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Today's Top Stories - Saturday 23, 2017

Hornell Man Arrested for False Personation and Pot Possession
State Police arrested 40-year-old William Parker of Hornell. He was charged with a felony counts of 1
st degree aggravated unlicensed operation. He was also charged with DWAI, pot possession and false personation. He was detained for court action.

Canaseraga Man Jailed for Probation Violation
A Canaseraga man is headed to state prison after he violated the terms of probation, which stemmed from an attempted 1st degree assault charge.39-year-old Jeremiah Krupp will serve a four year stint in state prison. Prosecutors said that while Krupp was on probation, he violated the terms by disobeying an order of protection and contacting the victim of the strangulation case - something he was told specifically not to do. Once Krupp is released from prison, he can expect routine visits from a state parole officer for five years.

NYS Health Marketplace Enrollment Increases from Last Year
NY State of Health, the state's official health plan Marketplace, has announced that enrollment reached over 4.1 million last week which was the deadline for signing up for coverage that begins on January 1, 2018. According the NY State of Health, enrollment rose by 700,000 this year

Drunk Driving Bill Signed into NYS Law
A new law sought to catch and deter drunk or drug impaired driving by requiring sobriety tests after serious wrecks is about to take effect in NYS. According to WHEC, the law was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo this week. The idea found enthusiastic support among the families of accident victims.

Campbell Votes to Use Land for Flood Emergencies
According to town officials from Campbell, the town board plans to purchase a 17-acre parcel of land for $150,000 to utilize as part of a contingency plan. The town board approved the 749,912 square foot piece of land on State Route 415 near Campbell to purchase as an emergency space for town residents to relocate when a major flood occurs. Campbell’s location is risky for flooding because the town consists of the floodplain and floodway which means a severe flood would cripple the town’s government and emergency services- both town resources are especially crucial during a flood emergency.

Canisteo Drug Collection Unit Installed at Village Hall
The Village of Canisteo was given a grant to install a drug collection unit in the Village Hall.
CVS’s Health Medication Disposal for Safer Communities program sponsored the unit located in the lobby of the Village Hall on 8 Green Street. The drug collection unit allows residents to safely and responsibly dispose of unwanted, expired or unused medications, which includes controlled substances. Monday through Friday the site will be open from 9am to 4pm for residents to drop off drugs with no questions asked. Interested people can call the Medication Disposal program at the number 1-866-559-8830 if they have any questions about the program or visit www.cvs.com/content/prescription-drug-abuse

Cuomo Issues Executive Order to Aid Property Tax Payers
Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an emergency Executive Order yesterday as an effort to help protect property owners in New York, directing the Department of Taxation and Finance to cooperate with local governments to enable early tax collection. The state executive order was enacted as a response to the newly-passed federal tax plan’s $10,000 tax cap on property tax deductions and gives authorization for local governments to issue tax warrants immediately for 2018 property tax payment collection. The intent is to give property owners in New York an opportunity to pay a portion of their tax bill before the end of the current year and allows localities to accept payments made in advance by property owners so these residents can deduct the full amount of the tax payment the federal level. Local laws that limit taxpayers making partial payment of property taxes until the end of the year will be suspended under the order, giving property owners a chance to pay a portion of their property taxes early and under the current federal tax law.

New York Road Construction Suspended until the New Year
Road construction in NYS will be suspended during peak holiday travel times over the next two weekends to provide easier travel for residents and visitors. State officials are also urging motorists to abide by New York's Move Over Law and utilize one of 64 text stops located across the state to text, make phone calls, or do other non-driving activities. The New York State Thruway Authority will also continue its 47-year tradition of offering free coffee and hot tea to travelers at all 27 travel plazas along the Thruway from 11 p.m. New Year's Eve through 7 a.m. New Year's morning to promote safe and alert driving.  


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