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Today's Top Stories - Monday July 2, 2018

NYS Police Report Shooting in Corning
New York State Police report “a shooting and an active scene” in the Corning Area. Residents on Powderhouse Road received phone calls from New York State Police early this morning telling them to “stay inside and lock your doors.” Information is limited. Please stay tuned to WVIN.


Evidentiary Hearing Held for Neurauter Murder Case
An evidentiary hearing for Lloyd Neurauter, the man accused of killing a Corning woman in August of 2017, was held in Steuben County Court. The hearing revolved around if a 3-hour FBI interview with Neurauter will be admitted as evidence in his murder trial where prosecutors allege Neurauter and his daughter Karrie killed Lloyd’s wife Michelle and staged the murder scene in her home to look like a suicide. Karrie will serve 15 years to life in prison for pleading guilty to 2nd degree murder in March while Lloyd Neurauter awaits the beginning of his trial in September.

Corning PD Participating in Statewide Patrol
The Fourth of July may not be until Wednesday of this week but the statewide patrol to combat drunk driving during the holiday week continues. Corning Police are participating in the crackdown which began this weekend on Saturday June 30th and will end next weekend on Sunday, July 8th. The Corning PD is able to enhance their patrols for the busiest holiday weekend of the summer thanks to grant monies funded by the Steuben County DWI Program. Corning Police Chief Jeff Spaulding says: "Given the availability of taxis and ride sharing apps, there is no reason that anybody should be drinking and driving."

State Parks Begin “Operation Dry Water”
New York’s waterways are also receiving expanded patrol efforts to prevent boating under the influence. State Park Police have begun “Operation Dry Water” where there will be numerous checkpoints for sobriety throughout New York State. Those who boat under the influence can expect to face a fine of $1,000 and a year in jail if it’s their first offense. Additional charges may earn you a fines of at least $10,000.

Heat Wave Remains Until Late Evening
The Heat Wave issued beginning this weekend continues until 10PM tonight. A mix of sun and clouds will be seen throughout the afternoon but temperatures are expected to remain be in the 90’s and expected to reach up to 104 degrees. Please observe heat safety by wearing lightweight, light-colored clothing, staying out of the sun and in air conditioned spaces if possible, drinking plenty of water while avoiding alcohol and caffeine and regularly checking on your sick, frail and elderly neighbors, family and friends.

Mental Health Education Begins September for NYS K-12 Students
A state law signed by the Governor in 2016 that intends to educate students on mental health went into effect yesterday. The law requires districts to provide mental health education as part of its health courses but does not have mandates for any specific curriculum. The Mental Health Association will develop the School Mental Health and Training Center to serve as a resource for schools on how to make and teach mental-health lessons like recognizing mental health problems and how to seek and get help for those issues. Elementary and high school students will be introduced to this new mental health education when they return to school in September.

New Trial Issued for McCallum Case
A man who is serving a state prison sentence for committing a burglary and robbery in Steuben County two years ago will be getting a new trial. A state appellate court ordered the new trial for 38-year-old Joseph McCallum of Osceolla, PA. The Justices agreed that McCallum’s trial attorney was ineffective and made blatant errors. In its ruling, the appellate court said that defense counsel’s actions deprived defendant of a fair trial. The court also tossed one of the criminal counts. McCallum and others allegedly robbed a man in Lindley. He is currently serving an 11 year term at Attica Correctional.

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