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Today's Top Stories - Friday, January 5th

Curtis Burrows Facing Murder, 12 Other Counts:


Now officially back in New York, 32-year-old Curtis Burrows is facing thirteen counts for allegedly killing a man after an alleged kidnapping and carjacking.  The charges include murder in the first, murder in the second, criminal use of a firearm, burglary, robbery, and grand larceny.  Bail has been set at $1 million cash.  Burrows is expected back in court on February 26th.



North Hornell Under Boil Water Notice:


Due to a water main break on Maplewood Avenue in North Hornell, residents are under a boil water notice, the Department of Health announced Thursday.  This notice applies to areas east of Seneca Road, from Lynwood Avenue to Wightman Avenue.  The boil water notice lasts for three days.



Winter Weather Safety Guidelines:


As the area hunkers down against the cold, area fire departments have issued guidelines to help residents stay safe.  If the power goes out, close off unused rooms to consolidate and retain heat.  Wear layered clothing and use blankets or sleeping bags to stay warm.  Never use generators, outdoor heating or cooking equipment, such as a grill, camp stove, or a gasoline or propane heater indoors.  Never heat a home with a stove.  Open cabinet doors and allow faucets to drip slowly to prevent pipes from freezing.  Limit your time outdoors and protect yourself by wearing several layers of warm, loose-fitting, lightweight clothing.  And if driving is necessary, keep disaster supplies in your vehicle, make sure your vehicle is properly equipped, and use extra precaution on the roads.

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