any money.  The audit highlights cases where exemptions such as those for agricultural properties, seniors, and veterans were not properly handled or documented.  Town Assessor Courtney Divens has accepted the audit as accurate and said she will certify to the Comptroller’s Office that they will do things correctly in the future.  In her response to the audit, she noted that the issues were in place before her tenure began.  While the audit said the issues affected approximately $850,000 in tax exemptions, Town Supervisor Ron Smith stressed that he believes the total number of exemptions granted to properties that actually weren’t eligible for them to be zero.



CIRT to Tour Corning-Painted Post Today:


The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department Critical Incident Response (CIRT) team will visit the Corning-Painted Post School District today for a tour.  CIRT will be familiarizing themselves with the facilities in the case of an emergency.  Superintendent Mike Ginalski said they welcome the visit, noting how important it is to monitor practices, check protocols, and maintain positive relationships to ensure they’ve done everything possible in the case of a tragic event.



Steuben Co. Public Health to Hold Public Narcan Training:


Steuben County Public Health is trying to help reduce the number of overdose fatalities in New York State by hosting a public Narcan training course.  Narcan has become the standard on-site treatment to prevent death.  The training will teach how to recognize an overdose, how to administer Narcan, and tips on performing CPR.  If you’re interested in signing up for the course, contact Steuben County Public Health.

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