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Today's Top Stories - Saturday October 7, 2017

County Officials Remind Locals of "Ready Steuben" as Important Resource
Steuben County officials continue to remind citizens of the importance of installing Emergency Preparedness app Ready Steuben. In the face of natural disasters and other emergencies, the app can be a critical lifeline for Steuben county residents. With the potential of cell towers failing during a disaster or emergency due to dial out overload, Ready Steuben sends alerts updating locals with travel, evacuation and shelter digitally. The app also allows users to interact with neighbors and loved ones as well as send damage reports to first responders, allowing you to share your status. It is estimated that around 1,500 are already using the free app.

SUNY Board Votes to Aid Displaced Victims with In-State Tuition
Yesterday, the SUNY Board of Trustees approved setting the in-state tuition price for college students coming from Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands who have been displaced by the recent hurricanes. The action came after Governor Andrew Cuomo urged the directive earlier this week. The motion was unanimously approved via conference call, benefitting 214 displaced students with in-state tuition at least for this semester and possibly for a few after.

Reed's Week in Washington: Tax Reform
Congressman Tom Reed met in Washington this week, advocating the President’s latest tax plan, boasting bipartisan compromise and a 25 percent decrease on the individual tax code. Reed, who is part of the Ways and Means Committee, plays a major role in leading the tax reform issue in the House. He says Trump’s plan will help the working class in the Southern Tier, especially businesses. Opponents of the plan see legislation that will instead benefit wealthy millionaires, billionaires and corporations while hurting the working and middle class. Reed insists the plan will be designed for the working class and small businesses of the Southern Tier and isn’t yet finalized.

Reed Says Cuomo Politicized Shooting in Statement
Tom Reed has accused Governor Cuomo of politicizing the recent Las Vegas shooting. Earlier this week, Cuomo specifically called out the NRA and its support by Republicans for the absence of gun control laws he supports, dubbing the lack of such action after the shooting as “overwhelming cowardice”. In a statement the congressman responded, saying Cuomo is politicizing a recent American tragedy to blame Republicans and says the main priority should be to “
unify around the victims, first responders, and their families."

Avoca Woman Arrested Stemming from June Death
State Police arrested 22-year-old Avoca woman Katherine Labarr-Bulson in connection with an unattended death that occurred on June 12th. LaBurr-Bulson was charged with one felony count of criminal possession of a narcotic with intent to sell and released on her own recognizance.

TSA to Beef Up Security Statewide and Beyond
The Transportation Security Administration Federal Security Director for Upstate New York Bart Johnson says the possibility of a terrorist threat “remains very real”. This month, airports will begin to require all electronics larger than a cellular phone to be screened outside of bags with an X-ray. All cameras, electronic book readers, laptops and tablets will be scanned. The TSA says this new enhancement to the screening process will give them clearer X-Ray images to observe possible leads on terroristic plans of attack. Stricter and more TSA changes are underway and another possible protocol to be added is checks for carry-on bags. Locally, Elmira-Corning Regional Airport has adopted these changes and reported the transition has been smooth and successful for the small airport. The TSA urges travelers to review what they can and cannot bring on board to ensure less fuss during boarding and travel.


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