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Today's Top Stories - Monday July 9, 2018

Tractor Trailer Roll Over Near Savona Being Investigated
A tractor trailer roll over that happened this weekend on I-86 in Savona is under investigation by New York State Police. The accident occured on exit 40 underneath the bridge on Interstate 86. The driver of the trailer was not injured in the rollover but the accident did cause Department of Transportation Officials to temporarily close one lane of traffic where the crash happened as crews worked to clear the scene. Police are continuing to investigate to determine what caused the rollover.

Reed Leads Mitrano Majorly in Funding
Last week, Tracy Mitrano was named Democratic candidate for Congress in New York’s 23rd district and looks like the underdog for campaign fundraising as the 2018 election cycle kicks off. Mitrano is running against Reed, the Republican Congressman who was elected in 2010. According to the Federal Election Commission, Mitrano has $56,000 in her campaign war chest compared to Reed’s $1.1 million. Whether or not Mitrano can shrink or close this financial gap and whether or not monetary resources matter to win this year’s congressional election is a question voters will answer November 6th.


Real IDs Issued by DMV Required by 2020
The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has launched their public awareness campaign reminding New Yorkers to get a “real id” as soon as they can because it will be required by the year 2020. Anyone wishing to fly within the US will need either a real ID or enhanced driver’s license to do so by October 2020. Those who travel abroad will now need a real ID as well as their passport. To get your Real ID you must go to your local DMV bringing your birth certificate with seal, social security card and two proofs of ID confirming your address.

Schumer Calls on Trump to Stop Canadian Tariff for Paper
US Senate Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer called on the White House and Department of Commerce to waive the tariffs imposed on Canadian paper used for newsprint. Schumer says the tariff on groundwood paper will likely result in job cutbacks in New York as well as less pages for informative content and says the decline in printing newspapers may harm business for U.S. groundwood paper producers. The Department of Commerce will determine in August if these tariffs will become permanent as they evaluate if they will injure or put US business at risk.

DiNapoli Warns of Fiscal Risks if NY Spending Continues
New York State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli released a report on the state’s financial plan, warning that if current trends continue it will result in state spending outpacing state revenue within three years, putting New York’s economy at risk for collapse if it declines or the federal government cuts funding. If current spending continues, DiNapoli reports that a cumulative deficit of almost $18 billion will be seen within a three-year period. State tax receipts this year total $78 billion- a 1.7 percent drop from 2017 that leaves the state with less revenue to support 2018’s budget that saw $6.5 billion added in new spending.

Timber Rattlesnakes Out for Summer in Southern Tier
Summer is here in the Southern Tier and as all the outdoor fun begins and continues, local nature experts warn us of a seasonal danger many people in this area are not aware of: rattlesnakes. Timber rattlesnakes have blackish-colored bodies, triangular heads and make a rattling sound with their tail. To keep safe if you see a timber rattler, do not harm or kill them since they are a threatened species. Be aware of where you step while outdoors or in the woods and if you do get bitten, act fast by calling 911 immediately as their venom takes about an hour to affect humans.  Timber rattlesnakes have been alive and spotted in the Southern Tier: sightings around Big Flat’s Route 352 were reported this summer but over the years, the threatened species have been making headlines since the late 2000’s as more people have reported sightings, mostly in the Corning area.

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