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Today's Top Stories - Monday August 13, 2018

Communications Upgrade for Emergency Services Planned for 2019
Steuben County Office of Emergency Services reports improvement in communication between fire departments in the county and their counterparts in emergency medical services and law enforcement expected by early next year. The Public Safety and Corrections Committee of the Steuben County Legislature approved the upgrade Monday at their weekly meeting. The State Interoperable Communications Grant will support updating radio technology that strengthens connections among emergency response units throughout the county. This is a major step forward considering the existing system used by fire service agencies has been unchanged since the 1950’s and ‘60’s. Final approval by the full Legislature is expected later this month on August 27th.


Man Arrested After Break In and Holding Woman Captive
Corning Police say they have caught a man who broke into a woman’s home at the Lamphear Court Apartments in Corning early yesterday morning. Eric Huyler was the man who broke in and briefly held the woman captive in her home as she banged on the walls and screamed for help. Police arrived in response to the noise and Huyler fled the scene only to be caught by cops after a foot chase. The woman had an order of protection against Huyler, according to police, and he now will have to face at least seven criminal charges in court.

Fairs Urged to Refrain from Confederate Flag Sales and Display
As fair week begins in Steuben County, one of the types of products you may not see sold by vendors this year is Confederate Flag merchandise. A letter from the Commissioner of the state Department of Agriculture and Markets Richard Ball, has urged all 52 of New York state’s county fairs to not sell or display the "items that run counter to our great state's long history of inclusion for all." The letter does not ban or forbid Confederate Flags specifically or their sale or display because it would be a violation of the first amendment. The Commission does not have any oversight over county fairs but has provided $15 million the past three years for improving infrastructures and reimbursing fundings for small cash prizes as part of contests, events and promotions for fairs throughout the state.

Reed Says “Disruptive” Trade War Will Ultimately Help Farmers
Making an appearance at Empire Farm Days this week, Tom Reed says though farmers are concerned about the effects of ongoing trade war, he believes it will be best for them in the long term. He said the $12 billion bailout is about to “stand with our farmers as we go through this new disruption in trade policy and in my humble opinion, we’re going to come out of this long term in a much stronger position,” Reed also said the farm bailout money promised by the Trump Administration will be restricted to use for specific purposes. Reed noted the bailout covers particular impacts related to trade tariffs like soybeans, certain dairy farm production and specialty crop producers in the area.


Corning PD Reports Speed Awareness Decreases Speed Accidents
According the Corning Police Department, their Speed Awareness Week campaign ran in the first week of August issued 73 tickets total. Speeding accounted for 68 of the tickets and the other 5 were for driving with no license and aggressive driving. Corning Police Chief Spaulding said since 2016, the department saw a 170 percent increase of tickets issued which has yielded a 25 percent drop in accidents yearly where speed was the cause.


Reed's Bill To Prevent Congressmen Serving Public Trading Boards
Local Congressman Tom Reed is introducing a bill preventing members of Congress from serving on boards of publicly-traded companies. The bill is supported by New York Democratic colleague Kathleen Rice as a co-sponsor and is a response to 27th District Congressman Chris Collins’ arrest last week on federal insider trading allegations. Reed and Rice released a joint statement noting: “We must change the rules to prevent members from serving on corporate boards in order to improve the public’s trust in Congress.” The Senate has an existing measure that is similar on the books but Collins has been staunch in his refusal to step down from his position in Congress.  

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